tagBDSMEarly in the Morning

Early in the Morning

byMoked Out©

The time was awhile back; I had been 'publicly rejected' (privately I was the most wanted and needed) by the majority of my girlfriends. In the various different circles of people I dealt with from my work I had many friends. The rejection was more of a masculine mind tease for these 'debutants' to keep their current, and more often than not loved, boy toys from being too jealous of me. Everywhere I went there was total chaos about my life at that time; the fucking paparazzi were the least of my worries with all my 'girls' worried about losing their current relationships (some I could have cared less for whatever reasons, but others I genuinely fretted over 'the public' breaking up two fragile minds that had found comfort with each other) with their loved ones because of me.

So at the time, in all the various different places, it was possible to hear everyone talking and or telling a story, ranging from business to fucking, about some guy and everyone of them with a different explicative curse word about me albeit good or bad. It was an interesting period of my life to say the least. I'd have girls requesting a 'divorce from me' and at the same time still expect me to come fuck them silly when ever they required... I even had one where we had just finished the most passionate love making session together in our lives, professed our undying loves unto each other; when she could finally stand up by herself from the fucking I just gave her she went to go get us each a drink. My super sexy self proclaimed slut for me only came back with divorce papers; simply astounding me because she forgot to bring me my drink. I made her fuck me to sign them too; well she forgot a writing utensil and by the time she had told me what the papers were for her mouth was already glued to my dick again mumbling how much she loved me. I don't think she wanted me to sign the papers; it took me four hours of fucking to wear her out enough to be able to get out of the grasp of her sweaty cum slickened body to be able to go find a pen.

So anyways; it was a difficult emotional time for many. I had one girl that still claimed me publicly, not that we were ever really in public together anyways. Most of the time I was working long hours into the night and her television career filled her time during the day. So we cherished all the time we could have together. When we first met we both knew we would always love each other. My Portia; and how I'd pamper my sexy baby. For the longest time I didn't even have to be protective of her; she didn't want to do anything unless I was there anyways. Eventually she got into television and movies; but that was for some time to come. Literally the only hard surface my baby would touch was me. She wore the most expensive, hardest to acquire finest velvets and silks known. The interior of 'her' limousine (and any other I had to order reupholstered if we were traveling and wanted to go out) was made of the same such materials so as to not crush and ruin her outfit for the day. My baby literally lived on a posh pedestal of luxury being pampered by me.

She was a little sub-dominatrix slut for me too; It still makes me laugh at the different velvet whips, ties, and binds she would design and have made for me to tease and torture her with until the smell of her sex combined with her begging and screaming for my cock to be shoved inside of her was so incessant that I would have to oblige her. Ah, the good old days. My work would take me everywhere and anywhere at a moments notice; people to see and things to do. The majority of the time it was sensitive stuff that only I could be able to do; it kind of reminds me of that 'Holiday Inn Express commercial' where the guy in the towel walks into the empty Military Airforce Hanger and says to the two Generals "And here it is gentlemen; the invisible air plane..." My work took me from international relations to supervising the security of the most exclusive private swing club that ever exists, Sion. Some days and nights I'd be busier than imaginable keeping tabs on the safety of people and things where bad situations could easily erupt into spiraling downfalls into economic depression and or wars at times. The complexity of the human mind is almost as baffling as how quick it's aptitude towards destruction is.

It would be funny because my 'bitch' would sit around waiting for me self tied with her legs spread wide humping one of her favorite toys on silken sheets hoping to surprise me... She'd be even more determined when she knew I'd be in late that day or night. I think her anticipation of me maybe getting home early got her off just as good as me fucking her did. Of course I'd watch her escapades as she'd hump herself to sleep waiting for me. It was one of the few good things I got to look at and think about while I was out working towards getting my clients 'self reliant' without them going off and starting a world war or offending some old family to make life long enemies. I don't know why; but I would always get home five to ten minutes after she'd fall asleep; no matter what. To her it was maddening; she hated waking up basically sleeping on me with my dick rubbing against her clit. She wanted to fuck me the minute I got home, but no matter what she'd fall asleep and in the morning I'd wake up with her bouncing on my dick as she yelled at me for being such an insensitive meanie.

Half drove her crazy I did with my long hours. At one point she enlisted the help of everyone she knew to try to see how come no matter what she did to wake herself up as I was getting in wouldn't work. The house got a second independent alarm system after that with her and her friends even monitoring the most up-to-date cameras and sensors because she wanted to be awake when I got home. No matter how hard she and anyone else tried; she'd always wake up hornier than hell in my arms astride me with my dick sliding against her sexy little wet mound of trimmed pubic hair. It was fun teasing her so, and I'd monitor her close specially sense she had 'enlisted the help of her friends'...Then one day she just couldn't do it anymore; we grew apart over time. It is not that she isn't still madly in love with me or me her; she just couldn't stand the long hours my work required of me at the time. It pissed her off even more that I couldn't even tell her what I did for a living; I would just ask if she's been watching the news. I don't blame her though; sometimes I can't stand it either.

It was interesting; it was through that second alarm system 'that got installed' that I saw them coming for me. It was a group of 'rouge agents and or mercenaries' who had reason to dislike me. I got them all before they got within two blocks of the place. Interestingly enough; the more problems I get come from the 'local policing agencies and offices' where being on the 'take' to pass out information is more of a common thing. It saddens me too though; because it is the little people (or proletariat) who benefit the most from all the work and effort I put into my job everyday. Even if whatever it was they leaked or did that compromised me seemed like the right thing to do from their perspective especially since they got offered that extra $10,000 dollars to pad their pockets. I think it is funny because I'd have paid 10 times that to have had known that the inquiry or etc. event had happened. I always went around reminding everyone; I am not the bad guy and I can pay a whole lot god damned more than anyone else (especially if they are of the group who want me disconnected). It is ironic to say the least.


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