tagRomanceE & E Ch. 03

E & E Ch. 03

byGrey Eagle 286©

Part 3: The story continues.

Mack smiled at Ginny. She was holding her hands on Cookie's swollen tummy feeling the baby kick. Ginny giggled, "Oh! That was hard one, I think you have a soccer player in there."

Mack laughed out loud, "There goes another one." Mike ran by chasing his 19-month old son. He grabbed the boy and swung him in the air. The child was giggling with joy. Mike put the boy down and he ran straight to Mack. Mack swooped him up and hugged Little Mike. The boy laughed at the face Mack put on and wanted to get down. Mack pretended to cry and the boy pulled his face down and kissed him looking worried. Mack put him down and smiled. Mikey smiled back and ran to his father trying to tell him all about it and pointing to Mack.

Cookie was smiling happily at her son. Ginny stood up and walked to her husband. She sat in his lap. She gently kissed him. He rubbed her slight belly. "These shorts are getting a bit tight on you aren't they?"

"Mack you have been saying that about everything I wear for about three months now. It is just wishful thinking; I think I have just a tiny bulge now."

Cookie giggled, "General, wait until she looks like I do. Wait until she can only waddle along and you have to help her get up from a chair. Then you will be wishing she were slim and sleek again."

A phone rang and Mike hurried to answer it. "General McDermott's Residence, Lieutenant Mahoney speaking Sir! Yes Sir, Here he is now Sir."

Mack said, "McDermott, Sir." He listened carefully. He looked at Ginny, "Thank you sir, she is as beautiful as ever." He listened again. "Yes Sir. I will discuss it with her and get back to you in a few minutes. Goodbye."

Mack looked at Ginny, "That was the President. He wants us to meet him in Camp David for the weekend. He wants to discuss a mission he has in mind for us. He will send a plane for us tomorrow."

Ginny looked at him with her brow furrowed, "He didn't give you any clue as to what the mission was?"

"No, he did ask after you by name. Of course the man is a consummate politician. He called me by my first name. 'General'." Ginny and Cookie giggled.

Ginny laughed, "Did he use my first name 'Missus'."

"No, as a matter of fact he said, 'How is your sweet wife Ginny'."

"Well that was nice anyway. I like him, even if he is a politician."

"I didn't intend to slight the man in any way. He stands up for what he believes in and he tells things like they are for the most part. He has been a damned fine president. He doesn't make decisions based on polls."

"I guess we have to go see what he wants anyway."

Mack turned to Cookie, "Dear lady can I borrow your husband for the weekend. I promise I won't take him anywhere other than the Washington area with out your permission."

"General, if you don't mind my using your first name, you have been very good to us. I feel pretty good and I have a month before I am due. I would like to go too, Little Mike and I could stay in our apartment in Reston."

Mack smiled gently at her. He picked up the phone and took a card from his billfold. He entered a number. He said, "The President please, General McDermott here." He stood and slowly walked away in to his den. They could hear the sound of his voice but couldn't make out what he was saying. They heard him say, "Looking forward to seeing you again too Sir."

Mack looked around at all of them. "We are all going to Washington." Mack smiled at Cookie and Mike, "Cookie may accompany you to Washington and to Camp David too, if she desires. Little Mike is invited too."

The Mahoneys grinned at the general. Mack said, I told them that if I was going to have to make a hard decision I wanted my staff with me. Jack and Jan and Marge will be there also. They will be transported by helicopter from the Executive Office Building helicopter pad at eight Saturday Morning. Mike, make sure they have the word on that, ask General 'Z' to coordinate everything with the White House."

"Aye aye! Sir" Mike pulled out a small spiral notebook and headed for the den.

Ginny and Cookie were discussing what clothes to take with them. Mack said they should call Madge in Washington and have her call the White House protocol Office and get that information. Cookie said she would handle that and she slowly got out of her chair and walked with a very exaggerated waddle into the den. A few minutes later Mike walked out with Cookie on his arm. He seated her carefully and turned to Mack, "Sir, General Zeigrfeldt says he will take care of that end. He said he would see us Saturday and requested that Mrs. McDermott and Cookie be given kisses from him. He didn't specify who was to give the kisses."

