tagBDSMEarth Day Hunt

Earth Day Hunt


The alarm, incessant and annoying started ringing long before the sun was due to streak across the sky. Her arm slipped out from beneath the covers and touched the snooze button, a soft caress as she shifted and pulled back under the covers. She stretched, slowly, arms and legs enjoying the space in the big bed, lots of room to sprawl as one hand crept along her belly, inching ever closer, upwards to one aching nipple.

With a sharp intake of breath, her fingers pinched the throbbing peak, bringing an almost instantaneous quivering to her pussy walls, convulsing on themselves as the juices started to flow hot and slick, coating the slippery passage, seeping out to moisten aroused and swollen nether lips.

Her other hand inched downward, feathery touches to her heaving belly until searching fingers found that nub of pleasure, the button of desire and with a quick stroke, she rubbed, hips lifting to rise and meet the source of the touch. Her fingers, now coated and slick slipped lower, delving into the hot and clutching passage...and then, the alarm sounded once again. Her slick fingers came instantly to her mouth and her nipple twitched as those fingers abandoned it to seek out the alarm.

With a sigh of wishful longing, she slipped out of bed and padded barefoot and naked to the bathroom. The cool morning chill made her walk quickly, hurrying to the warmth and comfort of a hot shower. Standing in the hot needle like spray of the water, her body relishing with the sting, her mind finally awake, she smiled, anticipation of the weekend ahead made her smile and rush through the washing of hair and body.

Stepping out of the tub, dripping on the floor, she eyed herself in the mirror. Frowning she turned in a circle, staring critically at her body, it showed that she took care of herself, but her breasts were not what they once were. She traced the curves, tweaking the tender peaks roughly and sighed, she was what she was.

Returning to her room she quickly dressed, packing the necessary clothing in her backpack, she needed to travel light, and there were more important things than clothes already nestled in the bottom.

Grabbing the back pack, she slid into the car, and tossed it on the seat next to her. Grinning, her excitement a palpable thing in the confines of the car, she hummed along to the radio while she drove to the breakfast meeting.

Far back in the woods, in a wee little cabin, a fire roars on the hearth, the meeting is about to begin, table is set for breakfast and as usual Cassie is not here. That woman is perpetually late, but she does know how to play the game, so they wait for her. The crunch of tires on gravel heralds her arrival at last and the door is flung wide as they tell her to hurry, the eggs are getting cold.

The meeting, with all in attendance is at last called to order, the first bit of business is to eat this scrumptious meal, giving them the fortitude to face this annual day of hunting.

President Jade, stands as the dishes are cleared and reads the roster; Cassie, Ionna, the dark-skinned beauty, and herself, a small but interesting group. They are all beautiful, all the better to lure in their prey for the day.

Jade spoke quickly, the sun was already high in the sky and the deadline for the hunt was sundown. They drew straws and Jade was picked to stay behind, monitor the two-way radios and keep the cabin cozy for the festival tonight. With a flurry of activity the women prepared. Taking only the necessary items needed: radio, rope, handcuffs, blindfolds, duct tape in case their captors became too loud and the assorted items each woman specialized in. With a group high-five they departed. Their quarry today, men who were disrespecting the earth. Clean up with one wayward man at a time. Their contribution to Earth Day. And each was allowed a bit of leeway with the term of disrespecting the earth.

Ionna travelled on foot, her lithe athletic body quite up to the hike, a quiet campground that in past years had afforded her a few delicious trophies. There was a lake where the campers liked to bathe, giving her a sneak preview of what they had to offer. Finding a spot to easily spy on the lake, she used her arms to squeeze her full aching breasts together, inhaling with a sharp hiss, the milk ducts primed, ready to offer sustenance.

Jade paced back and forth, a caged lioness. Her instincts were to abandon her post and go hunting herself, but as the leader of their little band of do-gooders, she must set a good example, but, looking at the clock, it would be hours yet before she would be able to partake of the goodies the girls were sure to retrieve. She grabbed her own backpack, and rummaged until she found the long thick dildo she liked to strap on to frighten the men. Taking the radio, she wandered outside until she found the perfect tree, she strapped the thick cock on tightly around the trunk and with a flip of her hips, hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her shorts and sighed as they hit the ground. The soft breeze caressing her neatly trimmed pubes, quivering with desire, she mounted the tree, thrusting as she lowered herself down. Hugging the tree she proceeded to fuck herself, long hard strokes til her juices flowed, soaking her and the rough bark.

