E is for Erica



A series of stories with transgender themes which I hope will be of interest to those who like women, or would like to be a woman. Which includes me!


I was surprised. Very surprised. I mean, in those circumstances, in that situation. Late in the evening, in a hotel just outside Cardiff, I was there for an interview. I mean, the interview was the next day. TKB were a big firm, still are. I could have driven to their Head Office early the next morning in time for the interview, my first thought had been to do that very thing.

But since they had offered me the overnight stay in a local hotel, quite a decent hotel, I wasn't going to object. I'd got there in time for dinner, a very decent meal indeed. I'd pottered around the hotel a little, had a walk in the evening sunshine, mentally settling my mind ahead of the next morning's interview.

Eventually I'd headed back to the bar. Just for a pint or two. Just to complete the 'settling' process. There was a lot of noise coming from the function room next door, loud laughter, very raucous, lots of obviously very happy - and very drunk - people. Men. The laughter was loud and low, the voices were very masculine. I asked the guy behind the bar what was going on.

"Rugby Club. Local club, annual dinner. Always do it here, every year. Good night, it always is."

I looked over towards the door, there was a large sign just outside - 'Erica Extra, Comedienne Extraordinaire. See her to believe her!'

I sauntered over to the door, managing to peer in, to see what was going on. There was an act on stage and loads of guys were cheering and jeering. I wondered for a moment why she was getting the sort of reception I was seeing. Then I realised.

It was indeed a comedienne on stage. A sort of 'comedienne', a drag queen, in a sense entertaining the troops. 'She' was mincing round the stage in a tight dress and high heels, with the obligatory big hair and excessive make-up. I heard the joke 'she' was telling. It was disgusting. It probably broke several laws on discrimination, it was most definitely not a pc joke. But it was popular, everyone clapped and cheered, despite the jeers and the noise 'she' was obviously doing very well.

I heard him do the last couple of jokes in his act, the very last was even dirtier. He did some sort of combination of bowing and curtseying, edging off stage and towards the bar, out of the door past me. I was impressed, very impressed. I mean, I'd heard about drag queens and TVs and so on, but I'd never actually met one. But this one, she looked good, rather he looked good.

I looked at his retreating bum with some appreciation. I've always been an admirer of well-dressed women, this guy certainly had that part of his act off pat. The long deep blue glitzy dress was typical of drag queens, not that I had any great experience of them that is. But I'd seen pantomime dames, watched some of the female impersonators on TV, this one was certainly up to par. I'd only really seen the legs and the high heels close up, extending provocatively below the hem of the tight shapely dress. But, for a man, those legs indeed looked sensational.

The audience were still jeering, this time at the -- male - compere who was trying to carry on with the formal part of the evening, giving out trophies and awards and so on. I wasn't at all interested in that. But I could see the comedienne, 'Erica', at the bar.

I mean, in the situation I was in, just staying there the night, hopefully getting myself relaxed prior to my interview, I should have maybe just looked. No more than that, certainly. But an urge came upon me. I was fascinated by 'her', he was just getting himself a drink. He lifted his bum up onto a bar stool, crossing his legs, allowing the long split in his dress to open, to reveal - well - legs. Totally luscious legs, I've always been a leg man, I admit the sight of them excited me in a way. I crossed over to the bar and stood there beside him.

"I'll get that" I said to the barman, holding out a note, "and another half please."

I turned towards 'Erica'.

"Hi there, I'm Ben, pleased to meet you. I only caught the end of your act, I thought you were very good. Difficult audience, I imagine."

"Hello, I'm Erica. Thanks."

I was amazed. The general impression, absolutely everything about him, the look, the makeup, the mannerisms, the voice, everything was - or seemed - very female.

The voice - wow! It was low-ish in tone, true, but the effect was sexy, even seductive. And looking at him, I could see this was a guy dressed up but he really had done an incredibly good job of impersonating a woman. He held out a hand towards me, long thin fingers, well-manicured nails, bright red and glossy and really nice-looking, with several rings decorating his hand. I took the hand gently and 'shook' it, not hard, just the sort of handshake a man would give to an attractive woman.

