tagLesbian SexEarly Morning Taste

Early Morning Taste


The day started off like any other, as usual I woke up late for my eight o'clock class, so I decided to skip it. Looking around the room, I could tell that Tabitha had not been home at all the night before. However, that wasn't unusual, our relationship was open and we were both free to go out with other people, or sleep with other people if we chose to. And with the thought of Tabitha naked, having sex with some faceless person running through my mind, I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower.

After my shower, I slowly made my way back to the room, wrapped only in a white towel that barely fell past my ass. Tabitha had gotten home and was standing in front of a fan, naked. Her hair blowing back away from her face, her eyes closed. She must have heard me enter the room because she turned around and smiled.

"Good morning," she said, "damn ain't it hot?"

"Morning," I mumbled, "yeah, it's pretty bad in here."

"When are they going to fix this air condition? I don't think I can handle another day with this heat."

"I don't see why you're complaining, you haven't slept in this heat for the last few nights, and during the day you just breeze in and out of here."

The tone of my voice surprised her, as she turned around, and slowly walked towards me. She let her fingers slowly caress my shoulder, as she toyed with the towel around me.

"Jealous, honey?" she whispered, a question asked so softly as not to warrant an answer, but I gave her one anyway.

Smiling slowly, my own hands moving until I cupped her pussy feeling her wetness on my hand, "Of course not, I have nothing to be jealous about because you always come back wet," I said slowly, one of my fingers working its way into her pussy, "aching," I pushed a second finger into her, "wanting," I began to push my fingers in and out of her pussy, slowly first then faster as I continued to speak, "why would that be, Tabby? Do your one night fucks just not satisfy you?" I withdrew my fingers from her pussy leaving her empty, my eyes on hers I slowly placed my fingers on my lips, smearing her juices on them, before licking them clean. My lips shiny with her cunt juices, she bent down, kissing me, her tongue licking my lips, tasting herself on me.

I opened my mouth under hers feeling her tongue caress mine. As we kissed passionately I felt the towel fall to the floor. Now we were both standing there naked, our flesh pressed tightly against each other. I moved one on my legs between the two of hers and pushed it up against her pussy. I felt her wetness on my thigh as she began to hump my leg.

She stepped back away from me slowly, her fingers intertwined with mine as we walked toward one of the beds in the room. Tabitha sat at the edge of the bed, as I stood between her two legs, her hands slowly moved up and down the sides of my hips and stomach until they reached my breasts. She took my breast into her hands slowly, gently caressing them, kneading them, her thumbs brushed against my hardened nipples, making them ache, a soft moan escaped from my lips.

"You have nothing to be jealous about, Bel. You're the only one that can make me feel this good. And just thinking about you gets me wet, thinking about how good you feel and how good you taste. It just drives me wild," Tabitha kept softly murmuring against my taut stomach as she placed soft, feathery kisses on my abdomen, her tongue gently licking. She made her way up to my taut nipples taking the right one into her mouth gently sucking on it, her teeth biting into it so that pain and pleasure intertwined and I moaned softly the sound coming from deep in my throat.

I moved my hands into her hair, feeling the texture of it as I pressed her face into my breasts. We stayed like that for several moments, with her lips wrapped around my nipple, her teeth scraping at it; my back slightly arched trying to get closer to her. We moved slowly onto the bed, me lying on top of her our breasts rubbing gently against each other, hardened nipple to hardened nipple, we kissed again her tongue moving inside my mouth, our tongues moving against the other as we tasted each other, fed off each other. Our bodies were gently moving together; our legs were intertwined as we both pressed our pussy against the other's.

I ended the kiss; looking into her eyes I smiled, my heart almost breaking by how much I loved her. I kissed her cheek moving my tongue along her jaw, breathing her scent in as I slowly kissed my way down her body. I suckled at her breasts first one then the other, biting her nipples gently, feeling her heartbeat quicken underneath my lips. Our hands were intertwined, I felt her tug at me and I looked up. Her eyes were half closed, clouded with passion, my breath became shallow just looking at her.

"Please," she whispered, her voice throaty, "let me taste you. Let's taste each other."

I shook my head, "No, I don't want you distracted." I smiled at her before I lowered my head and began to kiss my way down her stomach. I left a trail of wetness with my tongue as I moved down toward her bellybutton. I kissed her bellybutton, my tongue darting into it, my teeth gently biting down as I felt her shiver underneath my mouth. I had made my way down so that I was kneeling between her legs now; my hands were gently pushing her thighs apart so that she was wide open to me.

I leaned down and placed my mouth on her shaven pussy, kissing it as I would her mouth my tongue moving inside to taste her, one small taste. Tabitha moaned as my tongue moved out of her pussy, her taste and her scent were on my lips and I was intoxicated. Through the haze of want and need I could hear her whispering, begging, moaning, and I could hear my own shallow breathing and the fast paced beating of my heart. I opened up her pussy lips with my fingers as my tongue explored and tasted. I found her clit with my tongue and licked; my tongue moved in lazy circles around her clit before I sucked on it, drawing her clit between my teeth, biting down on it gently. I moved two fingers inside her pussy, not pushing in, just at her opening; my fingers moving slowly, in and out, up and down. I moved my tongue down to lick around my fingers as I pushed my fingers further into her.

I felt her hands on my head, pushing me into her. Her hips moved up pushing her pussy up towards my mouth, my fingers. I was drunk on her taste. Her whimpers and moans became louder, she was begging for release now. My fingers were moving in her pussy faster now, pushing deep inside. I curled my fingers touching the walls of her pussy, hearing her gasp. I caressed her softly, my thumb moving over her clit, pressing on it, as my fingers plunged into her.

I moved my head up so I could see her face, it was flushed, her eyes half closed, her mouth parted slightly, her breathing shallow. Her hands had moved to her breasts; she was pulling at her nipples, twisting them slightly.

"Please," she whispered past a moan. I could feel her pussy closing around my fingers; she was ready to cum. I plunged my fingers into her one last time, harshly, almost brutal. Tabitha cried out, gasping. I replaced my fingers with my mouth, moving my tongue into her. In and out of her, as far as it would go into her pussy. Moving my tongue in her, my fingers worked on her clit. Pinching gently, pulling softly, circling her clit.

With a guttural sound Tabitha began to cum. Her juices flowed into my mouth, my tongue lapping them up. She pushed my face into her pussy, my mouth, nose buried in her. I was surrounded by her sent, as I continued to lick her; her pussy contracting around my tongue.

Spent her body went slack. I kissed my way up her body; I kissed her my face wet with her juices. My tongue moved into her mouth; moaning softly she tasted herself.

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