The exhausted submissive still moans softly, hanging limply in her bonds, as she remains nicely secured to the metal support at one end of the new clothesline. After such a long and harsh session, amanda's mind is definitely in a fog: her vision, when she dares to open her eyes, seems clouded - not helped by the dimming light of sunset. The tightness of the corset does not help either, nor does the seemingly-tighter bondage belt she wears. her throat is dry and probably cracked like sun-baked mud, due both to dehydration and her many screams as the whips now hanging from the bondage belt were repeatedly applied all over her body. Fortunately, with the thick sheen of sweat still covering her body, the breeze helps to cool her now that the day's ordeal has passed.

And now here she stands (somewhat), attached to one end of the clothesline, her body still aching everywhere - even her hair seems to hurt. Hearing a soft sound, she forces herself to open her eyes and lift her head in the direction of the sound, and through her blurred vision and strands of hair sees her Master approaching with a blanket and a small cooler. Thinking that perhaps the play session is not yet completed, she closes her eyes again and allows her head to droop toward her chest, trying to rest as much as she can before the session continues.

her Master's gentle caress a few moments later is a pleasant surprise. Despite her exhaustion, she tries to press herself forward into His hands, which then quickly withdraw. The session is apparently not even close to finished, given her Master's response; she slumps again in her bonds, resigned to endure whatever is to happen to her next.

her Master unhooks a whip from the bondage belt. Even with her eyes closed, amanda knows it is the mini-bullwhip with the one-foot handle and two-foot single tail with the two-inch split end. Although much softer than before, her screams soon fill the air, her body instinctively fighting against the bonds as the corset seems to crush her heaving torso in her struggle to breathe between screams. The sheen of sweat thickens upon her, and her vision is even more blurred the few times she dares to open her eyes to see the mini-bullwhip ready to strike her again. The strikes continue until well after she has again fallen limp in her bonds and is unable to muster much more than a whimper from her painfully-parched throat.

The vicious flogging finally ends, and the mini-bullwhip is again snapped to a D-ring on the bondage belt. amanda simply tries to regroup mentally, tries to calm herself and internalize the pain of the whipping. Just as she has finally settled her mind and her body, her Master deposits several large ice cubes down the front of her panties, then presses Himself tightly to her and hugs her fiercely even as she dances about as much as she can to try to alleviate the cold burning. Every rapid breath is now quite painful due to her parched throat, yet holding her breath for a while is simply not an option.

As the last of the ice mercifully melts in her panties, her Master kneels at her feet and unbuckles the thick ankle cuffs, leaving them attached to the chain wrapped tightly around the base of the clothesline's support pole. Slowly, He licks the water trickling from the melting ice as He works His way up her legs. At her waist, He unbuckles the bondage belt and, leaving the whips attached, sets it aside before continuing to kiss and caress His way up the captive woman's body.

Once at her chest, her Master reaches behind the support pole and unsnaps one end of the thick, heavy chain which simultaneously forms her breast bondage and secures her torso to the pole. amanda is clearly a bit antsy to be free of her confinement, yet her Master moves VERY slowly as he unwraps the heavy chain, pausing often to reverently kiss or caress her.

At last, the chain removed and set aside with the bondage belt and whips, her Master unbuckles the thick wrist cuffs, leaving them connected to the D-rings on either end of the crossbar. Almost instantly, amanda slumps forward into His protective arms, and He is definitely ready to support her, helping her to lay down on the nearby blanket.

With most of the day's light now gone, the temperature of the mountainside air cools even more, much to amanda's delight. Reaching into the cooler, her Master retrieves a small sport bottle of cold water and gives it to the submissive so that she can begin to rehydrate herself. As she lays on the blanket and drinks slowly (albeit awkwardly since she lays on her stomach), He slowly undoes the lacing of her corset, spreading it to expose her back when finished and instantly relieving some of her body's aches.

Taking a wet washcloth from the cooler, her Master wrings out the excess water and slowly wipes the submissive's back to cool her a little faster. As the final rays of sunlight disappear from the sky, her Master cares gently for the aching submissive, and promises a warm bath followed by a light dinner once she feels strong enough to return to the cabin.

amanda knows that she will certainly sleep well tonight, a long, peaceful sleep she has definitely earned. Perhaps she has also earned a night sharing her Master's bed.

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