Cassie pulled over to the side of the road. Dumping the contents of her backpack onto the seat, and with an ease born of practice, shimmied out of her clothing, she tossed them in the back seat. She pulled on a leotard, leopard print, fitting her form like a glove, toe to neck. Her nipples pressed hard at the fabric, and reaching for the thick plug, the one with the tail protruding from its centre, she lifted her ass off the seat, smeared a dollop of lube on the tip, aimed carefully at the well placed hole in the leotard and lowered down, slowly, letting the thick neck open her sphincter. Her tiny rosebud blossoming fully as she wriggled, a tight groan echoing in the car as it finally found its way home with a wet plop. She stayed seated, concentrating only on her breathing, not wanting to cum too soon, wanting to savour the next little bit, until she had her quarry trussed and ready for delivery. Adjusting the fabric so that her tail could swing she climbed from the car, bait. Smiling at last years decision to make this hunt special by imposing a two bag limit instead of the customary single specimen.

Jade's scream echoed in the woods as she climaxed, writhing on the dildo, nipples scraping on the bark, her howls of pleasure caused a flock of birds to take flight. She fell backwards onto the ground, quivery thighs well splayed and ran her fingers through the creamy evidence. Sated, she closed her eyes and took a well deserved nap.

Ionna didn't dare play while she waited, she knew her body, and once she was fully aroused, instead of watching for the signs of litterbugs, she would be begging men to pleasure her body. There was probably a medical term for her affliction, not that she would ever seek a cure. Watching the lake, waiting for the right man with the wrong attitude, it was not long before she was rewarded. Tall, at least 6 foot, muscled chest flexing as he tossed his empty beer tin into the bushes. She sprang into action, quickly making her way to the lake, careful to remain out of sight. She arrived in time to hear him splash into the water, making a graceful dive from the rock.

She grabbed his pile of clothes and with an impish grin, left him a trail of her own clothes to follow. She waited, naked behind a stand of trees, invisible, as long as he followed her line of bait..he would be hers shortly.

The errant man finally stepped from the lake. She could see his body glistening, muscles rippling, even his flaccid member, limp, hung low along his thigh. She licked her lips, imagining how he would feel between her lips, how he would taste. Her aching nipples started dripping, milk dripping over her belly, dripping on the ground at her feet, the aroma filling the air. She wiped her fingers across the leaking tips, then sucked the sweet milk from her fingers, unable to quell the groan as it gurgled up Her resolve to wait til she got to the cabin wavering as the hot sticky nectar started to pool behind swollen pussy lips.

He looks around as he stands naked in the sun, searching the rock for his clothes, imagining a bear in khaki shorts and polo shirt. Hope that bear doesn't know how to drive, cause his keys and wallet are in his shorts pocket. As if being nude in the woods, adjacent to a public park is the most normal of everyday occurrences, he scouts the area around the rock and grins when he sees a pale blue pair of lacy panties, just lying on the ground, waiting for him to pick them up. And pick them up he does, bringing them to his nose, inhaling the heady fragrance of freshly discarded panties. His cock started to stir, to come to life as the pheromones suffused his brain.

He follows the trail of clothing, dizzying with the anticipation of who will be at the end of this treasure hunt, salivating at the prospect of tasting her sweetness, the sweetness that perfumed the panties clutched in his hand.

He rounded the corner and she pounced, knocking him flat on his back. Before he can recover the breath that whooshed from his lungs, she snaps a handcuff to his wrist. He stares, wide-eyed at the woman who lies on top of him. Her breasts, flattened by his chest start to squirt milk, she stuffs one in his open mouth and demands, "Suck!"

His mouth draws the nipple tentatively in, the sweet warm milk at first odd, then his mouth works hard, pulling the milk, it sprays the roof of his mouth, drowning him. Her other breast spewed an arc of white liquid and she grabbed it, lifting and pointing to her own mouth, his groan of appreciation gurgling wetly in his throat. She takes advantage of his distraction to snap the other cuff to his wrist, and unable to resist, she slides the crack of her ass up and down his thick hard pole as it pulses against her. She lifts her hips and drops her wet pussy onto his shaft, screaming as it spreads her wide, screaming as she lets herself be impaled.