I shivered a little with excitement. 'Erica' thanked me for my comments, we fell into conversation about his act, the fact he'd done this 'gig' for the past three years, other places he worked. I told him why I was there, the interview and so on. I was enjoying myself, looking at his makeup, his 'breasts', his legs, and listening to that sultry voice. After a few minutes I offered him another drink, somehow it seemed that as the 'male' there I should be the one doing the buying.

'Erica' put his hand on mine, gently squeezing.

"Give me a few minutes, Ben. This dress is rather uncomfortable. Let me go and change. OK? Back in ten minutes or so?"

I was disappointed. I really had been having fun, just chatting and admiring. I didn't really want to be there with just another guy, Eric maybe, or Edward, or even Paul or Freddie, just talking about cars or football or something. But talking with Erica had been so enticingly different. I smiled a rather weak acceptance and did go to get myself a scotch-and-soda, and a gin-and tonic for him. The barman looked oddly at me. Not surprisingly, really. But he didn't say anything.

About fifteen minutes later 'Erica' hadn't returned, I was just about ready to give up, to head off to bed and get the good night's sleep I was really there for. I stood up and turned. And Erica came in the door. I mean Erica. A woman. There was, to my eyes, absolutely no way this could be a man.

He'd changed, yes, but not into the sort of male clothing I'd expected. 'Erica' was wearing a short black dress. A very simple but very short black dress. This wasn't an lbd, it was a tbd - tiny black dress. Almost indecently short, just an inch or two below the crotch, tight, god it was tight, and exotic, certainly. Oh how I'd dreamed over the years about having the chance to go out with a girl dressed like that. Any man would have been thrilled, the whole ensemble was designed to arouse. The makeup - Erica had re-done it in some way, I didn't really see how but it was definitely different, gorgeous long coal-black lashes, glossy-red lips, I was smitten.

And the dress. Streuth, it looked sensational and so did she. That's right. SHE. Very few girls could wear a dress like that and make it look so good. Her hair was different too, obviously she'd changed wigs. Her hair was now the same length really but no longer 'big', it just hung down beside her exquisitely made-up face. As she sat and picked up her gin-and-tonic she took a small sip.

"I'm glad you stayed, Ben. I thought you might leave. Most men are rather shy about being seen in public with a woman like me."

"Oh, no Erica. It's just that - when you said you were going to get changed, I thought you meant..."

I left it like that. Just couldn't finish the sentence. I really was in awe of the total sex-pot I was sitting with. Whatever gender, I was still amazed that anyone could so totally personify the word 'sex'.

"Oh, I see. Well, even if I'm not in a shirt and a suit, do you approve?"

She leaned back to show off her figure, and crossed her legs to flash her thighs once more, this time right in front of me.

"Erica, I mean it, you look totally gorgeous. Really ..."

And this sentence I wasn't allowed to finish. Erica leaned over and kissed me! On the cheek, admittedly, but there it was. And she shuffled closer, looking coquettishly though those gorgeous long eyelashes.

"Thanks so much, Ben, just sometimes it's nice to be a woman instead of a drag queen."

And she took my hand and placed it on her thigh!

"I'm sorry, Ben, I'm such a flirt, do you mind?"

This really was fantastic - Erica was steadily and oh-so-erotically sliding my hand, very slowly, along her nylon-covered leg.

"Wow, Erica, oooH my God, ooooooH!!!"

She had just moved her own hand a little, mine was still there moving up and down her thigh almost of its own accord. And hers was - edging up my own thigh, she'd met the evidence, the proof that she was having a very arousing effect on me.

"Oh Ben, I'm so glad..."

And she kissed me again, this time on my left ear, yet again lingering. I could smell her perfume - which made my arousal even more evident. I opened my eyes, and looked past Erica's gorgeous long dark hair. I could see the man behind the bar and a couple of other customers. They were all looking over towards us, grinning lecherously. OK, so they probably all knew, but I guarantee any one of them would willingly have swapped places with me at that moment.

