tagBDSMEarning His Mark

Earning His Mark


She was lying next to him, head between his thighs, busily licking and sucking at his cock. This was one of his favorite ways to have her pleasure him; it put her pussy and ass near his face, where he could easily play with them, pushing her into a frenzy that she took out on his cock. She went lower to grab his balls in her mouth, and he slowly slid a finger deep into her ass drawing, a moan from deep down in her throat.

He sighed contentedly as she bathed his balls with her warm tongue. She had to lick everywhere after he came, in case she missed any of his cum. He contemplated her ass, more specifically an area right above her ass cheek, at the base of her spine. He traced the area with his free hand, wondering how his little slut would react to his plans for her.

“This would be a wonderful spot for a tattoo, don’t you think pet?” Her attention faltered slightly at his comment, but a quick pinch to her ass focused her mind on her task. She had been pleading with him for months to put his mark on her. She had a couple tattoos already, but she wanted another one to mark her as his slave.

It was a big step, and he hadn’t been certain it was the right one. He enjoyed toying with her though, seeing how much he could make her beg by giving hints that he was seriously considering it. She was such a whore, so far he had found nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Sure she had fought him a couple times, but in the end, she was always begging to please him. She was special. He was cruel to his pet, he knew, but she never lost that look of pure adoration in her eyes when she looked at him.

“Come up here pet.” He pulled his finger from her ass as she quickly turned around. She was a beautiful sight. She still bore traces of the slaps he’d given her earlier for some made up infraction about his food being too cold. Her eyeliner was smudged giving her eyes a dark, mysterious look and her lips were red and swollen from the prolonged cock sucking session she’d just preformed.

He wrapped his arms around her and flipped her over onto her back so he could look down into her smiling face. A finger found its way into her pussy, drawing a gasp from her and causing her to close her eyes and throw her head back. She loved to feel his fingers insider her, teasing her.

“Look at me pet,” he commanded. She opened her eyes, cloudy with desire, and looked up at him. The naked adoration in her gaze made his breath catch. “Open your mouth,” she immediately complied, “good girl,” he said. He slipped the finger that had been deep into her ass past her lips. A small frown of disgust passed her features, but she didn’t complain as she started sucking on his finger. She knew she would be punished is she complained.

He pushed his finger deeper into her cunt, sliding in a second finger. “I don’t know pet, do you think a slut like you deserves to wear my mark?” She moaned softly and started sucking on his finger like it was his cock. He laughed at her quick response. He pulled his finger out of her pussy and gently pulled it down her cheek, caressing her. “It’s a big step pet, I don’t know if you’re ready.”

“Master, I’m ready I swear it. I would do anything to have your mark on me,” she pleaded.

“Well I was thinking something simple, right above your ass. Just two little words, Nate’s whore. What do you think of that?”

She couldn’t respond, his fingers were moving in and out of her cunt quickly and his thumb was rubbing her clit. All she could do was moan as he played with her body. “Of course you’ll have to earn it, cunt. But that won’t be a problem, right? You’ll do anything to please me, wont you pet?”

He softly caressed her face, smiling – he was going to let her cum. Her body was tense, she was biting her lip in pleasure and her eyes had closed again. “Yes pet, you’re going to earn the right to be called my whore, you’re going to prove to me just what nasty little slut you can be.” But she was too far gone, too wrapped up in his touch to heed the warning in his words.

He could feel her cunt contract on his fingers as she came, moaning and screaming. When she looked up at him again her eyes were glassy and she was smiling softly. “Thank you Master.”

“Your welcome pet. Now go to your room, I’m going to sleep alone tonight.” She frowned slightly, but licked his fingers clean and went to spend the night alone in her room.


A few weeks later she was sitting on the back porch watching the sun set when she heard her Master come in the front door. She quickly got up and ran through the house to greet him. She could tell by the look in his eyes that she was going to be in for a hard night. It was easy to tell now what kind of mood he was in by the way he looked at her. She decided against the hug she was going to give him and went to her knees instead. She spread her knees wide causing her dress to ride high on her thighs; she placed her hands behind her back and lowered her eyes submissively.

