Author's Note: Everyone has a fantasy and a desire, a delight and a found object that pleases him or her to no end. Some find themselves as the personal pleasure of a Master, lover or even a Daddy. None of us are to ever be judged and held in a light of contempt. Just read this story for the pleasure it gave someone I loved and whom made me smile.

After all, don't we all deserve a smile?



Daddy Julian couldn't keep his hands to himself as she walked into the room; his tongue reflexively began licking the outer lips and he watched her smiling gently, seeing his eyes meeting hers, hazel to brown radiance gathering between the light of the pair. Her platform boots laced up to the knees with the amazingly high heel & platform to give her 6 inches on her voluptuous frame still kept her under 5'10" against his stocky 6'2" frame of dark skin & hair, but so wonderfully sexy. He gasped, noticing the flowing pizzicato of curls dancing down her shoulders as she removed her long jacket, smiling as he shifted in his seat, the erection already throbbing on his zipper straining the brass teeth. Hi silk shirt moved with his breathing, up & down like the fingers tentatively stroking the goatee mottled with gray lines of age. His eyes traveled over Eva's creamy skin, the nipples hard & darkly contrasting her full ripeness, succulent and delicious to his eyes. The firm, amazingly round 42DD's moved as if possessed, bouncing gently over the line of the corset. Daddy noticed her smooth thighs and her creamy gentle taunt belly, groaning as he noticed her pierced belly button. Then his eyes grew wider, sharper as he saw how the skin of her smooth warm mound glistened for him in the morning light drifting in through the Venetian binds and casting a Venus De Milo shadow on the carpeting at his feet.

"I just shaved Daddy," Eva whispered in a breathy, baby-doll voice. "Do you like how smooth I am?"

"Yes... Daddy does. Now, show him the flower of delight. Sit on that chair and reveal the mystery of pleasure to Daddy."

Eva sat on the chair, lifting her lace-up boot and flexing at the knee, hooking it over the arm of the chair and letting it dangle. She smiled a coy smile of seduction and promise, peeling the pink lips open and gently slowly stroking the exposed clit. A surge of body-blush coveted her smooth pale skin as she gently stroked up and down the long luxuriously painted finger nail feeling the moving button waking her alive-senses making her breast jiggle again with hurried breaths. A gasp and she whispered "Oh Daddy..."

"You like me watching you don't you my dearest? You like Daddy seeing how closely shaved you are and hearing you moan as you touch your clitty don't you?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Good girl... now, finger your pussy for me. Do it very slowly my Angel. Knuckle by knuckle insert your finger inside your pussy."

She exhaled softly the breast rising and falling like descending pillows of grace and goose-bumping flesh. Her nipples crinkled and tingled, her veins on her neck straining the cameo-collar she wore, her silhouette moving with the breaths against the thick line of satin over her neck. As the fingernail glimmered with juices, coated in lust, B slowly began spinning and stirring the lips tenderly finger-fucking herself as Daddy's eyes glazed over, making him groan softly in the back of his throat, the open-shirt suddenly constricting his breathing. She gently slid the nail further inside, disappearing in the pink mound and smooth cunt, moving her knees and wiggling on the chair as another knuckle on the same finger dipped deeper inside. Eva moaned again, her head turning away from Daddy Julian, eyes shutting and fluttering to the pleasure coarsing through her body, the round amazing tits now jiggling a pace faster than the finger inside her hot, wet melting pussy. She gasped aloud, filling the room with the smell of sex and the sounds of lust, and moved her hips upward, humping the finger inside her pussy. Her body and moaning against the tongue-stud in her mouth, moving her hips to meet the finger intruding again and again, stroke by stroke, fuck by fuck. Eva rolled her firm round ass grinding it on the material as she sped up, just finger-fucking her pussy deeper, harder faster again and again and again.

"Daddy," she whimpered between clenched teeth and a drooling tongue, "can I play with my clitty, my little man-in-the-boat too? Please...?"

"Use a toy. The little buzzing bullet."

Eva took the small cylindrical vibrator from the table next to her, flicked the switch and gently felt the buzzing hit her ears, the sensations already reaching to her nerves and making her gasp softly. A hush escaping her lips as she smiled slyly, making Daddy Julian gulp that much hard, his fingers dug deeper into the arm of his chair. She smiled and arched her hand over her thigh and into the fissure of flesh and sweetness. The trembling toy slapped down onto her clitoris, bouncing it like mad the tip of the machine losing its' footing on her lust as she pressed the shiny, rounded end atop her wriggling motions and followed the pleasure shooting into her spine. A hard smile slapped her face and made her eyes jump as she watched Daddy Julian see the implosion roaming through her skin and watching her shake in the arm of the chair. She gasped again; the shudder shifting her body as the finger, now joined by another, sank deeper inside the velvety pussy finger-fucking herself deeper and faster as the vibrator buzzed her clit madly spilling the juices out of her we slick cunt.

"G-go-good girl... ," Daddy Julian stuttered and huffed, shifting his fingers and fixing his gaze on her pussy-driving finger-fucking motions of the thrusting pumping fingers, the well of her slippery pussy rolling and juicing her knuckles buried deeper faster. Eva groaned aloud, her lashes fluttering in her head as her beautiful hazel eyes rolled back in ecstasy all the time pumping her fingers, rolling her hips and buzzing the clit like mad. Her hips ground the fingers deeper and faster, riding them like mad and losing her control and groaning delighted in the show she was giving Daddy. He body shone with the perspiration of delight and desire, his eyes spinning and his jaw slack as he sees the ride of her life and pleasure ripping faster through her pussy.