Then, just one iota of common sense began to make its presence felt in my mind.

"Erica, please, I have to ... tomorrow ... I mean ..."

It really was pathetic in a way, I SO wanted to go on but I really hadn't much idea exactly where this was all leading. She sat back, moving away a little. I was disappointed. I know I'd asked for it, to be released in some way from the spell she was casting over me. But I was still disappointed.

"I'm sorry, Ben. I was maybe going too fast, you're just a nice guy, I shouldn't have..."

This time it was her turn to leave the sentence unfinished.

"Don't be sorry, Erica, I mean, you do really look totally fantastic, in any other circumstances things may have been different."

What the hell was I saying. Here I was, in a bar in a strange hotel in a strange town, apologising to a man dressed as a woman for not wanting him. Or rather her. But I did want her. HER!

Suddenly the thought of the interview the next day, and the job, and what Carol might say to me when I got back the next day, and what my mates at work might say, they didn't matter. Suddenly, and so very much to my own surprise, I did know what I wanted. I reached out to take Erica's hand.

"Please, Erica, I just need to clear my head."

And we walked proudly, me with my head held high, past the bar and the awe-struck barman and his friends, past the big burly guys just coming out of the function room, out through the lobby to the small garden area by the car park at the front of the hotel. As I turned towards her I could see, out of the corner of my eye, several of those guys looking through the glass door and through the windows. I didn't care. I turned to the woman I was with. I pulled her close and gently pressed my lips to hers.

I felt her initial reluctance, I hoped I hadn't misjudged things. And then I felt her passion as she pulled me closer, as her lips opened, as she joined in the kiss. My hands roamed over her body, I could feel hers wandering over mine. Suddenly I jerked - somehow, unknown to me and probably unseen by the observers inside the hotel, still watching us, her hand had opened my zipper and was sliding inside my pants - and over my aroused penis.

"Oh, Erica!"

"You like that, Ben darling?"

Her hand began to caress my aroused member, stroking it to further erection.

For just about the last time I wondered what I was doing, how I'd got into this. I was standing there on the edge of the hotel car park while this - person - had his / her way with me, she really was pulling all my strings. She was good, very good.

"That is gorgeous, Erica, it feels SO nice, please..."

Yet again I was distracted before finishing.

"OK Ben, your turn now" she breathed in my ear as we kissed and caressed again. "Now slide your hand up my skirt, I want you to feel what I'm thinking about now. Go on, just a little further, slide it up to my panties - oh yes!"

On the one hand I was SO enjoying myself, SO aroused, so excited by this new experience. Yet on the other hand - something was wrong. Not that I was fondling Erica's genitals, not that it was a wrong thing to do. Indeed I was becoming more and more convinced this was right, it was just that - the situation wasn't quite right. And again, it wasn't so much that my first 'gay' experience was being observed by about a dozen men from the front door and windows of the hotel, it was just that my thoughts were moving forward, into a scenario I couldn't see being played out there in the car park. I broke the kiss.

"Erica, can we ...?" Again.

"Ben, darling, of course we can."

She smiled, we disentangled ourselves and, simply holding hands, headed back towards the front of the hotel. By the time we got back into the front door all the voyeurs had moved back a bit, they were milling round in the lobby, some looking guilty, some not at all worried about their behaviour, just leering towards us. I didn't care. I held on firmly and very obviously to my 'girlfriend's' hand, walking steadily past them and down the short corridor to room 15. I unlocked the door, we went in. Erica took the key from me and locked the door from the inside.

"I think you need another drink, Ben. Where's the mini-bar?"

We sat there for quite a few minutes side-by-side on the bed, she with another gin-and-tonic, I had a small scotch. We kissed a little, we caressed, we fondled, we groped. Then she stood up.

"Give me a minute, Ben".

