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Earth Day Adventure


"Aw, fer Chrissakes, Angie! What the fuck did you volunteer us for now?" I was royally pissed. My wife and her woman's group had decided to take on a project for "Earth Day". Hell, I remember the first Earth Day. I even believed in it back then. But things change. People change. Now I come home from work to find out that I'm not going to get to spend my Saturday afternoon lounging around with my buddies watching the game.

I still think we ought to stop polluting the streams and deforesting the Amazon Basin, but I couldn't see how giving up my Saturday was going to save the Earth. I listened as Angie explained.

The project was to clean up an empty piece of land down by the river. I admit that I have fond memories of the place. It was where I first got into Mary Phelps' panties. All the kids used to go there to park, neck and get laid. That was then and this is now. In the years it has taken me to earn my beer belly (come on! It isn't that bad!), the whole river bank out past the bridge has been taken over by the druggies and bums. Excuse me, I meant to say the unfortunate homeless folks. The weeds have turned into a tangle of nearly impenetrable vines.

"It will be good for us to get out in the fresh air for a change, Bob. Besides, Sheila and Billie are bringing Charlie and Dale. You'd be sitting here watching your stupid game by yourself." I thought to myself, and your point is? I didn't say anything, though. I didn't look forward to a day of mucking out an area that I didn't even own, but the idea of watching Sheila Garner working up a sweat had its attraction.

The couples she mentioned are our best friends. Billie and Dale Warren are married, but Charlie Lawrence and Sheila are just getting around to talking about it. Charlie, Dale and I all went to school together. Charlie went out of state for college while Dale and I went to State. We all graduated. Dale came home to start his business and married Billie, his high school girlfriend. I got my Education degree and came home to teach at the new high school. Charlie went on to grad school and when he came home he opened his dental practice. We three guys usually spend weekends either watching the games or golfing at the local course. All in all, it sounds pretty much like the typically boring American story, I guess.

When Angie came to town she was married to another guy. He took a powder when it was discovered he was helping himself to the loose cash at the bank where he worked. Angie filed for and was granted a divorce. To make ends meet she applied for the secretary's position at the school board office. That was how I met her.

Charlie hired Sheila as his chair side assistant and found that they had a chemistry that went beyond mixing the fillings. She was quite a bit younger than the rest of us, but she also still had her "girlish figure". Not that Angie and Billie are slobs; far from it. They have grown into women, however. I actually found that I prefer a woman with a little more padding than what is considered fashionable. Billie has put on more than Angie over the last fifteen years, but she's still attractive.

The phone rang and I picked it up. "Did Angie give you the good news yet?" It was Dale.

"Yeah. Ain't it grand? Oh well, maybe it will rain," I groused.

"At least we'll be able to complain to each other. Misery loves company," he replied.

"Yeah, well, this part of the misery loves beer, too. I'm bringing a cooler, no matter what the town statutes say. We can hide in all the weeds and drink while the rest of them are hacking and cutting trail."

"Good idea. I'll kick in for my share."

"Damn straight you will!" I laughed. "Also, you can bring that radio of yours and we can at least listen to the game." We hung up.

Three days later, Saturday morning was picture perfect. The sky was clear and empty of any promising storm clouds. I rolled out of bed and -- just for orneriness -- slapped Angie's naked ass to wake her up. "Yowch!" she squealed, bolting upright. I admired the way her tits still jutted out from her chest.

"Wake 'em and shake 'em, Baby!" I said to her. "This was your idea after all. Let's get it over with."

She flopped back down and groaned. "We don't have to leave until nine. What time is it?"

I looked at the clock. "It's almost eight. Don't you have to make some sandwiches or something for the crew?"

"It's already done. I made a potato salad last night."

"Well, okay, then. You can make the coffee while I hit the showers," I said on my way out of the bedroom.

I was under the warm spray scrubbing when the water suddenly went cold. "Angie, Goddammit!" I screeched at her, trying to squeeze myself into the corner where the water wouldn't hit me. I didn't hear any reply. After a few minutes, though, the temperature returned to normal. A few minutes later the door opened.

