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DVD Rental Guy Takes My Wife


The doorbell rang, and Gary glanced over to Cheryl once again to see if she looked like she would back out. This was the point of no return. She gave him the slightest of nods, as if to say "Answer the door before I change my mind, you dumb fuck!" Gary opened the door just as the bell rang a second time, and welcomed the DVD rental guy.

Gary and Cheryl had both talked about wanting to see real porn in the comfort of their own home many times since the wedding. 'The wedding night' as they liked to call it, was not actually their own wedding, but that of Cheryl's best friend Jessica, or Jess to her friends. Cheryl had been maid of honour. As on many nights out together, Gary got a little worse for wear after too many drinks, and Cheryl knew that she could try all she might, but she wouldn't be able to raise anything more than a smile from Gary when it came to being alone later. A smile and an apology.

But 'the wedding night' was different.

The first difference was that Cheryl's dress was very sexy, being a tight pale blue satin affair, sleeveless and cut just above the knee. The trained observer, or lecher, as Cheryl would comment, could notice the slight bulge of a suspender strap when she stood or sat in a way that pulled the dress tight across her thighs. Knowing how sexy and desirable Cheryl looked to other men made Gary feel both proud and horny. When he pointed this out to her, she found herself teasing him and other wedding guests by innocently bending and stretching as often as she could. Some close dancing with male guests put them in no doubt about her underwear - the bones of her basque were not visible, but the first grip around her slender waist by a dancing partner let him know immediately. It was like dancing with her and mentally seeing her stripped to her basque, white stockings and blue satin heels. Cheryl could tell the effect as each dancing partner grew his appreciative trouser bulge during their time on the floor together.

This included the groom, who guided her back to the top table of wedding guests with his hand on her butt, slyly feeling her suspender strap. The dance that got her nearly creaming her panties though was with Jessica's father. Cheryl had a schoolgirl crush on him ever since she could remember and she loved going over to Jess's place for a sleepover just to be in this distinguished successful man's company, and seemed to ooze confidence and masculinity. He didn't seem to notice her at all, except when at 18 when she joined Jess's family on a holiday to the French Riviera, and she had caught him looking at her in that way, which she absolutely loved. When he danced with her on 'the wedding night', it was to a slow waltz, and as an accomplished ballroom dancer he held her close as he almost carried her across the dance floor. He held her very close. His right hand behind her waist pressed her into him, and she could feel his thumb on her basque and his fingertips pressing into her back just below, right at the top of her ass crease. The hand was lower than the traditional dancing position but Cheryl didn't mind at all. The other thing she could feel was this massive iron bar pressed between their bodies!

Jess's dad had a monster cock - it was rock hard - and Cheryl was the cause, she knew. Fucking awesome! He didn't talk to her through the whole dance but just held her gaze as he carried her across the dance floor, almost impaled on his shagging stick. When they had finished he led her back to their table, smiled a thank you, kissed her softly on the cheek, and said "You waltz well, we will have to do that again sometime." Cheryl's brain was screaming Just throw me on this wedding table and fuck me senseless right now you dirty big-cocked old bastard! She had to remember to breathe again as she took her seat. And that is why she nearly creamed her panties.

By the time it came to going to their hotel room at 2am, Cheryl's panties were very wet and she was gagging for cock. With Gary in his semi-conscious drunken state she new it was a do-it-yourself job of releasing her built up sexual tension, although she did manage to get off on some similar occasions in the past by laying him on his back naked and sitting on his face. They were both able to jokingly call these face-sitting events as his last drink of the night.

The second difference on 'the wedding night' was that when they got to their room Cheryl switched on the television and found that there were adult pay channels with all night movies playing. She flicked to watch the preview 2 minutes and was a little shocked to see a young blonde, not unlike herself, giving expert head to an older, attractive balding man, who had some passing resemblance to the groom's father. Gary knew the groom Dave and his father quite well. Cheryl was engrossed by these images of real raw on-screen sex and when the time came to press the 'pay' button on the TV remote there was no hesitation. She called to Gary who was just about to doze off, having somehow managed to get his shoes and suit off.