"Lieutenant, as the senior office present I will handle that duty. Stand at ease." Mack went to Ginny and lifted her from her chair and kissed her passionately. He thanked her and walked to Cookie and bent over and gently kissed her on her lips. "Thank you Ma'am." He turned to Mike, "I hope you observed that carefully, Lieutenant! Someday it may fall upon you to perform such duties."

"Yes Sir, I watched carefully. I will make notes later."

"Good, it is one of the perks of being a general, you are usually the senior officer present, the down side is that in a fire fight you are the one everyone on the other side is shooting at."

Ginny and Cookie were laughing, Ginny said, "Gosh! Doesn't it impress you when you hear all the valuable and important information your husband is learning in this job?"

"It's just so wonderful to think Mike may someday pass that along to another young officer."

"You girls may be amused but military order and discipline must be maintained at all cost. What stinks is that you have to wait thirty some years to reap the benefits."

That night after a nice meal Ginny looked at her husband, "Sweetie, I am sorry you had to wait so long to reap a few benefits. I would like to point out that you are letting a few benefits that are currently available to you go completely unused. I refer to my available body and mind.

"I have been setting here trying to decide where I want to start. I have come to the conclusion that I will just have to carry you to our bed for tonight and proceed to FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT." He turned as swept here into his arms and trotted towards the bed. He stood her next to the bed, "Get naked girl."

He ripped at his clothes and pulled his shoes off. Ginny was as fast as he was. He smiled, "Ginny, I love you so damned much I get all choked up just looking at your beautiful body. I want to take inventory again. I may have missed kissing someplace last time."

"Oh! I love it when you do that. Hurry, I am getting wet just thinking of it."

Mack pressed her back on the bed and started with her toes. He rubbed and caressed them then sucked them in his mouth one by one. He took all the toes of her left foot in his mouth and sucked them; he ran his tongue between the toes. He loved the other toes the same way. Mack caressed the arch of her foot too. His warm wet tongue licked the tender skin of the arch of her foot. He was looking at her sweet pussy the whole time he made love to her feet. He saw the moisture glisten between the fragile lips that guarded her entrance. He felt his passion rising and couldn't wait any longer.

Ginny felt his strong hands spread her legs further open. She felt his hands gently slide up her legs to caress the soft inner portion of her thighs. A low moan escaped her lips when his lips and tongue moved their wetness up between her thighs. She felt his cheeks rub across her pussy as he moved from one thigh to the other.

Then there it was, his tongue pressed insistently at her inner lips' finally slipping between them and broadening to a flat shape to lap up the juices he found there. Ginny reached down and gently pressed his face into her pussy. He took one of the petal like lips in his mouth and sucked on it hard until it just started to hurt, then he released the pressure and rolled the lip with his tongue and lips. God it felt good.

Her man was an inventive lover. He did things to her that were new to her. Like now! Fingers were holding her vagina wide open so that his tongue could slide further inside her. Oh! His lips were pressed around the entrance to her vagina and he was sucking the juices right out of her. Damn, that felt really good. She opened her eyes and saw his eyes watching her. She saw the outside corners of his eyes crinkle up as he tried to smile while he sucked. Ginny couldn't wait any longer. She wanted to make love to him. She needed to please him. She pulled him up and rolled him on his back.

She didn't wait; she dove for his cock and slipped her body over his, her pussy above his face. She grabbed his hard dripping cock by the base and lowered her mouth and closed her red painted lips around the bulbous head of his cock. The helmet of Mack's cock was smooth and felt like warm wet velvet. It had a very slight odor and flavor. The precum was leaking from the little slit and it was the same flavor. She dropped her mouth down over him as far as she could. He filled her mouth nicely and she loved it. She sucked as she slipped her lips up the shaft. She felt her lips slide over the skin covering his cock and come to the ridge around the head and then reversed her movement until the top of his throbbing cock hit the back of her throat. She paused, loving the feel of his heartbeat pulsing through his cock and against her lips and tongue, and then she continued sucking the cock she loved so much. She lifted off of his cock and watched as a thick string of saliva stretched between her lips and his cock. She looked into his eyes, "I love you my dear husband." Her lips closed around the head of his cock again and she started the downward journey again, her eyes locked on his. Her head rose and fell as they looked into each other's eyes.