"Sorry, Sweetie," her honeyed voice called out. "I forgot you were in here. I started the washer. It should be okay now, though. I shut it back off" The door closed and I could swear I could hear her snickering as she retreated. Forgot, my ass, I thought.

I parked my five year old Chevy next to Charlie's BMW and made sure not to nick his paint with my door. It'd take a month of my wages to even touch it up. I had my cooler hidden in the trunk under a tarp. There would be plenty of time to spirit it out into the weeds once everybody else was occupied with their project.

We took our shovels, hatchets and rakes down the single path to the actual river bank. The city cops had made an early morning roust and all the human rats should be gone -- at least for the day. I wondered if they'd thank us for making their home more presentable. There were maybe twenty people there to work that morning, all told. It looked like mostly couples -- of course! How many guys would voluntarily spend a beautiful Saturday like this? Still, as my eyes took in the work crew, I noticed that there were more than a few attractive women among them. It might not be such a bad day.

The theory that the women's club presented to the town council was that once all the overgrowth was gone there would be no place for all the bums and druggies to hide and do their thing. They even planted the seed to make the place a park later on. Well, one thing at a time, I thought. There was a space still clear at the river. The real early arrivals had brought a portable table and a bunch of lawn chairs. They'd set up the table and it was covered with pot luck dishes. Angie added her salad to the mix and we found our friends.

Dale looked about as glad to be there as I must have. Charlie and Sheila were kind of isolated -- like they are even in a crowd like this. They haven't been together that long. The brightest spot of the morning were the cut off shorts Sheila had worn. They were so tight and short it would have been a miracle if she'd been able to get them on over panties. I felt a sharp stab in my ribs. My head snapped around and I found Angie frowning at me.

"It's not polite to stare, you perv!" she whispered to me. Then her eyes went to Sheila's ass (she was bending over to retie her shoe) and she smirked and shook her head. The truth was that she didn't care if I look. Hell, she looks at guys and it doesn't bother me.

We set to work. Nobody really seemed to be in charge. It was a matter of everybody just sort of striking out in some direction and clearing as they went. The city was supposed to send some Parks & Rec trucks down around noon to start hauling the trash away. Dale shouldered an ax. I grabbed my golf club weed whacker and a rake. We managed to pry Charlie away from Sheila and he brought a shovel and a roll of trash bags. We walked back up the path and started cutting our way back toward the river at the far limit of the area "adopted" for the project. Beyond it was just thick forest.

We really did put in a couple of hours of good work. By eleven we rested and looked over what we'd accomplished. We'd cleared out a rough semicircle from the brambles and bushes. We had managed to cut our way back down to the river. There was a decent sized slash pile and half a dozen trash bags full of assorted trash, plastic soda bottles, beer cans and wine bottles. Our efforts had thinned the mass of vegetation enough so that we could see the rest of the crew working out from the downriver clearing. It was all "assholes and elbows", except for a few women who had taken up stations near the table. I wasn't sure what they were supposed to be doing except maybe shooing the bees and flies from the (covered) food. Still, for all the apparent effort, it looked to me like the three of us had done more work than all the others combined. I decided we deserved a break.

I wiped my forehead with a sleeve and asked my buddies, "Well, who wants a beer?" Of course they both did. I went and brought the cooler from the car down to the river where Dale and Charlie had found space for us to collapse. Sitting in the shade under the trees we were invisible to the rest of the crew. We spent an hour drinking beer and shooting the shit.

"Sheila thinks we should make our engagement official," Charlie said.

"Don't be in a rush, man," Dale told him. "You got the rest of your life to be married. Let's get to the important part. How's the sex these days?" Okay, from somebody else, it would have been an inappropriate question. Remember, though, that the three of us practically grew up together. We've shared everything, short of girlfriends. Even there, there were at least two girls we dated sequentially, if not at the same time.

"It's great," Charlie answered. "Except..." he hesitated.

"Except what?" I asked him.

"Well, Sheila is more of a 'free spirit' than I am I guess. I mean, you'd think growing up when we did I'd be more inclined to experiment and stuff. But I find I have more inhibitions than she does." Dale cast a sidelong leer at me and wiggled his eyebrows up and down. I grinned. That was always a sure sign that he was about to launch into some kind of mischief.

