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This story is based loosely on fact. While I am not a 19 year old college student, I did have a relationship with a Dom by e-mail and I did do a lot of the stuff in the story. I just have not become quite the slut described in the story. This e-mail relationship did cause me to be much more open to opportunistic sex and, while not subjugating myself to men completely, have become much more conscious of making sex as pleasurable as possible for my partner, male or female. It has also enhanced my exhibitionist tendencies and allowed me to feel pleasure wearing revealing clothing, and discretely exposing myself, in public.

A confession - I was not honest with "my Master' - told him I was a 19 YO college student and he believed me for a while. I regret the deception. I won't do that again, at least not to one who is, I believe, being honest with me. The guy who was my 'Master' has given me permission to use some of his instructions, word for word, in the story, though all are not his words. I used my imagination on some of them. In any case he would like to ask that if anyone, particularly 19 or so year olds, is interested in on-line training, If you are interested e-mail me and I'll give you his address. I hope, if you are female and at all interested in e-mail training, that you will give him a try. He really is a nice guy and does excellent training. But be forewarned - he requires obedience in the form of pictures. Can't blame him with all the imposters out there, like me.

Now, to the story:


I have become, in the course of a few short months, a sexually charged submissive trampy, sluty, sex slave. There really are no other terms to describe how I now feel about myself and I think that, for the first time in my life, I feel sexually fulfilled. I have never been particularly submissive but, for some reason, having my sexual activities directed by someone else, in fact a stranger, whom I have never met, is a particular turn on for me. Over the course of these months I have come to think of myself as bound completely to obey instructions from this man. My name is Nickie and I am a 19 year old junior in college, essentially on my own since my parent's death in an automobile accident two years ago. My parents were quite wealthy and I have enough money from my inheritance to live as I please. I live alone near campus where I rent a very nice two bedroom apartment. My breasts are not tremendously large, 34C's, but are firm and have no sag to them at all. I am normally naturally blond with green eyes, 5' 6" tall, 115 lbs., and I work at keeping myself in shape. I jog in a park near my apartment at least 4 miles each day. I also work out three times a week at the local gym. Consequently, I am in pretty good shape and my body is quite firm and shapely. I have no one whom I would disgrace with my lifestyle so have no reason at all to be inhibited. I have a few close friends who find my new lifestyle intriguing, and I think, secretly wish they could live at least some of it.

It all started about four months ago when I met an extremely nice guy in an internet chat room. We chatted several times, talking about our sexual activities and fantasies, and doing a little cyber stuff. We talked of what turned each of us on and he indicated that a particular turn on for him was dominance. That is, he was a dominant and had trained several other women to be sexually submissive. In fact he had not only done this in real life but also done it by e-mail. I was intrigued by this and asked what the e-mail training involved and how it could work that way. He told me that he had a contract that the female would complete and return to him, spelling out the relationship and then he would train them using e-mail instructions and commands. Since I was interested he sent me a copy of the contract and a set of command definitions that I would need to understand in order to submit to his training. I was curious mostly, but after receiving the information and reading it, I thought it might be fun to try something like this and see where it led.

However, I wondered how he could really train someone and expect them to do everything according to his instructions and asked him about this. He said it was necessary for the woman to have a digital camera and to send him pictures of her doing the things that he would instruct her in. I had a suitable camera but I wasn't so sure about sending him the pictures but decided to cross that bridge when the time came. After chatting with him another time or two I told him I thought I would like for him to train me. I figured that I didn't really have to do everything he told me and it wasn't like I was putting myself in any danger from this guy since I would never meet him in person. I completed the contract, which basically stated that it was not legally binding and could be terminated by either party at any time, but, while in force, I agreed to follow his instructions to the letter and submit to all of his requests, as long as they did not put me in physical danger.

Included with the information he sent were a list of commands that the submissive must learn by heart and perform whenever so instructed. Generally all positions were to be performed in the nude. The basic positions, as sent to me, were as follows:

" 1.Kneel: this is the basic position for you. It will be done nude when at home. you will kneel back on your heels, knees spread wide, hands on upper thighs, fingers spread and pointing outward, back straight, breasts thrust out, head held high, eyes lowered. The only change to this will be in public, when not doing some specific training that requires otherwise, you will do this clothed.

2.Inspection: There are 3 parts to this command. First is Inspection kneel: This will be the basic same position as Kneel expect that you will lean back over your feet supported by your hands with your mouth open. Inspection back: you will lay on your back with your legs spread wide. you will use your hands to pull yourself open. This one will always be done nude. Inspection stomach or tummy: you will again be nude for this one. When commanded you will lay on your stomach with your ass raised pulling your ass cheeks apart with your hands.

3.Display: this command will always be done nude. This position is standing with your feet spread shoulder width apart, hands behind head fingers interlaced.

4.Clean: This is the same as Kneel except that your mouth will be open. It will be used to clean anything that has been inserted into you vaginally only and then only when you're not on your monthly cycle.

5.Fours: When this command is given you will get on all 4's for either punishment or for use.