She smiled to her self as she felt his body stiffen and heard him softly moan, "I'm cumming." Ginny relished the taste and the feel of the hot semen that flooded her mouth. She held all of it in her mouth and moved up and kissed him. Mack parted his lips and accepted the present she brought him. They passed the cum back and forth between their teeth and then to their partner's mouth. As the mass of semen was passed back and forth it grew. The cum snowballed into a foamy mass too large for Ginny's mouth. She bit it in half and passed the last of it to Mack who made a show of swallowing it. Mack pulled his wife beside him and kissed her lovingly. She smiled, "I still taste you."

"Me too." They lay and gently kissed and held each other! Their tongues swirled softly around the other's tongue. Ginny closed her lips quickly and caught Mack's tongue. She sucked tenderly on his tongue, slipping it I and out of her mouth. She felt something and quickly reached down and found his cock slowly engorging.

"Let me kiss him some, then I want him inside me. I really need you inside me soon."

Ginny and Mack, with his staff behind him entered the theater in the compound at Camp David. There were a number of people already present, both military and civilian. When they were seated. A military aide introduced Mack and then Mack in turn introduced Ginny and his staff.

The military aide announced the entry of the President. The President sat at a table in front of the group of about twenty people. "Ladies and Gentlemen I am sorry to drag you away from the pleasures of a Saturday morning. With any luck we can finish up what I want to do before noon. I think we will proceed with Intelligence, Homeland Security, The Border Patrol and the Military giving us briefings on the current state of our southern borders.

He nodded to a man in jeans and a jacket. He was representing the Intel people. He stated that the U.S.- Mexican Border was far from secure. He told of how porous the border was with unguarded remote areas, tunnels under it in many places and of the many ways illegals entered the country. When he was finished the others briefed the group in turn.

The president turned and looked at Mack. "Do you have any questions at this time?"

"No Sir, Mr. President. I am happy, if I can have a list of contact people and their numbers before this meeting is over so I can't get any answers I may need later." The President looked at the military aide and told him to see to it. He glanced around the room, "That will be all for everyone except General McDermott and his Staff."

When the others had all filed out of the room The President said, "Well General, I guess you have figured out by now that I want you to plug up the border with Mexico."

"Yes Sir, I thought you might have something like that in mind. What authority will I have if I accept this job?"

"I will vest you with all the power and authority of my Office as President. However, I would like you to consult with me before you declare war on Mexico or anything like that."

"Sir, I will bear that in mind as I consult with my staff about this mission. We should have a preliminary answer in a few hours. I intend to brief you on my ideas then."

"Good, I would like to invite you and Mrs. McDermott to Dinner with the first Lady and I this evening, your aide and his lovely wife are invited too. Very casual, I mean jeans and shirts, no jackets or ties."

"We would be delighted Sir."

The President left and Mack lead a round table discussion about the problem. Several ideas were forthcoming. One was the construction of a smooth cleared zone reaching from the border north 100 yards wherever possible. Armored elevated Observation Posts with electronic sensors for sound, motion and vibration should cover the zone. Every other post would shelter a small, highly mobile, heavily armed, instant reaction force in a building similar to a fire house. The distance between posts would vary according to the terrain and visibility. Larger rapid reaction forces would be spaced along the border. Human Intel agents should be spaced south of the border.

In highly populated areas high walls and closer together posts would be required. There were other ideas discussed involving enforcement of existing laws and other legal steps to make illegal immigration less attractive.

When they met with the President Mack said "I have several things I would ask you to do demonstrate the resolve of your government to solve this problem, I believe you can do both things by executive order. First enforce existing laws regarding the hiring of Illegal Aliens. Second make it against the law for noncitizens to send money out of this country exceeding one thousand dollars per year." Mack went on to suggest the implementation of the clear border zone and human Intel agents for early warning as soon as possible. Mack added that he thought a bill instituting a temporary worker program was also needed. He described the physical changes he thought were necessary. He said he would have a clearer idea after a visit to the areas in question.

