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Earned It


He was very methodical as he applied the ice to her ass cheeks. Slowly rubbing the cube over her skin while pinning her in position draped over one knee with his free arm as she tried to squirm away. The cold water from the melting ice drizzled down her ass cheeks and inner thigh, occasional drops finding their way down her crack and across her pouty lips. It was, by this point, impossible to tell which was her wetness and which was melted ice between her legs.

She mewed and pulled and struggled, but not that much. There was two reasons for this. The first was, she knew that if she did manage to get an arm free or a leg on the ground, the spanking to follow would be that much harsher. The second reason was. . .she had been a brat all day long so she had earned the spanking and by God, she was gonna get it.

She had started when he came home from work. He had his gray suit on that always made him look so reserved and clean cut. He had walked into their house and found her sex toys laying all over the floor. There was a dirty movie playing in the DVD player, carefully queued to a girl peeing outdoors. In front of the TV set was a big wet spot on the carpet. The implication was, although wrong, very clear to him.

He had not said a word. Instead he had drank the entire scene in and then walked to the kitchen to find her. There he found even more sex toys strewn about casually and smears of chocolate (suspiciously looking like chocolate hand prints) on the counter and fridge door. In the sink was a big ice dildo, now thawed and covered with strawberry lubricant.

Walking from the kitchen to the hall way he found a trail of clothing, starting with a shirt (his, with chocolate smears on the front) and then skirt. A few feet further there was a bra with the lace ripped and then a pair of panty hose with the crotch ripped out. At the bedroom door was her panties, wet with her cum, hung on the door knob.

Swinging the door inward, he expected to find her waiting there. Instead he saw the bedroom was pristine, not a thing out of place. More than anything, this worried him. Either she was not done yet or she had been so busy in other places that she hadn't gotten around to the bedroom. Either way, it did not bode well.

Walking into the master bedroom bathroom, he found the tub filled and the water long since cold. Rubber toys floated in the water and the floor was covered in a shallow pool. Someone had been having fun in the bathtub. A set of anal beads and a waterproof vibrator still were in the tub, along with a wax banana from the table center piece and a turkey baster. He stopped and tried to imagine what the hell was going on and gave up.

Puzzled that he had not heard her yet, he stood still and listened. He heard nothing, just the hum of the ceiling fan. Then. . .a tiny sound. He listened harder and tried to figure it out. . .figure out where it was coming from. There it was again. Distant. . .like through closed doors. Moaning. . .and then a beep. His car.

With hurried strides he went down the hall and to the garage. She was toying with him which, truth be told, had been amusing for at least 15 seconds before the anger set in. Slamming the garage door open he saw his beautiful 65 mustang, the bright, cherry red hood covered with chocolate hand prints. There was also some undefined wetness right at the edge that he had a fair idea of what it was. Sure enough, a dildo was laying on the ground under it and his suspicions were confirmed. She had cum on his hood and left.

The side door to the backyard was open. He walked out of it, good and mad now, but controlling his anger. Striding down the walk into the back yard he saw her there, sitting on the edge of the pool, covered in chocolate like she had been rubbing it over her body, chewing the last mouthful. As he started to speak she slipped to the side and into the water.

Damnit! He thought.

She popped back up after a few seconds and smiled at him.

"Oh.....Daddy! I didn't hear you come in!" She said in a gleeful innocent tone.

"Didn't. . . .?" Calm thoughts . . . calm mind . . . relax. . .breathe. . .

"Ya...I was swimming." She said and nodded in agreement with herself.

"Didn't. . ." That word was just choking him.

"Ya. . . welcome home!" She grinned.

The conversation degenerated from there. Unable to get past the word "Didn't" he began to grin and repeat it as he chuckled and pulled her out of the pool. She protested, saying that it was not her because she wasn't covered in chocolate, that maybe someone broke in and stole all their chocolate and these were all clues. It did not go over well.

