tagBDSMEarning Freedom Ch. 01

Earning Freedom Ch. 01


I was once the innocent church girl until I met him. Now I call him Master. Still refusing sex till the ring is on my finger, but giving him so much more than I could ever imagine. Many people see submitting as weak, not realizing how empowering and carefree it actually is. There cannot be pleasure without pain, but the way I see it, giving pain is a form of love. So, after 4 tough years of hiding marks and our entire relationship from our parents, we moved in together. We even started talking about marriage, but that is at least a year away. I'm really just focusing on the now.

Each day before work I have to do my chores such as cleaning our room, cleaning the toys and making sure Master or Sir, if so requested, has breakfast. This particular morning I settled for eggs on toast as I was almost late. I left my room and toys for after work, because this meeting was very important. I drop off the breakfast, kiss him goodbye, rush to my meeting and show up just in time.

Work was dull, as ever. Usually I come home before Master does and my job is to make sure he has dinner when he gets home. That's why it was so strange to see him waiting for me on the couch when I got home.

"Aren't you going to greet?" he asks firmly.

Silently I walk up to him, go down on my knees and kiss his hands and feet. "Good afternoon, Master, I hope your day went well. Is there anything I can do for you?" He ignores me, so I stay on my knees, hoping that his mood has nothing to do with me.

He stands up, "I'll get us a drink. Please make yourself comfortable. We need to talk."

Suddenly my worst fear came true and I knew what came next. Master doesn't 'talk'. The only 'talking' happening between us is either after or while I'm receiving a punishment. He sits quietly on the couch and puts both drinks next to him.

"Tell me, is there a reason for your attitude problem?" he asks.

I freeze. "I don't understand, sir. I'm always obe-"

"No you're not!" He grabs my neck and pushes me up against the wall. "This has been going on for a week! And this morning you decided to just leave all your chores?!" I gasp for air and he gives me a stern look, "Drink." As he lets me go, he hands me water and a pill that I've never seen before. I drink it, knowing that if I didn't do it willingly, he would probably force it down my throat and I don't want that.

The next thing I knew, I was locked up in a room, chained naked to the wall by my wrists and ankles. He must've given me some kind of sleeping pill or something, because I don't remember willingly surrendering to the chains.

"Please just let me go sir!" I pull at the chains, "Please! I'll do anything!" There was no reaction, at least not immediately. I sweep the room with my eyes for clues and my attention is on the small table in front of me. I can't see much, but there's a gag and a whip. "Let me out!" I kick and scream to try and get his attention. The door unlocks and opens. I hear it slam and footsteps coming toward me. "Please sir-" before I could finish the request I feel a hard slap across my cheek. I'm silent, very afraid of his plans for me.

"Open your mouth, slut" he demands while unzipping his pants.

"Yes sir." I oblige and he enters my mouth deeply. He pulls out slowly and I keep my mouth wide open. He forces me down so I'm gagging and moaning under his grip. Being throatfucked by Master is an exhilarating feeling and my body is begging for more. He grabs a chunk of my hair and forces my head up and down fast. I'm being treated like a dirty slut, his dirty slut. I moan loudly as he takes what he wants from me without hesitation. After a while the warmth of Master's cum fills my mouth, but before I swallow he stops me.

"Keep it in there and open up" he orders and I obey. He inspects my mouth and fetches the gag. "Now, you will receive your punishment, but I want you to remember exactly who you belong to" and he grabs my face, "So you will keep that lovely cum in your mouth along with the gag." He straps on the gag tightly and moves me away from the cold, cement wall so my back is bare and showing. He helps me onto my knees and forces my legs as far open as they can go.

"I really hope you don't disobey me again, you little whore. Otherwise this will become a usual occurrence." And with that the first strike hits the middle of my back. My muffled scream fills the room as red stripes cover my whole back. He stops after a while and stands beside one of my arms, which is stretched out to the wall. He trails the length of my arm with the leather up until my chin and tilts my head up so I'm looking into his eyes. "Oh how I love to hear you scream" he says with a wicked smile and I can't help but blush.

He starts whipping me again, giving each arm a couple of lashings. Just when I thought it was over, he stood next to my right thigh and I knew exactly what he was planning. With each lashing my inner thighs burned and my screaming intensified. By the time he was done with me my mouth and the rest of my body from my neck downward was in immense pain. He immediately told me to swallow the cum I was storing in my mouth and sit against the wall. The cement really is freezing.

"Now, listen carefully" he instructs, "This is your home for the next 7 days. You won't be receiving any privileges here and don't even try begging. Only I shall decide when your behavior allows you to receive anything. Don't worry, I notified your work of the leave your taking and they're fine with it. Now, it's getting late so sleep well in these chains. I need you rested for tomorrow." He slams the door behind him, leaving me bound and silent in the dark.

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by Anonymous

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by dreamer336601/16/18


There was no after care after the beating she took...not good.

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by Anonymous01/13/18

seems to be

Non consensual. First he drugs her then he whips her and leaves her restrained. Dies not represent a healthy bdsm relationship.

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by CuteyLove01/12/18


The way I see it it's not abuse, but I do understand why you see it that way. I haven't gone into much detail about anything. Some of the things are personal to me and I'm really not trying to delivermore...

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by desj01/12/18

Thanks for commenting back please understand do like and hope for more

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by Anonymous01/12/18

There is no reason given for this 'punishment.' Nothing written indicates an attitude, only the mild interference of real life. Even with what is given, the punishment is wildly out of line, dangerouslymore...

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