tagIncest/TabooEager Beaver Ch. 03 - Birthday Sex

Eager Beaver Ch. 03 - Birthday Sex


Chapter 3 – Off to College

Last chapter coming soon, and lookout for my other story that should be posted along this one – SuperWriter.


The destined day was here at last and my mom was seeing me off at the airport where I would fly to the next state over to begin college life.

"Yes, I know! We'll just make them transfer your scholarship to a local university here." She excitedly snatched my hand and tried to pull me away.

She's been trying to come up with a good enough excuse for me to stay for the last hour. I pulled her close to stop from dragging me off and hugged her. "I'm really gonna miss you too, Mom."

She sniffled, her head buried in my shirt and released me after a while. "Call me as soon as you land, okay...?" She looked up at me with tear-filled eyes.

"Scout's honor." I raised one hand and smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too, sweetheart..."

And with that, I boarded my plane and took off.

The next two months from there zipped by as I attended school and track practices. I made sure to talk to Mom every day, so we were still closer than ever. There was something really bothering me though - I wanted to fuck her into a coma. Or rather putting it in a less barbaric way, our separation after starting our new relationship made me realize just how much I loved her, and needed to show it.

So, with my upcoming break, I planned to fly back home as a surprise for her birthday and finally win her over; I'd have to settle with seeing her over video call like right now until then.

"Hi, honey. I'm not bothering you, am I?" Her smiling face popped up in the screen; she was sitting on the living room couch with a loose t-shirt, though I couldn't see her bottoms.

"What a silly question, that's like asking if flies like shit." I was sitting at the desk in my bedroom.

She tried to hold back a laugh. "Really, Aaron?" She shook her head. "You look like you're at your desk. Were you studying?"

"Ten minutes of studying is enough. Besides, I was seriously missing your pretty face after having to sit and stare at Professor. Lambert for two hours earlier." I shook my head. "I swear that man looks more and more like a toad every time I see him."

"A-Aaron, you have to take your studying seriously! I'm hanging up." Her finger started towards the screen.


She paused.

"I promise to study later; I seriously did miss you, Mom."

"What a mama's boy I've raised." The blonde sighed, her expression softening. "Fine... But you really do have to study after, okay?"

"I thought with us dating now that you'd lay off me a little bit." I sighed out loud.

She chuckled. "Well, you were severely mistaking. No man of mine is going to be a bum. And besides, I distinctly remember a passionate promise to take care of me, among other things." She raised an eyebrow.

"I mayhap possibly mentioned something or other of the sort..."

"I'm glad your memory is still intact. It's just a smidge too early for dementia at your age."

I smiled wryly. "Ah, yes. The famous Diane wit. How I've missed it."

She giggled. "Glad I could deliver."

We talked for a couple hours before her eyes widened at the time. "Oh my. I'm so sorry for keeping you, sweetie. I'm gonna let you go now – and now arguing this time."

"Alright, alright, study police." I smiled at her serious face. "But before you go... I have to know, what color panties are you wearing?"

Her cheeks got red at once. "Seriously, Aaron?"

"Come on. Don't you think I've been on my best behavior this whole video call? It'd be basically cruel and inhumane not to tell me at this point."

She rolled her eyes, laughing. "You do know I'm a lawyer, right? That was a very weak defense at best. But fine, I'll throw you a bone... they're black."

"Mmm. My favorite color."

"I thought it was blue?" She smirked.

"Well, it is, technically..." I smiled in resignation. "But I don't believe you."


"I request the plaintiff to show proof of their claim!"

She frowned. "Since when was I on trial?"

"Let the judge witness the plaintiff is stalling." I looked at my wall, then back to her.

The forty-two-year-old chewed her lip. "Hold on." Her phone's screen went to the ceiling before it went to a bird's eye view to show small, black panties that barely covered her crotch. "Happy now?"

"Not quite, but we're getting there." I grinned.

She put the screen back on her troubled face. "Aaron, you know I'm not comfortable doing stuff over the phone... It's so easy for hackers or whatever to access everything nowadays."

"Then, we'll give them a show."

"W-What? No, I'm not doing anything... You've already made me do plenty before."

The memory of seeing her fully naked just a few days ago on video call passed in my mind. Standing up, I set the smartphone upright on the desk to pull out my hardened dick. "Look at what seeing your panties did to me."

"Put that thing away, Aaron..." She chewed her bottom lip.

"It'll only take a sec. Just put your phone on the coffee table and spread your legs for me. Otherwise, I won't be able to focus on studying and I'll fail and end up homeless. Is that want you want, Mom?"

She snorted in disbelief. "Are you trying to guilt trip me into showing you my vagina?"

"That just goes to show you how bad I wanna see it." I began stroking my rod, feeling the pulsing veins.

