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DVD Night


Author note: This story contains group sex, wife-sharing and no condoms. If that offends you then this story isn't for you.


"What's his name again?" Mick asked as they got out of the car.

"Lance. Same as it was the previous ten times you asked," Violet replied.

As they unloaded their bags from the boot, Violet looked at the cottage that belonged to her friend Dawn. They had known each other in university and it irked Violet that Dawn was one of those people who was naturally successful. She had attained a first with seemingly little effort. Then she had gone straight into a well-paid position at a chemical firm. That's where she had met Lance and after marrying they had begun to plan their own little empire. The visit to their idyllic country cottage was to celebrate the successful launch of their consultancy company.

"It's nice, isn't it," Violet said.

"Thought you said it'd be massive."

"I thought it would be. They do own all the land around here though," she replied as they walked past the brand new Mercedes.

The cottage was small but had a beautiful thatched roof and ivy growing up the walls. It looked so pretty in the frosty winter air and Violet looked forwards to getting into the warm and cracking open the bottle of wine they brought.

The door opened before they even knocked. Dawn greeted them with a smile and a hug.

"It's so good to see you!" she cried as she wrapped her arms around Dawn.


Mick stood awkwardly holding the bags but Dawn didn't let him escape a hug.

"You're looking well, Mick."

"Thanks," he mumbled.

Violet noticed that Dawn stayed close to her husband. Even though she was in jogging bottoms and a wool sweater she still looked good. Her chestnut hair contrasted the light wool and her ample breasts were still visible under the thick fabric.

"Come on then," Dawn said and bounded into the cottage.

Violet let Mick go first and could have sworn he stared at Dawn's arse as he followed her in. She wasn't normally bothered by Mick glancing at other women but she always felt intimidated by Dawn's natural beauty. She had been amazed that Mick had approached her and not Dawn when they had first met.

They reached the living room which Violet could only describe as cosy. It was a tiny room with wooden beams visible above them. There was a soft sheepskin rug in front of the unlit fire. An armchair was against one wall and the small sofa sat facing the huge TV on the opposite wall.

Sat in the armchair was Lance. He was older than them by about ten years but entering his forties only made him more distinguished. He stood to greet them and towered over Violet as he warmly embraced her.

"Lovely to see you again," he said.

"And you," Violet replied from his muscular grip. She had only met him at the wedding but her heart fluttered and she remembered how great he had looked in his suit. Even in jeans and a shirt he looked good. There was a faint hint of grey in his well manicured beard.

Lance turned to Mick, who looked scruffy in comparison. His hair was ruffled and he had a few days of stubble on his face. He was also a good six inches shorter than Lance, who held out his hand. Mick dropped the bags and held up the wine instead of shaking Lance's hand. It was an awkward moment which made everyone laugh. Lance patted him on the shoulder.

"Come on, we'll put that in the wine cellar."

"You have a wine cellar?" Mick asked.

"He has a wine rack," Dawn corrected.

"This is probably a bit less expensive than what you already have," Mick told Lance.

"I doubt it. Not got a bottle in there over £10. That's the key to business -- don't spend more than you need to. Besides, neither of us can tell the difference between fine wine and cheap plonk!"

Mick smiled and followed Lance into the kitchen.

Violet turned to Dawn and smiled.

"It's a lovely place you have."

"Thanks. It's small but we like it. We can do the tour later. Your hair looks great by the way," she said as she reached out and touched Violet's short blonde cut.

"I need my roots doing," Violet replied.

"Nonsense, it looks great. Nothing wrong with a dirty blonde," Dawn winked and they both burst out laughing. The guys soon returned from the kitchen with an open bottle and some wine glasses and they settled down to chat.

As the evening wore on, everyone got on really well. Violet's inferiority complex with regards to Dawn evaporated as her old friend's charm reminded her of why they got on so well at university. They had eaten a delicious pasta bake as they watched the first of the night's DVDs. All of them had been more interested in the wine and chat than in the film. As the credits scrolled up the screen, Lance got up from his place on the sofa.

"I'll go get us another bottle," he said as he went to the kitchen.

Violet leaned back on the sofa and tried to work out how much they had already had. This was going to be either the fourth or fifth bottle between them so she was surprised that they were going to open another.