“Aren’t you going to greet me slut?” he asked. She scrambled quickly lowering her chest to the floor, and sticking her ass high in the air before kissing the tops of each shoe in greeting. “Good, cunt.” He reached down and grabbed her hair pulling her back up to a kneeling position, and pulling her head back hard. “Did you have a good day fuck slut? Did you get lots of rest?”

“Yes Master, thank you Master.” He was pulling her hair hard. Her neck hurt as he twisted her head and neck to an awkward angle.

“Well slut, I have arranged a surprise for you tonight.” He turned her around so she could see the bag he brought home. “I bought some new clothes for you, you’re going to meet some of my friends tonight, and you need to look like a proper whore. Not like you look now – because you always look like a whore – but a common piece of street trash that would suck a cock behind a dumpster.”

He watched her as his words slowly sunk in. He had mentioned this before, threatened her with this. When she was disobedient he would tell her how he should just give her to his friends and let them use her like the pathetic whore she was

Her face showed her dismay clearly. It was hard to be used and humiliated by a man she loved so much. She couldn’t stand the idea of being used like a common whore for strangers. She had honestly believed that he would never make her do this, always assumed it to be an empty threat

Now, she stared at him stunned, and forgot herself. “No,” she said, slowly shaking her head, rising to her feet. “How can you think I would agree to that, I will never sleep around for your amusement, never!” As she turned to storm away he grabbed her arm, swinging her around to face him, and brought her face close to his.

There was barely suppressed rage in his voice when he spoke to her. “Who the hell do you think you are talking to, slut?” He pushed her away from him in disgust, sending her sprawling to the floor. She looked up at him stunned, elbow aching from a hard blow to the floor.

“You are here to serve me! You do whatever I want to amuse me! You will do what I tell you cunt, or will leave right now! Look at you, you are a whore to be used, you are nothing but a cunt for my pleasure and that is all you will ever be. If you are too good for that, then you get off your ass now, and walk out of her. Make sure you never let me ever see you again. Is that understood cunt?”

Was he really telling her to leave? No, she loved him, she couldn’t leave him, she needed him. Panic surged up in her, leaving her head spinning. She had to fix it, what had she done?

Something snapped in her mind. Tears were pouring from her eyes. He was already to the next room by the time she brought herself to her feet and ran after him.

“Master, oh god, I’m so sorry Master.” She sank to her knees grabbing his legs. “Don’t send me away Master, I was so stupid, I was scared. I would do anything for you Master, anything! Please don’t send me away, I need you, I don’t know why I am such a horrible slave, I promise I’ll never question you again.” She could barely talk through her tears.

He kicked his leg, dislodging her from him. She was quickly lying at his feet, crying and muttering please over and over. He smiled as he looked at her pathetic groveling. He had taken her and made her his, and it showed. She could not bear the thought of being without him, she would do anything keep him from leaving her.

“Why would I want you now, cunt? You have shown me what you’re really like; I should throw you out on the street.” More moaning and pathetic whimpers were the only answers he got. “You’re pathetic, cunt. You know that, right? Tell me cunt, tell me how pathetic you are.”

She started talking as she pulled herself to her knees. “I am Master. I am a pathetic cunt. I’ll be a whore for whoever you wish Master. I’ll do anything or you Master. I am so sorry I told you no, I’ll never say no to you again.”

“So you want to perform for my friends tonight, huh? You really are a whore.” He kneeled down and grabbed hold of her chin, forcing her to meet his eye. “Let me tell you how this is going to work, slut. You are going to go and be the dirtiest, nastiest slut you can be. I’ve told them all about you, how you love to be humiliated and used. You will not embarrass me, because if you do, no amount of pleading will make me keep your worthless ass

Do you understand me?” She nodded eyes wide. “Good cunt, now change into the clothes I bought for you, I am going to go take a shower, be ready when I come back.” He stopped at the foot of the stairs and looked back at her. “Oh, and one more thing -- if you perform like the good little whore I know you are, I will take you tomorrow and mark you as mine. You want that, don’t you pet?”