"What do you mean, man? She wants to get kinky and you don't?"

"Well...aw, I probably shouldn't tell you."

"Come on, Charlie. It's us. Who else can you talk to?"

He looked up at Dale and then at me. His cheeks were a deeper pink than normal. He went back to looking at the hole he was digging with a stick in the grass. "Oh, well, I guess I can tell you guys. Yeah, actually, Dale, you hit it on the head. She wants to try things I never thought about."

"Like what?" Dale grabbed fresh beers from the cooler and popped one open for Charlie, hoping, I guess that if we got him drunk enough he'd really tell us the juicy details. "You mean like dress up? B&D? Spit it out, man."

Charlie took a deep breath. "Last week she asked me to spank her." Dale grinned at me.


"Well I did. She seemed to like it. I kind of liked it too. Doing it, I mean. When she said it was my turn I let her try it, but it just hurt and I felt silly."

"Is that all?" I asked him.

"Well, no. She thinks it might be good to 'expand our sexual circle'." He let the implication sink in. I felt my dick twitch. In my mind I was remembering the sight of Sheila's ass in her little shorts.

"You mean like swinging?" Dale asked.

"Well, not exactly swinging, but she wants to have a threesome."

"Girl or guy?" Dale asked hoarsely. I could tell he was being affected the same way I was.

"Well, she thinks both, but she offered to start by sharing me with another woman first."

My mind went off on old, familiar fantasy trails. This had to be the most common male fantasy in America, if not the world. Never mind that most guys -- especially guys our age -- wouldn't have the stamina to satisfy two women. Never mind that physically the combination of two men and one woman made more sense.

Here was Charlie balking at experiencing it. Will wonders never cease? The three of us are best friends. We have spent the greatest part of our lives together, as I said. That doesn't mean we are all alike, however. I have always suspected it is the differences between us that made us friends for so long. Dale, for instance, is the crudest of us. Now he launched into what he'd do if Billie ever made him that offer. He mentioned a few women of our acquaintance that he said he'd like to fuck.

I was thinking about the idea myself. Angie and I had discussed it, but not seriously. So I thought I understood a little bit how Charlie felt. I don't mean about having two women. It was the corollary he was worried about, I thought. I had trouble wrapping my mind around the idea of watching my wife enjoy another man.

Then, too, Charlie was a little less experienced than Dale and I were. Dale and I had managed to lose our virginity while we were still in high school. I remembered the midnight phone call from Charlie when we were all in our third year of college. "I finally did it, man!" he shouted into my sleepy ear. He'd finally gotten laid.

I also remembered that -- in the equipment department -- he was a bit less well endowed than most of the other guys in the showers after gym class. Of course, the last time I'd seen him naked was more than fifteen years before when we were all seventeen or eighteen. He might have grown since. I think it was worrying him that he wouldn't be able to measure up (literally) when it came down to brass tacks.

The bottom line of the conversation was never reached. We were interrupted by Billie and Angie. They had come looking for us.

"Just as I thought!" my wife said. "You didn't think I saw you squirreling that cooler away in the trunk, did you, Bob?" They sat with us and demanded beer for their ransom. We were joined by Sheila after a few minutes. She carried a wine cooler she'd brought along.

"So what are you guys talking about?" Sheila asked. Charlie blushed and Dale and I ducked and covered. We drifted into meaningless sports talk. That is usually good for shutting down the attention of the women. It worked. At least I thought it did.

We all got up and went back to the party. We had lunch. Angie and I sat a little apart from our friends. "So what was the conversation really about?" she asked me. Now, over the years I have learned that the truth is the best route to take with my wife. I told her what Charlie had said. "Oh, that," Angie said.

"What do you mean? Has Sheila discussed it with you and Billie?"

"Sure," she said casually. "In fact it was Billie's idea that she should suggest it to Charlie to spice things up. I think she was hoping to be invited. She has a little crush on him you know." I did know. At least I knew she had one back in school. It was news that she still carried a torch for him now. "I think that if they need to spice things up now -- when they aren't even married -- they'd better rethink getting married," Angie added.

"Well, maybe that's just the kind of appetite she has. Some people just need the variety." I wasn't sure why I was defending Sheila. Maybe it was just the concept I was defending. Whatever it was, my statement earned me a studious look from my wife. She refrained from saying anything, though.