So she found herself over his knee, ice being applied to her bare ass for a period of about twenty minutes or so. By this time, her ass felt frozen, numb. He pinched each cheek and when he got no immediate response, he tossed the last of the ice back into the bowl at his feet.

She pondered what he was doing. Making her numb seemed to defeat the purpose of a spanking. She squirmed and tried to look back and talk, to ask him what he was doing. He put a finger to her lips.

"Didn't." Was all he said and she got a bit worried.

She opened her mouth again to speak and the look he gave her made her close it again immediately. He smiled and pet her head and leaned down and kissed her forehead. Oh shit, she though, she was really in for it.

He pulled the hard plastic paddle out of the ice where it had been cooling since he began to ass freezing. Touching it to his lips, he grinned. It was nicely cold. He smiled and waited. She wiggled and tried to figure out what he was waiting for. He ass was slowly becoming not as numb, the warmth of the air was thawing her.

Then she started to squirm and wiggle even more. It felt like pins and needles in her ass cheeks as her ass thawed and the blood flow returned. It was stingy and itchy and. ..


She screamed out. The paddle hit her ass hard and the pins and needles burned into her as she thawed and was spanked and all of the sensation went into one big OUCH.





Each cheek soft and then each cheek hard. The sting seeming to resonate through her whole body and just bounce around inside her. As the paddle hit again and again, the cold of it emphasized the thawing sensation and made each blow hurt more and more. He was chuckling as she wailed and struggled, almost in earnest now. This hurt so bad.

The paddling seemed to blur and the individual smacks became one long burning sting with pulsating thumps. It was constant pain as he paddled her hard and fast now, working each cheek until she was shaking and then on to the next.

He mind spun as he popped her again and again, she couldn't tell if he was holding her hands back any more. She wasn't struggling, she was limp on him and sobbing. Her mind was clouded and unable to make any coherent sense. The paddles came faster and faster, harder and harder. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't.

She sobbed and cried as he spanked her. The tears seeming to be so cleansing. It was like each time he hit her and she sobbed, she was lighter, smaller, safer. His spanking was not slowing. He kept going through her tears. As the paddle struck her again and again, the tears stopped, she was empty of them. Now another sensation came through. Pure fire. Her ass was burning and that flowed through her. Soon her spine was alive with it and then her pussy.

She moaned and lifted her ass up to him to strike it. He swatted her hard enough to drive her back into his lap. She moaned and came on him, feeling the juices squishing out of her pussy. More. . .that was all her mind could focus on. She wanted more.

Raising her ass up he struck her again hard, this time with his bare hand. The feeling of his flesh striking hers made her shiver all over. He spanked her hard and fast, his bare hand all over her bare ass, the fire and pain shooting through her and oozing out her pussy along with her cum.

Moaning quietly, she found her voice was also tiny now. She was unable to make a loud noise. She mewed and whimpered as he spanked her all over. His hands struck so that her ass cheeks and cunt spread wide open. the cold air licked her and she trembled as an aftershock went through her. Hard, sweet spanks all over. Daddy loved her so much.

She woke up, unsure of when she had gone blank. Her ass hurt and she knew she would have the deep bruises to show for the spanking for many days. Her body was like limp pasta and didn't really listen to her commands to move to well. With great effort she opened her eyes and saw she was curled in his lap and he was stroking her hair.

"I was bad girl." She whispered.

"I know." He said tenderly.

"I wanted a spanking." She confessed.

"I know." He smiled.

"I sorry."

"I know." He kissed her forehead.

Now everything was all right in the world. She was forgiven.

There was a long pause.

"But why the car?" He asked finally.

She giggled and snuggled into him.

"No...seriously. . .the car is off limits." He said as she buried her face into his chest. She giggled and pointed at the end table by the couch.

He shook his head. An empty box of chocolate covered cherries. His car was his cherry. She giggled and grinned proudly as she saw he got it.

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