tagLesbian SexEarning Her Place in the Coven Ch. 02

Earning Her Place in the Coven Ch. 02


'You cannot seriously be thinking of letting Radstone Industries buy Z-Tech!!!'; Sara said to the oriental girl, exasperated at her obstinate approach. 'At the Commission, Miss Blake, we have stringent rules, and based on those, I have autonomy to determine whether to block your clients bid. Sara looked at the girl and could sense something was not right. Her client Hu Tech had made a larger offer for the distressed company and had agreed to take the liability and guaranteed no employees would lose their jobs. By far it was the better offer, considering Radstones reputation for asset stripping and sending the jobs overseas. Sara looked at Leanne and could sense she was not too pleased with this woman's position either.

After almost 18 months of servitude to Leanne, Sara was able to sense when they woman was planning and knew something was about to happen. Leanne looked at the woman and wordlessly got up and left the room, leaving Sara with Minnie, the Federal Trade Commissions representative on this case. Z-Tech was a flagship Silicon Valley Company that had management who believed they were indestructible. Sara wondered if at board meetings the directors had gotten their cocks out and measured them to see if they got bigger with each bold move they made. She remembered reading at the winding up petition how the abuses of privilege by the directors had gotten so bad that they had stolen the employee pension fund to pay for their lifestyles. At the meeting with Hu Tech and the Coven's strategy committee she had learnt that Z-Tech had some patents that could get them out of trouble and that the Governor had insisted that this company not go overseas.

When she had queried with Mistress Leanne that Hu Tech sounded like it was a Chinese company and who knew what they would do with the company, Leanne had told her not to worry about Hu Tech and she would be told all in good time. Her tone told Sara she was not to debate or pursue this line of thought, and 18 months of servitude had told her when to push and when not to!!

'Hu Tech has guaranteed the pensions shortfall and that no assets would be sold as well as guaranteeing no redundancy's whereas Radstone is famous and controversial for buying distressed companies and stripping them Miss Shoo, how can you, as the regulator rule against my client on grounds of not in the public interest.' Sara pointed out, exasperated that after two hours and three months of haranguing the FTC she was getting nowhere.

'Well Miss Blake, we at the FTC do not agree with your clients position and feel that it is most definitely in the public interest if...' As she was responding Minnie's mobile started buzzing and she picked it up and looked at the number all nervously. 'Excuse me Miss Blake, I have to take this' she said as she picked up the phone and retreated to the far end of the room. Sara turned to see Leanne return and smiled at her.

'OK Sara, we are done, we have nothing more to say to Miss Shoo let's get out of here.' As she spoke Leanne picked up her file and waited for Sara. Both looked at the woman in the corner and watched as she hung up the line, pretended to smile and approach them again. 'Maybe we can reconvene to discuss this again next week and see if we can find a way for you not to push this to litigation. I will discuss with my colleagues and contact you for a follow up meeting?' As she said this Leanne looked at her and said, 'that will be fine Miss Shoo, thank you for your time this afternoon, however we will let you know when we are ready to meet as Sara is off on holiday for a few weeks and my diary is full. Have a good day.' With that both women left and went to Leanne's office.

Leanne looked at Sara as she sat behind her desk and smiled at her, 'You all packed for Hawaii?' Sara nodded as she sat down, ' I cannot understand her position. The Hu Tech offer is the best one on the table and will cause no media publicity. If she back Radstone the press will have a field day with her!!' Leanne listened to her voice mail and made some notes, 'before you go on holiday, take the rest of the day off and prepare. The car will pick you up at 9.00pm tonight.' Sara nodded and walked from Leanne's office. It always amazed her how Leanne was able to be so professional with her in the office and not let on to any of her colleagues how things were with her. She was amazed how she had dealt with the whole Christmas affair and how Robert had tried to force Sara into the records room, even though Sara was fighting him off. There was not even a rumour in the office about any relationship between Sara and Leanne, and considering how once a week Sara would perform for Leanne in her office it only made her smile more.

She remembered how after the SEC case Leanne had been so frustrated that she had fucked her Sara over her desk half the afternoon and made Sara orgasm and orgasm without anyone in the office even suspecting, even when the senior partner had called and they had talked on the phone for ten minutes.

