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Dynasty Club


The card arrived anonymously in the mail, no return address, no note inside the envelope. The ad showed a woman, on her knees, bound and gagged, with the website for the club at the bottom. According to the site, Dynasty offered the opportunity to submit, to be taken, to be used. The members were all dominants, screened to provide a safe place for submission. Gloria's pussy tightened at the thought, and on a whim, she signed up. A week later she received a phone call, giving her the address of the club and an appointment time. The person on the other end of the line treated it like a business transaction, nothing more.

When the time came, Gloria drove around the block several times before getting her courage up enough to enter the building. The waiting room was sparse, with only a few chairs. On the other side of the room was a door with a bell next to it; the note above the bell directed you to ring it once to let the group know you were here. After pressing the button and hearing the chime on the other side of the door, Gloria sat down nervously, gnawing her lower lip. She crossed and uncrossed her legs again and again, watching the door, wishing they would call her name. She thought about leaving, but she signed up for this- no one had asked her to do anything, it was her choice to come. She knew that this was what she wanted. What she needed.

After what seemed like hours, the door opened and an older woman appeared. She looked down at the folder she was carrying, then glanced at Gloria and off-handingly gestured for her to follow her. Gloria got up and took a moment to brace herself before following the woman through the door and down the hallway. The hallway was dim, and like the waiting room, the walls were bare.

Once again, Gloria thought about leaving. 'What have I got myself into?' she thought.

At the end of the hallway, the woman opened a door and led Gloria inside. The room was dark, with the only source of light a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Gloria shuddered. It was like being in a horror movie.

"Undress," the woman stated, her voice void of any emotion at all. Gloria did as she was told, quickly shedding everything and handing the garments to the woman. Gloria was then handed a blindfold and instructed to put it on and keep it on. Once the blindfold was in place, the woman left the room without another word.

Gloria heard the door open again and held her breath. She sensed it was a man, but the person said nothing as they walked toward her. He walked around Gloria, examining her curves from all sides. He moved to stand in front of her, towering over her petite form. He put his large hands on either side of her head, tilting her face up, forcing her to open her mouth, looking at her teeth and tongue. Gloria felt dehumanized- it was like she was a horse at the fair. And yet, her pussy was tingling and her nipples were hardening.

His hands slide down to cup her breasts, his fingers kneading her flesh. Gloria moaned as he pinched her nipples, lightly at first then harder and harder. "Bend over," he ordered, his voice deep. "Palms flat on the floor."

Gloria did as she was told, feeling her face get hot as he slide his hands over the rounding of her backside and down the backside of her thighs. He slide a foot between her legs, forcing her to spread them wider. He squatted down and pulled her ass apart, exposing her pussy and ass to his inspection. Standing back up, he slide two fingers between her pussy lips and inside of her cunt. He withdrew his fingers after a few moments and stepped away. Gloria went to stand up and was promptly slapped across the ass.

"I didn't tell you to move cunt," he said. He reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair, forcing her upright. She felt his breath on her neck as he put his mouth up to her ear. "You don't do anything until you are told to do it. Got it cunt?"

She nodded.

He left the room again, leaving Gloria alone. A few minutes later, the woman was back, holding a basket. "He said you'll do," she muttered. She put the basket down on the ground and grabbed a length of rope out of it. "Bend over a bit," she ordered, then quickly bound Gloria's breasts tightly. She pulled Gloria back upright by her shoulders. "Put your arms behind your back, each hand on the opposite elbow." Gloria did as she was told, and the woman tied her arms together, which forced her tits out farther. The woman then put Gloria's hair into a tight ponytail. Finally, she forced a round gag behind Gloria's teeth and fastened it tightly behind her head. Once finished, the woman left the room.

Gloria did not wait long this time; the man returned moments later. He walked over the Gloria and smiled as he examined her bound tits. He reached up and pinched her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, watching her face and enjoying the reaction. He pulled her upwards by her nipples, forcing her up onto her tippy toes. Her head fell backward and she moaned. He let go and then slapped her right tit; the sudden blow caused her to trip a bit. He grabbed the rope around her tits and steadied her, then slapped her left tit. She groaned.

He moved away from her, into the darkness, then flipped a switch, and Gloria saw light streaming in around the edges of the blindfold. He pulled the blindfold off, and Gloria was blinded for a moment. When her eyes adjusted, she saw a tall man with a muscular build standing at full table of instruments and implements laid out for him to use on her. When he turned around, she gasped. Before her was her boss, Kevin Merrick, holding a pair of nipple clamps. Kevin walked back over to her and flicked his fingers over her nipples, watching her face as he did so.

