tagLesbian SexEarning Her Place in the Coven Ch. 03

Earning Her Place in the Coven Ch. 03


Sara smiled as the water caressed her skin and the heat massaged her muscles after being bound. She lathered the douche and slowly and carefully caressed her ass cheeks and smiled reminiscing that it had not even been an hour ago that Mistress had been riding her as 'her personal mare' as Leanne had sometime joked.

Enjoying the shower, she wondered how Diane was enjoying herself hanging from the ceiling bar on tiptoe.

She stepped from the shower and slowly dried herself as she looked at herself in the mirror. The work with the trainer was making her into a very satisfied woman physically and she knew that she was ready for some fun. The idea that this was all hers now was such a turn on for her that she was so turned on while she oiled her skin. She sauntered into the master bedroom to see Diane hanging from the bar in the windowed bay area. She walked to her and saw her in the moonlight as the light shone through the all window bay. She walked to Diane and looked in her eyes as she slid her hand over Diane's skin. She heard the involuntary moan from Diane's mouth as her cool hand caressed her nipples and down her skin. Her hand came to rest on Diane's shaved pussy and Sara looked directly in the bound girls eyes as she teased and caressed her.

Sara moved to the armoire and keyed in the code for the electric lock and nonchalantly opened the cupboard and saw all the toys in there. She picked up the leather belt and smelt it. Wondering if she could truly smell her self on it or was that her mind trying to just remind her how many times her Mistress had used this on her. She remembered Mistress saying to her that for each newbie she received she always bought a new item and it was special for only that slave. She wondered if the heat she felt on her ass was real or just her mind remembering the amount of times she had been bent over and belted using the item specially made for her.

She pushed the leather covered wooden horse from the corner toward Diane and saw the look in her eyes as the girl realised what was to happen. Sara pushed the item so it was touching her body then slowly walked to the wall where the chain was anchored holding Diane up. As she slowly walked to it she felt her silk robe rub against her nipples sending a jolt of pleasure through her. She pressed the button on the wall and saw Diane slowly being lowered. She let out some of the chain and saw Diane leaning against the horse trying to get some feeling back in her arms. 'Bend over it bitch and grab the legs with your hands.' As she said this Sara walked back to her toys and picked up the leather restraints. She walked back to Diane and leaned over her prostrate body letting her body caress the tall girl bent over. Teasing her she took her wrist and attached the leather around the girls wrists one at a time. Slowly walking around her she kneeled in front of Diane and attached the link from Diane's restraint to the leg ensuring she was secure. Doing the same with the other wrist Sara leaned forward and secured her legs then stood and saw the girl doubled over.

She walked around the bound girl and raked nails over her skin. She leaned forward and licked down Diane's back and leaned in close between her legs and tasted her pussy using her tongue the way she had been trained. She heard Diane gasp and moan as she continued assaulting her pussy. 'I am sorry for that night Mistress...' Diane gasped as she was assaulted and felt the two fingers bringing her closer to orgasm as her clit was licked, sucked and nibbled. Oh my god, thought Diane, ' Mistress, please ... please.. please,,,', was all she could utter. 'Fuckkkk... that is great, please Mistresssss... I need to cum.... I beg you...', she screamed as Sara assaulted her pussy and clit with her tongue and fingers, bound and open and unable to fight, helpless as she was.

As quick as she had started Sara stopped and stood up bringing Diane's pleasure to an abrupt and cruel end, knowing how close the girl had been. She leaned in close to her ear 'comm.? slut comm.? not until I say and not until I am ready. Understand slut?' As she said slut, Sara brought the belt down on Diane's ass cheek and heard the resounding slap as the leather met with skin and heard Diane gasp in surprise. 'They say payback is a bitch, and I remember that night you humiliated me at that dyke bar with your friends.' As Sara spoke she began the slow cadence of thrashing Diane's right cheek, seeing the mark the belt was leaving and hearing Diane moan and then begin to scream as her mind registered the humiliating beating she was being given. Aside from Mistress, no one had ever dared lay a hand on the tall girl and her mind clouded over with anger as she hissed, 'You fucking slut, let me go or I will kill you, no one has ever done this to me.' Sara laughed as she pulled her hand back and started going to town on her other cheek. Letting the girl rant under her and seeing the fight in her as she pulled at the restraints. As quickly as she had started Sara stopped. She leaned forward and blew on Diane's red ass cheeks and licked each cheek caressing it.

She slid her hand between Diane's legs as the girl calmed and licked her red ass, 'Who owns you slave?' She said as she blew between her bound spread legs and teased her clit with her nails. She could feel the mix of emotions going through Diane's body as the pleasure and pain blurred in to one motion for her and could picture the argument flowing through the dykes mind as she fought to not answer. Sara smiled as she stood. Dropping her robe to the floor she leant forward and wrapped her body over Diane's, letting the girl feel her cool skin on her beaten body. She heard the girl moan and wrapped a hand in her hair and pulled her head up hard by the tresses. 'I will ask you one more time whore who owns you, and you will answer. If not all your friends from the bar will be here within the hour and you know how dirty they can be.' As she said this in a hoarse whisper in the girls ear Sara nibbled her ear and licked it. Pulling her hair hard she began counting. 'FIVE...FOUR.THR...' , 'You do Mistress Sara was all she heard Diane almost scream out before she could finish the count

Sara pulled Diane's hair and forced the bound girl to look in her eyes. She knew that Diane had been broken in by Mistress and that the second time was much easier, because the girl had been given and as such she knew she was close to achieving her desire of establishing dominance over her personal property. Sliding free of her bound property she retrieved her silk robe and left the room to fetch herself a glass of wine letting the bound girl ponder her predicament. She returned a while later to see the marks on Diane's ass and took a piece of ice from her wine and massaged the redness. She heard Diane scream and moan as the ice felt like fire for the one moment it touched her before realisation kicked in that it was actually ice. Sara put the drink down and walked to the cupboard and picked up the spreader bar with the chain running through it and the cuffs extending from it. She walked back to Diane and unclipped her wrists.' Stand up slut and give me your wrists.'

