tagBDSMEarth Day

Earth Day


Jennie and her friends were sick and tired of the builders razing the forests around Seattle. "We've got to do something about it," she told them. "We have to get people to pay attention." Another development had just been announced and the Seattle division of Save the Earth Now was meeting at the local rec center to discuss it.

Jennie proposed a protest. "Earth Day is coming up," she told the crowd. "They're supposed to be cutting down trees that day. I say we go into that forest and chain ourselves to trees and tell those money-hungry bastards what they can do with their bulldozers and chain saws. We can announce it to the press and maybe we can get on the news. Maybe someone will listen."

The morning of the protest, they gathered early. Jennie spread everyone out throughout the forest so none of the builder's men could cut down any tree without risking injury to a protestor. "The media is coming at 8," she told each one as she helped them on with the shackles and chains that would bind them to their particular tree. "They want to interview us live for the morning show. Hang tight and just tell them the truth when the come to interview you." She put her best speakers closest to the forest's edge, where the reporter would be sure to notice them. Jennie was an organizer.

Jennie was the last to be tied up. Brian, one of the newer members of the group, had offered to help out before heading over to work that morning. He clicked the cuffs on to Jennie's wrists and wished her luck. She was deeper into the forest than any of the other protestors. She wanted to be sure the builders had to spend all day handling this little inconvenience.

Jennie loved being in the forest. She loved the smell of the wet leaves on the ground, the sound of the birds in the air and the strength of the tree at her back. She would do anything to save these woods.

She heard the unmistakable sound of heavy equipment rolling in and knew the builders had arrived. The reporters would be here soon. She smiled and waited.

A few minutes later, the leaves around her crunched under the tread of heavy footsteps. A man was coming through the forest. He walked around and stood in front of her. She recognized him. He was the contractor in charge of this project. She grinned at him. "Hope you have a nice day," she said, with as much sarcasm as she could muster.

"Oh, I think I'm going to have a fine day," he told her. He moved in closer and touched a hand to her cheek. "I'm going to have a terrific day." Jennie felt a thrill of terror. She didn't know what to say. She thought about screaming, but before any sound came out, he tied a bandana around her mouth. She tried to move, but her arms were too tightly bound to the tree.

"So you don't think we should build here," he snarled. "Is that right, sweetheart?"

She nodded. He ran a finger down her neck. She pulled her head away. That only gave him more skin to touch. She swallowed hard.

He stepped back and looked at her. "I talked to my boss about you," he said. "We had a nice long talk about you last night, after the reporters called the office." He smiled a long, slow smile. "We decided we need to improve our PR. We need to find someone to tell everyone how eco-friendly our company is. Has to be someone the public will trust."

He took a hacksaw out of his belt and hooked the top of her shirt in its teeth. "You and your little friends think that everything we do is terrible," he said, tugging at the shirt collar. "Didn't occur to you to look at our plans for this development? All you care about is that we're cutting down your precious trees."

"There's a nature preserve planned for the center of the development." He tugged again at her collar and she felt a chill down her spine. He bent close and whispered in her ear. "Does that turn you on?" She shook her head. "How about this?" he said, "Every house in this neighborhood will have cutting edge eco-technology." He let his lips glide across her forehead, before he whispered into her other ear. "Does that make you wet?" She shook her head again, but she was listening now. "My boss is planning this development to set the example for builders across the country. He wants to hire you to tell everyone that version of the truth instead of what you've been spreading around the media. How does that sound?" Her eyes were wide and she nodded slowly.

He unhooked her t-shirt and untied the bandana from around her head. "This is your starting salary," he took out a piece of paper and held it in front of her. "Do we have a deal?" She nodded. "I need to hear you say it," he said.

"Yes," she said. "I'll do it. I'll take the job."

"Great," he said. "I'll let him know right away. So can we end this protest and get on with work?" She nodded. He pulled out bolt cutters and moved in to cut the chain that bound her to the tree. Their faces came close. She was breathing hard and so was he.

"Don't untie it just yet," she said softly.

He looked at her, surprised. "You enjoyed that," he said, watching her eyes. She nodded.

He grinned. "I'll have to take a rain check," he told her. "We've got to get back to the boss and tell him we made a deal."

"Tell him negotiations took longer than you expected." She bit her lower lip. "I've never had anyone take control like that. I didn't know it could feel so good."

He smiled at her. "We can have fun together." He ran his hand along her arm and she shivered. "I'll pick you up after work and we'll see where it goes from there." He bent in and kissed her cheek.

"Make me come," she whispered. "I'm so close."

He looked around. They were so deep in the forest, it was unlikely anyone would find them out here for a while longer. He looked at her. She was so beautiful. He lifted her shirt up over her breasts. Her nipples were straining against her bra. He rubbed his fingers over them. He whispered in her ear. "You're mine." She nodded. "Say it."

"I'm yours," she said. "Touch me."

He could feel her arching towards him. He undid the button on her jeans and slid his hand inside. She moaned. He covered her mouth with his and kissed her while his fingers explored between her legs. She was wet. He moved his finger gently over the little nub and felt it responding to his touch. She opened her legs for him. He pushed her pants down around her hips and slid his fingers deeper inside her.

"I'll bring you back here tonight," he whispered, moving his fingers inside her. "I'll tie you to the tree and tear your clothes off. You'll stand here awhile in your panties while I look at you and tell you all the things I want to do with your body. I'll make you beg before I even touch you." She was straining against his hand now. "I'll make you come for me and then I'll put you on your knees and fuck your mouth." He knew she was close. "When I untie you, you'll beg me to fuck you. You'll lie on the ground and spread your legs and touch yourself for me. You'll tell me you're my whore."

She cried out. The orgasm was coming. "I'll watch you come again before I fuck you." His hand was moving faster now. Her mouth was open against his neck. "Tell me what you want me to do."

"Fuck me," she whispered. "Fuck me." He felt her orgasm come in waves around his fingers. He covered her mouth with hers and pressed his body against her as his hand moved over her, back and forth, in and out, until at last she sighed and went limp in his arms.

He took his hand out and put his fingers in his mouth. "You taste good," he told her. She smiled. He kissed her again then undid her bonds. While he put the tools and chain away, she fixed her clothes and rubbed her sore shoulders. They stood, looking at each other for a moment before he took her in his arms. She wrapped her arms around him and felt the muscles under his shirt. She knew she could be happy with this man for a very long time.

They walked out of the forest together. A reporter ran up to them. "The protest is over," she announced. "We've made a deal," she smiled to the camera.

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