tagBDSMEarning My Promotion

Earning My Promotion


I guess I should start my story two years ago, when Richard first joined the company. At the time, I was working as a clerk in the accounts payable department. The job involved some occasional light bookkeeping, but was no challenge for someone with an accounting degree, like myself. Richard was hired as a senior bookkeeper in the accounts payable department. As there was no direct chain of command, the company's policy against dating subordinates didn't technically apply, and Richard began flirting with me.

After a few weeks, we decided to test things with a lunch date. We spent the whole lunch laughing and teasing each other, and we were both looking forward to making dinner plans, and starting a deeper relationship. But, when we got back from lunch, my manager called me into her office.

"Toni, The boss is expanding the accounts payable department, and I've been asked to recommend some of my people who are ready for promotion, and might be willing to change departments. If you're interested, there is a junior bookkeeper position that is all yours."

I was elated and devastated at the same time. The junior bookkeeper position was a much better match for my skills, meant more money, more responsibility, and offered a better chance for promotion. But, it would mean that Richard and I would be in the same department, as well as at different levels. Any ideas of a romantic relationship had to be shelved, or we both risked dismissal. However, since he had no power to fire me, we decided to risk continuing the flirtatious friendship that we had developed so far.

After about a year, our manager retired. John's last official acts were recommending Richard for his position, and promoting me senior bookkeeper to fill Richard's spot. This put an abrupt end to our lunches, and our relationship became strictly professional. Last week, my old manager quit suddenly, and Richard was asked to pick her replacement. Yesterday, as Richard handed out paychecks, I found a note attached to mine.

If you want the promotion, you need to prove to me that you can be discrete, and follow orders. Show up an hour early tomorrow. Wear a tight low-cut sweater, a black leather micro skirt, a pair of strappy stiletto heels, and nothing else. Go straight to your desk, and await orders.

I knew I could send the note to Human Resources and end his little game, but I was intrigued. Besides, a part of me had always hoped for another chance with Richard. My biggest reason for wanting the promotion is that it would remove any company objections to our relationship. I am a little worried about what he has in mind. Unlike most offices today, there are no cubicles in our department. Everyone can see you at your desk, and if we get caught, we will probably both get canned.

So here I am, on a Friday morning, arriving for work at 8, dressed as ordered. I sit at my desk, and try to concentrate on work, but I can already feel the excitement between my legs. Richard arrives a few minutes later, and walks straight to his desk, and doesn't even appear to notice me. I am disappointed because I am anxious to find out what he has in mind. After what feels like an eternity, I hear him call out.

"Toni, can you come to my desk a minute?"

I quickly get up to comply. As I walk to his desk, I intentionally swish my hips provocatively, letting him know that I intend to enjoy the game.

"You needed me Richard."

"It is time for your test to begin." He pushes his chair back, and motions for me to step between him and his desk. I do so, resting my ass on the edge of his desk. He shakes his head, and motions for me to turn around.

"Put your hands on my desk," he orders, as he reaches out to pull my hips toward him. As I lean over, I also separate my feet as he moves them backwards.

SMACK. I feel the sting of his hand on my butt. "Very naughty of you. Pretending that you didn't know what I meant. Is that any way to prove you can follow orders?"

I feel him eyeing my prone form. "I can see you followed most of the note's orders. Did you follow the rest?" He reaches one hand between my legs, as the other slides under my shirt. I know that he can feel the dampness even before he reaches my pussy.

"A little anxious, are we? I hope we don't plan to be a naughty girl today. I wouldn't want to have to punish my best student." His finger easily slips inside, and with his other hand, he pinches a nipple and draws it toward the other. He is now holding both nipples between his left thumb and forefinger. As he rubs my nipples between his powerful fingers, a moan escapes my lips as the pain in my breasts is making me hot and wet. I spread my legs a little more, and arch my back to give him easier access. I hope he knows that I am enjoying this, too. He slides his finger out of my pussy, and immediately rams three in instead. The added pressure is almost too much for me to handle. "Oh God," I moan. The pain and pleasure are intensely intermingled as he wiggles his fingers even deeper inside me. I wonder what time it is, and if I can stand this until 9.

"I thought you would like that. Let's see what else we have to play with." His hand slides off my chest and I hear him open a desk drawer. He removes his hand from between my legs, and I feel something cool replace it. He massages my clit with his toy while his other hand vigorously massages my clit.

He plunges the vibrator inside and turns it on. "Oh My God. God. Godddd." I feel my whole body tremble as I cum all over his little toy.

SMACK. "Did I say to cum? You're being a very naughty girl today. You can't do that when everyone eels is here, can you?" I shake my head in response. My head races, "Does he intend to keep this up all day?"

I hear the jingle of chains as his hand slides back under my sweater. I feel something cold and metallic pinch my left nipple. "Oww," I moan. I feel his hand slide over to the other side, and he places a second clamp there. "Ouch!" He slides my skirt down, and I feel a metallic grab on my clit. As he replaces my skirt, he places a beeper on the desk beneath me.