“Yes Master,” said. She watched as he climbed the stairs to take a shower. She was trembling. Would he really have sent her away? She thought about it and the answer was an undeniable yes. He would send her away in heartbeat, she wouldn’t fool herself into thinking that he needed her the same way she needed him.

She was starting to moan softly. She couldn’t believe she was going to go willingly and offer herself to his friends. In fact, she had practically begged him to let her. She thought about his last remark, and smiled. To wear his mark on her body would be the ultimate sign of ownership. She wanted so badly to belong to completely to him, to go past the point of no return. After he marked her there would be no going back—she would always be his.

She waked over to the small bag he had brought home. It was from a little store in the mall she had seen before. She never shopped there. She liked to dress conservatively when she went out in public, and Master mostly preferred her naked, so she had no reason to enter the trendy store.

Opening the bag she found what she thought must be the smallest piece of clothing allowed and still be able to be called a skirt. It was white and so flimsy that it would barely cover her ass and pussy. Next she pulled out a tiny pale pink top, she could tell by looking at it that it would have a hard time containing her large breasts.

The only remaining clothing was black stockings and a garter. There were no panties or bra. She frowned; she didn’t want to wear these sluttish clothes. There would be no doubt that she was a true slut when

Master’s friends saw her dressed like this.

She shook her head violently. No, she would not complain. If Master wanted to display her body then he had every right. She would not risk his anger. Sighing she put on the offensive clothing. Looking down at herself she saw it was much worse than she thought. If she barely moved her cunt and ass were clearly visible, and the tops of her nipples showed over the horribly low cut shirt. The stockings and garters just made her look like a street walker.

She felt tears stinging at her eyes. She looked like such a whore, how could she go out like this. Fighting back tears she went to her little room to put on makeup and do her hair. She put on her high heels; they had four inch heels and were very uncomfortable as well as hard to walk in. She knew though that he would expect her to wear them. She finished quickly and stumbled back into the living room to wait for him.

He was enormously pleased with himself. He had almost pushed her too far. He could still feel the disappointment and anger he felt when she tried to tell him no earlier. He cared for her deeply, but she was his slut, and he knew her better than she even knew herself.

It had scared him for a moment to think he might have gone too far. But just the mention of leaving her had her crawling back to him, begging to do what ever he wanted. He felt so powerful, so proud. She was completely his now, he had no doubt that it would prove to be wonderful evening.

He was going to make sure that she was used and humiliated beyond what she thought she could handle. He couldn’t wait to see the anguish on her face as she struggled to obey, knowing if she didn’t, she would lose him. There was no doubt she would obey. He couldn’t wait to see her in the sluty clothes he bought for her. He usually preferred her naked and ready for him, but tonight he wanted her to feel like a whore.

Midway down the steps he stopped and gasped slightly to himself. His shy little slut had been transformed. She stood in the middle of the room trying hard not to move. She truly looked like whore from the street.

With every breath he caught a glimpse of her pussy peaking out beneath the skirt. The garters made her legs look incredibly sexy to him. He forced his eyes away from the sight to look up at her breasts. He chuckled; she had large beautiful breasts that were barely contained in the tiny pink shirt. He could see the tops of her nipples, he could imagine how humiliated she must be, standing there as he stared at her.

“Acceptable,” he said walking down the last of the steps to stand in front of her. He reached out and grabbed a nipple squeezing hard bringing a gasp to her lips. He held on tightly till he saw her eyes start to shine with tears before he let go. His attention had made her nipples hard, and they were even harder to keep concealed. He watched her struggle with it for a minute before he ordered her to leave it alone and go out to the car.

She obediently turned to leave and he got wonderful view of her ass cheeks hanging out of the back of her skirt. “Bend over a little, slut,” he ordered.

She stopped and leaned over showing him almost all her ass and her puffy pussy lips peeking out from between her thighs. She was shining with wetness. He reached between her legs to run his finger along her pussy. She shuddered and moaned at his touch. Laughing he brought his finger around to her mouth.

“Here slut, taste yourself, taste how ready you are for me and my friends.” She moaned softly but took his finger into her warm moist mouth sucking off the juices. He lightly slapped her ass, signaling it was time to go.