After we ate we went back to work. By the time most of the people drifted away, we found that we'd actually accomplished pretty much what the women had promised the town council. The spot had been returned pretty much to what I remembered from high school. The trucks had come and gone. All the slash and trash had disappeared. The fire was stoked and it turned into an afternoon party.

About six o'clock, folks started to drift away. By seven o'clock it was just the six of us around the dying fire, the sun was long down and the conversation had drifted to memories from our younger days. There were a lot of, "Remember when you..." from us guys (along with Billie, who had been there for a lot of it). Angie and Sheila listened politely for the most part. Even they seemed to enjoy some of Dale's raunchier memories.

Even though the sun had gone down, the evening hadn't cooled off much. In fact, it was pretty damn hot for April. We were all sweaty and itchy from all the work.

"I can't wait to get home and under a hot shower," Billie said. Glancing at Dale, I saw him go into his eyebrow act again. I waited for the gambit.

"It never used to bother you, back in the old days to just strip down and go skinny-dipping. It never used to bother the rest of us, either." Angie grinned and Sheila laughed.

"Yeah, well, that was fifteen years and thirty pounds ago, Bud."

"Aw, honey, you know you still turn my crank. Come on, who's for gettin' naked?" he challenged. I looked at my wife. I thought it was a good sign that she was still grinning, even if it seemed to have wavered a bit at first. She looked at me and frowned through her grin. She raised her eyebrows in inquiry. I shrugged my shoulders. For those of you who aren't married, this was married shorthand for: "What do you think?' my response was, "What the hell? I'm game if you are."

Dale was tugging his shirt off. I looked around us. The only real concern I had was whether our stuff would be safe from the recently evicted tenants of the place. I decided that if they didn't have cover here they would find somewhere else to camp out. Besides, I was eager to see Sheila out of her tiny shorts. For that matter, it had been a long time since I'd seen Billie naked. I was interested to see how she carried those thirty pounds.

Sheila was whispering to Charlie. He finally shrugged his shoulders and stood up, starting to undress. Sheila beat Dale in getting naked, even though he'd started first. Of course, he was wearing underwear. Angie kissed me before pulling her shirt over her head. I pulled off my pants and helped her with hers. We held hands as we joined the others in the chilly water.

We splashed and played like a bunch of kids for ten or fifteen minutes. There was a bit of grab ass going on, too. Dale swam up behind Angie and goosed her. She waited her chance and gave him back as good as she got. Billie cheered her on. Charlie seemed to loosen up, too. He smiled when Dale ducked under and came up with Sheila on his shoulders, her shaved pussy pressed up against the back of his neck.

Billie watched it standing next to Angie and me, her tits floating like buoys on the current. "Shit, now it'll be a week before I can get him to wash his neck," she complained. Charlie tackled Dale and sent Sheila rolling free and she came up sputtering.

We climbed out of the water before we got hypothermia. The skinny-dipping served to bring us closer, I thought. It was like Angie and Sheila had been initiated into our 'club'. We managed to pull our clothes back on and decided we'd all go to our house, since it was closest.

"Sheila's pretty sexy, don't you think?" Angie asked me as we drove home.

"Sure she is. But she's too skinny," I replied.

"Good answer! No, really, what do you think of her body?"

"I mean it. Yeah, she's sexy. I much prefer the way you are." Angie decided to take my statement as a compliment. I wasn't saying she was fat (she isn't), but I was saying that she wasn't skinny.

"Thanks, I guess," she said with a smile. "Billie doesn't look bad, either," she added. I didn't tell Angie, but I thought Billie looked fantastic. She got to me more than slender little Sheila. When she got naked she looked like the original Earth Mother. The image was appropriate for Earth Day, I thought. She was heavier than Angie but her curves were graceful and she moved well, as if she had a right to look the way she did.

I knew Angie wouldn't let the discussion end without mentioning Dale's cock. In school we always called him "Horse", for the obvious reason. "Dale is kind of..." Angie started. I interrupted her.

"Yeah, yeah, I know," I said, telling her about his old nickname. Angie laughed.

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