"Oooooooooooh Daddy..." she sighed. "This is so good; I'll bet your tongue could do just as good couldn't it Daddy?"

"I think so too" he smiled watching the 3 fingers finger-fucking her well-juiced pussy, madly, gently gaping the hot wet smooth mound. The vibrator helping the groaning wiggling of her clit spill more sticky slippery dripping pussy syrup. Daddy Julian smiled softly regaining his composure, his erection tenting the pleated slacks, watching her fuck herself like mad. She suddenly roared and shot her head back, the shower of curls roaming over the seat and her creamy shoulders. Her chin slowly slips back to her sweating collarbone, smiling and seeing Daddy Julian's hard-on now throbbing in the zipper wanting to escape like a limb apart from the body.

Eva keeps her well-oiled fingers riding deeper and faster, rolling her hips on her ass and wiggling let his see her finger-fucking herself like a woman possessed. Daddy Julian notices her juices pouring out like a flesh sieve down between her thighs and along the cleft of her hot wet pussy.

"Now baby, slip one of those fingers into your ass for me. Don't hesitate and don't think about not doing it." He uses a smooth gentle tone letting her hear that she'd never disobey him in any way. She will do all he ask or tells her to do. "And they're nice and juicy aren't they? And you've been waiting to hear this from me haven't you baby?"

"Yes Daddy" she hissed, "oh yes."

She was breathless as her leg went up, one knee high keeping her legs splayed the right leg still over the arm. She moaned as Daddy eyed the small found space between her pussy and ass, watching the small brown eye wink softly as she reached back slowly pressing a just-lubed finger into her asshole gently moaning and gasping as she opened and accepted the intrusion. A gasp and then she felt the finger sinking deeper inside her ass, gritting her teeth and lulling the delights as they were coaxed out of her body, moving like mad as she buzzed her clitty and fingered her ass. Daddy peered between the knees, knowing that his beautiful, delightful Eva was doing all she could physically to keep her knees open and reaching back to finger her ass for Daddy's pleasure and her personal delight.

"God Daddy... it's sooooo good" she moaned her eyes closed shut with delight making her recoil in absolute assertion of the need to cum. "Daddy I love having you in my ass; I want you in my ass."

A groan and a pause, then a soft definitive escaped her lips: "I NEED you in my ass."

"Only after you cum for Daddy baby," he whispered, "only after... you cum."

He smiled broadly, the whispered, "Now raise that speed. High as possible. It only has two speeds doesn't it?"

"Yes Daddy... "

"Good girl. Now, the higher speed. Don't hesitate and don't hold back. Cum for Daddy. Cum hard and lose all your held inhibitions."

The vibrator clicked! –the hum of it's motor buzzing in the air like a bee escaping the hive seeking the nectar spilling out of her pussy. Eva groaned in physical agony moaning and groaning louder, her brunette curls spilling and shaking all over the seat and her creamy shoulders. She growled gasping as her arm moved along her smooth round ass, indenting the skin and wiggling deeper, harder and faster reaming her anus that much more. Her individual sodomy made Eva whimper and moan aloud, shooting and losing as the spillway of fluids splash the smooth patch of cunt skin moving her mound to keep the vibrator inside the silver-color coated with pussy juices as it peeks out of her mound and lips.

She was losing control.

She was losing it for Daddy... and she loved it.

Daddy watched, totally absorbed and seeing her body losing all delights and her knees trembling, the feet shaking her bound heels and moving like a paint mixer about to break a speed record. Eva kept howling and moaning like mad, whimpering and moving as she felt her finger, now up to her knuckle, buried in her ass, burrowing deeper, harder, faster.

All that mattered was that he was watching.

All that mattered was that she was going to lose her mind.

Suddenly her legs straightened over the chair, her feet shaking with the laced boots moving like leaves cascading over the landscape of pleasure and desire as her orgasm folded her body at the stomach. She felt the nerves of every pore of her skin tingling, goose bumps caressing all her lush body as her breast bounced and spun atop her corset. Eva burst; howled and moaned, crying out aloud, "OH DADDY! DADDY, FUCK MY ASS DADDY! I NEED YOU DADDY JULIAN!"

"You needed this..." he whispered. "To show me there was nothing you'd keep from me didn't you sweetie?"

Her finger slipped out of her ass, pussy juices splashed all over her smooth mound, inner thighs and the toy dropping away from her shaking fingers. Her knees curled up, and Eva lifted her fingers to her lips, sucking the pussy juices clean off them the tingling still reverberating through her nails and tips. She seductively smiled at Daddy Julian and whispered, "No. I'd keep nothing from you."


Eva curled her knees atop the chair her heels digging into the edge of the seat her knees resting atop one another, together, on the arm of the chair, her body shining radiantly with the glistening lust pouring from every inch of gleaming flesh. Her smile now a small, driven point of pleasure for her and Daddy alone.

"Daddy" she smiled past perfect teeth and rosy cheeks, "what's next?"

"Wait and see my dear. Wait and see... "

The End (for now...)

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