tagGroup SexDylan Joins The Band Ch. 04

Dylan Joins The Band Ch. 04


This is another in the continuing adventures of Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud. You may need to read parts 1, 2, and 3 of Dylan Joins The Band to understand what happens. Dylan's adventures started out with the "One For The Road" series. Please check all his adventures out. Thanks for the interest and support. And please remember to vote. All emails are welcome.

The Lead Singer

Dylan was sitting at the bar nursing a Jack on the rocks, and Angel and Eve were sitting on either side of him. The band was about to start its last set, and Dylan had run out of time. Angel's birthday request to him was to try and fuck all the women in her band during their gig tonight. He thought was a stupid request, but through dumb luck and Angel's help, he had managed to seduce three quarters of the very hot female band. He had gotten Angel in her van outside before the gig started. They had doubled teamed Eve together in the dressing room during the first break. While the band had gone on a break after the 2nd set, he had slipped into Misty's dressing room and fucked her silly as she was on the phone with her boyfriend. He now just needed to try and seduce Jade, the lead singer, but he had not been able to get any where near her. She had snuck into the dressing room and watched while he banged Misty. He had seen her in the shadows of the room playing with herself as he fed Misty his large cock over and over again. But since then, she was ALWAYS surrounded by friends or her fiancé. He'd had no chance to get close to her, so it looked like the birthday present for Angel would stop here.

Angel leaned over and gave him a really deep kiss. "Thank you, lover for trying. It was fun to watch you try. I hope you had fun!" she said with an evil laugh.

Eve whispered in his other ear, "Yes that was a lot of fun. I have never done it during the gig before!"

At that moment, Kris, the female roadie came up and told them to get ready to start the last set, so they both wandered off toward the stage. Kris sat down on the stool next to him and ordered a beer. After a few moments of silence, she asked, "So have you enjoyed the show tonight?"

Dylan turned to her and smiled. "Yes, I have enjoyed the show very much. I think they are a great band. How long have you worked for them?"

"Oh, a couple of years. I joined them when they first got started together. They are a fun group of girls -- but then you already know that," Kris slyly smiled looking down at the counter. Her face was a beet red color from embarrassment.

"So you heard that?"

"Yeah, kinda hard to miss, plus Misty is talking unstop about it backstage. You made quite an impression." By this time Kris was simple crimson in color from her head to the top of her shapeless overalls. Dylan smiled to himself. She was very cute and seemed very nice. It was hard to place her age but he thought pDylanably about mid-twenties. She had longish red hair at was pulled up in a navy blue bandana, and was wearing really shapeless overalls that hid all trace of her figure, although he could tell she was on the small side and seemed to have a good bust.

"So what do you do for the band while they are playing?" Dylan asked to keep the conversation going.

"Everything. Set up the stage for then, move speakers, tune guitars, any special effects, help with costume changes. Whatever they need."

That last part caught Dylan's attention. "Changes. They change clothes during the show?"

"Yeah, I mean sure... Eve changes every set -- but that is in the dressing room. I mean changes backstage while the band is playing. Hell, Jade has three changes this last set."

"Really...?" Dylan asked as a faint idea began to dawn in the back of his mind. "Where does she change on that tiny stage?"

"Oh, see that curtained off area just behind the amps, that's where. Just enough room for me, her and a rack of clothes. The set up always changes. This time because the shape of the stage, we actually had to place some of the amps in the changing area with us. It's a pain, but it is all good."

Dylan could see thru the archway from the bar area toward dance floor the stage at the end of room. Kris was right. Just off to the side of the stage and behind the big speakers was a curtained off area. "So she has three changes this set?"

"Yeah, why?" Kris asked.

"Well, I have this idea and was wondering if you could help me out?"

