tagInterracial LoveEarth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 05

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 05


He wondered if she celebrated every Earth Day in the same way as this day by walking around naked. He wondered if she had celebrated Earth Day with any of her other boyfriends, those who had come and gone before him. He hoped he was the one and only, the first boyfriend that she had celebrated Earth Day with, only with someone as beautiful as she was, he doubted that he was the only one.

He'd have to ask her about that, but would take care not to offend her. He'd love to ask her that during pillow talk, but he'd have to feel her out, first. That discussion about prior boyfriends is not something to discuss during the first love making session. Sometimes women are a bit funny about talking of their ex-boyfriends.

Then, he reached for a breath mint before quickly removing his clothes as his girlfriend disappeared downstairs. He paused to look at his reflection in the hall mirror while standing naked in the hall.

'Not bad,' he thought. 'I have a decent body.'

He turned to the side to look at his cock now sticking straight out with his anticipation of wild, unbridled sex with Lisa, his squaw.

'Not bad, it looks pretty big,' he said to himself giving it a few more quick pulls to keep it stiff and ready for action while humping out his hips in readiness to hump his girlfriend.

'I can't wait for her to see my cock. I wonder what she'll do when she does see it, finally.' Again, he gave it a few more quick pulls before descending the steps to the lower level.

He stood up taller, threw back his shoulders, puffed out his chest, and pulled in his stomach. He couldn't imagine what she had in store for him downstairs.

'Maybe, that's where they keep the waterbed,' he thought. He imagined rolling around on the surface of the waterbed while creating waves from their hot humping activity.

'Maybe, they have a hot tub.' He imagined soaking in the hot tub while relaxing and making out with her. The thought of her little hand reaching beneath the surface of the water to stroke his cock while he nibbled on his nipples was an appealing daydream.

'Maybe, they have an outdoor sauna.' He imagined running through they backyard naked before sitting in the warm steamy sauna room sweating naked with her.

'Maybe, she has a swing that they both can sit on while having intercourse with her on his lap.' He imagined himself gently swinging back and forth as his cock sunk deeper and deeper in her pussy. He could hear her delightful giggle as he gently fucked her to the sway of the swing.

'I hope they have a king size bed with lots of pillows that I can put beneath her hips to raise her pussy.' The thought of a massive king-size bed filled with pillows made him think of making love on a cloud. How so very romantic to sink in the soft comfort of a huge bed while making love to her.

'Maybe, there's an Indian love tent. Wow!' He imagined a teepee setup in the back corner of the yard. As plain and empty inside as it is small, he imagined the spirits of the Sioux watching over their love making techniques and approving what they saw.

'White man make heapum love to Indian squaw,' he said to himself as he goofed around in his reflection.

He pretended to make Sioux Indian sign language, but it was all unintelligible and nonsensical, of course. He had no idea how to make any Indian sign language only that he thought it was the coolest thing to watch in the old cowboy movies when the Indians silently motioned to one another, much like the Special Forces and Delta Forces do now when in combat mode.

He remembered reading something about the government using Navajo Indians to encode secret messages for the military back during World War II. How cool was that? The Japanese and Germans must have been scratching their heads over that trying to break that language they never heard before.

He knew even less about Sioux Indians than he did about the environment, ecology, and conservationism. She sometimes made him feel dumb, heap dumb white man make fool of himself in front of his beautiful Sioux girlfriend, but he was horny nonetheless. He was hot for her, nonetheless. Now, he felt amorous. He'll have plenty of time to feel dumb later.

He fantasized about a Sioux sexual ritual where she tied him up, blindfolded him, and did naughty things to his naked body, as she seductively danced around him naked while singing Native American Sioux Indian Earth Day songs.

'Ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy...'

He fantasized about a perverted American sexual ritual where he tied her up, blindfolded her, and did naughty things to her naked body, as he danced around her naked while singing a selection of inappropriate American melodies from Axel Rose's Guns and Roses collection of songs. He wondered if she thought about him in the way he thought about her.

'Big cock, big balls, flat ass, big cock, big balls, flat ass, big cock, big balls, flat ass...'