He guides my hand to a metallic ring, and pulls on it. I feel all three clamps jerk, "Mmmmm, Ohhh." I almost fall as my knees weaken with the intense pain followed by a wave of pleasure. "Whenever the beeper goes off, pull the ring." I nod my head, and he turns the vibrator off. He drops a lacy black thong on the desk next to the beeper. "Put these on," he orders, "and get back to work. Don't touch anything that I gave you unless I tell you to."

As I pull the thong into place, I notice that the vibrator has a small groove in the bottom, and I fit the thong into it to better hold it in place. I quickly search for the vibrator controls, but can't find any. I walk back to my desk and sit down. As I start to review a report, I feel the vibrator go off, followed immediately by the beeper. As I pull on the ring, my body trembles with another orgasm. I moan loudly, and begin to worry. It is almost time for my co-workers to arrive. What am I going to do? Someone will surely notice.

As I try to compose myself, the phone rings. "Hello." I am sure my voice sounds shaky.

"That's right sweetie. The little toy I gave you operates by remote control. By the way, there's one more rule. After 9 O'clock, no noise. Break any of the rules, and you fail the test. At any time if you want out, return the props, and you fail the test. Have fun love. Remember, Good girls get rewarded, Bad girls get punished. Which are you?"

Periodically, during the morning, the vibrator, or the beeper goes off, thankfully, not at the same time. At noon, I go to lunch with the girls as I do every Friday. In the middle of the meal, the vibrator goes off, and I almost choke from the sudden intake of breath. As desert arrives, the beeper goes off. Thankfully, it is on vibrate, as I would have been completely embarrassed if they had heard it. I quickly get up, and excuse myself to the ladies room in order to have privacy as I comply with Richard's request.

When I get there, I go into a stall, and lower the thong to my ankles. I grab the vibrator and pump vigorously. At the same time, I pull on the control ring harder and longer than I have to this point. I keep both up until a powerful orgasm wracks my body. I moan and scream for all I'm worth, letting out all the sexual tension that has been building all morning. "He better be one damn good lay for what I'm putting up with today."

Now that I have relieved myself, I decide to torture him a little in return. When I get back to the office, I check to make sure that Richard is at his desk, and no one else is nearby. I go to the filing cabinet in front of his desk. I open the bottom drawer, and with my butt facing Richard bend over. As I rifle through the folders, pretending to look for something, I make sure that Richard can see the thong, the vibrator, and the juices that have dried on my thighs from the sweet torment he's put me through so far. As he stares up my backside, I pull one hand out of the drawer, and reach under my skirt to rub my clit. Just then, he turns the vibrator on, and beeps me. As soon as I grab the ring and pull, I hear him say "Don't move until I tell you."

So here I stand, the drawer to the filing cabinet is open, and I am leaning over it, one hand rubbing my clit, the other pulling on the chains pinching my nipples and clit while my boss operates a remote control vibrator inside me. And none of my co-workers are aware of anything. As I feel my orgasm start, the vibrator turns off, and I bite my lip to muffle my whimper.

"Stop touching yourself, and go back to work. I heard you, and you'll pay for that later. When everyone is gone, come straight to my desk." As I follow his orders, I realize that I have probably cost myself the promotion. But if Richard still wants to see me after work, maybe I had won him. The longer this game goes on, the more I like it, and the more I can't wait to screw Richard. If this game gets me Richard, it might be worth losing the promotion.

The afternoon progresses the same way as the morning did, but he toys with me less and less often, which is a shame because I am beginning to look forward to his manipulations. I begin to rub my clit on anything within reach to try to relieve the pressure. Finally, it's 5 O'clock.

After I watch the last of my co-workers leave, I make my way to Richard's desk. I try to swish my hips as I did this morning, but this time the vibrator gets in the way, making me look more spastic then sexy. As I arrive, Richard pushes his chair back and stands. Without waiting for his command, I assume the same position as this morning.

"Naughty. Naughty. Naughty. My, what a naughty girl you were today. Trying to tease me" SMACK "Allowing yourself to cum against my orders." SMACK. SMACK. "And we mustn't forget your little whimper. Someone might have heard that." SMACK. "Now, be a good little girl, and confess everything, so you can be punished properly. You know you'll feel better once you do. How many times did you cum today that I wasn't aware of?"

Knowing that we are nearing the end of the game, and the payoff I have been aching for, each slap makes my juices flow. I manage to control my voice long enough to whisper, "Four or Five."

SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. "And did you make any other noise during the day?"

"Once, but it was in the bathroom at the restaurant." I'm not sure whether or not I want him to feel this one doesn't count. He is not really hitting me that hard, but my butt is beginning to sting from the sheer number of blows. But, I am also enjoying myself more with each one.

SMACK "And what else do you need to confess?"