6.Strip: this command is obvious. When given you will immediately strip off all clothing you're wearing. This should be done as sexily as possible.

You will need to know all of these by heart. I will expect a picture of you in each position, except for the last one, sent to Me within a week."

I still wasn't sure about the pictures but the commands that he had sent sounded so perverse that they were erotically enticing to me. I practiced them, imagining him there, and feeling like a true submissive slut. I already owned a digital camera with a timer - so was able to take the pictures he asked for. But I didn't send them right away - too chicken I guess. Then, after modifying them to obscure my face, I did send them, though I was late in doing so and explaining that I had debated not sending them. Because I was late he sent me the following message:

"Why did you hesitate to send Me those pictures? This will help greatly in planning for your training. But I do not understand the reason for the debate. Remember you are to hold nothing back from Me by the contract. These should have been sent according to the time table I gave you. For not doing so I want you to cup each breast with one hand so that your nipple is prominent and using the other hand smack the nipple hard 5 times on each nipple. Then restate the following to yourself " i am Master's slave. All that i am belongs to Him. i may not hide anything from Him. Because i did not send the pictures of myself to Him when i should i am carrying out this punishment on myself as directed by Him. i'm sorry Master I will not do this again." Do this after each smack of your nipples.


your Master, "

I was a little disappointed and angered by his response since I had expected him to be pleased that I had sent him the pictures. There was no way I was going to punish myself as he had instructed. However, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I finally decided that if I was into this thing for real, I'd do what I could to make it work. So - I punished myself. Feeling a little ridiculous, I memorized what I was to say after each slap of my nipple, then, sitting nude on the bed, grasped my left breast with my left hand, squeezing it so that the nipple stood out, somewhat obscenely. I smacked it hard with my right hand and recited the words as instructed. I did this five times for my left breast then rested, looking a my breast. It was red where I had hit it, the nipple still standing out unusually far. I massaged it a little and was surprised at how sensitive it now was. Sensitive in an arousing way. I gripped my right breast and repeated the punishment on it. When completed I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how red my breasts were from the spanking I had given them. The nipples stood out prominently and I realized that I was wet between my legs. I was surprised that I had actually been turned on by this. Maybe this guy knew what he was doing after all.

One of his first requirements was that I keep a daily journal, and send it to him weekly, describing what I had done in that week, including my feelings at having to follow his instructions. Any sexual activity was to be described in detail.

Additionally, I was to purchase a piece of jewelry, called an ankh, which I was to wear at all times, signifying my submission to him. This turned out to be a very pretty little emblem that was worn on a snugly fitting choker necklace, which I was able to purchase locally. I was to ensure that the ankh was visible in any pictures that I sent to him if the position permitted.

Other requirements received from him in that first week included sending a list of my clothing, with particular attention to panties and bras, but including shorts, skirts, blouses, jeans, etc. I was asked what sexual toys I had (I only had a standard smooth vibrator) and then given a list of toys and other things I would need, with certain ones to be acquired immediately. Those on the immediate list included a small penis shaped vibrator with at least three speeds, the largest variable speed penis shaped vibrator I could find, an adjustable 9 inch long penis gag, small and medium sized butt plugs, a package of clothespins, and a wooden spoon. I was able to purchase all these items except for the penis gag locally. The penis gag I had to order from an on line website.

My initial instructions, printed below, were to perform a ritual each night in bed before going to sleep.

"Here's a task for you to start performing each night before going to bed. I want you to use your vibrator on slow against your clitoris and slowly use it in penetration. Take yourself to the edge of orgasm. When you get to the point that you're ready to climax stop and let yourself relax back to your starting point. Do this 3 times. On the 3rd time you may have an orgasm. Follow that up with the clean command. From this point on I want you sleeping nude."

After three or so nights of this I received instructions to change my nightly routine. Since I had told him I had never had anyone fuck me in the ass or ever really had anything in my ass, he instructed me to begin by inserting my small vibrator in my ass with it turned on medium speed and finger myself, stimulating my clit, until near orgasm. Just before I reached the point of orgasm I was to stop fingering and stimulating my clit but leave the vibrator going. As my body calmed down I was to start stimulation of my clit again. This was to be repeated until I achieved orgasm with out direct clitoral stimulation at time of orgasm.

This was the ritual I performed until I purchased the toys mentioned above. After I had gotten the toys I was instructed to modify my nightly ritual to begin inserting the small vibrator in my ass, again on medium speed, and the large vibrator in my pussy, not turned on, and continue my ritual, stimulating my clitoral area until just before orgasm, then repeat, but with the vibrator in my ass on high. This really works. I could, after a month or so of this ritual, get just about as much pleasure from being penetrated in the ass as from being penetrated in my pussy. In this way I have learned to be aroused simply from having stimulation in my ass. Of course, with stimulation in both areas, orgasms are much more rewarding now.

