tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEarly Morning Shopping

Early Morning Shopping


Last night while I was washing the coffee pot the glass decanter it broke. I just threw it and the coffee pot away. It was old and I would never find another decanter for it.

I knew that Easter was on Sunday and the Saturday before was going to be a super busy in the majority of stores. I would need to get my shopping done early.

I pretty much knew I was going to have a great day when I fixed my hair and was having a good hair day. I dressed in a sexy push up bra, a matching thong, a navy blue deep V neckline tee shirt and a short blue jean skirt. My shirt was just tight enough across my boobs to show off my erect nipples and it was low cut enough that it showed a lot of my cleavage.

Before I left, my daughter and her best friend came home. My daughter's friend said when she saw me, " Mom you look cute as hell in that!".

My daughter was like, "Mommm, are you going on a date this early?"

I just laughed and said. "No, just to Wal-mart." Being teenagers they were just running in and out. I got my keys and purse and left to get my shopping done.

I have to say that I did feel sexy in the clothes I was wearing. I got out of my car and walked across the parking lot to the store. Most of the time drivers in parking lots are rude, but immediately a man in a pickup truck stopped to let me cross at the entrance of the store.

I walked to the pet supply area to get dog and cat food. My dog is pretty spoiled and he gets to eat the good dog food, Cesar Cuisine. I reached on the top shelf for a box of twelve. I had noticed a man down the aisle looking at canned dog food. I felt his eyes on me and when I turned to put the box in my cart I looked at him,

He smiled and said, "I am not the only one here early for dog food huh."

We both laughed and he asked me what kind of dog I had, just idle chitchat. I guess he was about 6' and from where he was standing I knew he had the perfect view down my shirt. I felt my nipples harden just knowing they were being looked at.

I could not resist leaning some over the handle of the shopping cart, giving him a much better view. I got the feeling that he wanted to stand and talk but did not know how. I knew he was married because I could see a ring on his finger. I still enjoyed the fact that he wanted to look. I believe I made some comment about getting the rest of my shopping done and we went our separate ways.

I got the cat food and some dog treats, then left that area. I went down the Easter candy aisle to buy my daughter a chocolate rabbit. The one I wanted was on the top shelf and I am only 5'2 and I stepped on the bottom shelf and was trying to reach up to get it when I heard someone say, "Hey let me get that for you."

I noticed that his eyes was on the back of my skirt and as short as it was, I am sure he pretty able to see all of my legs and a curve of my ass. I stepped back down and he was already beside me reaching up for the rabbit.

He handed it to me and I saw his eyes look down my shirt. I was leaning forward and my breasts were spilling out of the top of my shirt. His eyes were glued to them and I felt my pussy tingle and become wet. I put the chocolate rabbit in the cart and told him to go ahead and get me another one while he was there. His eyes kept darting back at my breasts while he reached for the second one, my nipples were very visible.

I had just stood up straight when his wife walked down the aisle. I just thanked him for his assistance and left the area. I was very aroused and almost forgot the reason I was in the store at all.

I went to the coffee pots and was disappointed that I was the only one who seemed to need to shop in that area. While looking and comparing them, I took the opportunity to I choose one this time that does not need a glass decanter. The feeling of arousal stayed with me as I finished up the rest of my shopping.

The store was getting more crowded and I was glad to be almost finished. I headed to the checkout and before I could start taking my items out of the cart. There was a man and woman behind me. He kept looking at my legs and I would purposely bend over into the shopping cart to give him a better view.

I heard the woman clear her voice a couple of times and even heard her say, "Ralph"

I never looked around or acknowledged them but my state of arousal had grown. I knew that as soon as I got into my car I would do something about it.

I paid the cashier and left the store. I put my purchases into the trunk of my car and pushed the cart back to the cart area. I got into the car I could feel the wetness and my fingers found their way down to my aroused pussy. I rubbed my finger slowly over my clit and felt my lips swollen, warm and wet. I slid my index and middle fingers up inside of my pussy. Sliding it in and out each time teasing my clit by rubbing it in circles. Finally I slide my fingers deep inside and hold them there and using my other hand I tease and rub my clit. My fingers work faster, thrusting quick and hard. My muscles began to clench and my hips were moving back and forth and I feel more wetness and could not help myself from moaning out loud when I started to cum.

I sat there with my hands still on and in my pussy. Feeling the little clenches from my subsiding orgasm I sat there not caring that the parking lot had filled up and people were walking to and from the store. Fortunately I had some napkins in the console of my car. Using them I wiped the wetness from my hands and the outside of my pussy. Taking a few deep breaths I cranked the car and backed out of the parking space.

Turning onto the highway I felt sexy and satisfied until I saw about 5 trucks up ahead. My top was already low enough to show most of my boobs. My skirt was already showing all of my legs. I propped my left foot on a place on the side of the door and sat back as I drove close to the trucks.

I drove slowly by the trucks. I am not sure if the last truck in the line noticed but I know the others did. As I pulled along side the cab of the next truck, I could see the driver smiling and waving. Passing the other trucks I got waves and toots from their horns.

Even though I had just cum in the parking lot, exposing myself to the truckers was very stimulating. I drove the remainder of the way home and knew that after I put my purchases away, I would take the memory of the truckers and bring myself to climax again.

All in all my morning was very revitalizing and it was not even 9:00 AM.

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