Walking to the car was a horrible experience. She was sure that all of the neighbors were watching out of their widows as she walked to the car, struggling to cover herself. She had to practically run to keep up with him, almost tripping in her heels, which prevented her from keeping her clothes under control.

Once in the car he started to talk to her about everyday things, like his day at work. She couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying though; she couldn’t get her mind off of where they were going and what she was going to be doing.

Finally, they arrived at a nice house in one of the more upscale suburbs outside of town. By then she was horribly worked up, shaking and nearing panic once again. He leaned in towards her, grabbing her behind her head and pulling her close. She tensed up -- but when all he did was kiss her she soon melted into him, forgetting everything else. He rarely just kissed her.

The kiss was warm and gentle, soothing her completely. When he lifted his head from her, her eyes were still closed and she was smiling. “Thank you Master,” she whispered.

“You’re welcome pet. Now let’s go.” His words shook her back to reality, but she wasn’t nearly as panicked as before. This time walking to the front door, she was too distracted to worry about her clothes. She couldn’t imagine who lived here; she wanted to know how many men would be there, and how she would be expected to perform for them.

Before knocking on the door, he pulled her leash out of his pocket and clipped it to her collar. Her collar was beautiful black leather with silver embroidery that read “pathetic.” It had been a gift to her the first time they had met. He grabbed hold of her leash and rang the doorbell.

It took a few seconds before someone opened the door. She caught her breath, as she recognized the man – he was Master’s boss, she had met him once at a company dinner. He shook hands with her Master, and then his eyes came to her, staring her up and down. She started to fidget under his intense scrutiny, and saw his eyes light up at the sight of her pussy hanging out of her slutty skirt.

“Thanks for coming Nate, everyone’s here,” the boss said with a smile. She felt angry and demeaned that he hadn’t even acknowledged her. She didn’t have time to think much about it though, because her Master was pulling her leash forcing her into the house.

Leading her through a large entry way, he stopped her before she could enter the front room. She could hear voices and a television just a few feet away, but could still see no one.

“Here pet, put this in your mouth.” He put the leash in her mouth and situated her hands behind her back. “Now walk in there. And don’t forget -- if you embarrass me, you will no longer be my slave.”

He propelled her slightly with a light shove to her back. She moaned softly as she walked into the main room. There were ten men sitting around, drinking, playing cards, and watching a porno on the television. She had just a second to take this in before the man closest to her noticed her and let out a shout.

“Entertainments here boys! Goddamn Nate, you weren’t kidding, she is a pretty whore.” All the men shouted in agreement. She closed her eyes slightly; this didn’t seem real to her. Her cheeks burned hotly as the men made various comments about her.

“Love those tits.”

“Look at that big ass; I can’t wait to get in there.”

She could feel her Master, he had walked up behind her, his presence soothing, allowing her to open her eyes and look around the room.

“Well man, she sure looks like a whore in those clothes, but I want to see her out of them,” one of the men said. She heard her Master’s voice in her ear telling her to strip. This alone was almost enough to make her cry. Twelve pairs of eyes were staring at her as she started to raise the tiny shirt above her head. Master’s boss had come back into the room and Master had stepped back to enjoy the show.

She pulled the shirt up and off, her big succulent breasts flopped back down, shaking and jiggling, which brought cheers from the men. Next she pushed the skirt over her hips and let it fall to the floor. She was left in nothing but her collar, garter and stockings and her heels. She had to struggle very hard to put her hands back behind her back and not try to cover herself.

“Spread your legs bitch, show them what they’re going to be getting,” she heard her Master say. A single tear slipped down her cheek as she spread her legs wide. She heard comments about what wet slut she was and moaned.

“Stick your hips out and use your hands to pull your nasty cunt open, let them have a good look bitch,” her Master demanded. She was trembling slightly as she bent her knees and pushed her pussy out. This got some cheers. Even more cheers came as she reached down and spread her bald pussy wide open. She was aware of how sticky she was down there, and the horrible aching of her swollen clit. She moaned loudly enough for everyone to hear. She pushed her hips out further before she even realized what she was doing.

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