My mother sighed. "Okay... but this is the last time. I'm serious. I don't want my vagina all over the internet." She set the phone on the living room table and settled back on the sofa, hugging her knees to herself and removing the panties to show her little twat.

She always says it's the last time. My dick swelled even more, seeing her exposed position. "Fuck... you are so sexy, Diane..." The words came out thick with lust.

"Don't talk like that, Aaron..." She groaned.

"Spread your pussy for me."

She pressed her lips together and put two fingers in an 'A' position to part her labia and reveal the pink flesh inside, and also the small hole near the bottom.

"I swear I'll never get tired of looking at your pussy. It's so pretty." My hand moved faster along my shaft, pre-cum oozing out the tip.

Her chest visibly pumped faster as she stared at my jerking; she started rubbing the slit between her legs a few moments after.

"You like watching your own son stroke his big cock?"

Her mouth opened a bit while she massaged faster, the slick sounds becoming audible the more her juices flowed out. "Mmm... yeah..." Several seconds into the mutual masturbation, her two digits sunk into her hot hole as her moans got louder.

She's really getting into it. "Fuck, Mom... I wish I could taste how wet you are and then spread you open with my fat dick. Would you like that?"

"Yes, sweetie..." The older woman tossed her head back in ecstasy, shutting her eyes and fingerfucking her snatch violently, causing liquid to splash out. "I bet your cock would fill me right up and make me cum in two seconds..." Her entire body tensed up all of a sudden. "Oh, oh, oh...!" A glob of secretions gushed out her pussy, darkening the couch sofa underneath.

My own release came soon after and sperm shot from my dick, falling to the floor. Shit. I'll have to clean that up. It was worth it though... I smiled at the honey-colored blonde attempting to catch her breath as she focused on me again. "That was better than usual."

She blushed, closing her legs again and lowering them. "How do I let you talk me into these things...?"

"Hey. You make it sound as if I'm forcing you, but you seem to enjoy it plenty." My smiled transformed into a knowing grin. "You should've seen the look on your face, admitting how much you wanted me."

"I-I'm hanging up!" She hurried to grab the phone. "Goodnight, I love you. And you better study."

The phone call ended a second later.

"Love you too..." I laughed and shook my head. "Guess I better study now."

Flying home only three days later, I hid behind the living room sofa for her to return to work.

The door creaked open a few minutes later and she stepped inside, making her way to the main room. "I'm not sure, Tracy... I'd rather just stay in for my birthday."

The phone was on speaker, so her friend's voice was loud and clear. "Ever since Aaron left you've been so depressed! If I knew any better, I'd say you two were dating."

"D-Don't be ridiculous! I'm hanging up!" My mom's flustered voice threatened to release the laugh I was holding.

"I was just joking, Diane - " Her voice was cut off as my mother did hang up.

"That was a close one, huh?" I emerged from my hiding spot behind the couch.

"A-Aaron!?" She stared at me as if I were a ghost. A second later, she rushed over to hug me. "I'm so happy you're here... I missed you so much..."

I laughed and wiped the tears from her face. "Then you should be smiling, not crying."

"You're right." She pulled back, using her shirt sleeve to dry the tears. "But what are you doing here?"

"I have a whole week-long break because of exams, so I wanted to surprise you." I grinned and put one hand on the side of her face.

"You know I usually don't like surprises... but this one is wonderful." She planted a loving kiss on me.

"Good. But I actually have another one."

"Hm? What is it?"

"You'll have to wait for your birthday to find out..." My hand caressed her cheek. "That is if you'll spend it with me of course."

"Of course I will, sweetheart." She kissed the hand that was on her face.

My mom's birthday came the next day and we went to the surprise location, pulling up to a nightclub's parking lot.

"Aaron... You know I'm not comfortable in these kind of settings..." She nervously twisted to me in the passenger's seat; on her was a tight, black dress that accentuated her athletic body.

"Trust me, Mom. You'll see why I brought you all the way out here soon."

She let out a weak groan but followed me inside the dimly-lit place anyway where we stood amongst a crowd of people. Not long after, the club's male host appeared on stage and announced the impending, musical act.

"Did he just say Yellow Magic would be playing!?" Her expression was like she discovered a leprechaun.

"Yup." I smiled wide.

"But how did you know I liked them? They were my favorite band back in college."

"You mentioned them to me once."

"And you remembered...?"

"Everything you say is important to me, so of course I did."

My mom was always strict about any PDA for obvious reasons, but she kissed me anyway. "You're the best, do you know that?" She placed her arms around my neck and put her forehead to mine.

"That's what I keep trying to tell you." A grin split my face.

We enjoyed her favorite band and then went home. And as soon as we stepped through the front door, I pressed her against the wall and stole her lips. She stiffened by the surprise attack but soon accepted it. Our tongues batted against each other, as we exchanged warm, syrupy spit. After a bit, my hand cupped one of her solid, doughy tit, and molded the soft flesh as I massaged it.

