tagRomanceE & E Ch. 02

E & E Ch. 02

byGrey Eagle 286©


The story continues.

Lt. General Isaiah McDermott, USMC, Ret. looked in the side rear view mirror of the motor home as they pulled away from the saluting sentry at the gate of Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina. He knew this could be the last salute he might ever receive. He had given and received thousands of them during his thirty-four years as a Marine.

Damned good years too, he thought. He turned and looked at his new bride and saw her watching him. She smiled at him and reached and squeezed his hand. He thought, 'She knows. She feels what I feel.' It gave him a warm glow. He smiled back at her.

When they were out of the small town of Havelock and out of traffic he winked at the little girl in his wife's lap. Sue Ann grinned at him. She turned and looked back to her mother. "Mommy, can I come and sit with you, Mica and Bobbie?"

He heard his sister-in-law, Savanna say, "Yes Dear, come and get strapped in your car seat." Sue Ann Jumped down and grabbed his right arm, "I love you Uncle Mack." Then she ran back to her mother.

He glanced into the rear view TV monitor and touched a button on the steering wheel that split the screen. The upper half showed the rear view, the lower half showed the interior of the coach in a wide-angle view. The builder called it a conversation mirror, you were supposed to be able to tell who was talking he guessed. He saw his son, Mica, buckling Sue Ann in her seat.

Isaiah smiled, he had a very strong feeling that his son was going to also be his brother-in-law pretty soon. Sue Ann and Bobby would be both a niece and nephew and a grandson and granddaughter. Savanna would be both a sister- in-law and a daughter-in-law. He was very happy for both of them.

He felt a hand on his right arm again and he glanced at his wife. "Mack, you look really happy. I hope I please you."

"You do my dear, very much. I am very happy with everything."

Ginny said, "Mack, that is a very wide seat. Can I fit beside you?"

"Yes Love, you sure can. I had it modified so we could sit together and still be legal. I wouldn't want the councilor in trouble with the law."

In a second Ginny was snuggled against his arm. He turned his head, keeping his eyes on the road, and gently kissed her forehead. She smiled up at him and hugged him tighter. "This is much nicer." She whispered.

He looked at her in the TV and leaned to whisper back, "I can't get my arm around you because of the shoulder belt, I'll have to just play in your lap."

She jerked back and looked at him. She leaned over and kissed him as she whispered, "Lucky I wore my short shorts." His big hand gently slipped down to her lap. She watched as he felt around for several minutes trying get inside her shorts. There was no way. The shorts were too tight!

She giggled softly, "Next time I'll wear a skirt." His big hand fumbled at her waist and she felt the waistband loosen. Then his fingers wiggled down inside her thong panties and over her mound. She looked quickly at him. He smiled and wiggled his fingers further down. She stiffened as his middle finger slipped over her clit and into her slit.

He glanced in the conversation mirror on the monitor and saw Sue Ann sleeping. Mica and Savanna were kissing. Mack dipped his finger deeper inside the damp slippery slit then pulled up to gently massage the little nubbin beneath the little hood of skin above the slit.

Ginny jerked and grabbed his hand and pressed it harder into her crotch. She moaned loudly. Mack looked in the mirror to see his son and Savanna watching them. He slipped his hand out of her shorts and patted her thigh with baby pats. She sat up and leaned toward him and slipped her little hand up the leg of his shorts as she kissed him. Her fingers went unerringly to his cock. She gently caressed it and whispered how much she loved him. He saw Savanna's head appear over Ginny's shoulder. "Wow Sis, that looks like a lot of fun. I think I'll try that."

Virginia sat up and turned a bright red in the face. She looked at Mack and covered her face with her hands. He felt her shaking; he put his hand on her back to comfort her and realized she was laughing. Mack relaxed and laughed too. They grinned at each other. Mack said, "Hey, this little lady just looks at me and my hormones go crazy. I can't keep my hands off of her. Please forgive me, I just can't control myself.

I just have to touch my bride. Sorry about that."

Mica said, "Dad, we understand. We really do. Please do not be embarrassed. We have the same problem. We are trying to exercise some sort of proper decorum with out much luck. Savanna is irresistible. We both think the only solution is to get married. So I want to tell the two of you I am going to buy a ring the first chance I get."