Kris listened as Dylan explained his plan to her. At first, she just looked at him in disbelief, then amusement, and finally, when he had stopped, she shook her head "yes" in agreement. Dylan leaned over the kissed her on the cheek and whispered something in her ear, and she blushed pure crimson again. The band had kicked in again, so he got up and moved toward the dance floor. The room was packed to the gills with all kinds of people. Beautiful models, flashy designer-artist types, dressed down business types -- it was a very mixed crowd who had been invited by the fashion designer who was paying for this shin-dig. The all girl band sounded on fire. The club's sound system was incredible. The floor practically jumped with the beat of Angel's drums and Eve's bass lines. Misty's guitar was soaring, and the whole place was buzzing with the energy of the band. He could see about a hundred people pressed against the stage. Some were a more than a little drunk, most were dancing to the beat, and all excited to be there. As he worked his way to the stage, he gazed at Jade really for the first time. She was simply gorgeous.

Misty was in the middle of a guitar solo, and was standing at the edge of the stage in front of the crowd as Jade rubbed against her like an x-rate version of Mick Jaggar & Keith Richards. The band was jamming hard and the crowd was intense as dozens of hands flew up, reaching for the women and trying to clutch at their legs as Misty wailed away on the guitar. Dylan couldn't tear his eyes away from Jade. Not only was he practically salivating at her tight gyrating body, but he was also impressed by the way she could whip the crowd into a frenzy. She was smiling and jumping around, obviously enjoying herself. The hot lights shone onto the stage, beating down on the girls, and the heat made her sweat-soaked dress cling to her toned, hard body. Jade appeared to Euro-Asian and she seemed to be in her late 20's, about 5'4", 125 lbs with golden skin, dark eyes and long thick black hair that was pinned up into two funky pigtails on each side of her head. What really drew his notice was her 36C chest; he thought he could see her nipples tighten beneath her top. She was wearing a short frilly pink dress with pink thigh highs and black stilettos. The short dress revealed a pair of killer legs and the possibility of no bra as her good sized breasts bounced and shifted inside her tight top. She had two big colorful tattoos on both her upper arms. A red and green dragon on one arm and some kind of goddess head on the other. Her voice was amazing as it could growl low on some blues lick, or soar to a high note and hold it. She was the perfect front woman for an all girl band, and he wanted to fuck her bad.

He had made his way to the front of the stage near Eve as she pranced around on the stage. He caught her eye and she smiled at him. She nodded her head in Jade's direction as if to ask, "Are you going to try?" Dylan nodded yes, and Eve broke out in a big grin and lean over to Angel as she wailed away on her drums. She got a look of happy surprise on her lovely face, and gave him the "thumbs up" and a lecherous wink.

Dylan looked down the front of the band stand till he saw Jade's fiancé. He had met him earlier in the night and he seemed like a really nice guy. He gazed up at his future wife with a lot of warmth and love in his face as he danced to the band's music. Dylan felt a twinge of guilt for just a moment. It was nothing personal with this guy, he just thought he could fuck her and why not try to complete Angel's birthday wish. Dylan realized that at some point all the bad Karma he had collected in his life would come back to get him, but it would not be tonight.

He moved toward the backstage entrance on the side of the stage. It was time to put his plan into action, and see if he would succeed in fucking the forth member of this incredibly hot band or get arrested. The big bouncer at the side of the stage recognized him and allowed him through a curtain into the tiny backstage area. He was Kris there sitting on a crate looking a list of things that she had to do during the set. She glanced up, shocked to actually see him and then gave him a nervous smile. Dylan crossed to her.

"So what do I need to do back here?" he yelled near her ear so he could be heard over the roaring noise of the band.

"Are you sure we should do this?" Kris nervously asked back.

"You have no responsibility here. This is all me. Okay?" Kris nodded that she understood. "So what do I need to do?"

Kris showed him the dress and shoes that Jade would need to put on during the first quick change. She explained the order and how long Jade had. Dylan nodded that he understood. Then he told Kris to go onstage acting like she was fixing something, and tell Angel to extend the instrumental vamp a several bars to give him some more time backstage alone with Jade. He stressed that after she did that, "do not come backstage." She nodded and moved onstage. He was alone in the changing room for the lead singer of a girl band, and she was coming backstage in about two minutes for a full costume change. Then he had about 2 minutes to put his plan into action.