"Any preference over the next movie?" Dawn asked as she headed over to retrieve the DVD from the player.

"I don't mind," Violet answered as she caught sight of Mick staring at Dawn's arse once again.

"Something exciting?" Mick asked.

"I've got a few exciting films if that's what you're after," Lance said as he wandered in with a bottle of red.

"No you don't," Dawn snapped as she put the DVD back on the shelf.

Violet and Mick looked quizzically at their hosts.

"He's on about porn," Dawn said dismissively.

"It's not porn, it's erotica. Anyway, don't say you don't enjoy them," Lance teased.

Dawn simply rolled her eyes and sighed. "He's like a child sometimes."

"I know exactly what you mean," Violet said.

Mick squeezed her slender waist to make her squirm.

"Want me to help you with that?" Dawn asked Lance who was struggling with the corkscrew.

"I can manage. It's just a bit stuck."

"Oh clearly. Come on, give it here."

Dawn took the bottle from him and pulled at the corkscrew.

"It's moving," Dawn said. Then the cork popped out of the bottle. Red wine went everywhere, mostly over her cream jumper.


"You could always wring it out over a glass," Lance teased.

"I'll put it in to soak and get changed for bed. You can pick the next film. Oh, and light the fire, I don't want to be freezing all night."

"Yes, Miss," Lance joked and Dawn cracked a smile.

"You can come and get changed too if you like Violet."

"Yeah ok," Violet said as she grabbed her bag.

"Sorry about the room," Dawn said as they reached her bedroom. "I'm so pissed off that he cancelled at such late notice."

"That's fine, we don't mind," Violet lied. They were supposed to be in the spare room but the guy coming to polish the floorboards hadn't shown up and so the bed and furniture were still piled in the hallway or the corner of Dawn's bedroom.

As they got changed, Violet couldn't help but feel the jealousy bubbling away as she watched her friend. Dawn was about the same height as her but had womanly curves as compared to Violet's slender frame. Dawn had slipped on a strappy top and shorts but she still managed to look great.

"I see you were counting on that room," Dawn said.

Violet self-consciously drew her hands up, even though Dawn had seen it all before. She had on a purple and black lace camisole with matching knickers. It was supposed to be a treat for Mick and now it was going to be a near-public display.

"Have you got a robe I can borrow please?"

"Hold on," Dawn said as she went to the radiator. She touched up the robe that was stretched across it. "It's still wet, sorry. You'll be fine. Lance won't mind and it'll be dark in there anyway."

Reluctantly, Violet followed Dawn back to the living room. Lance was on his knees, stoking the fire and encouraging it to burn brighter. He glanced up at Dawn.

"Nearly got it going."

Violet looked to Mick who had barely noticed her. He was staring at Dawn as she leaned down to look at the fire. Violet then saw why. As she leant forwards, her top hung down exposing the sides of her breasts. Violet then realised that Mick had changed into the T-shirt and shorts he usually slept in. Mick shifted uncomfortably and pulled at his shorts. Was he getting hard?

Violet dropped her bag to the floor and tried to get onto the sofa unnoticed.

"Wow," Mick said too loudly for Violet's liking.

Lance turned around and Violet saw his eyes widen as he looked her up and down. She felt embarrassed and yet at the same time her heart raced with excitement as these two men clearly found her attractive.

"You look great," Lance muttered. "Both of you, obviously. I'll go get changed. Wouldn't want to be the odd one out."

He slipped past Violet, his hand brushing against her thigh and sending shocks tingling through her body.

Dawn sat on the sofa on the far side from Mick. "Has he chosen something then?"

"Yeah, it's all ready to go."

There was a paused image on the screen of a lavish Italian villa in the moonlight. Dawn searched for a glass of wine and took a sip. "You can sit down if you like. If I were you I'd get a good seat near the fire."

Violet realised she was still standing and went past Dawn to sit on the floor between Mick's legs. She stretched her own legs out across the rug and allowed the heat to warm her.

Before long, Lance returned wearing only a pair of tight-fitting boxers. Even in the dim light Violet could make out the outline of his cock. It seemed long and slender and she caught herself wondering what it would be like hard. She realised she was staring and looked up only to see that his eyes were once again fixated on her body. Her instinct was to cover up but she stopped herself, wondering if he would keep looking. His eyes barely left her as he sat on the sofa between Dawn and Mick.