After about a week and a half of his training I asked whether I should ask before having sex with a boy. I had met a guy that I wanted to have sex with. I received the following instructions:

"Yes, you may have sex with boys or girls. but you must make sure that you work very hard to please them and that he or she be allowed to use all your holes at least once and include breast sex while performing oral sex for him. But for either you must be the one doing most of the pleasing."

I kept this in mind for future reference and was glad to know what he required.

Other instructions with the time frame and some comments and a story or two about what I did after receiving them are shown below to give you, the reader, a flavor of the kind of instructions I received:

The following was sent fairly early on in the training - shortly after receiving the penis gag in the mail. I had been instructed that the penis gag that I was to acquire should preferably be adjustable as to length. Otherwise, I was to get one no longer than 4 inches but in either case it should be as thick as possible. The toy store site I found on the internet had several to choose from. The one that seemed to fit my Master's description was described as adjustable from 3 to 9 inches in length and offered small, medium, and large sizes in thickness. The thickness measures were quoted as being 3.5, 4.5, or 5.5 inches in circumference. I did a little measuring, and assuming I would have this thing in my mouth, possibly for extended periods, I purchased the medium size. After receiving it through the mail, I experimented a bit with it and found, that while it was little bit uncomfortably large around, I could get it into my mouth fairly easily. I then notified my Master that it had arrived. He responded as expected, with instructions as follows:

"slave - I am glad to hear that you have purchased an adjustable gag. This will make it much more effective in your training. Now, I want you to wear the gag during your nightly ritual. Set it at the longest length that allows you to still breathe comfortably while fully inserted in your mouth. When you complete your ritual remove and perform the clean command as usual with both the vibrators. Then, after your ritual, you are to extend the penis gag to it's longest setting and spend at least 5 minutes sucking it, ensuring that you are able to take the full length. This will probably mean that it will reach well down into your throat. This will not be easy at first, which is why you must practice. If you relax your throat and swallow occasionally it will become easier. It will be difficult to breathe with it all the way in but you must be able to do this for short periods at least. Eventually most of my subs have found that they are able to breathe with it in all the way, though still with some difficulty. Each night increase this practice time until you are sucking it for 30 minutes, at least 10 of which should be with it deep throated.

"You must eventually be able to take any man's penis, regardless of size, and deep throat him. You will find doing this very enjoyable once you perfect the technique and I have every confidence that you will. Once you have completed the practice session, reset the length so that the penis fills your mouth but is does not cause difficulty breathing. Attach it around your head and sleep with it in for as long as you can, but no less than 2 hours on the first night. If you can keep it in longer at first, do so - it will become easier the more you do it. Eventually I want you to be able to sleep all night with it inserted in your mouth and strapped to your head.

"One additional modification to your nightly behavior will be that, upon completion of your ritual, you will insert the small butt plug in your ass and leave it in for as long as you can stand it. I know you are not used to having anything in your ass, but your goal must be to sleep with something in your ass all night long. You must become used to having something in your ass in order to be able to please men, any man regardless of size, by letting them, even wanting them, to fuck you there. Once you are able to sleep all night with the small plug in, switch to the larger one, then once you are able to sleep with that in all night. You will always sleep with it in. During the day, you should have either the small one or the large one in as much as possible. The goal here, eventually but sooner rather than later, is for you to be uncomfortable when NOTHING is in your ass.

Now - this means that, until I give you further instructions modifying your behavior, you will sleep with the gag in your mouth and the butt plug in your ass. At any point during the night, as long as these items are properly worn, you may stimulate your pussy and tits all you want, and have as many orgasms as you are able and want to have."

I was grateful that he allowed me to have as many orgasms as I wanted while outfitted as he had instructed. I would have several each night. I can now sleep all night with the large butt plug in my ass and can wear the small butt plug in my ass essentially all the time during the day. I really love the feeling of having my ass filled. Of course, to be brutally honest, there is a time or two during the day that it has to come out, but other than those necessary times, my ass is plugged. About the only time I don't have anything in there is when I go out with the intention of being picked up and then I make sure I'm ready, if you know what I mean, to be fucked in the ass if the opportunity arises.

Soon after sending my clothing list my Master began instructing me on what to wear. He sent the following instructions.

"I want you wearing a push bra with either a blouse that buttons down the front or ties in the front for one week. Also wear a short skirt with the shear thong panties. If weather makes such an outfit inappropriate, you will wear tight low cut hip hugger jeans, worn as low as possible. After one week you may not wear a bra or panties with either outfit. The blouse at all times must be open enough so that men can look in all they want. Whether wearing the skirt or jeans, your legs must never be completely together. It must become normal for you, unless you cross your legs, to sit with your legs apart, at least slightly. When sitting with legs crossed, never cross them tightly. When wearing a skirt cross the right leg over left with the right leg pivoting on the left knee at a point approximately three inches below the right knee. Practice this in front of a mirror with the object of attaining a position which will allow anyone sitting across from you to look up your skirt. When wearing jeans, always sit with either your legs spread as wide as possible or with legs crossed, ankle on knee. You are to rest one hand on your crotch, rubbing it occasionally, when sitting in this manner."

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