Dye Job Pt. 01


Chess was in the common room of the Pig & Whistle Tavern in Stormwind, talking with one of the injured he had treated at the ERU clinic in Stormwind near the Cathedral this morning; the clinic had not been staffed, and Jon had responded to a call for help. A woman had collapsed on the stairs to the clinic. Chess had cut short his recon mission and responded, teleporting to Dalaran and then using the permanent portal to Stormwind. He had treated the woman, and two or three more who had shown up while he as busy with the first patient. Chess had treated the Dranei woman for a hairline horn fracture, using plaster and silk bandages to reinforce and stabilize the horn until the woman could seek proper care. The lady had been a dancer at Stilletos, an underground gentleman's club, and she had invited Jonathan to come and see her work.

His new client was a Ren'dorei woman, clad in black, tight leggings held up by a garter, and brief shorts. She wore a matching black bare-midriff top, with a rifle slung over her shoulder. She was as slender and strong as a fencing blade, and Chess had no doubt she could prove just as deadly.

"Master Chess?," she had inquired, her voice a dulcet caress that spoke of all the temptations to be found in the Void. "I would like to talk to you about a case?"

Chess had asked her to wait a short while, as he had been on his way to deliver a client report, but he promised to swiftly return. He returned to the Pig & Whistle to find her waiting.

"I'm all yours," Chess said, smiling.

"Is there somewhere else we could talk? Somewhere a little more private?" she asked. The request did not surprise Chess; his clients often had confidential issues.

"The Allied Detective Agency is nearby, we can use one of the rooms there. She nodded, and the two of them walked across the canal bridge to the Dwarven District, where the Allied Detective Agency offices were located.

The offices were reasonably comfortable, but his client insisted on even more privacy. Chess nodded, and led the client to one of the upstairs rooms. The Agency maintained bedrooms for operatives who were working late, or clients who needed a quick and secure place to stay.

Chess led her to the room he sometimes used when he was too tired to go home. He shut the door and leaned against the nearby wall. "Now, how can I be of help, Miss...?"

"You may call me Dye," she said, crossing over to the four-poster bed dominating the chamber. She set her her rifle aside, and undid her cloak clasp, putting the cloak and gloves on the bed before perching herself comfortably on the foot board. Her legs crossed over one another, and she planted her hands planted behind her, leaning back on them.

"So... to begin with, I'm no wilting waif. Honestly this is the sort of thing I'd have handled for others in Silvermoon; however, I lack the familiarity with Stormwind to even begin to run this down, and given its personal nature to me, I doubt I could do so with the impartial efficiency I require.," she informed Chess.

She sighed, and continued. "I live something of a..." She pauses to consider her next words. "...hedonistic lifestyle. It took some time, but once I started getting used to Stormwind, and realized my duties were at an end, well... I've been enjoying the pleasures the city has to offer." She calmly flipped her hair back, trying to keep it out of her face, sending waves of magenta cascading down her back.

She sighed again, biting her lower lip, looking thoughtful. Her lips were painted to match her magenta hair, and contrasted sharply with the white of her perfect teeth. Her elongated canine, a relic of long-distant Kaldorei ancestors, drew a single drop of blood.

"All of this is protected under... confidentiality, correct? Nothing will make it's way back to the guards?" she asked.

"Not the guards, not SI:7... not even the rest of the Agency, if required," Chess reassured her. "I stay in business because I mind my own."

"I would appreciate any discretion you can muster," she said, nodding slightly. "I've no desire to see the guards..." She trailed off a moment and flipped her hair out of her face once more.

"This past weekend involved some pretty... shall we say... exotic individuals. I believe that, unbeknownst to me, there were some illegal substances being passed around."

Jon's face froze; he was not about to admit his own addiction to the illegal Fel-based narcotic Sa'Diablo.

Dye tipped her head back, seeming to find it easier to stare at the bed's canopy than meet Chess' gaze. " I blacked out at some point, a practice I'm not- that isn't normal for me. When I awoke, I had been given a tattoo." She let out a slow breath. "I just wish to know who gave me the tattoo and how to remove it safely."

Jonathan nodded. "May I see the tattoo?"