"Where's the remote?" he asked in a hushed tone.

"It's on the TV stand," Dawn said quietly.

Without thinking, Violet crawled forwards and reached for it. It was only as her hand lifted it that she realised the position she was in. Her camisole had risen up and she knew that her knickers would be on clear display. Instead of sitting down, something inside of her wanted to know if Lance was looking. She glanced back, holding out the remote towards him. He pulled his gaze from her arse just long enough to take the remote from her.

The film began to play and almost immediately there was a disapproving sigh from Dawn. It was quickly shushed by Lance. As Violet leaned back against the sofa, her husband's fingers began to trace along the skin of her neck and shoulders. It was always nice when he did that, calming, relaxing...arousing.

The scene they were watching involved a glamorous woman going to plead with a mafia don to save her husband's life. Her pleas fell on deaf ears until the woman admitted she would do anything. Violet's breathing intensified as she watched the woman bend over the desk and expose her lingerie-covered arse. No one said anything as they all watched her get spanked before the mafia don slowly and sensually slipped his dick into her.

Mick's fingers continually stroked Violet's neck and she felt her nipples harden against the fabric of her camisole. She wondered if they could be seen in the dim light. She hoped that Lance could see them. She leaned her head back, hoping to see where he was looking but she couldn't quite see.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the massage that her husband performed on her neck. His hands were exploring further, reaching down her back and even caressing the top of her chest.

When she opened her eyes the next scene was already in progress. A bride on her way to the church had broken down. Her chauffeur had enlisted a passer-by to help but he wanted payment up front. The desperate bride was persuaded to kneel before him and suck his cock while the chauffeur watched on. Violet hated to admit it to herself but she was getting turned on by the movie. She shifted slightly and brushed her fingers over her knickers. They were soaked through. As she pushed her head back it nudged against Mick's crotch and she felt how hard he was. Her hands slowly went up and down his legs. She wanted to touch him, she wanted to be touched, but she didn't know how to do it without her friends seeing.

She watched the screen as the bride leaned across the bonnet of the limousine. She was being fucked by the passer-by as she sucked the chauffeur's hard dick. It was then she became aware of the sounds behind her. There was a regular but soft moan coming from Lance. As subtly as she could, she turned away from the screen to look behind her.

Dawn's hand was gripped around Lance's hard cock which had been pulled free from his boxers. Lance's right hand was in Dawn's shorts but Violet was far more interested in Lance's cock. It was slim but long, very long. As Dawn's hand glided up the shaft there was a glint as a drop of precum slipped out.

Violet turned further so that she sat facing Mick. Her hands ran up his legs until they reached his thighs. There was a huge bulge where his erection was straining at his shorts. She paused, conflicting emotions raced through her body. She needed him so badly and yet she was still hesitant because of Dawn and Lance despite their openness. She looked up to Mick who stared back at her. He didn't nod or shake his head. He just looked into her eyes with pure lust.

Her fingers slipped over the waistband of his shorts and boxers and she slowly pulled towards her. Mick's cock stood to attention in front of her. She had never seen it so hard. She reached out and her hand slipped around the warm shaft. She rose on her knees, leaning forwards. Her mouth opened, her tongue protruded slightly as she guided it towards the head of her husband's cock. Just before she made contact she paused. Her eyes looked up to the left, to Lance. She saw him staring back, he moaned gently and his head nodded forwards once. It was all the encouragement she needed. She tasted Mick's cock for the first time that night and it had never tasted so good. Her tongue swirled around the head as she closed her mouth around it. All the while her eyes never left Lance's. It made her feel so sexy, so animalistic. She had the attention of him, not the erotic film, not even his own wife as she continued to stroke his cock.

Violet made her movements exaggerated, making sure Lance could see in the faint light. Her tongue licked slowly up and down his shaft flicking his balls before she returned to the head. Dawn shifted in her seat. Violet paused, wondering if losing Lance's attention had caused her friend to become jealous. Dawn raised her hips and pushed her shorts to the floor. She lifted herself up and turned so that she sat on the arm rest and put her left leg high up onto the back of the sofa. Violet saw Dawn's pussy glistening in the dark. So did Lance. He finally tore his gaze away from Violet and pushed his head into his wife's pussy. The sound of him lapping at her juices was louder than the noise from the DVD.