"I used the vibrator to fuck myself in the restaurant bathroom." SMACK "And I had to rub my clit two or three times during the afternoon." SMACK. SMACK. SMACK.

"If you are done confessing your sins, you may pick up the envelope on the desk, turn around and sit down." A part of me wants to make something up so that I can feel the stinging pain a few more times. But, I, almost reluctantly, do as instructed, and watch as Richard sits down, and pats the arms of his chair. "Feet," I am now dripping with anticipation as I place the balls of my feet on the rounded edges of the chair arms, and he commands me to read the letter.

As I start to read, Richard slides his hands up both legs, and kneels between my spread legs. When he gets to the end of the line, his left hand moves the thong aside, and his right removes the vibrator. I now realize that I am reading a letter recommending me for the promotion, it is dated Monday. His head disappears under my skirt, and his tongue begins its job. I notice a handwritten note on the bottom.

Toni, my love-

I gave this to the president yesterday morning. My decision was made strictly because you are the best candidate for the job, not because your promotion would clear the way to our resuming the relationship we began two years ago. Watching you everyday, wanting you, and wondering if you still wanted me has been driving me crazy. I have ached for you for so long. If you don't feel the same way, stop me now, and we'll forget today ever happened. I hope you enjoyed the little game as much as I did. I remember that you told me you like to role play, and your favorite was the naughty school girl. I thought this would be a fun way to tell you of the promotion, and let you know how I feel at the same time. I will gratefully reverse roles anytime you say.

By now, Richard has removed the clit clip, and his tongue and lips are gently restoring circulation to my well pinched clit. I drop the letter to the desk, as waves of pleasure are already starting to weaken me, and use my hands to raise my butt off its surface. Richard pushes my skirt up until it looks more like a belt, and stops tending my sore spot long enough to remove the thong, so that I can I lower myself back down.

"Lay Down," he gently commands before he returns his head between my legs. His tongue begins a more serious assault on my clit, and he pulls my hips forward until my ass hangs off his desk. His tongue continues to work, and I hear a desk drawer open, followed by the sound of a plastic cap. I feel a cool liquid dribble between my legs.

While one hand reaches beneath me to spread the oil, the other begins to probe my pussy. He slides first one, then two fingers into the crack of my ass. By now, he has three fingers in my pussy, and I know my reward is within reach. He circles his tongue around his fingers to catch my cum which has already started to dribble down. As his tongue brushes the edge of my asshole, I shudder and a moan escapes my lips. I feel him smile just before he quickly returns his mouth to my clit, and begins moving both hands. As he repeatedly sandwiches my tenderness between his two moving hands, I feel myself getting wetter and wetter, until I can hold back no more. My orgasm fills my senses and rocks my body so strongly that I nearly fall off his desk.

As I lay on his desk shaking, Richard lowers his pants, and returns to his seat. When my trembling finally ceases, I turn myself around and perch myself on one of his strong legs. He slides a hand under my sweater to remove the nipple clips. He begins to gently massage the pain out of my nipples. As I start to moan again, I reposition myself o that I am straddling both his legs. Richard slides forward beneath me, and I hold his throbbing cock erect in order to lower myself onto him. For a brief moment, I consider guiding him to my well lubed ass, but I can wait no longer to feel him filing my depths.

As I accept his penis deep within me, he begins to squeeze my nipples. Gently at first, but steadily increasing in intensity until he is squeezing even harder then the nipple clips. By now my moans are incredibly load, and I begin to bounce my pussy along his shaft. "Please. Please. Ohhh myyyy Goddddd. Ohhhhhh. Please. Please. Please," I frantically beg as I near climax. I feel his hips continue to buck against me, and I raise my hands above my head to encourage him to remove my sweater. I lean my torso forward to allow him more depth, and his hands return to my breast.

We both increase our pace, and just when I can't hold back my orgasm any longer, I feel him begin to twitch inside me. We cum almost simultaneously, as we both moan loudly. When I finally stop trembling, he raises me up until I feel his cock slide loose, and I pull my skirt down. I swing both my legs to one side, and sit across his lap. I rest my head on his chest as I attempt to catch my breath.

"Can I take you to dinner?" He asks it so casually, as if today didn't happen, and he was asking for an ordinary first date. As I look up, I can see the gleam of lust in his eye, as he adds, "And maybe we can swing by your place and pick up enough clothes for the weekend? If you enjoyed today, wait till you see the toys I have at home." I just nod my head weakly.

I finally manage to stand, and we begin to dress. I see Richard smile with an amazed look as I replace the vibrator, and secure it with the thong, just as I did this morning. I drop the clips into his suit pocket, and I as I pat it, I lean into his ear. "We'll save them for later." He grabs the oil, and we head for the elevator just as the cleaning crew arrives. I'm glad this is going to be a three day weekend because now it's my turn to punish Richard for what he put me through today. I hope he enjoys what I have planned for him as much as I enjoyed today's torture. I have a few toys to pack up along with my clothes.

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