Dye's skin flushed a bright blue with embarrassment. Slowly, reluctantly, she nodded. "I was afraid you would..." she confessed.

Uncrossing her legs, she pushed herself off the bed and onto her feet. slips her hands down to the skimpy little bottoms of her outfit, and, after closing her eyes for a long moment, slipped her hands down to the skimpy little bottoms of her outfit.

Eyes still closed, she took several deep breaths, and then lowered her shorts to mid-thigh.

Jonathan did his best not to stare at the rather abrupt reveal. Her mound was shaved bare where she would normally have a fine strip of pink hair just above her slit. Her new tattoo was the size of a large coin, the circular seal a detailed and interwoven set of complex runes and glyphs.

"... I see," said Chess, his mouth suddenly devoid of moisture. "May I sketch the tattoo?

Dye nodded her head, slowly. "If it will help."

Jon took out his sketchpad and charcoal pencil, and began to meticulously replicate the tattoo design. It was an effort of will to keep his eyes focused on the tattoo, and not it's lovely setting.

"I will do some research... this was done while you were passed out?" he said, concentrating on the design.

Dye nodded her head, crossing her arms over her chest. "Yes." She remains bare from her top to her thigh-high leggings. "I thought about just having it removed but..." She trailed off.

"Yeah, sigils like that might have... complications," Chess noted. "Who threw the party you were at?"

"Oh, and I am finished. You can get dressed now."

Dye started to bend for her bottoms, pausing at his question, long enough for him to see that she's fairly obviously aroused. The tops of her thighs were glistening with moisture. "I... I don't know whose idea it was. It was open air, down by the docks, past the shipyards..." she confessed. She straightened without pulling her shorts back up. Moving her head to the side to hide her shame, she beckoned him closer.

"I... there is... one more thing, but... you have to be... close... to feel it..." she said. Chess moved closer. She motioned her downwards with her chin. "Put your hand close to it. And there's a... a tingle... it's hard to describe," she admitted, keeping her head turned away, and her hands folded over her bust as her blush darkened.

Jon bent closer, and slowly extended his left hand towards the tattoo. I can feel it... like a magical pulse. " Mesmerized, he said, "How long ago did this happen?" Jon was doing his best to ignore the tantalizing scent of her arousal. She was a client, and he loved his Ren'dorei mage lover, Lynesia. "Is it sensitive?"

Dye nodded her head. "About a week... it has... whatever it is doing... I... it keeps me..." She stumbled over the words before finally managing one, "...needy." She shuddered with the humiliation at her admission. ... it is... it... if you press it... it enhances... »

Chess extended a finger and lightly pressed the tattoo. Dye trembled. "When you touch it... I... that. When I touch it... it is just... intense... need."

"Shall I touch it again, but harder, so we can gauge the magic?" Chess aid, torn between his need to investigate and another, baser, need of his. He told himself that it was definitely in service to the investigation.

"Will it help?" she questioned, with a small, desperate whine. She shot him a look that said she desperately wanted him to touch her again, but couldn't quite bring herself to ask. Her cheeks flushed and her breath made her pert, firm chest heave in her little top, her nipples quite visible beneath the material

"Well, honestly, it speaks to the motivation clearly this was placed there by magic means - traditional tattoos wouldn't be healed so swiftly - and the idea to get you to sexualize yourself... the question remains- how effective is the enchantment?" Chess rationalized. "But we can assume it is... ah... quite effective without any further tests."

"I am worried about possible compulsory enchantments, though" he mused.'

Dye gave a little plaintive sound at his honesty, before shutting her eyes tight and pleading "Please? I... I think... I think you need... to have all the information you can... to... to uncover this... um... person who... who..." She trailed off, chewing her lower lip again.

"C-compulsory enchantments?" she questioned looking up at him and swallowing, the words sounding menacing in her ears.

Chess nodded. "You might be right about having more information" he said, reaching out to touch a little harder, stroking from the top edge to the bottom edge of the tattoo. "Enhancing your sensations is one thing, but forcing you to come and go or do other things.. I suspect this is aimed at convincing you to be of service to the caster, whoever they are."