"Hey Gary, look at this! It's me giving Dave's dad a blowjob. And check the size of his cock!!"

Gary looked first at Cheryl and saw her cheeky grin, then at the scene on the TV. With a bit of imagination he could envision this as his young wife blowing his friend's dad. This had a very sobering effect and Cheryl noticed his underpants tenting as he sat up to watch the on-screen action. She immediately took advantage and yanked his jockeys down and off, throwing them to the floor. The blue satin dress soon joined them on the floor. She pulled Gary round so that he was sitting back on his elbows on the side of the bed. She then kneeled on the floor between his legs and took hold of his now hard cock. As she did this, both of them were watching the young blonde on screen working the older guy's cock with her mouth and hands. She spat a large quantity of saliva over the head and with a twisting up round and down motion was expertly jerking him off while at the same time taking his whole length into her mouth and throat on the down strokes.

Cheryl asked "Does the thought of me doing that to Dave's dad get you off then, you dirty sod?" Without waiting for a reply she showed off her quick learning by copying the on screen blonde and dribbling lots of saliva over Gary's throbbing cock before handling and mouthing it.

Dave replied "Yes Cheryl, you dirty little vixen, and I'm thinking you wouldn't mind playing the filthy little slut to some older guy like Dave's dad. Or even Jess's dad. Am I right?"

Cheryl just gurgled a positive sounding response, and cheekily wiggled her thong-covered ass, which was now attracting Gary's attention. He loved the view of her gorgeous buns, separated by the thin, now soaking material of the white lace thong. He reached down and slid his hand over her ass cheek, and slid a finger under the material to stroke and scratch at her rear entrance. Next to a tongue on her clit, or biting her nipples, this was guaranteed to make her even wetter and more wanton.

"I need this in my cunt right now, you dirty bastard!" she demanded, in between the long throating that she was giving Gary's rock hard pole. He knew she would now do literally anything to get a cock buried deep inside her, as she normally didn't swear. When she did, she was either in a really bad temper, or as was the case then, uncontrollably turned on and only one or more orgasms would get her off of that plateau. She didn't wait for his answer but got up and climbed onto him, straddling his cock. They both reached between her legs and pulled her thong to one side together. She thrust down onto his cock in one aggressive motion and just paused and moaned appreciatively to feel herself satisfyingly filled.

"Fuck, you're wet Cheryl. That teasing downstairs at the wedding and that porno has really got you hot for cock." Cheryl answered, "Not fucking half, and thinking about me blowing and fucking another guy has got your drunken pecker up, you dirty sod. Go on, admit it!"

Gary's response was to lean up and pull down the straps of his wife's basque to elbow height, trapping her arms by her side and exposing her lovely firm 34C breasts. The nipples were as hard as his cock, and he sucked and chewed on both of them like a man possessed. Cheryl bounced up and down on his cock hard and fast, yelping at the sensations of being bitten on her supersensitive nipples whilst riding his boner. A glance at the TV showed them both that the blonde was also bouncing on the older guy's cock, and within the space of seconds, Cheryl and Gary came together just as blondie climbed off the old guy to take his come shot in her mouth, for the standard porno facial shot.

'The wedding night' was 4 months ago, and both of them had talked and fantasised about the effect that the adult movie had had on them. They both admitted to each other that they found watching sex to be very exciting. That particular film also opened up some of their secret fantasies, and that was that thinking about their partner fucking someone else, and being there to see it turned both of them on. Of course, fantasy and reality were worlds apart and they also talked about the dangers of taking the irreversible step of having sex with others. They both did realise that they wanted to do something to recreate the sexual tension and thrill of what happened on 'the wedding night', and so the safest first step was to get some porno and get horny together watching it. Maybe they'd invite others over when they had seen enough porn and found something that wouldn't scare or shock their more open minded friends, Dave and his new wife Jessica perhaps.