He quickly laid out Jade's clothes the way Kris had showed him, and then he took off his shirt revealing his very well-developed torso and arms. Then he adjusted his large cock so the head was pointed at his belly button. One step at a time was how this was going to happen, if it happened it all. Dylan felt the nerves in his stomach start to flutter. This was just like the lead up to a big and dangerous stunt and once Jade came through that curtain all bets were off. According to Kris, the current song would end, and Angel would immediately kick off the next song as Jade ran back to quickly change. The vamp was about a minute before Jade was supposed to be back onstage to start her vocal. Dylan had asked Angel through Kris to extend that to 2 minutes.

Suddenly, the song ended and the crowd thundered its approval. It was now D-Day! Angel quickly counted off the next song, and the band roared into the next song. The onstage curtain parted and Jade darted into the small dressing space. She looked up and froze. Instead of finding an over-alled clad Kris, she was looked at a semi-dress male who she had watched have intense sex about an hour before, and they were alone!

"Where is Kris?" she screamed over the thundering speakers.

"Had to go fix something. Asked me to help you," he screamed back.

He saw the shock, and surprise, and fear in her eyes, so he held up the next costume. The choice was totally hers. She could just go back onstage or she could make the change. He waited for her to decide. He knew that sometimes performers will go some place just out of habit. He saw it on film sets now, and when he was younger on live theatre sets. So he was hopeful that it was the same for rock musicians as well.

She seemed to move out of habit, and came toward him. She turned and he unzipped her sweat-drenched pink dress and it fell to the floor. He now knew for certain that not one person in "Hell In Heels" wore underwear, because he was staring at one of the best asses he had ever seen and there was not a thong anywhere to be seen. She held her arms up so he could slip the next dress over her head. It seemed to be a bright red satin dress with black lace trim. As the red satiny dress slid down her arms and over her breasts, it fell to a point just about mid-thigh. Her whole back was bare down to her butt and the red satin molded itself to each cheek of her excellent ass. Then he knelt down as she kicked off her big heels and helped roll down her pink thigh-highs. Once he had gotten both of them off her legs, she stepped into pair of red stilettos. He had helped her dress, now for his fun. As he rose up behind her, he ran one hand up her leg toward her slot. The other he ran up the outside of the dress toward her breasts. The neck line was cut in a 'V' half way to her navel, and he slipped his hand inside her dress and over her breast. He pulled her against him as he played with her tit, and she felt herself press up against the whole length of his giant prick as it slipped into the crack of her ass. The only things that kept her from the giant cock that she had seen drill into Misty time and again, were the thin satin of her dress and the denim of his jeans. His other finger had found her sweaty, hairless pussy and quickly began to rub her hard little bud of a clit. He put his face into her neck and smelled an intoxicating combination of her sweat and perfume. He began to kiss and nibble her neck as his hands worked their magic on her clit and tits. The magic was beginning to work as her cunt began to leak juice around his probing finger and her nipples became very long and hard, also her ass began to bob up and down against his rock hard cock. She slowly turned around breaking his hold on her cunt and tits, and pulled him into a deep passionate kiss which lasted several moments. She tasted of mint and Jack Daniels. Slowly breaking the kiss, she pulled back, her eyes glazed with passion. Then without warning, she slapped the shit out of him, so hard that he saw stars. "Fuck you asshole." she screamed at him and then ran onstage.

Dylan just stood there shocked. She had really clocked him. She had a very good right hook it appeared. Then he broke into a large grin. This was going to be fun. She was going to give it up to him, but he was going to have to work for it. Plus she was going to make him pay for it in the end. Let the games begin.

He could hear Jade start to sing thru the big speakers, some of which were pushed back into the dressing area itself. About a second later, Kris' head poked in thru the curtains and looked around, seeing nothing going on, she entered and crossed to Dylan. Her eyes gazed longingly on his bare chiseled chest and strong arms as she came up to him. They talked for about 5 minutes about the next change. She showed him the dress and the shoes that Jade was to wear, and helped him set up for that. He told her that he would need about 5 minutes this time and to get Angel to vamp that long. She nodded and went off to carry out her part in this little seduction, but only after running her hand across his wash board abs.

