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*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: Yes I need an editor and no I do not want an editor. If this bothers you that much, just quit reading.

Yes it jumps around too much, yes there's too many people to keep track of, yes it's too long, yes it's too short, yes it's in the wrong category, yes this is stupid shit and yes, I suck.

For everyone else, I hope you enjoy this little tale.


Chapter 1

"What do you say to a woman with two black eyes?" Darren James asked.

"I don't, can I get you some ice?" Vince Davis asked.

"Need me call the cops?" Billy Hunt asked.

"You don't say nothing; I mean, fuck! You done already told the bitch twice," Darren guffawed.

Vince looked at Billy, then shook his head. Billy's eyes mirrored Vince's own look of disgust.

"Really? This?" Vince thought to himself. "This piece of shit wrapped in skin is the great Darren James? Mister Perfect in Stephanie's eyes?"

Ever since meeting Stephanie James, Vince had been living under the shadow of the shrill, spiteful, vindictive girl's absent father. Anything Vince did, her daddy could do better. Any accomplishments were sneered at by Leslie's daughter, any attempts of befriending the girl was rebuffed. Any attempt of Vince's to thaw the girl's icy demeanor were rejected.

"Seven years of putting up with her shit is coming to an end; thank God," Vince consoled himself as he nursed his beer.

"God damn! What's with this shit, huh?" Darren yelled over the loud music. "Drink, Mother Fucker, drink! This is a Bachelor party!"

Billy obliged his future father in law by downing his own Jack and Coke, but Vince ignored the man. He focused on one of the large screen televisions and saw they were showing highlights of that day's college games. Missouri River State and Myndee was being featured and his eyebrows shot up when the final score showed that Missouri River State had managed to squeak by Myndee, eight to seven.

The Myndee Blue Jays were a tough bunch and beating them in their own stadium was a Herculean feat. Vince watched the Blue Jays block the attempted point-after with fifty three seconds left, making it Pioneers six, Blue Jays seven.

Then the Pioneer's kicker managed to put the kick-off on the three yard line. The Blue Jays lined up, snapped the ball, and five Pioneers converged to sack the Blue Jay quarterback in his own end zone.

"And that, Pioneers, O Pioneers, is how it's done!" Vince cheered as the Pioneers simply knelt and ran out the clock to win the game.

"Secret to keeping your bitch in line?" Darren yelled to Billy as he pressed a fresh drink into Billy's hand.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! That 'bitch' is your daughter, huh?" Vince said, face twisted in anger.

"Oh! Sorry, Mr. Sensitive," Darren mocked.

"And she'd have to work hard to be labelled a bitch," Vince thought. "That's about three steps up than the cunt she is now."

"Like I was saying, on Saturday? You beat her. Nice thick belt, or a razor strop. Whether she has it coming or not," Darren guffawed. "That way? She knows who's the man, who's the one in charge."

"Ask him how well it works," Vince reminded Billy.

Darren scowled darkly at the man that had married his ex-wife.

"Hear you getting married Honey?" a dancer cooed, draping herself over Billy's shoulder.

"Tell him, Honey, tell him don't do it," Darren laughed.

Vince had known he would not be walking Stephanie James up the aisle. David, her older brother had been granted that honor. And that had been more than fine with Vince. David was a fine young man, the kind of man any mother and step-father would be proud to claim as their son and step-son.

Then, five weeks ago, Leslie had shrilled excitedly that, out of the blue, Darren had reached out, contacted his younger daughter.

"Isn't that great, Honey?" Leslie gushed.

"Just out of nowhere? Wow, that is something," Vince agreed.

He did think it had been a real shame that Darren could not have reached out when Debbie, Leslie's oldest child had married. Leslie's brother, Al Wooten had been the one to walk the beaming Debbie up the aisle.

Al had been a diabetic, had weighed three hundred and seventy pounds at the time of Debbie's wedding. Since then, Al had quickly deteriorated and was now lying in a hospital bed in the living room of his Chicago home. He would not be attending his youngest niece's wedding.

Billy quickly asked David to be one of his groomsmen when he found out Stephanie's father would be walking Stephanie up the aisle. Billy had also extended that invitation to Vince; he genuinely liked Vince, as did Debbie and David. Stephanie had loudly, vehemently protested Vince Davis being included in any part of the wedding ceremony.

"Billy, thank you, but I consider it honor enough to be able to escort the beautiful mother of the bride," Vince had magnanimously stated to the young man.