Cheryl still remembered Dave's wandering hands at his OWN wedding, the dirty bugger. The four had met up since and had good times together as friends, and she often caught Dave checking her out which she didn't mind one bit. In fact it was flattering and when she told Gary, he would suggest a swap as he found Jess to be a young hottie in the making. Dave and Jess were 20 and 19, whilst Gary and Cheryl were 27 and 25. Gary joked to Cheryl that they would have to work fast if he was going to get to fuck young Jessica while she was still a teenager. This always got a thump on the arm from Cheryl and a response that a young stud like Dave 'could probably fuck me all night long', so she would be the winner on the arrangement.

Back to this evening. Gary escorted Ian, the visitor, into the lounge to meet Cheryl. She was temporarily taken aback when she saw him in the flesh, even though Gary had shown her a picture that had been sent in email. Gary had struck up a conversation with Ian over Yahoo Messenger when he had found out that Ian lived less than an hour away, and sold and rented adult DVDs. After some internet chat and getting to know and trust him more, Gary and Cheryl decided to invite him round for a drink and talk about his wares. Cheryl looked at him now and was still surprised at how similar he was to the guy in the porno they had seen some months ago, and more than a passing resemblance to Dave's dad. Ian was about 5' 8", dark haired and mostly bald on top, in good shape for a man of 48, but it was his winning smile and the sparkle in his warm brown eyes that made Cheryl's tummy feel a little funny. She had harboured fantasies about older men like most women do when younger, and she remembered fancying several of her school chum's fathers, and not only Jess's dad. Ian smiled at her, and shook her hand in hello, holding it just a fraction longer than necessary, causing the tummy tingling again. He gave a sort of half wink before turning back to Gary who was asking if he would like a drink.

Ian accepted, "I'll have a glass of wine, red if you have any open, thanks. I'm driving so don't make it too large", and he smiled again. He turned back to Cheryl and this time took the opportunity to really drink her in. She was actually wearing the same basque and panties as on 'the wedding night' but with seamed fully-fashioned white nylons this time, and white patent heels. Over this she wore Gary's favourite white skirt, just above the knee but thin enough to actually see the outline of her underwear in the right light, or if she did her teasing thing of stretching it by standing with feet astride. It always got Gary hard, and it was just on the decent side of tarty. She complemented this with a lemon silk blouse, which was fitted but slightly looser than the skirt. Again the outline of the basque could be seen at the back and shoulders by the aware observer, but only when her position or posture caused the thin material to stretch, when she bent down for example. She had a white pearl necklace with matching drop earrings, and her blonde shoulder length hair was 'up' and held with a single white hairgrip at the back and top, showing her lovely neck and face.

Cheryl knew that she looked foxy, and having already had two glasses of the wine that Gary was now pouring for Ian, she felt a little braver and flirtatious than she might otherwise have been. Just before Ian's checking out of Cheryl could get uncomfortable, he looked her straight in the eye and with a broad grin commented "You look fantastic Cheryl, much better than Gary described. You are prettier and hotter looking than many of the actresses on these films I've brought, and I know what I'm talking about! Perhaps there's a career in this for you?" he jokingly asked. Cheryl blushed coyly, but loved the idea that this guy thought her more sexually appealing than some of those hot porno babes in the movies. She was surprised that she felt a trickle of dampness at just listening to this man.

"It's good to see that you've dressed for your evening with Gary - I'm sure you are both going to have a great evening together once I've found the right stuff for you. Give me a twirl and let me see that lovely outfit."

It was more of a command than a request, but it didn't feel dominating in any way. Cheryl found herself just accepting it and even wanting to twirl for Ian, so she slowly turned full circle for him, smiling but watching his eyes the whole time. She loved the way he obviously enjoyed drinking in her fine young form.

"Ah, seams," said Ian. "How elegant. It is sad that so few women these days know how to look really feminine, sexy and elegant all at the same time. But you have it my dear. Gary is a lucky man." She blushed a second time but positively beamed at his compliment. "Just one thing Cheryl, can you turn round again please, I think a seam is crooked, and that can spoil your otherwise fantastic look?" She turned immediately and placed her hands on the back of the leather sofa the three of them were standing behind, with her feet a few inches apart. She did not even think to question him. "May I?" asked Ian. He had turned to Gary, who was holding a glass of merlot for his visitor, his own and Cheryl's were on the coffee table between the sofa and their massive plasma TV - one of the benefits of two salaries and no kids.