Mack grinned, "There is a rest area ahead. Let's stop and fix something to eat. Then we can push on to Savanna's house later. When we get there you guy's can go in and Ginny and I will sleep in here with the kids. Sound OK to you guys?"

"Just great Dad."

They stopped and Mack extended a couple of slide outs. He put a family sized Lasagna in the microwave and the girls set the table. Mack walked back into his bedroom and came out and handed a ring box to Mica. "Son, this was your Mother's ring set I gave her. She sent it back after the divorce and said she wanted you to have it. If Savanna likes it, it would please your mother and I if you would put it on Savanna's finger."

Savanna looked at the ring and said, "OH! It's beautiful. Really lovely, I love it." Mica dropped to one knee and held her hands. "Savanna, I love you. Will you marry me?"

"Yes, Oh! Yes, I will marry you. I love you. Sue Ann and Bobby love you too."

Three weeks later Mica sipped a NA beer as he waited for Ginny to get home from work. He had a rum flavored drink ready, because she was pregnant she wouldn't touch alcohol, her bubble bath was ready too.

She hurried in and hugged and kissed him. She held him for a long time. She looked up, "God, I miss you so damned much. I can't believe how much I miss you since lunch. Never in my whole life has anyone filled my mind every second I was away from them. I just think of you all the time."

Mack picked her up and carried her up the stairs to their bedroom. He set her on the bed. She sipped her drink. She looked at him, "This is perfect, I love it but you know I can't have it."

"Yes you can, it is non alcoholic. I called the nice folks at Captain Morgan and told them your problem. They promised to send me a non-alcoholic version. It is a secret. I can hardly tell the difference.

Ginny looked at him, "It is perfect." He stood her by the bed as he undressed her. He hung her suit in the closet in the group of clothes to go to the cleaners. Her blouse went in the delicate wash bin with her lingerie. He picked her up and carried her and put her in the bathtub. He carefully clipped her hair upon top of her head then poured a small plastic bucket of hot water over her shoulders. He picked up a bath puff containing several drops of body wash and gently covered her body with the suds.

He carefully helped her sit down in the bubble bath. He told her to sip her drink and relax while he went and got the warm towels and Terry robe from the oven. He was back and kneeled beside her and kissed her sweet lips and asked if there were anything else he could do for her.

She laughed, "I have never in my whole life been as pampered and loved as I have with you Dear. Everything is perfect. You know some of the guys wanted me to stop for a drink after work. I said no way would I do that. I told them of my sweet love slave waiting for me with a drink and bath. They all wanted to come home with me."

She looked in his eyes, "I love you more and more each and every day. You don't have to do this for me every day. Just work days would be fine." She giggled and laughed. "None of the other girls have ever gotten this kind of treatment from their husbands. I am afraid to tell them about my breakfast in bed on the weekends. Not to mention the fabulous meals you cook every evening."

She pulled him closer for a kiss. "Mack, Honey, you treat me like a queen. I don't deserve it."

"Virginia McDermott, you are my queen and my goddess, I worship you. You DO deserve it and much more. To tell you the truth I really enjoy this 'love slave' business. I wish you had told me about it before."

"Mack, look into my eyes, I love and appreciate every single thing you do for me. I never expected this! It is too much. I have a deep need to do for you too. I want to take care of you too, NO, I NEED to do things for you too."

"Ginny it is almost six, we need to start to get dressed. We don't want to be late." He helped her out of the bath and helped her dry herself off. She undid the clips and let her hair down. He took off his shorts and slipped into some jeans. He watched her step into a pair of blue lace boy leg panties. He felt the blood surge to his penis as he stared in wonder at her sensuous movements. She froze and turned to look at him.

"Where did that come from?" She pointed at a picture on her dressing table.

"I found it behind a box of trash I moved in the garage today. It looked new so I thought I would ask if you wanted to keep it. It is a nice frame."

"Oh my God!" she dropped to the padded chair of her dressing table. The picture was of a young man. He was obviously a body builder with highly developed muscles. He wore nothing but a G-string. And his oiled body was rather erotic with the size of the huge genitalia packed into the pouch of his G-string. The photograph was signed, "With love and adoration, to my sweet, sweet Ginny, Your lover, Giorgio."

Ginny turned to see Mack walking away and out the bedroom door. She jumped up and ran after him. She caught him in the hall. "Wait, Wait, please talk to me." He stopped and smiled gently at her, "Sweetheart, unless that was given to you after our wedding you owe me no explanation. It is none of my business what so ever." He kissed her on the forehead and patted her ass and said, "Get dressed now, we'll be late."