Cassie watched through her binoculars, scanning the oncoming cars from her hidden vantage point. She saw the bag tossed carelessly from the car window and she scowled. She trained her eyes on the windshield, waiting until she could discern just one lone male occupant, arrogant bastard. Her tail twitched as her muscles tightened. She sprung into action, leaped gracefully from the rocks, and sprinted to her car. She grabbed the cuffs from the seat and then coiled herself on the trunk of the car. Let's see if he takes the bait. Arms curled under her head, she closed her eyes, willing her body to calm, letting her anal muscles work the plug, making the tail swish lightly.

She heard the car approaching and could tell that it was slowing, until he pulled up even with her car. She didn't move, fingers wrapped around the cuffs, tail lazily moving back and forth. The window of the car lowered and a deep, masculine commanding voice rang out, "Hey, you there?"

Cassie was so excited at the prospect of the hunt. The bait was taken, now would he bite? Ohhhh she hoped so, cause she would bite back. He pulled his car to the side of the road in front of hers and she heard the car door slam. Her muscles tensed with anticipation, her nipples aching as they demanded release from the confines of the tight fabric. The footsteps in the gravel sounded like gunshots, loud in the still air of the quiet countryside, his stride long, he would be hers in seconds.

He stood staring at this creature, a woman dressed in a leopard print leotard, but he could not take his eyes off the tail that moved with every breath of her body. Was he imagining this? And if he was, when he reached out to touch her she would simply disappear, so he waited, his cock stirring, wanting to rise and see for itself. Time seemed to stand still, and at last he could not resist, he reached a hand out to touch that tail, to wind it around his fingers and tug, gently, amazed that it was attached to this woman so well. He pulled harder,,,

She sprang into action, quickly uncoiling and in one fluid movement had snapped both cuffs around his wrists. Her voice, soft, quiet, almost a whisper, "You didn't ask permission to touch," she smiled at him as she slid off the trunk. Her feet landing soundlessly on the gravel, she tipped her lips up and demanded, "Kiss me!"

He didn't hesitate, dropped his lips onto hers, slipping his tongue inside her mouth, bolder when she did not pull away he went to grab her and only then realized that his hands had been restrained. With a startled gasp he pulled away.

She laughed, the sound musical as she said, "You sir, are charged with littering, on Earth Day, and you will be punished for your wayward act." she grabbed his cuffed hands and turning away she said, "Follow me." She guided him into the front seat of the car and snapped a second pair of cuffs around his and attached it to the bar under his seat, forcing him to bend over and become almost invisible to any other cars that might happen by.

"Just sit tight, I'll be back in a few minutes." and she went back to her viewing rock, waiting for her next prey to show up.

Ionna took a deep breath and with a will she didn't know she possessed pulled herself off of the prone man, growling with frustration as his turgid cock slipped from between her thighs. Offering him her hand, she finally said through her heaving breaths, "You littered, on Earth Day...shame on you...now you will be punished! Pull your shorts on and slip into your sandals, then follow me."

He looked at her, his cock dripping with her juices, his hands tethered in front of him, a prisoner he was, well he would play along, for now. He pulled his shorts on and followed this beautiful woman through the woods. She carried her clothes and the swaying of her hips was hypnotic, as if he could will his body to do anything but follow.

Cassie was pleasantly surprised as the can bounced from the window of the truck, and yes, smiling she saw that this one too held just the lone guy, the sunlight bounced off his sunglasses. Quickly assuming the position, she curled her hands under her head and let her tail twitch. Oh, this truck was not slowing, she would have to trudge back up on the rock to await the next man...and then the screech of brakes as the truck lurched sideways beside her car. He didn't even pull off the road, just leaped from the door and within seconds was touching her. His hand demanding on her thigh, squeezing so tight it made her gasp. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up, she looked into his eyes, and ohhhhhhhh, he was beautiful. Cassie's breath caught in her throat, the tail pushing deep into her ass as he gave her a shake.

"What the hell are you up to girl?" his voice commanded an answer, but Cassie's mouth was dry and all she could do was stare at him. His hand reached forward and tugged at one nipple, thumb and finger crushing the swollen tip until she howled, her pussy pouring fresh lubricating juices and her sphincter tightened painfully on the plug.