As she packed up and left she shuddered remembering how Diane, Leanne's driver had abused her that weekend Leanne had to leave at short notice. She remembered being taken to the Lesbian bar that Diane hung around at and was passed around as the evening's mare. She still wondered if Diane had shown Leanne the recording she had taken of Sara being ridden by all those different women until she passed out. Sara had made a note not to piss Diane off anymore after that and let her do as she pleased, whenever she pleased.

Arriving home she made sure all her travel papers were in order and placed them on top of her suitcases. Sara looked out of her apartment over the bay bridge and smiled. This was the life, she thought. A top of the range sports car as her day to day run around, a three million dollar apartment paid for and in her name, a nice portfolio of stock and a hectic social life, which made her ability to focus on her work and be unbeaten in the courts all the more tuned to success. The final icing on the cake had been when Leanne told her, that although only a junior partner, she could use the company estate in Hawaii for a well-deserved break. Sara had jumped at it and had rushed out to shop for new relaxation outfits.

Sara finished her wine and got up from the balcony and went to shower. She had a few hours to prepare and would take her time. In the eighteen months since Leanne had owned her, Sara had learnt a great deal. Not only in the office but also as Leanne's personnel slut. She had never realised that just from being used like that and only her mouth and ass working could she receive such pleasure. She remembered the time that Sara had been taken to the Governors Mansion that evening and finally met the Mistress of the coven. Dressed in her usual leather skirt, leather top and restraints Sara had been leashed and led in. Her face a beet red of embarrassment when she had walked into the governor as his wife used him. The most powerful man in the area bent over the desk his wife preparing his ass.'

She snapped out of her reverie and jumped out of the shower, her whole body tingling. It had been almost a month since she had been fucked and she was so horny. As she finished applying her make up and was putting the restraints on she heard the doorbell and looked out to see the car was here. Walking to the door she answered and saw the stunning red head Diane dressed as a chauffer and was stunned at how someone so stunning could be such a bitch. She knew not to say a word to Diane and followed her to the car. Diane, having closed the door on Sara got in and drove to the estate.

Sara always marvelled at the size of the estate and how classy Leanne always seemed. After almost two years of taking this road Sara never managed to understand how the beauty, majesty and power tingled through her when she took this route. Although Leanne had told her she could be a nasty bitch she had never once been brutalised by her and had come to love her in her own way. The sex was mind blowing, the control was without reservation and humiliation was never outside of the confines of the coven. In her two years she had begun to see how much of a powerhouse, both politically and financially, was the organisation she served. Whilst she had not met many people within it she had advised and helped to shape the structure of the organisation and had grown up a lot under Leanne's tutelage.

Diane led her into Leanne's home office and Sara immediately lowered her eyes and head as Leanne had trained her to. In private she was rarely allowed to look directly at her Mistress until she had been instructed to do so. 'Prepare her Diane while I change,' was all she heard as Leanne left the room. Diane removed her coat and let it fall to the floor. She knew that Diane loved seeing her dressed like this whore and sometimes had even tried to seduce her. Whilst a nice compliment, she did not feel she needed to comply with Diane and this had caused the girls some friction. One day... was all Sara thought a lot when she was alone with Diane. Diane led her over to Leanne's desk and stood behind her. Sliding her down Sara's back she removed her bra and bent her over the desk.

Having done this many times, Sara knew what to do and bent over the desk until her tits touched the cold glass surface and moaned in exquisite pleasure as the coolness found her soft spot. She spread her arms to each end of the desk and felt Diane's tits touch her back as she leaned over her and attached the clip to Sara's leather restraint around her wrist. As Diane moved to her other restraint she leaned close and nibbled Sara's ear as she whispered, 'one day slut, it will be you and I like this and then we will see.' Sara knew she was being baited and chose not to respond as her other wrist was restrained. Diane slide down her body and licked down her spine as she did and attached the ankle chains to each ankle so that Sara was now splayed over the desk. As Diane licked her way up her leg to her ass, Sara was moaning as the door opened and Mistress returned. Diane got up and started to leave the room, when Leanne spoke. 'You will be here this evening Diane, please prepare the room for our guest, she will be here soon.'