In her mind Sara was extremely aroused and began to realise that the Coven was her place and she would do nothing to jeopardise it as it gave her power, money and a slave with a body to die for. She smiled as Diane stood and glared at her as she pushed her wrists out. Sara attached the spreader to the chain and then attached Diane's wrists wide to the bar. 'Only two more reminders tonight my pet then we can go to bed where you can pleasure your Mistress with that filthy mouth.' Sara said as she walked to the button and pressed it pulling the bar into the air so Diane was pulled up. As she was standing again, Sara untied her legs and pushed the wooden horse out of the way and stood in front of the Amazon girl. She looked at her and smiled as she took one tit in her mouth and gently started licking it and sucking on it. She heard the tall Amazonian woman moan with pleasure and saw her lost in a myriad of emotions. Pain, from the strapping; pleasure from the tongue; humiliation from the subjugation; control and anguish from a woman she had abused herself many times. Sara looked in the girls eyes and saw all of these emotions knowing the girl was slipping close to where she wanted her. As she sucked and licked her nipples she could feel all the emotions running through the girl and smiled. As she pleasured the girl she slowly slid her hand into the robe pocket and took out the clamps she had put there earlier.

Looking at the erect nipple Sara blew on the nipple and heard a moan as her reward. Diane was oblivious to her predicament as her eyes were closed and her mind elsewhere. Sara slid the clamp on her nipple and released it letting the toy do its job. Her reward was the scream she expected as Diane opened her eyes and registered what was happening as the second clamp was placed on her. Sara smiled as the girl screamed in pain and heard the words of anger flowing from Diane as she struggled to get free. She stood back and watched as the constant fight in the bound girl died down. She knew that Diane was no novice to this and that her fight was bluster at being handed elsewhere and smiled as she looked at her. She walked to the cupboard and retrieved the three-ring collar and the gold chain.

She walked to Diane and looked her in the eyes as she kissed her deep in the mouth holding her hair. The emotional roller coaster of pleasure and pain the girl was going through was abundant to Sara as she took her kiss, looking deep in her eyes and seeing the drug like state of the bound girl. Sara leaned back and slapped her, seeing the girl come back from where she was. 'Good whore, now I have your attention again, do you see what this is?' as she spoke she rubbed the collar on her nipples and brought it to her eyes. Diane looked at the collar and said nothing. Letting her defiance speak vainly for her. She knew what was happening and accepted it. Her macho demeanour her last vestige denying her the pleasure of begging. Sara smiled and accepted the rebellion, knowing in the years to come who would truly win. Wordlessly she slipped the collar around her toys neck and tightened the buckle as she stood on tiptoe to reach behind her red curls. 'We are going to have such fun you and I whore over time.' She whispered as nibbled Diane's ear playfully as she finished collaring her.

Sara stood back to see the bound collared girl and smiled. 'Almost done.' She said as she linked the chain to each of the clamps. She stood close to the girl and pulled the chain lightly and heard the moan of pleasure from Diane as her reward. She knew the clamps were not on too tightly and the girl was experiencing pleasure waves, now that she was over the initial shock of them. Sara stood close and looked at Diane, 'Open your mouth my bitch.' She said and saw the instant order obeyed as she pulled the chain up and placed it in her mouth, 'Close.' she ordered and saw the girl's eyes open as she felt the bite of gravity pulling her tits up by the chain as she clamped down on the chain.

Sara stood back and looked at the girl as she picked up the leather switch. 'The final test for this evening my pet.' she said as she looked at the bound beauty. 'You can decide when this stops. As soon as your ready to say "I am your property now Mistress Sara" then you can remove the chain from your mouth and this will stop.' As she finished speaking, Sara took a step back and rolled her wrist. letting the soft leather whisp on the end of the switch begin its attack on Diane's tits. She saw and felt the girl fighting her bonds and her guttural screams of pain. Knowing that a piece of Diane was in anger and defiance whilst the stubborn streak in would not let the chain fall as she knew what it meant. Sara continued her assault on Diane's tits as the girl fought within herself. Seeing each flick of her wrist leave a red line on her tits, her outer thigh, her inner thighs and her stomach. She was proud of her defiance and knew the pain this brought momentarily each time it connected.

Sara did not know how many minutes she had been doing this only that she was proud of her new property in her defiance and pride. The chain suddenly dropped from Diane's mouth as the girl took in gulps of air before she could speak. Then moments later 'I am your property Mistress Sara and I serve no one but you from this moment.' She heard the girl say as she semi collapsed under her bondage. Sara smiled as she walked close to the girl. She pulled her head up by her hair and looked her in the eyes as she kissed her mouth deep pulling the slaves hair. She stood on tiptoe and uncuffed the girl from the bar and let her semi collapse onto her as she half fell. She looked at her as she held her 'your mine now slut, to command, to fuck, to have 'and pleasure me. From this moment I am mistress and you are mine.' As she said this she detached herself from the slave, removed her robe and lay on the bed. 'Come here slut and pleasure me, show me what else that mouth can do.' She lay back naked and aroused in her power knowing the night was going to be long and fun, and that the morning would find her new toy ridden and broken and ready for the holiday. As she imagined that she saw the girl. Collared, clamped and chained stumbling to the bed. Her last image before the night of pleasure was watching Diane lick her way up from her ankles to her inner thigh as she lay back and closed her eyes, wondering what would be happening in Hawaii...

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