He wondered if they were going to smoke peyote or whatever it is they smoked in a peace pipe to heighten their sexual experience. He imagined her covering his naked body with war paint before they had sex and rubbing red dye all over his erect prick. He imagined covering her naked body with war paint before they had sex with him rubbing blue and green dye all over her ass, tits, and pussy. He imagined them having hot, sweaty sex for hours and hours.

'Ass! Tits! Pussy!'

Glad that there was no one else home and that he was alone with her, finally, he wondered where her parents and her brother and sister were.

'Maybe', he thought, 'they are all out somewhere celebrating Earth Day with relatives. This is one of their big holidays, after all. Gees, maybe they have an Earth Day parade. He imagined Native American Indians dressed in full regalia with full feathered headdresses marching down Main Street while chanting, singing, and playing their native music. Boy that would be fun to see Native American Indians in authentic costumes celebrating the Earth Day holiday.

'Yeah, that's probably it,' he thought. 'They're at the big Earth Day parade and celebration after. He wondered what kind of food they ate, if they barbequed. They probably won't be home for hours. Maybe, they'll stay out the entire evening and won't be home until tomorrow.' With thoughts of sleeping over and her cooking him breakfast tomorrow, he made a note to ask her when she expected her family home.

Damn, he'd love to sleep over. He imagined making love to her tonight and again tomorrow morning. He imagined taking a shower with her and making love in the shower. His sexual excitement for her was unparalleled. Never has he felt this way about any woman he has dated.

'Maybe, they go to the burial grounds and visit their dead relatives on Earth Day.' He thought to ask her where her parents and siblings were, but not now. For now, he had only three thoughts on his mind.

'Ass, tits, and pussy...'

He figured that if her parents knew that he was about to have sex with their young, innocent daughter, they'd pile wood around the totem pole out front, tie him to it, and burn him at the stake, that is, after they scalped him and skinned him alive, of course. He laughed at the ridiculousness of that thought. He was so very excited with the thoughts of finally making love to Lisa. Then, he wondered, if he was correct about thinking that they may be upset that their daughter is dating a Caucasian man instead of a man of her own race.

'Relax, calm down, and about think baseball. Ass, tits, pussy... You don't want to ejaculate prematurely.' The thought of ejaculating prematurely to him was like tripping over the third base bag before reaching home.

'Ass, tits, pussy... Let's just take it slow and have the fucking, fucking time of your life! Ass... Okay, relax again. Tits... Take a breath. Pussy... Calm yourself down and think about baseball. Ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy...'

As soon as he began his descent down the stairs, he imagined he heard Tom-Tom drums and the soft jingle of bells. Sleigh bells. That's what they sounded like. They sounded like sleigh bells and as soon as he heard them, he thought about Santa Claus and Christmas.

He wondered if they celebrated Christmas or if they had a similar holiday. He wondered if they exchanged gifts at Christmas time and he wondered what he'd buy her for Christmas if they did celebrate the holiday. Definitely, if this evening worked out the way that he thought it would, he'd be shopping for an engagement ring. Only, he's unemployed and would have to get a job, but that's okay, he'd work to support her, the love of his life.

He imagined she was wearing nothing but feathers with little silver belled cuffs that they wear around their ankles as they dance naked. Slowly, cautiously, and eagerly, he descended the stairs.

'Ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy...'

As he neared the bottom of the stairs, he heard Native American Indian music playing with Tom-Tom drums and the soft sound of sleigh bells in the background. Then, he heard a man's voice singing in the way that a Medicine Man would sing as he danced around the inside of a Teepee trying to cast his magic Medicine Man spells to cure the ills of the sick.

She was playing Sioux Indian music. Maybe, this music gets her motor running, but he thought it a bit weird. The music did nothing for him but make him anxious and weary.

The music chilled his spine. It made him think of the Indian rituals of the Sioux tribe one hundred and fifty years ago. Suddenly, he was fearful. He imagined that he was tied to two poles like Alan Ladd was when he played Johnny MacKay in that movie Drum Beat where the Sioux Indians tested his bravery and strength by having a horse on either end of him pulling in opposite directions and pulling him apart until the Indian Princess stopped them from killing the man she loves.

As soon as he walked down the finished cellar stairs naked, relieved, he saw her there waiting for him. Still naked, she was so very beautiful.