Ginny appeared several minutes later, she wore jeans with a pale blue Chantilly lace jacket over a blue camisole. Her hair was in a ponytail. Isaiah grinned at her and said, "I am the luckiest guy in the whole world. You are just beautiful tonight "

Her eyes searched his face. "I love you with all my heart my husband, I am happy if I please you."

"You always please me Dear."

They drove to the house of one of the partners in her Law Firm. It was a large house and there was a large crowd of people there. They met and spoke to their hosts and walked among the people and found the bar. Mack had the bartender make them a couple of lemonades. They found some of Ginny's friends. The husbands told Mack they were going to have to get together and beat him up if he didn't stop the love slave bit with Ginny, all the other wives were jealous and wanted their husbands to do the same once in a while. Mack just grinned at them. "Do you see the smile on my face, I have a very grateful wife. Try it, you may be smiling too."

The men all laughed and slapped him on the back and said he might be right.

There was a loud whoop and a man grabbed Ginny and whirled her around and then kissed her. She screamed for him to let her go. Mack grabbed the guy's wrist and twisted the man's arm up behind his back. He let go of Ginny and went to his knees. Mack released him and stepped back, he recognized Giorgio from the picture. The man glared at Mack and started towards him. Ginny jumped between them, "STOP IT" she screamed. "Giorgio, just stop it." She stood in front of Mack and glared at Giorgio. "Leave him alone."

"What, is the old guy your father?"

"NO you ass, he is my husband and I am trying to save your life. This man can kill you in a heartbeat. I don't want to have to defend him for murder. His hands are deadly weapons. As old as he is he is still ten times the man you will ever be. He is a war hero with many medals for bravery and valor. He is a retired Marine Corps General. He can still run five miles carrying a forty pound pack."

"Bullsheet! I tear heem aparts." He ripped his t-shirt off and bulged out his muscles. Mack smiled at him and took a step closer to him. He whispered quietly "Giorgio, Ginny is right. I can hurt you very easily. Why don't you just say you don't want to hurt me and walk away?"

"What you are gonna do brag me ta death?"

Mack's right hand flashed between them and grasped Giorgio's pectoral muscle under his left shoulder. He gripped it as hard as he dared so as not to do permanent damage. He twisted a little bit and let go.

Giorgio's eyes were huge. He grabbed his shoulder and leaned forward. He dropped to his knees. He screamed in pain. Mack watched him for a moment then reached down and lifted him up.

"I am going to help you. Hold your left arm out as straight as you can." Mack grabbed the pectoral muscles with both hands and pressed with his thumbs and fingers. He pulled back. "There! The muscles are back in place now. They will be sore for a couple of days. There should be no permanent damage. I could have ripped the whole pec out. Run along and don't try and play with the big boys. You could get hurt real bad."

The majority of the people at the party had witnessed the altercation and stood looking at Mack as Giorgio walked slowly away.

"Please forgive me for the disturbance. The young man was becoming a bit rowdy. I think he will behave himself now." He turned and took Ginny's hand and asked if she were all right. She just stared at him for a moment, then she softly said, "You really could have killed him with your bare hands couldn't you?"

"I guess so, actually it is easier to kill than to just hurt someone. I saw no need to hurt him badly."

"What did you do to him?" asked one of the men standing there.

"Well his muscles were very well defined, so I just rearranged them a little bit. Sort of like a muscle cramp only worse."


Ginny grabbed his big hand with her small one and pulled him off to one side. She looked up at him and said, "Darling I need to tell you about Giorgio and I."

"He pulled her to him and kissed her tenderly. "Honey if you are happy with me instead of him I don't need to know more than that as long as it is the truth."

"Mack you have to know I love you completely and with out reservation. I love you above all others and no man I have ever known comes close as a lover or as a man. No one has ever satisfied me the way you do. Not even close. I will gladly tell you everything about Giorgio and myself. It was over before you and I ever met. It was purely a sexual thing. I didn't really like it that much. Compared to your loving it was less than nothing. I never had any feelings at all for him.

He was mainly interested in pleasing himself, not me."

"It looked as if he was really well endowed. Was he a lot bigger than I am in the sex department?"