Dye yelped as her knees almost buckled, a loud moan slipping from her while her fingers clutched at the bedclothes. A drop of moisture rolled down her inner thigh and her breathing devolved to ragged gasps. It took a long moment for her to catch her breath, and calm enough to make words again. "I... ah... how... how would I check for that?"

"Well, the best way would be to have someone lock you in your room at night" he informed her, pressing again, with more pressure. He made an inverted cross as as he started at the top, trailed his finger to the bottom, then moved to the left side, crossing back over to the right. "A Kirin Tor mage could probably tell how many enchantments are involved."

"Also, when you cu.. when you achieve release, does the sensation diminish, or does it keep you on that edge?" he questioned, his voice calm and almost scientific.

Dye squealed and sagged back against the bed as a climax ran through her slender frame, thin lines of her own juices work down her thighs. Her breathing turned even more ragged, her back arching and soft obscenities slipping from her lips involuntarily until the pleasure subsided.

"Ah... I... you... how would I... she moaned softly. "It... it keeps... it diminishes a little, but... not... not much... Can you... would you be willing... to um... I haven't... I don't have anyone I can trust to lock me away... at night..." she confessed.

"I see.. then it might be best if you stay with me for the duration if you like."

"I... yes... yes sir," she mumbled, nodding her head. She pushed herself up, her legs still quivering slightly. "D-do you know someone from the Kirin Tor?"

"I have a forensics mage with whom I work... and I have a close friend who does research for them," Chess informed.

"What should I call you?" Jon asked gently, seeking more than her first name.'

"Slut" she blurted out, and then realized what she'd said. She whimpered as an involuntary shudder ran down her spine. "You can tell them my name," she said. I am so sorry... you... you don't think I said that because of..." She looked down at the tattoo, shuddering again and biting her lower lip.

"Yes," he said, explaining. "I think that is entirely possible, unless you have a previous history of being sexually submissive."

She whimpered and rubbed her neck gently. "I... I do though. I... I kinda like that in bed..." she admitted, bending at the waist to grab her underthings and pull them up.

"I can't tell whether or not it is a magical compulsion, or if the enhanced sensations are bringing out a new facet of your personality - but either way, it is dangerous for you while you are under the enchantment," Jon said.

"So... what is your advice?" she asked.

"I would recommend that you pack some clothes and make arrangements for your affairs to be handled by others while we free you from the compulsions," Jon replied. "Then you are going into hiding with my Kirin Tor friend, Phredadia, who is a female gnome. Unless you like female gnomes, it might be as safe as we can get."

Dye nodded s her head. "I... I don't really have... my sister is handling all of that right now, and I already told her I might need to leave town for a while. How... exactly do we break the enchantments though?"

"Phred can run tests... and help keep you safe. Often times, the death of the caster will cause the enchantment to fade... and if we need to go that far, we will."

"I... ah... you'll come see me though?" She realized how desperate that sounded and added: "To... ah... tell me how the case is going?"

"I will be staying with Phred and you as well. Phred is bloody brilliant, but she may need more muscle. If we need, I know a bodyguard we can employ as well. Pack your things, and meet me back here. I'll contact Phred and make sure she's ready.

"I'm sure that will be great... thank you so much..." She paused. "So... um... your fee, though?"

Chess smiled, and resisted the temptation to say that so far, the case itself was it's own reward. For now, let's consider my fee a 'Welcome to the Alliance and Stormwind' present. I am ashamed that someone would do this to our new allies."

"Are you sure I can't pay you somehow?" She clasps her hands behind her back, looking up at him with a bit of a smile, dressed in her skimpy little outfit.

"Quite sure - you are a client, and I would never take advantage of your condition"

Chess smirked as she pouted a little, but rallied and pulled herself together, straightening her hair and putting on her cloak and gloves.

"Right, she said. "I'll get my things in order and meet you back here, yes?"

"Yes," Jon confirmed.

"Are you sure... I could just stop in a tavern for a drink... Maybe stop by my place and take a hot shower, clean up a bit... leave the door open..." Her eyes half-closed before she snapped them open. "Sorry... right straight there and back."

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