Violet watched for a few moments before she resumed sucking Mick's cock. As she began to speed up she felt his hand on her hair. She knew what it meant and so was unsurprised as he gently pulled her head away. He didn't want to cum yet but Violet didn't want to stop sucking. She stared at Lance's cock. It was barely a few inches away, hard, untouched, begging to be sucked. She looked to Mick, who was torn between watching the screen and watching Dawn's pussy being licked.

Her hand slowly moved out, and across Lance's leg. He made no attempt to remove it. Neither did Mick. Violet's right hand gently squeezed Mick's cock rhythmically and that seemed to satisfy him enough not to stop her as her left hand finally reached Lance's dick. It had been so long since she had felt another man's cock. She shifted her weight, leaning away from Mick and taking her closer to Lance. Her mouth open, she leant forwards again. As soon as her mouth touched his cock it twitched and she tasted the sweet precum that had teased her earlier. All thoughts of embarrassment had gone and she was focussed on the dick in her mouth. She took as long as possible to lick her way down the length, over his shaved balls then back up to engulf the head.

Dawn's moans to her left became heavier. There was a growl in them as she was licked into the first orgasm of the group. Her climax subsided and Violet felt her own pussy throbbing as it begged for attention. Mick eased his way off the sofa and knelt behind Violet. She felt her knickers being pulled to the side and her breathing became rapid in anticipation. After what seemed like an eternity she finally felt his tongue slip into her wet pussy. It felt so good, so sensual. He was normally good but at that moment he felt incredible. Every subtle movement sent sparks of electricity through her body. It made her crave Lance's cock even more. Her sucking gathered pace as she felt her own climax building within her. When Mick's tongue flicked at her clit she moaned heavily onto Lance's cock as waves of ecstasy flowed through her body.

She sat back, pushing Mick away, as she tried to recover from her intense orgasm. She made no effort to stop him as he lifted her camisole from her body. Her small breasts were on display but she wanted them to see, she wanted Mick to see how hard her nipples were on her perky little tits. Lance stared at them for a few seconds as Dawn moved once more. She turned to face them as she straddled Lance's cock. Violet watched as Dawn slowly impaled herself on his dick as it disappeared within her. As she began slowly rising up and down on it, Violet felt herself being pulled down onto the rug. Mick lay on his side behind her and she was manoeuvred so that he was spooning her. As she lay on her right side, she watched Lance's hands reach around Dawn and cup her breasts. With each squeeze her top was pushed further and further towards her cleavage. The low cut sides revealed more and more of her flesh until finally her breasts were fully exposed. Violet had to admire them. Whilst her own were small and firm, Dawn's were large and pushed between Lance's fingers as he squeezed them.

Violet felt Mick's hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. She moaned as he eased his hips forwards and slid easily inside her. His thrusts were slow and steady as they watched Dawn increase her pace on Lance's cock. This time Dawn's climax was even more vocal. She moaned louder and louder as she began fucking the cock beneath her as hard as she could. Suddenly she pushed herself down as far as she could and held herself there as the full force of her climax hit her. Violet could see Dawn's pussy spasm on the long dick inside it. Once she had regained her composure, Dawn lifted herself from Lance's cock and collapsed on the sofa next to him. She lay almost motionless, staring at Violet and Mick as they continued to fuck before her.

It was clear that Dawn had had all she could and so Lance turned his attention to Violet and Mick. Violet watched in an almost dreamlike state as Lance knelt on the floor and made his way towards them. She saw his hard cock bobbing as he closed in and her mouth opened without her even thinking. Instead of offering it to her, Lance moved to her pussy. She heard herself moan as his fingers softly searched for her clit and found it. It was such an intense feeling that Violet was lost in the moment. Her husband's cock slipped in and out of her as her friend's husband rubbed her clit. Then the feeling changed. Her pussy became fuller. She looked down and saw Lance's fingers disappearing inside her. It was only brief as he pulled them out. She wasn't sure what was happening. No one spoke but Mick's strokes had stopped. The two men seemed to communicate without a word.

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