Dylan sat down on one of the crates and thought about his next move. She would be expecting something and would probably take his head off the first chance that she got. He had to make her think she had won and surprise her before she went back onstage. He also had to make a major play this time or he would never get into her tight little pussy.

He had about 10 minutes before her next change, so he put his shirt on and went to the bar to get a shot of courage, and quick trip to Angel's dressing room for a certain item. By the time, he got back he had just a few moments before she came backstage. He quickly got her next outfit ready. It was a little school girl outfit with a tight white top, a very short skirt and big black thigh high boots. Then he took off his clothes and laid them on the crate. He took the item from Angel's room, a bottle of Johnson's baby oil, and coated his raging prick with it. The music was thundering and his head was buzzing from the Jack Daniels, but he knew he had a "big" surprise for Jade. According to Kris, this next change was a little longer because Angel and Misty traded dirty jokes with the audience and Eve sang a very short song, but he knew it would last longer this time.

The song ended and he quickly grabbed her top. He stood kind of behind the rack of clothes so that she couldn't see that he was nude, and with the dim lighting backstage, he was hopeful that he could pull it off. Jade came running thru the curtain and kicked her stilettos off. She quickly came up in front of him, and stared defiantly into his eyes. Just the sight of her and the sense of anticipation made his cock fill with blood and surge to its full length. She pushed the red satin dress off her shoulders and threw her arms up in the air making her big breasts bounce. He immediately slid the small top down her arms so it covered her face, and kneeled down. She had not seen that he had no clothes on and that his oil covered prick was at full mast. As she struggled with the top, he helped her step into the tiny little skirt, the whole time her plump juicy little slot was right in front of his face. As she zipped up her, he had her step into the thigh- high black boots and he zipped them up for her. She was pretending to fluff the skirt, daring him to do something. Her V was right in front on him so he gripped her ass and pulled her to him. His tongue began to explore her slit. To his pleasure, he found her aroused and wet. At first he ran his tongue up from her sopping hole to her hard clit and back, over and over. Then he pushed his tongue deep into her fiery cunt as he held her pussy lips open with his fingers. He sucked her pulsing clit into his mouth and heard Jade moan as she began to rock her hips back and forth. Suddenly, a sharp pain went through the back of his head as she hit him with the mic in her hand.

"Stop it, you fucking pervert," she hissed at him even as her hips were thrusting into his face. Dylan grabbed the back of his head and glared up at her. She looked down him with a cruel sneer on her lips and a look of total disdain. Angered now, Dylan rose up, grabbed her by her perfect ass and lifted her off the floor so he was between her thighs. Catching her by surprise, the oiled head of his great cock found the entrance to her hot moist cunt as if by magic and he quickly speared his massive meat deep into her tight pussy.

Jade gave out with a very deep groan as she felt Dylan slam into her. "OH! Good God," she groaned. Dylan didn't move for a few seconds, letting her feel the full length of his giant cock buried in her to the hilt. The feeling was intense for Jade, like nothing she had ever felt before. She was stuffed, and she could feel his entire cock deep inside of her. She just stared at him in total shock. Supporting her weight with his hands on her wonderful ass, he began to thrusting in and out of her gripping cunt causing Jade to moan and thrash her head around. Every time he would fill her with a very hard thrust, Dylan would feel Jade tighten her ass muscles causing her pussy to tighten around his cock. At the angle that he was plowing into her, Dylan could feel her clitty rubbing against the bottom of his cock as he thrust in and out. She started to match his pace. Jade brought her hands to her tits as Dylan pumped her up and down on his cock. She seemed to lose touch with everything as she leaned her head back and started breathing in short pants. The feeling of Dylan being inside her was amazing. He seemed to be getting bigger and harder with each descent of her juicing pussy on his massive cock. She could feel her cunt pulsing and starting to squeeze his cock. She was very close. Suddenly,

"Here's Jade," Eve said into an onstage mic as the band roared into its next number. Jade's eyes snapped open and she struggled to get off Dylan rampant prick. It seemed forever for him to pull his giant cock out of her tight gripping cunt with Jade moaning the entire time. When she finally had both feet on the floor, she straightened her skirt and ran on stage with her huge distended nipples poking thru her thin top.

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