"Were you planning on using these on me?" he grabbed the cuffs and with a movement so fast, Cassie found her arms cuffed behind her, her wrists turning uselessly as she tugged. Her nipples jutting up and out, and finally finding her voice, "You littered on Earth Day and you must be punished!" and as her words trailed off he laughed, "We will see just who will be punished."

He tossed her in a heap in the bed of his truck and wandered to her car. Finding the cuffed man he chuckled, "We will turn the tables on this wild cat, the keys must be here somewhere..I'll let you loose and we will show her punishment." He rummaged, finding the keys, pulling the GPS from its bracket and letting the man go. "Hi, I'm Steve."

Smiling, the newly released man said, "I'm Dave, let's have a bit of fun with this one shall we."

Both men leered at Cassie as they climbed into the bed of the truck. They unlocked a cuff and quickly pulled her limbs out, using her own restraints they hooked her spreadeagled and suspended in the back of the truck. Steve reached under her and tugged hard at the tail, roaring with laughter as she gasped and purred at the same time.

Steve set the GPS to return to the last set address and off they went, to deliver the huntress back to wherever it was she had planned to take them. Cassie at first fought the bonds, then relaxed, trying to think her way out, trying to devise a plan. If only it weren't for his hypnotic eyes, this never would have happened. She wriggled as her body responded to the memory of his touch.

Ionna, stopped and turned, they were still a fifteen minute trek from the cabin and the ache in her full breasts was overtaking the urgency of the hunt and punishment. She grabbed his head and forced it to her breast, squeezing the milk into his mouth as his lips started to suckle, gasping and pressing her naked body closer to his as his teeth tore into the base, mild jetting out. She grabbed his hair, pulling him off, directing him to suckle at her other leaking teat until the ache was replaced with a fiery passion. Pulling at his head, she kissed him, long and hard, tasting the sweet milk, the sexy essence of his saliva mixed in. Her hand strayed to her hard clit, frigging it while they locked lips in a heated embrace.

Jade stirred, she thought she could hear the crunch of tires, Cassie must have bagged her man. Jade grinned as she sat up and stared at the thick phallus jutting from the tree trunk. Her juices dried in the heat of the sun, she ran a finger up and down her slit, until a fresh load dripped. She would meet the prisoner naked today...her sticky fingers swiping across her lips, let him taste her pussy when she kissed him. Giggling, she stumbled, still groggy from her nap and from the heat, into the cabin. They would be hungry and she had yet to make the snacks and sandwiches for lunch.

Steve slowly pulled the truck into the yard, stopping behind the other two cars. They exchanged a look and a few whispered words as Cassie strained to hear. Dave climbed into the bed of the truck and stuffed a rag into her mouth, "Shhhhhhhhh!" was all he said. The two men did a quick survey of the area and Steve pointed to the tree with the jutting cock. "Let's strap her there til we see what is going on here."

Dave nodded in agreement and they uncuffed Cassie, stripped the leotard from her body, almost like peeling a banana, and each man feasted on a nipple, so hard and swollen they could not resist a taste. The tail they left in place. They carried her to the tree, and while Steve pointed the cock up, they lowered her until the tip rested at her pussy lips. Her eyes were wide, the plug in her ass was huge, so was that dildo, she shook her head, fear in her eyes, but they did not pay any attention to her silent protests. They let her body weight take the cock deep inside, her squirming only fanning their own arousal. Wrapping her arms and legs around the tree, they cuffed her in place, she wriggled frantically as the two toys filled her greedy and dripping holes.

Ionna finally managed to tear herself away from her captive, and with a wistful sigh, she led him through the woods, breathing heavy from the exertions of stopping her body from attacking him ... right now.

Dave and Steve decided that there were probably three people here, probably all women and they could only speculate what the hell they had intended to do with them. They circled the cabin, and peeking in the windows saw only one naked woman, every bit as lovely as the beauty trussed up on the tree.

They entered the cabin together, quietly, the noise she was making in the kitchen drowning out the soft footsteps as they crept closer. Dave grabbed her arms and Steve quickly cuffed them behind her back. Two naked and restrained women, this must be Christmas!

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