tagIllustratedE-man vs Octopussy

E-man vs Octopussy

byMy Erotic Trail©

Professor Blurpstein walked center stage of the University Auditorium. Shuffling through his notes attached to a clipboard, as he approached the podium. He waved his hand and a crew of stagehands rolled a large veiled object on to the stage.

Dr. Amber, Professor Blurpstein's assistant was right behind him. Her bubbly smile, short smock and skirt was drawing more eyes than the large object being prepared for display.

"What I have discovered is a way to clone anything, instantly." The Professor nodded to the crew and Dr. Amber raised her arms out ward like a game show hostess, directing everyone's attention towards the Machine.

The veil come flowing from the large object on stage and lightly fluttered as it fell to the wooden floor revealing the Clone Machine. An enormous metalic machinery of instrumentation that protruded to a point like a large ray gun.

"For example," Professor Blurpstein announced. He pointed to the crew and they brought out a bunny rabbit in a small cage. The large machine flashed lights and moaned as Professor Blurpstein pressed buttons and turned knobs. A ray shot from the machine like blue lightening and struck the rabbit in the cage. A cloud of smoke puffed around the cage and as the smoke cleared it was obvious that there were now, two rabbits in the cage.

"This machine will ultimately benefit our world in controlling species as well as aid to the endangered species of our planet. This prototype is merely a stepping stone for future discoveries that will ensure the planets species populations never deminish," Professor Blurpstein said proudly.

"I'll take that," a female voice came from behind the curtain. A small army of men in sailor suits came running onto the stage and seized the machine and the controls from Professor Blurpstein. Drawing weapons and letting a round off "bang bang" just to get everyone's attention.

"Octopussy!" Professor Blurpstein said as the curtain finally unveiled the leader of this interruption.

"Bring the professor and his sexy assistant." Octopussy said as her tentacle reached out and fondled them both. Reaching with a long limb and tickling Dr. Amber between her legs as she squealed in a pleasing tone. The Professors cock grew as Octopussy rubbed his crotch gently. Her sailor men seized the machine, the doctor and the professor, then they left.

Meanwhile: E-man was humping wildly at a hole in a tree as he stood knee deep in plush green grass. Choking his chicken in nature's silent seclusion of the deep dark forest. His eyes were closed and his head fell backward. Grasping and humping the tree with vibrant humps into this knothole, in a large weeping willow that moaned with pleasure as the wind filtered through its hanging leaves and limbs.

A bright spotlight and sirens came on and shined directly at E-man. He pulled his pud wildly, jerking with his super human strength and speed. He mumbled as the spotlight shone brightly on him. "I'm coming."

E-man opened his eyes and saw the police surrounding him and watching him. He let his orgasm flow and a wave of white liquid extinguished the light by covering the spotlight with thick white orgasmic fluids.

"E-man!" A voice called out.

"Oh Yes, thank you invisible woman." E-man attempted to play it off with an embarrassed grin. He pulled his tights up around his waist and come stepping out of the woods towards the police unit sent to inform him of Octopussy's kidnapping. "You can't see the Invisible woman but she is there." E-man said with slightly flushed cheeks. "Bye Invisible woman."

Every one looked into the woods as if there would be a reply but there was only silence. "...and no one knows where Octopussy took thhem!" An officer said with concern after explaining the Professor's predicament.

E-man put his ear to a tree and asked the tree to pass the word across Earth's vegetation and find Octopussy. After a few minutes the tree replied that the grass said they were at the lake where Octopussy like to swim naked in the reeds.

E-man took flight and soared through the clouds faster than a speeding shot of cum. His fist before him as a spear that pierced clouds as he raced to his destination. Wearing blue tights and a green cape, he flashed across the sky like tossed spinach.

Octopussy's hideout: "Ahhhh!." Dr. Amber moaned loudly. Octopussy drove a tentacle up her pussy in rapid thrusting motions. That didn't bother Dr. Amber, infact she relished in the feelings that it brought her. It was another tentacle that toyed with her ass and periodically would surge deep into her little tight brown hole that got her attention. "Ahhhh!."