If Stephanie had it her way, Vince wouldn't even get that honor. But the girl did keep her mouth closed. It was, after all, her mother and step-father that were paying for the elaborate wedding.

Darren had needed to 'borrow' the money for a plane ticket to Chicago. Leslie had even suggested that she and Vince invite Darren to stay in their home but David had jumped in and offered to let his father stay at his apartment.

As they were being fitted for their morning suits and top hats, Vince found out that he was expected to chip in to rent the outfit for his wife's ex-husband.

"And this perpetually broke, chronically unemployed ass hole just suddenly pops up?" Vince asked Leslie.

Leslie ignored Vince's question. And when he rolled over and tried to initiate a little loving, she coldly rolled away.

"You need to drink," Darren screamed into Vince's ear, jostling Vince out of his reverie.

"Fuck, dude, need to scream in my ear?" Vince yelled.

"Come on, pussy, fucking drink, huh?" Darren screamed.

"Dad, come on, this is Tiffany," David said, introducing the drunk man to a young African-American girl with surgically enhanced breasts.

"Mother fucker! Them honkers real?" Darren asked.

Chapter 2

Ink barely dry on his Doctorate diploma from the Missouri River State University, Vince Davis had attended a conference of Engineering in Chicago, Illinois. His briefcase bulged with several copies of his resume. His laptop had a stock cover letter; all he had to do was plug in the company's name and print it out.

The twenty six year old circulated, made some promising connections, and saw that, doctorate or not, he had a lot to learn.

And admitting that to a man that seemed to also be circulating earned Vincent Aaron Davis an interview with Colfax Sewage & Water. Vince had not considered the smaller community; wanting to be in Chicago, or St. Louis or another major metropolitan area.

"Most of Colfax is still on the septic tanks they had from the 'fifties and 'sixties," Jack Warner said. "Switching them over to public sewage is going to be a bear. But it's an excellent opportunity for you to learn and grow."

Vince agreed; it would be an excellent opportunity.

His first day in his new office, Vince met Leslie James, the vice president in charge of public relations and marketing. The forty one year old woman warmly greeted the new kid on the block and wished him well.

He ran into her in the lunch room and politely asked if he could join her. He did notice the wedding ring and engagement rings she wore so kept his attraction to himself.

Vince was six feet, one inches tall. He had started college with a partial scholarship as a wide receiver for the Pioneers. After attaining his bachelor's, he dropped football and concentrated on his post-graduate studies in hydraulics engineering. He did continue his exercise and diet regiment, though. So, at twenty six years old, he sported a finely chiseled athletic physique.

He had worn his sandy blonde hair in a pony-tail while he attained his Master's then his Doctorate, but the moment his diploma was in his hand, he had the dandy blonde hair trimmed to a stylish buzz cut, donating the hair to Locks Of Love. His brown eyes were warm pools, his nose was a strong one, and thanks to the hated orthodontic braces, his smile was straight and white.

His dentist had recommended having his third canine tooth extracted. But since he could give Vince no good reason to have it done, Vince declined to have it removed.

"So, uh, how long you been working here?" Vince asked Leslie the next time their lunch breaks coincided.

"Started, oh God, I'm embarrassed to tell you," Leslie laughed.

"What? Why's that?" Vince asked.

"Then you'll know how old I am," Leslie admitted.

Vince could see some tendrils of gray mixed in with the strands of brown hair that had escaped the severe bun. He could also see some crow's feet beginning to appear in the corners of her eyes.

She had beautiful blue eyes, a slim nose, and lips that formed a cupid's bow.

"I started right out of high school, pregnant with Debbie; that's my oldest. "Jack's daddy, Chip Warner took a real shine to me and paid for me to go to night school," Leslie said.

Leaning forward, Leslie afforded Vince an unobstructed view to the lacy bra she was wearing. Vince tried not to stare too long, but the attractive brunette had soft, creamy looking skin, and the bra was black.

"But, twenty four years, three kids and one divorce later..." Leslie was saying and Vince realized he'd drifted off, lost in the very nice cleavage she'd been showing him.

"So, next year's your silver anniversary with the place? Wow, that is really an accomplishment to be proud of," Vince said.

"So you HAVE been paying attention," Leslie tittered.

Vince blushed, realizing that she had noticed his attention had been focused on her chest. He then smiled and shrugged.

Two weeks after he'd started working at the office, Leslie let it slip that she was not married. The rings were simply to keep the wolves at bay. She waved her left hand at Vince.