She headed for the small bathroom, turning first to speak.

"I like to keep my lingerie on, Ben. Is that OK with you?"

"Oh yes, sure."

"But I do like to see a man naked."

She went into the bathroom. When she emerged a few minutes later she was carrying her dress. She put it down on the small chair beside the bed and turned to look towards me. I was naked.

"Well, Ben?"

I was amazed. I mean, everything that had gone before, all that had been pretty mind-boggling, but this. I looked. I'm sure my mouth must have fallen open, but the total effect was just plain sensational. From the longish blonde hair, the big sparkling jewellery, the tight black basque and panties and seamed stockings, and the high spiked heels. This was every inch a woman, and a totally gorgeous woman at that.

I was aware what was happening. I'd been stood there totally nude with something of an erection, as I looked at that gorgeous sight I felt the blood rushing to my cock. I knew without looking it was now hard and tight and nearly vertical. Erica looked at me, looked down and then up again and smiled.

"Ben, you don't know how good it makes me feel seeing your reaction. Any woman would be flattered, believe me. Now come here, sit beside me."

I did, meekly, we sat together on the bed while Erica's long fingers began to play with my penis. It was already tight, I was worried I might cum straight away. But she knew what she was doing, she teased it and caressed it ever so gently. We lay together on the bed.

"All right Ben your turn. Would you like to take my knickers off?"

Would I? I gently slid down the thin black nylon panties, to reveal Erica's own cock, I just gazed at her erection. We spent a few minutes stroking and fondling each other's member, then she turned round to slide her luscious red lips over the head of my own aching cock. I decided to return the favour and took hers into my mouth.

"Gently, Ben, my darling, take your time. Enjoy the experience, taste it, feel the texture, slow is good."

I tried to slow down but really all the erotic activity of the evening had been a little too much for me. While I'd happily have spent an hour or so in that sensational sixty-nine position it was only a few minutes before I realised I was coming to a climax. I lifted my head and looked towards her, she realised I was concerned and leant over to gently caress my lips with hers once more.

"Don't worry, Ben. You really do have a beautiful penis, you know. I think we're both just about ready, don't you? I bet you've never tasted sperm before, have you? You're in for a treat."

With those words she moved again to take my throbbing bulb between her red lips, sliding her hand round to caress my balls. I looked at the red-nailed fingers, I felt my own climax beginning, I just couldn't help it. I rejoined the '69' and was gratified to find her own cock beginning to jerk after only a few seconds.

And then it happened. In both senses, the climax of the evening. Almost simultaneously, me first but only just, we both ejaculated. First I felt Erica's lips working hard on my own cock, then I tried to emulate her, to encourage her, to give her the satisfaction she so richly deserved after her efforts through the evening. It was bloody marvellous. I shot and shot, I seemed to go on for so long as did she, pulsing her sticky cum hard into my mouth. I swallowed, I had to in order to cope with the quantity of semen she was shooting into my mouth. I didn't ever want it to stop. Sex had always been good but this was more than good, it was more than sex.

I collapsed, beside my lover on the bed. We kissed. I could taste the cum on her lips. Not my blood brother, but my semen-sister, our juices mingled in our mouths as we enjoyed one more passionate post-orgasmic kiss.

The alarm call from the hotel reception woke me just after seven. I looked round. I was alone. I knew it hadn't been a dream, nobody could ever dream an evening such as that. On the small dresser beside the bed was a note.

'Good luck today, Ben. Thanks. Erica XXX'

Beside it were her sheer black nylon panties.

I showered and dressed, then went down to breakfast. I didn't even know if she had been staying at the hotel herself. I just hoped I might see her -- or even him - at breakfast, but no. As I headed off after booking out, the barman from the previous night was leaving himself, obviously after finishing his shift. In the car park he grinned at me.

"Was she good?" he asked.

"Fucking marvellous."

I aced the interview at TKB, I was on such a high. I was good, very good. But I didn't get the job.

But I do have my memories. And the panties.

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