He bent over a little bit so that he would look her directly in the eyes. "I can stop now, if you'd like, but I don't think you want me to. I've been watching you, Gloria, and I knew that this was who you really were." He leaned in close. "Do you want me to stop? Or do you want me to take everything I want?" he whispered into her ear. .

"Please," she begged, the word barely understandable because of the gag. Her nipples were reacting to his touch, stiffening up obediently, and her pussy was dripping wet. "Don't stop."

Kevin grinned and tugged on her nipples, causing her to moan again. "Are you going to be my good little slut?" he asked.

She nodded. "Please," she begged again.

That was all Kevin needed to hear. He attached the clamps and she moaned as they tightened. "Oooh... does that hurt?" He pulled on the chain connecting the clamps, causing them to pinch a bit more. She moaned louder in response.

He went over to the table again and picked up a riding crop. He began slapping her tits, delighting in the yelps that the stings caused. He felt his cock hardening behind his zipper and reached down to adjust it. Gloria wiggled and shifted, trying to avoid the crop, but he found his target each time. Her tits, swollen around the rope, began to flush from the blows.

After a few minutes, he stopped swinging the crop and unzipped his pants. "Kneel down," he demanded, chuckling as he watched her awkwardly move to her knees. He pulled his dick out as she got down, then teased her mouth with it. She stuck her tongue out through the ring, but he backed away. "Tell me what you want, Gloria. Say it."

"Please, I want your cock," she said, looking up at him, drooling on herself, trying to tempt him back into her mouth.

He moved forward, sliding his cock into his mouth as far as he could. She gagged a bit; he pulled back a bit, then moved forward again. "Come on, whore. I know you can do better." She moved towards him, trying to take more, and he gave it to her. It took a few minutes, but she eventually managed to get his whole cock into her mouth and down her throat.

"That's a good girl," he said, wrapping her hair around his fist so that he could control her head. Slowly, he moved her mouth on his cock, withdrawing and then moving back in. "That's a very good girl." Gloria groaned around his dick, causing him to moan. All of these months in the office, when he had watched her curvy body, he had been dreaming about this. He had waited so long to have that perfect little body to use as he wanted. He looked down at her tits, the skin pink from the crop, and fucked her face a little faster.

It was getting to be too much. Not wanting to cum now, Kevin withdrew completely and zipped his hard cock back into his pants. Gloria groaned in disappointment, and Kevin slapped her across the face a few times. "Shut up cunt." He watched her eyes roll back into her head and realized that she had just cum, just from being slapped. He grinned and slapped her a few more times, each a bit harder than the last. Gloria moaned, her eyes closing, her body quivering.

Reaching down, Kevin grabbed her under the arms and pulled her up to stand. She was a bit unsteady on her feet, so Kevin bent and threw her over his shoulders, taking her across the room to stand in front of the cross. He took a few moments to untie her arms, leaving her tits bound and the clamps in place. He used the cuffs hanging from the cross to bind her wrists and ankles, then slide the rope around her waist to bind her to the fixture. He reached behind her head and unfastened the gag, pulling it out of her mouth and sliding it into his pocket.

Kevin stood for a few minutes, watching her face. Gloria's eyes were closed, her plump lips slightly parted, her face flushed, her tits swollen and pink. He reached down and spread her bare pussy lips, sliding a few fingers inside of her. She groaned, her head rolling to the side, and tried to move on his hand. He began fucking her pussy with his fingers, faster and faster, harder and harder, watching her face as she came on his hand. As he thrust his fingers inside, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her deeply. Without hesitation, she kissed back, sliding her tongue into his mouth to tangle with his. He swallowed her moans as she came again and again. After awhile, she pulled back, screaming from the pleasure. He yanked his fingers out and forced them into her mouth. "Lick them clean bitch."

She did as she was told, licking and sucking the pussy juice from his hand. "Mmmm..." she whimpered. "More. Please more."

Kevin slapped her across the face and walked over to the table, selecting a flogger to use next. He began with her tits, whipping the tails back and forth over the tender skin. She gasped and whined. "More. Please more," she moaned. He took his time working his way downward on her body, whipping the sides of her body, her hips, her outer thighs. Her skin became a beautiful shade of pink as he continued his assault.