"Plus that? I'm one paid for these rings," she said. "One my husband gave me? Diamond was so small needed a magnifying glass find it. Then come to find out, it wasn't even a real diamond. Was one of them cubic zirconia ones. I paid for these; I'm wearing them."

She confessed she'd caught Darren in bed with the girl they'd hired to tutor their youngest, Stephanie in French. They'd gone to counseling, almost repaired the damage, then Lori announced that she was pregnant.

"She was three months pregnant," Leslie smirked. "Problem was? I'd caught them five months earlier. Only way she could be three months was if they'd just kept doing it."

"So, uh, if I uh was to ask you uh, to House Of Mei?" Vince asked.

"I'd say that's very flattering, but you need to find someone your own age," Leslie said.

Then began a weekly campaign. Even though they used Direct Deposit, the office still delivered their pay stubs in sealed envelopes. Vince would carry his pay stub to Leslie's office, knock on the doorjamb and show her his pay stub.

"Just got paid," he would say. "Want to trip the lights fantastic?"

And she would flash him a dazzling smile and shake her head no.

Then Stephanie threw one of her tantrums. She wanted to take horse riding lessons. Leslie, as the sole breadwinner in the home was just managing to pay for the mortgage, her car note, and David's tuition.

"Call your Daddy; see if he can afford it," Leslie suggested as she tried to put her earrings on and hop into her shoes at the same time.

"Ha ha, very funny," Stephanie snapped.

"What?" Leslie asked.

Leslie did not know it, but Darren had been fired from yet another job. Stephanie was sure her mother was just pointing out what a failure her beloved father was.

Still smarting over the screaming and door slamming fight she'd had with her fourteen year old daughter, Leslie was pushing the mouse back and forth, watching the cursor moving back and forth on the computer screen. A knock sounded at her doorway.

"Hey there, just got paid," Vince smiled, waving his pay stub envelope. "Want to go trip the lights fantastic?"

"Know what? She can watch herself," Leslie said. "Yeah; pick me up at what? Seven thirty?"

Chapter 3

Their first meeting was less than warm. Vince knocked at the door and a young teenager jerked the door open. The two stared at each other for a long moment; him smiling and her glaring.

"Hi; I'm Vince Davis," he smiled. "Leslie ready?"

There was no answer, Stephanie slammed the door shut.

"Mom!" she screamed.

"Jesus! What?" Leslie yelled back.

"Some loser's at the door," Stephanie said.

"Well, see what they want; if it's Vince, tell him I'll be just a few more minutes," Leslie barked.

"No," Stephanie said and stomped to her room.

Vince wondered if Leslie might have given him the wrong address. He checked his phone, then remembered, he had not asked for her phone number. The door was jerked open just as he was about to walk back to his car.

"Hi, God, sorry about that," Leslie apologized, opening the door.

"Huh? Oh, hey, I understand," Vince smiled. "I uh, I was a teenager once too."

"Uh huh," Leslie said, still upset with Stephanie's intolerable behavior.

She stuck her head back into the house and screamed up the stairs, "Stephanie! I am leaving!"

In her room, Stephanie heard her mother screaming something, but she ignored it. An hour later, she decided she was hungry and left her room.

"Mom?" she called out. "Mom?"

At the steak house, Leslie was laughing at a humorous tale Vince was recounting. A joke about his first night of drinking.

"Guess you're just not twenty one until you've risked alcohol poisoning," Vince said.

"Really? The neighbor's cat?" Leslie giggled, then frowned when her cell phone chimed.

"What?" she spat.

"What you mean 'what?'" Stephanie snarled. "Where are you?"

"I told you; I'm on a date," Leslie said tightly.

"A... With that loser?" Stephanie screamed.

"Good bye, Stephanie, I'm hanging up now," Leslie said.

"What about dinner?" Stephanie screamed. "What am I supposed eat?"

"Have cereal," Leslie said. "I'm hanging up now."

They continued to talk and eat. During their meal, Leslie's phone rang twice more, each time it was Stephanie. Leslie ignored the calls.

Chapter 4

Stephanie got her hands on Leslie's cell phone and blocked Vince's number. If she happened to answer the door when Vince showed up to take Leslie on a date, she'd slam the door in his face. And she would not tell her mother that Vince was at the door. Vince helped Leslie unblock his number and took to calling as he was pulling into her driveway. After Stephanie would slam the door, Vince would knock loudly.

They made love after their fifth date. Leslie was extremely self-conscious about her forty one year old body. If Vince noticed any imperfections, he certainly did not let on as he nibbled and nuzzled her sagging breasts. His hands cupped and caressed her soft ass as he knelt to kiss her pubic mound.