The president grinned, "Mack, I would keep my head down if I were you. Those ideas will rattle some cages for sure."

"Well Sir, those are preliminary suggestions. Feasibility studies and refining of the concepts involved are necessary of course."

"Mack I sent for you because I know you tend to be a little aggressive in your approach to problem solving. I like that. I also like that you start at the beginning and try for a solution. I expect congress might have to pass a law to make the sending home of very much money illegal."

"I thought you might get away with it by making it a temporary restriction during time of war. Then officially declare the war on Terrorism."

The President laughed, "It might fly. We will look in to that. It would be easier than trying to get it through congress. The liberals will scream though. When are you leaving for the border?"

"As soon as we can work out what we need to do the initial assessment. It will not be long Sir."

"I will see you tonight Mack."

Brigadier General Jack Zeiderfeldt walked over to Mack and said, "What can I do to get us started?'

"Jack, I'm sorry you weren't invited to dinner."

"Mack, it wasn't your call. Besides I'm not an aide."

"Ok, we'll see you and Jan after dinner. If you have a chance find out if there is any unused buildings at Fort Bliss in El Paso where we can set up shop for a while. I don't want to have to commandeer any space if I don't have to. It is a good central location for a headquarters for the Border Command. See about quarters for up to 500 people."

"Wow! That many?"

"Yes, I want a rapid response unit there with helicopters as soon as possible. I want a C-130 Gunship their also if the strip there will handle it. We are going to have a little nighttime firepower display very soon with a Puff and some Helicopter gun ships too. We will be sure to invite all the media, Mexican and U.S.."

"Boss, you are bad, that will raise a stink."

"Right but it will be a bit of a deterrent too, don't you agree?"

"I sure do. Maybe let the C130 fly up and down the border now and then and fire off a random burst or two during the evening."

That evening Mack was proud of Ginny. She wore a beige jump suit topped with a little bolero jacked. The suit fit her like a second skin. She wore wedge shaped cork heeled slides that went perfectly with the outfit. Her hair was in a high ponytail. Her belly was still flat as a board. She clung to Mack's arm. Cookie was lovely too in what she called her casual tent. Her face glowed with health and excitement. Mike was proud of her too. The first Lady fussed over both girls and couldn't believe Ginny was almost four months pregnant. Cookie's baby was very active that night and even the president felt the baby kick. The meal was very nice, the hamburgers and hot dogs from the grill were very good served with French fries and onion rings.

The President had noticed Mike in his uniform earlier in the day and asked Mack where he found such a fine young officer to be his aide. Mack laughed, "Sir, I didn't find him he found me. His beautiful little wife, Cookie, was working for us as an interpreter and I was glancing at her background check and saw she was married to a young Marine Officer. When I saw he had two Navy Crosses, a Bronze Star, and five Purple Hearts and I just had to meet him. Ginny and I are very fond of both he and Cookie. Cookie is just as amazing, she is an Iraqi who was educated here and served as a field agent for the CIA. Mike rescued her from a village in Iraq and she hasn't let go of him since. She is an interpreter and an analyst with the Agency."

The President grinned, "So you now have two for the price of one."

"No Sir, They are too smart for that, they are both on the payroll, as is my lovely wife. That is how I keep them around."

"Don't believe that Sir," said Ginny, "He is my hero above all others. I won't let him out of my sight."

The First Lady asked how long they had been married. Ginny grinned. "Only four months, we are really newlyweds. Cookie and Mike have been married much longer than we have.

"Goodness, you didn't wait long to start your family."

Ginny laughed, "We didn't even wait for the wedding. I found Mack and after ten minutes I knew I wanted him to be the father of my children. He was perfect and I had no time to waste. My clock is running out."

"I can't believe that, you must have lots of years left for having children."

"Not really, only a couple, Mack is older than he looks." she giggled.

"Mack laughed, "Dear Lady, My wife is teasing you, I'm older than the hills but she is getting there too. Plastic surgery does wonders these days. She is almost forty."

The gracious First Lady laughed, "Now I don't know who to believe. Ginny is younger than that."

Ginny smiled, "Mack is telling the truth about my age but I am totally original equipment. No surgery, nothing added, subtracted or altered in any way."

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