"Oh My!." Professor Blurpstein said as Octopussy's tentacle glided across his crotch sensually. Rubbing lightly in a concentrated area, his rising bulge. She pulled out a box and opened it. Reaching into its contents and pulling out various sex toys, dildos, anal beads and a short whip.

Octopussy's soldiers, the sailor suited men came in with the machine that they had stole and handed the controls to Octopussy. She turned the machine on and glanced around for an object to test this clone device.

The machine rotated and began pointing at various locations in the large metal empty warehouse. She aimed the device at Dr. Amber and activated the machine to clone. "Yes, more women to toy with," Octopussy said with a wicked grin.

"No," Dr. Amber and Professor Blurpstein yelled out as the machine shot a blue ray that shot towards Dr. Amber. Just then E-man came flying into the building and landed directly in front of the ray. His hands on his hips and bowed out chest showing his muscular shape. The ray hit him in the breastplate and he glowed a red color before a cloud of smoke engulfed him.

"Damn it," Octopussy said. "E-man? Get him!" She yelled at her men as she quickly began running for the door with all eight legs scrambling to move her across the floor.

The cloud slowly disappeared showing two E-men standing in a strong man stance as the sailor men approached. Both E-men took in a deep breath, inflating their chests fully and then blew a hurricane force wind that sent the sailor men to the opposite end of the warehouse.

One of the E-men took flight after Octopussy while the other untied the Dr. and the Professor. By the time E-man had them untied they were surrounded by sailor men that circled them. They were no match for E-man.

Octopussy stood at the edge of the dock. The lake behind her in pitch black darkness except for one pier light that shined. E-man came flying out of the warehouse and directly towards Ocotpussy. Fast as a peck from a kiss, he over took Octopussy and they splashed into the water with a loud explosion of wet drop lets landing on the wooden slats of the dock.

E-man's two hands held tightly to two of Octopussy's tenticles but that was no match for the other six tentacles that wrapped around E-man as they were now in a free fall into the deep dark water. Octopussy, always a seductive and lustfull creature grasped E-man's crotch and another wrapped around his neck as she pulled him in for an under water, kiss of death.

Another tentacle fondled his tights till she could probe his arse and fondle his genitals. Gasping for air, E-man was doomed in the grasp of Octopussy's sexual death grip.

The other E-man came diving into the placid lake and found Octopussy humping wildly on top of E- man at the lake's sandy bottom. Pulling her tentacle arms one by one till both E-men could swim to the surface. They burst through the water's surface gasping for air.

Taking a deep breath, the second E-man went back to the bottom of the lake after Octopussy. E-man floated on the surface of the water exasperated and spent. A buoy come sailing in the air and landed next to him. He grabbed it and was pulled to the dock by Professor Blurpstien and Dr. Amber. His wet body crawled from the lake and onto the dock dripping wet.

"Oh E-man you're my hero," Dr. Amber wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss.

"Where is the other E-man?" Professor Blurpstein asked. The three of them looked across the lake and saw a bubble trail leading away from the area. E-man could barely stand much less go after them.

"Earth Man, are you alright?" Professor Blurpstein asked.

"Earth Man?" He said with a curious tone.

"Yes E-Man, aren't you Earth Man?"

"No, I am Erotic-Man." The E-man said while leaning on Dr. Amber's shoulder.

"Oh My," The Professor said as he looked out across the lake. Realizing Octopussy had captured Earth Man and his fate appeared doomed.

E-man and Dr. Amber began walking back to the warehouse as Helicopters with floodlights and police cars came zooming to the area. A task force came to their rescue.

"E-man, where are you going?" Professor Blurpstein asked while still looking across the lake, worried about his friend, Earth-Man.

"I am going to Literotica," He said in a tone that expressed his exhausted energy.

"Literotica?" both the Dr. and the Professor asked curiously.

"Where else are you going to look for a seductress with eight legs that likes to play, erotically?

(Drawn with windows 98 paint program) Art~ 2006

Happy Earth Day to all~

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