"Damn it; should have shaved it," Leslie suddenly thought, seeing the wisps of silver mixed in with the strands of chestnut brown.

His wasn't the largest cock she'd ever seen, but he did have remarkable staying power and a very quick response time after ejaculation.

"Damn it, tell it I need my beauty sleep," Leslie lightly complained when his erection poked her in her soft ass.

"Well, that shouldn't take long," Vince commented.

"What shouldn't take, huh?" Leslie asked.

"Your beauty sleep," Vince said.

"Oh, you dear sweet boy," Leslie tittered, patting him on his cheek.

"Boy? BOY?" Vince asked, gripping his erection and slapping it against her hip. "This look like a boy to you?"

"You know what I mean," she laughed.

Stephanie was livid to have to share her breakfast time with her mother's boyfriend. She sat and glared hatefully at him through the meal of eggs and bacon and toast. Any comments or questions were met with stony silence.

"You'll have to forgive her," Leslie snarled, glaring daggers at her impertinent daughter. "She's a teenager."

"I was one of them once," Vince agreed.

"So what time's the basketball game today, Stephanie?" Leslie asked.

Stephanie did not answer.

"I asked..." Leslie said through clenched teeth.

"It's right there, on the calendar," Stephanie shrilled. "One o'clock. If you weren't so busy with your God damned ass hole boyfriend maybe you'd know that, huh?"

"Leslie!" Vince said, feigning shock. "You have another boyfriend?"

"Fuck you! Fuck you, God damned ass hole!" Stephanie screamed at him and stormed up the stairs to her bedroom.

"Well, I guess someone can just sit at home instead of going to their game," Leslie screamed up the stairs.

A moment later, a door slammed.

"Think I better get going," Vince said quietly. "You two need talk, huh?"

Leslie gave him a soft kiss at the door. Then, as the sound of Vince's car faded away, she stomped up the stairs.

As their romance flourished, in spite of Stephanie's unreasonable and unrelenting animosity, so did Vince's role in the company. He was put on the largest project they'd managed to secure, the North Lake Hospital. Their largest concern, besides sewage, was draining the parking lot and grounds around the one hundred and fifteen year old building.

Vince designed, and spearheaded the installation project. He surprised, and pleased the administration of the hospital by managing the installation of the sewage system with minimal interruption of the hospital's function. The drainage, however, was another matter altogether. Tearing up sections of the parking lot meant having to resurface the area. And resurfacing the area meant using Union labor.

The implementation went off with only a few hiccups, mainly because of the union employees and union supervisors. Vince took the twelve thousand dollar bonus that Jack Warner gave to him and bought an engagement ring for Leslie.

Over a romantic dinner at Monticello's, Vince asked the beautiful woman for her hand and she tearfully, happily accepted.

Debbie and David were both happy for their mother. Both had met Vince at Thanksgiving dinner, and both seemed to like him. Both had also tried to talk some sense into Stephanie regarding Vince, regarding their mother's need for companionship.

Stephanie was coolly civil to Vince at the Thanksgiving dinner, coolly civil to her mother during the dinner. But the moment she could, Stephanie beat a hasty retreat to her room.

"Give her time," David said.

"Baby of the family, just doesn't like sharing," Debbie suggested.

Chapter 5

Debbie stayed with Stephanie while Vince and Leslie went to the Grand Canyon for their honeymoon. While their mother and her new husband were gone, Debbie did try to talk some sense into Stephanie. David visited often, and also tried to persuade the willful brat to give their new step-father a chance.

Stephanie steadfastly refused, would not even entertain the idea that Vince had any right to be in her home.

"Look, Stephanie, I know you're too young, you don't remember all the crying, Daddy cheating on Mom," Debbie snapped.

"Because it never happened," Stephanie snarled.

While dating Leslie, Vince could always leave when Stephanie's raw bitterness grew too intolerable. Being married to Leslie, and still living in the same home with the spiteful girl, Vince now had nowhere to run to. His car, and Leslie's car became the cleanest cars in the neighborhood. Vince washed, waxed, vacuumed the cars whenever Stephanie's behavior grew too confrontational for him to stay indoors with her.

Their garden was the envy of the neighborhood. When he'd run out of things to wash or wax, Vince began weeding the garden. He learned how to mulch the garden, learned what flowers bloomed when and cleared out the clutter that used to pass as a flower box in the front of the house.

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