Sara forced herself not to look up and wondered what the evening had planned for her. 'You may look up slut, this is going to be a life changing night for both of us and I want you to remember it all.' As she listened Sara looked up and saw Mistress dressed from head to foot in a figure hugging red leather outfit. She was always amazed how Leanne's tits made her want to suck and suck and how she always looked so horny. She looked down and saw the strap on cock and realised that this had been the one that had been used that one and only time to break Sara in as Mistress's property. Looking round she saw Diane strip to her slip and then begin to prepare the room as she had been instructed.

Before she could follow Diane's progress Sara felt Mistress behind her licking her spine and her hands surround Sara and fondle her tits with such pleasure and coldness that it took Sara a moment to realise that Mistress had placed an ice cube in each palm as she fondled and cupped her breasts. 'Slut, I have to tell you that you have made me proud and I am pleased that you came into my life.' As she listened Sara moaned and felt her body rise to the way her Mistress was arousing her and speaking to her. She felt Mistress wrap her hand in her hair and forced her to look up at the big screen and a collage of Sara being used over the last eighteen months at her hands. The big party at Christmas, the time she and the governed had been bent over the desk and mounted next to each other and many other training sessions.

As she watched a portion of her mind listened to her Mistress, something she had trained herself to do, especially as Mistress always imparted knowledge to her as she rode her. ' Enjoy me riding you slut, this weekend with me will be your last.' As she said this Sara jerked up shocked and felt Mistress slap each cheek with her paddle forcing her back to her riding stance (as Mistress called it). 'Don't start showing disrespect slut, not after all my training.' Sara mind was trying to comprehend the 'this weekend will be your last'.

As she assumed her position she felt her tits touch the cold glass after the ice and moaned in pleasure as she tried to listen. 'Before I left the office today I resigned my role as Partner in the firm in place of you. You are now effectively to be my replacement. The announcement will be made next week. With the position goes all of this slut, the house, the car, the seat on the coven and of course Diane.' As Sara listened to this she took a moment to look at Diane who stood shocked as she prepared the chains from the ceiling eye. There eyes met and Sara knew that Diane could see the malevolence on her face and smiled at the last comment Diane had made, thinking to herself "I guess one day it will be you and I here like this bitch!!" she mentally said to Diane. As Mistress spoke she licked down her spine and spread her cheeks as she started to slide her tongue on her sphincter. Sara groaned at the pleasure and at the information her mind was processing.

Nonchalantly, she heard Mistress continue speaking 'I will be the new Chief Executive of Hu Tech Industries and expand that operation. Now that you are taking a senior role in the coven, you will be privy to many secrets. One of which is that, although people think Hu Tech is a Chinese conglomerate, it is not. The coven and our colleagues in the Far East front own it the organisation. That is why we wanted to buy Z-Tech industries, and why we will get it'. As she finished speaking, Sara felt Mistress slide up her body and felt the cock graze her thigh as Mistress rubbed her leather covered ebony skin over her marble white aroused body. She snuck a peek in the mirror and felt so aroused to be dominated like this.

'As the new Partner you will begin to learn a lot more, including who other members of the coven are. Both in the firm and in the area.' As she spoke Sara looked up at one of the screens and saw Mistress pour oil on the cock and prepare it. It had been almost two years since this monster had invaded her and Sara wondered if she could overcome her fear of it, and realised now, why it had not been used on her since. as Sara jumped she realised that Mistress had noticed her mind wandering and concentrated. 'Now, the reason why Miss Shoo had to take that call today was because when I left I spoke to the Mistress and informed her about Miss Shoo. She called her and told Miss Shoo to present herself here this evening for my questioning. She does not know who she is coming to see nor why.

As you know Slut, in the coven, OBEDIENCE is everything!!' With that shouted word Sara felt her Mistress wrap her hands hard on her tits and slowly force the cock into her ass. She moaned and held her body rigid and her ass relaxed so that she could get this moment of pain over with. She looked up and saw in the screen her Mistress take what was hers and saw the cock slide in slow. Sara screamed as it hit that point at which resistance was natural and tried to relax more so the pain would stop. 'Slut, if I have to withdraw this cock, you will be punished for the next two days!!!' With that Mistress forced herself onto Sara as Sara screamed. Suddenly she felt the harness and Mistresses leather caress her ass and realised that she was now filled.