"Yes, Dear, much larger. Sweetheart, let me tell you something. Bigger is not always better. He is too damned big. He hurt when he stretched me. He hurt when he poked into my cervix or pushed my womb around. That was not fun. You my darling fit me just perfectly, you fill me perfectly, you never hurt and I can get all of you in my mouth where I can really enjoy you. I would never think of letting him take me anally. Never. I want you to try that when you are ready. Just give me some warning so I can get nice and clean for you."

"Consider yourself warned when we get home."


"Yes dear, tonight you will get my cherry."

"Are you going to try both ways?"

"I am certainly not going to be one way about it, if you would enjoy doing me."

She looked at him and remarked, "I am not sure I would be comfortable doing that to you. You are my alpha male and it doesn't fit the role."

"I guess I am comfortable enough with my gender to not be threatened by that as long as it were you doing it to pleasure either of us. Being your 'love slave' is no threat to my masculinity if it fits the role for you. It is just an expression of how much I love my darling wife. This is the first time in my life I have had the time or the desire to do something like this and it may not always be this way. I certainly hope you don't think of it as me belittling or demeaning myself in any way. I sure don't feel that way."

"Hell No! You are my lord and master; in reality it is I who am the slave if there is one. I obey you in all things. After a discussion and a vote, of course. You vote first, I get two votes."

"How come you get two votes?"

"If I didn't, we could end up tied all the time."

"True, but."

"Hush dear you can't win this one."

"As long as you concede that I am always right."

"Of course dear, always."

"Why do I have a feeling that I didn't win a thing?"

"Because as well as being a perfect husband, you are very perceptive and intelligent."

"Oh! I just have one more comment, I look at us as being partners, a team."

"See! You ARE perceptive and intelligent."

"Wow! It is hard enough to get in the last word with a woman. With a woman who is also an attorney there is no way."


When they got home Ginny went up to their room to get ready for bed. He said he would fix coffee for them, she said she would be right back. He poured two cups when they were ready and sat at the dinning nook in the kitchen.

Ginny entered after about twenty minutes carrying the framed photo of Giorgio. She slipped the photograph from the frame. She handed the picture to Mack. He saw it was two pictures. He looked at the second picture, his jaw dropped. The shot was similar to the first, only Giorgio was totally nude. His cock was fully erect. It was oiled and was the largest Mack had ever seen. He looked at Ginny. "Are you sure? How can I compete with that?"

"Damned right I am. He has several huge defects in that piece of meat. First, it is not attached to a real man. Second, it is not attached to you. Third, sex makes up only a small part of our time together. I love being with you any time. He is always a dud. Now throw all that in the trash. I never want to see it again."

Mack grinned at her, "He sure has a hard body though."

"No baby, that is ALL he had. I have never seen another as sexy as yours. You are perfect and bigger than average in every respect and you don't have to work out eight hours every day to stay that way. Enough of that! We both know who I love. Are we all loaded to leave for North Carolina in the morning?"

"Yep, we sure are, all I have to do is unhook her and we are off for a week. I can't wait to see Vanna and the kids. Mica should be there for the week too."

"Has she heard if he can get the time off so they can have a Honeymoon after they get married?"

"She hadn't when I talked to her yesterday. They are all excited, but she has everything planned for either way. I offered to keep the kids as long as they want but she said she thought she needed to break Mica to harness as quick as she could."

Ginny giggled, "That's my baby sister, she will whip him in shape pretty quickly."

"Actually she said it was his idea. He said he was marrying all three of them and that he had better get used to it."

"I love your boy, he is a lot like his wonderful Daddy."

Mack smiled at her, "Baby, we have an appointment together up in your bed. Go up and get naked on your back with your beautiful legs spread for me, OK?"

Ginny smiled coyly, "Don't you want me on my hands and knees?"

"No, Ma'am. Just do as you are told."

She laughed and hurried up the stairs. Mack heard her giggling something about lord… master ..and other things he couldn't make out.

He followed behind her after he locked up and turned out all the lights. She was on the bed waiting as he had instructed. He walked to the bed and stood looking down at his bride. "God, I am the most fortunate of all men. Ummm, what a beautiful piece of ass." She grinned and giggled, "Thank you kind sir." She watched as he stripped off his clothes. He opened the drawer to the bed stand on his side of the bed. He had a little bottle of AstroGlide personal lubricant that he placed on top of the stand.

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