'Ass, tits, and pussy...'

There was a light that glowed behind her that made her appear angelic. This moment in time was a moment that he'd remember the rest of his life.

'Ass, tits, and pussy...'

At that point in time, he loved her. He had fallen for her, his naked Native American Sioux Indian woman and he couldn't wait to—

"Hi, how are you?"

He heard a woman's voice, but it didn't immediately register who it could be until he turned to his left and to the direction of the voice.

There standing in the living room was the rest of her family. He was greeted by Lisa's mother, father, sister, and brother. They, too, were all naked. Immediately, as soon as he saw her tall, well built mother and young, equally as tall and very pretty sister, he had an even stiffer erection.

"It's so nice to finally meet you," said her mother approaching him and looking down at his stiff cock before making eye contact and pressing her naked body against his in a tight hug.

'Wow! Hello Mommy! Mommy has a hot body,' he thought. She felt incredible in his arms.

He felt his erect cock bend against her naked belly and a little bit of pre-cum oozed out and attached itself to her stomach. How embarrassing? How erotic? How wicked that he got his pre-cum on the stomach of his girlfriend's mother. Explain that in a sexual education class when discussing safe sex.

"And tell us again, how it is your got pregnant on Earth Day?"

Even though he turned a bright red, being the pervert that he is, he wrapped an arm around her mother prolonging her hug and feeling as much as he could feel of her shapely naked body without appearing obvious that he was trying to steal a cheap feel. She giggled like a school girl when he pressed his stiff cock harder against her.

She had a bodacious body. He allowed his hand to brush the top part of her round ass and he felt her hand brush by and over his erect cock, as they stepped apart.

"I'm Sharon and this is my husband Tom, my daughter Ellen, and my son Mark," she said with a smile. "Lisa has told us so many nice things about you and now we finally get to see you in person."

'See me? That's an understatement,' he thought to himself.

"Welcome to my home," said Tom shaking his hand, but Ellen walked up to him and pressed her young, shapely and naked body against his, just as her mother had done.

It's a funny thing that he never had given much thought, but the action of shaking hands with a naked man made both their cocks bounce up and down. From now on, every time he shook someone's hand wearing pants or a business suit, he'd think of their cocks bouncing up and down in their boxers. Weird the things you think about when standing there naked on Earth Day in the home of a Native American Sioux Indian.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, I mean," she said with a giggle, "see you...all of you," she whispered with her mouth so very close to his ear that the sensation of her sweet breath made him tingle and his cock harden.

Again, he wrapped an arm around her, this time giving her an extra long squeeze. She felt so good in his arms.

'I'm going to like this family,' he thought, 'the Sioux women are so very friendly.'

He rested his hand on the top of her naked, round ass. He so wanted to reach lower and cup her firm, round butt cheeks, but he didn't want to insult their Earth Day celebration by cheapening it with a sexual feel.

'The runner is off with the pitch but decides to stop and not steal second base,' he thought to himself as he kept his hand in place deciding against dropping it any further down on her so very round and firm ass.

The sight and feel of his Ellen's naked body excited him and he could feel his cock nearly dart out between her legs. Had there been a wall behind her, all that it would take would be to push his girlfriend's sister up against it and with one hump, he'd fill her with his fantasy and desire.

Their nipples touched and he felt her pubic hair travel along the length of his cock when she pulled away. He couldn't believe his cock rested between her legs and along the length of her pussy lips. She was such a perfect fit that he could have fucked her while standing. He so wanted to push her down on the carpet and show her how much he loved Native American Indians and being one with the Earth and with her. He so much wanted to be part of their Sioux tribe.

She was tall, nearly as tall as was he. She had a nice body, but not a better body than her older sister, his girlfriend, Lisa's body. Again, just as he felt with Lisa's Mom, Ellen, Lisa's sister brushed her hand along the length of his erect cock as they broke away from one another. He wondered if it was accidental or on purpose.

Then, he shook hands with her brother, Mark and Mark gave him the official fellow pervert's wink and smile. Definitely, this kid was already a member in good standing of the society of fellow perverts.

"Happy Earth Day," he whispered with a deviant laugh.

To be continued...

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