He stopped and moved forward, putting his hand around her jaw. "Gloria," he commanded. "Look at me." It took a few moments for her to come out her haze, but she eventually was able to focus on his face. "Tell me what you want. Tell me."

"I want your cock," she said breathlessly. "Please."

He untied her completely and carried her over to the large, empty table. He put her down on her knees and pushed her head down, the position putting that her ass into the air. He had admired her ass for months at the office; he'd had to control himself when she bent over to pick something up or to put something away.

Kevin kneaded her ass, digging his fingers into the skin, pulling it open to reveal her pussy. She whimpered and moaned, the sounds muffled by the table top. He withdrew his hands, then began spanking her. Gloria's toes curled and her pussy throbbed as his hands continued to come down on her ass. She had never experienced anything like it- the heat from the spanking spread to her entire body, making her nipples harder, her pussy wetter.

Kevin sat on the table next to her, pulling her to lay across his lap. He held her wrists in one hand, keeping her hands out of his way, while he continued to spank her. She wailed as the stinging intensified, starting to wiggle against him.

He reached up and grabbed her ponytail, yanking her head up. "Shut up slut. I know that this is what you want. A fucking whore like you wants to be used. Isn't that right?" When Gloria didn't respond, he yanked on her hair harder. "Isn't that right?" he repeated.

"Yes Sir," she whispered.

"Louder cunt."

"Yes Sir," she repeated, louder this time.

He let go of her hair and went back to her ass, rubbing his hand over the tender skin. It was warm to the touch and delightfully pink. Red in some parts.

"Stand up bitch," he ordered.

Gloria got to her feet slowly, reaching back to rub her aching ass. He slapped her across the face. "Leave your fucking ass alone. Put your hands at your sides." Gloria did as she was told, staring down at the floor, waiting for his next command.

"Spread your legs wider." Once they were a bit farther than shoulder length apart, he pressed one hand against her hip. Squat down," he said. He pressed her downwards until her knees were at 90 degree angles. Her pussy and inner thighs were now open and ready for him.

He got up, grabbing her ponytail and forcing her to look up at him. "Don't fucking move." She nodded.

Kevin went over and reclaimed the riding crop, then moved to stand behind her. "Don't fucking move," he repeated, before slapping the crop against her pussy. She wailed and pulled her legs together, hopping away. He reached out, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her back against him. "What the fuck did I tell you, you fucking bitch? I said it twice."

"Don't move, Sir," she answered.

"Did you not understand what the fuck I was saying?" he growled into her ear. "Don't fucking move."

"Yes, Sir," she whimpered.

"Squat back down," he ordered.

As soon as she was back in position, Kevin slapped the crop against her pussy again, this time a little harder than before. Gloria surprised him and stayed still, crying out but not moving. He moved around to stand in front of her, watching her face as the crop slapped against her pussy lips and inner thighs. Tears ran down her cheeks as she wailed in pain, but she stayed still.

He stopped and stepped forward, wiping her cheeks with his thumbs. "Good girl," he whispered against her temple. "I want one more thing and then you'll get a reward."

"Yes, Sir," she said softly.

He directed her back to the table. "Lay down on your back." When she was laying down, he moved her a bit so that he legs were at the edge of the table. "Reach down and spread your pussy open for me."

He saw the light go on in her head. "Please, no," she begged. She started to cry again. "I can't."

"Gloria," he said sternly, "reach down and spread your pussy open. Now."

"But-" she started, but he interrupted her.

"You can do one more."

She kept crying a bit, even as she reached down and spread her pussy lips, exposing the little nubbin hidden within. Even as she held her pussy open to him, she begged. "Please."

"One more," he repeated. "Just one more."

He gave her a few moments, then aimed the crop and brought it down. It cracked against her clit and she screamed, rolling to the side, clutching her legs together.

Kevin dropped his pants, his cock throbbing and ready. Pulling her back, he slide into her pussy, groaning at the heat surrounding his dick, how tight she was around his cock. She was still crying slightly, but soon she started pushing back against him. "Please," she begged. "Faster, harder."

Kevin began thrusting his cock into her, withdrawing almost completely before diving all the way in. Gloria arched her back, screaming and begging for more. He put his fingers around her thighs, pushing her legs back, opening her pussy. She came around his cock, her pussy milking his cock. He followed her a few moments later, growling as he came.

He leaned down, touching his lips to hers. "Good girl."

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