"Be my guest, Ian. You don't mind being straightened up, do you darling?" Gary said to his wife.

Neither of the men expected an answer, and Ian went on one knee and with the knuckle of his right index finger, he placed it against the seam of Cheryl's left leg right at the hemline of her skirt. He traced the knuckle down the back of her leg, down behind her knee, always on the seam itself. As he traced the seam over her calf, his knuckle moved out to the left and back again as he reached her ankle.

"Did you feel that twist over the calf Cheryl?" Ian asked.

"Yes" she almost whispered, breathlessly.

The erotic tension as this played out could be cut with a knife. Gary was straining in his trousers and had to put his free hand in his pocket for a little pocket billiards, in order to make himself feel more comfortable. Ian then grasped her left calf with both hands and straightened the seam, in a gentle caressing movement so as not to click the sheer nylon. He then grasped her ankle just a little more firmly and pressed one thumb at each side of the seam on her leg at the ankle. He slowly and deliberately slipped both hands up her leg, keeping the seam straight and between his thumbs the whole time. As he passed her knees, his right hand began to squeeze between her legs in its upward travel. The electric swish of his hands caressing her nylon was almost audible in the erotic silence, and she found herself lifting her right foot to part her legs to allow Ian to continue unhindered. (This was the moment Ian knew he was going to fuck her tonight). He continued up her leg till he reached the hem, and pushed just an inch or two further before stopping. Gary couldn't see his wife's face fully, but was enough to the side of both of them to see her in profile - her mouth was open in a silent gasp, almost scared to breathe, and her eyes were closed. Her knuckles were nearly white as her fingers dug in to the leather of the sofa. He quietly complimented the DVD guy's skill and chuckled inwardly. This could be an interesting evening, and above his expectations.

Ian stood up, took the glass of wine proffered to him by Gary, and bent down to pick up his sports bag. He walked round the sofa and sat on the armchair on the right side of the TV, at the end of the coffee table. He sipped his wine and placed the glass on the table, complimenting the merlot. He waved Cheryl and Gary to the sofa. Both looked at each other and funnily half raised an eyebrow with an accompanying crooked smile at exactly the same time. It looked like Ian was leading the situation but neither seemed concerned with this for the time being. Both Ian and Gary watched as Cheryl sat down. She could see that they were both drooling slightly and she realised she loved it - her husband and a guy who she only met 15 minutes ago, both wanting into her panties. She had agreed with Gary earlier that they would see what Ian had in his bag, choose a couple of movies to buy, and then let him go and get back in touch if they wanted more. It could still turn out that way, but something had changed with the seam straightening incident, and the couple could both feel drawn to a different possibility for the evening.

Ian broke the silence. "There is a lot of variety in adult movies, in the quality, the content and the price. Some get straight into hardcore sex and others have more of a plot. You have all sorts of categories like young, interracial, all-girl, bi, group, amateur, gonzo, gay, incest, and so on. They all split into either features or compilations on a theme, when you get down to it. When I introduce a new couple to this, I find that the best introduction is with what I call couples features, so I've brought some of them along. I've also brought some compilations from a semi-amateur series which most couples also seem to like"

"Not to be crass about this" asked Gary "but how much are they?"

"That depends" said Ian "and I know that's not a great answer. As I said on the net, the price range is from £10 to £40 and that comes down to quality usually. The Americans are churning out a lot of hit and miss movies and some are great value, starting at £10. The French ones I have are all £20-£30, but the quality and eroticism is fantastic. You'll watch them over and over, even the French dialog ones which don't have an English soundtrack."

"OK" breathed Cheryl, a bit anxious to see what Gary and Ian had talked about. "Let's see what you have for us". She was still regaining her composure after having been nearly touched up to her stocking tops by a complete stranger; and not almost, but definitely encouraged by her husband, and this was still a bit of a mind-fuck for her.

"Right" continued Ian. "Some couples movies. I'll show you a scene or two from some and when there is one you want to see completely, you buy it. It's that simple. I'll also show you a scene or two from the 'Screw My Wife Please' series."

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