'That's better,' as she said this Sara felt Mistress start the slow rhythmic movement of Mistress fucking her doggie style and knew she had better not cum yet. 'Now, when Miss Shoo gets here we will question her and find out why she is so adamant on Radstone, then we will tell her to drop her reticence over Hu Tech. Within five years the plan is for Hu Tech to revitalise Z Tech and get it back up and running.' As she instructed her Slut, Mistress rode her slowly. Knowing she had plenty of time this evening and that the years of training Sara had been rewarded with a true slut and a controlled one. 'You will conduct the training and questioning slut of Miss Shoo, so that I can see you are ready for your next journey.' As Sara heard this, her body reacted and followed the rhythm and from somewhere with in her Sara screamed and screamed, 'Please Mistress, fuck your slut, use her, I love you. Please do not leave me, when you broke me you took me as your personal bitch.' Over and over she said this as Mistress licked her back and dug her nails into sluts tits all the while riding her ass.

As Mistress slowed her pace, Sara heard the doorbell and looked up to see Diane and herself being fucked on the large screen behind the woman. She saw Mistress nod and Diane head to the door.' Bring her in as soon as you let her in Diane, but do not speak to her.' As Sara heard this she realised that this new woman was about to see Sara as the slut she was with her Mistress riding her and fucking her ass and she tried to move and get up. She knew this was useless as Diane had bound her well and Mistress was on her fucking her. The pain was now gone and Mistress was pounding her sluts ass.'

As her first orgasm began to rack her body she felt Mistress pull her hair in the way she had been trained, and knew she now had permission to cum. She fell onto the table and stood on her toes as her body submitted to the pounding her Mistress was giving her and Sara's body experienced her first soulful orgasm in a month and screamed 'fuck me Mistress, use your slut please!!' as she came. Looking directly into Miss Shoo's eyes as she climaxed. She saw the fear in the oriental girls eyes and smiled as Mistress pounded her into the desk. 'Diane hang her up and prepare her while I ride my slut again and make sure she watches it all'. Sara watched as Diane stripped the girl and led her to the chains hanging from the ceiling. As she looked at her Sara saw the roundness of the girls ass and how petite yet beautiful she was.

As she watched her she felt Mistress bunch her hand in her hair and leaned back more and buried her chest into the desk so Mistress could ride her in this new position, one she knew Mistress enjoyed. 'Good slut' Mistress said as she took the crop and rode her property like she would a horse. Slow at first then faster all the while tanning her ass with the leather crop. As Sara felt her next orgasm prepare to rock her she looked at Diane as she chained the oriental girls hands over her head and looked at her body. Her hair was long and hips small as well as small tits. As Sara looked at her tits she saw the letters BIT on right nipple and as her mind registered this, Mistress nibbled her ear and said 'That's right slut, she belongs to us, and will tell me what is going on tonight before she leaves.'

The combination of sex, control and power Mistress was displaying her, as well as the humiliation of another seeing her ass pounded made Sara orgasm harder than she ever had before and she screamed as she did passing out as she did. Never had her mind registered that sex would be this good. Power was the ultimate aphrodisiac as far as Sara was concerned. As Sara's mind woke she heard herself panting and felt emptiness in her as she realised Mistress had now removed the cock from her ass. She felt Mistress behind her caressing her hair as she started kissing her neck and back. Licking up her spine she felt Mistress nibble her ear and started to get aroused again. 'I resigned slut, this bitch is your problem. Find out what the problem is and address this issue.' As she said this, Sara felt Mistress lean back and felt the coldness as Mistress withdrew from close proximity. Sara looked up and in the screen saw Mistress slowly undressing.

She looked at the girl and past her to see Diane standing away from the girl next to the table with the toys on. 'Use the whip Diane, but do not mark her' Sara heard herself say hoarsely as she tried to regain her composure (tied spread like whore!!! she mused). She saw the fear in the girl's eyes and before she could say anything Diane had picked up the whip and the first crack noise heard in the room ended upon the oriental girls buttock. Sara watched as the girl screamed each time the whip touched her ass and she marvelled at the expertise with which Diane used the item.

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