Early Morning


Randy was at home after a grueling wrestling match. Something or someone was on his mind. It was Linda who had occupied his thoughts. He really missed being with her. His heart nearly broke when Linda was involved in a really bad car accident. Luckily, she survived with a few broken bones, none were life-threatening. He even thought of the time she stayed at his house for a few weeks while she recuperated. He was glad to look after her. He didn't mind doing anything and everything for her. That night, he called Linda on the phone and wanted to talk to her. She told him about how she was doing after the accident. She sounded upbeat because she not only fully recovered but she was also financially compensated from the accident.

Linda went home after the few weeks to recover and seek physical therapy. He then thought of aomething. Late that night, he went over to her house. The sun was about to rise when Randy quietly opened the door and walked up the stairs. Linda was in her bedroom, soundly sleeping. Being careful not to startle let alone wake her, he lightly touched her face with his fingertips. He knelt down to her bed and stroked her dark reddish-brown hair. He then softly kissed her face then down to her throat. Her blue eyes lightly fluttered open, slowly waking up.

"Randy? Is that you?" she softly spoke.

"It's me, Linda. I couldn't stop thinking about you last night. I just had to see you." He replied.

Randy carefully pulled her up and deeply kissed her lips. Linda then placed her hands on his back. He then moved his lips down to her neck, which was her weak spot. His hands ran through her hair as she sighed. She took his shirt off, wanting to feel his hot, hard body against her soft, feminine, curvy body. He took off his shoes and got into bed with her. He kissed her lips again, only more deeper and slower. While they kissed, his hands found her white wifebeater tank and slowly took it off her body. He kissed down from her neck to her pillowy, soft breasts. Linda's soft moans were like music to his ears. As he licked and sucked them some more, his hands cupped them. Her hands slowly slid up and down his muscular, tattooed arms while he continued to explore her body. His hands then moved down to her gray and baby blue drawstring shorts and took them off of her. He had gotten so turned on by her naked, womanly figure that he wanted to explore every inch of her with his mouth and tongue. Linda could feel his hardness growing against her belly through his jeans. She then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans as he laid on his back.

Once his cock was freed, Linda took her time tasting and licking him, giving his cock slow cat-like licks. He loudly moaned as he felt her mouth on him. His hands gently played with her hair as she went down on him. He enjoyed it but what he really wanted was to enjoy her. She took him out of her mouth and kissed his lips. His hands moved up and down her body as he positioned himself under her bare, hair-free cunt. He tasted her female honey that oozed from her cunt. He held her hips as he constantly licked in and out of her slit. She loudly moaned while his palms and fingers caressed her silky, creamy skin as he continued tasting her. Her juices coated his lips and tongue.

Then, he looked into her eyes and he said to her, "Linda, baby. I want you to cum on top of me."

She smiled as he slowly slipped inside her inch by inch with his cock. Linda was on top, riding him slow and easy. He watched in amazement as her body rocked against his, her body radiated by the rays of sunlight shining from her bedroom window. Her beauty shined with the sun. As she rode him on and on, her moans and groans intensified. He continued to touch her body as he got up and wrapped his arms around her. With his own strength, he carried her off of her bed and she rode him while he stood up. He placed kisses on her face, neck, and breasts as she reached climax.

"Come for me, baby." He whispered into her ear.

Her walls clamped onto his cock as he slid in and out of her. Randy held her tight as she had reached to her orgasm. He then gently laid her back down on the bed. He gave her lips one last deep kiss.

"So what made you want to see me this morning?" Linda asked Randy.

He softly stroked her medium-length hair, smiled, and said "I couldn't stop thinking of you. It made me really horny not being with you."

"I couldn't stop thinking of you either, Randy." Linda replied as she kissed him back.

"Since it's morning, I'll go and fix breakfast." She added as she was about to get up.

"Allow me. We'll have breakfast in bed together." Randy assured as he went downstairs to the kitchen.

Linda laid down on her bed as she smiled. It was really exciting yet unexpected to have Randy come over to see her in the morning, let alone have sex with her in her bed. However, she enjoyed him as well as he enjoyed her in the early morning.


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