She struggled to break the kiss, breathing hard. "I-I think we should maybe stop, Aaron..."

Okay, here it goes. This is my best shot. "Mom... I've been really trying to respect your wishes and hold back, but I honestly can't anymore..." I stared into her eyes. "Not being able to be with the woman I love is just too much."

"I... want to be with you too, but I'm really scared to cross that line... What if things change between us? We can never go back...?" Her pupils trembled.

"Diane. You think way too much. If I had let my fear control me then our relationship would've never gotten to this point, right? For tonight, don't think about anything."

She nodded hesitantly. "I... love you..."

She actually accepted...? Yahoo! "And I love you." I smiled triumphantly and grabbed her hand. "Let's go to the bedroom."

There, we resumed our passionate kissing in the middle of her room until I snaked my hand up her dress, making her squirm and squeeze her legs together. "You're not wearing any panties?" I raised an eyebrow at her, only feeling skin.

"The ones I had were visible through my dress, so I decided to go without..." She blushed.

"Mmm. Easy access, I like it." I pressed two fingers against her warm, moist slit and rubbed. "You're already so wet too."

"Oh, Aaron... don't say that." She moaned and wrapped her arms around me tighter, while I moved my fingers along her pussy faster and harder. "Oh... no..." Her hot breath tickled my ear as her breathing got quicker, like she had just run a marathon.

I slid my index finger into her steaming hole after a bit, and then another, it greedily sucking them both in. From there, I jammed the pair of digits into her cunt, forcing her to grunt, like a tennis player returning a hard serve. Hearing my serious mom make such a slutty and rough noise made me fingerfuck her more violently. She even grabbed my wrist to help me reached deeper into her meat tunnel as her juices spilled out to cover my hand.

"Wow... I didn't know you could be such a slut, Diane." Our faces were only inches apart.

She drunkenly gazed into my eyes as if she were sleepwalking, still helping me stab my fingers into her slopping gash. A puddle of gooey liquid poured from it afterwards and darkened the carpet, but neither of us paid it any attention.

"Fuck, I can't wait anymore." I ripped her dress down.

She bit her lip, seeming to regain some of her senses and went to remove her heels.

"Leave them on." I grinned.

She timidly nodded and moved on the bed to lay on her back, her legs pressed together. Hurriedly, I removed my own clothes and climbed over her.

"Make sure to do it outside... okay?" She glanced at my condomless penis.

I was surprised by her willingness to have raw sex, but gratefully nodded and pressed my fat cock's head to her slippery vagina, her breathing speeding up again at the same time. An amazing sensation spread through my entire rod as it forcefully pierced and separated her folds. Only seconds later, it reached the very end of her squishy walls while they squeezed tightly on me.

"Oh god...!" My mother gripped the sheets under both hands and her back arched off the bed, like she was being beamed up by Scotty.

"Fuck, Mom... You're pussy's so tight..." I groaned, feeling her stretchy and warn tunnel grip my cock as I continuously pumped into her.

"Aaron..." She let out one more loud gasp when I abruptly pulled back to slam deep inside her. "You're so deep...!" Her hot, vaginal muscles massaged my girthy shaft with each powerful thrust.

And for the next several minutes, I stuffed myself in and out of her compact pussy until she suddenly tensed up under me.

"Fuck...! I'm cumming!" Suddenly, a spray of clear liquid shot from my mom as she convulsed.

Whether I was surprised by her squirting or language, I didn't know. She curled into a ball thereafter, breathing heavy.

"You cursed." I smiled. "Did it feel that good?"

She bit her lip, giving me a weary look, but didn't say anything.

"But I'm still hard. Come over here and suck me off." I ordered, my horniness forcing me to speak more direct.

After a moment of staring at it, she moved down to my twitching dick and swallowed up the entire thing. Loud and wet slurping sounds sounded into the quiet room from the intense cock sucking. Holy shit...! My mom was super aggressive in her blowjob, her spit dribbling all over my swollen rod and crotch. Her tongue was also gliding all over it, further sending waves of pleasure through its whole length, and making my balls tight.

"I'm gonna cum! Where do you want it?" I pulled my dick out in a hurry once the familiar sensation materialized.

"M-My face." Her bashful eyes looked up at me.

I stroked it a few times and shot my sperm all over her face as asked for. "Ah... that was amazing..."

She timidly reached up fingered the bubbly goo crawling down her.

"I've marked you. You're officially mine now." I grinned.

"I was yours already."

Her serious and unexpected answer made me freeze. "Good. Because I'm never letting you go."

She smiled wide, some of my busted nut lining down to the corner of her mouth. "I love you, Aaron."

"I love you too."

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