tagInterracial LoveEarth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 06

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 06


Embarrassed and not wanting his girlfriend to see that he was sexually excited, Freddie sat on the living room chair with his hands folded in his lap to hide his huge erection. Meeting her parents for the first time, this was not only the first time seeing his girlfriend naked but also her parents naked. Not to mention that this was the first time experiencing them seeing him naked, as well. To say the least, as much as this was sexually exciting and something that he will jerk off to for the rest of his life, this Earth Day celebration was a bit awkward.

He was shocked as shit. Never did he expect her entire family to be there and naked to boot. He couldn't wait to tell his friends about this. No, he can't do that. He'd make her family appear like a bunch of crazies or sexual perverts. On second thought, he'd be embarrassed to tell his friends. For sure, they'd make fun of him, of her, and her family.

Even though he was excited seeing all the women of his girlfriend's family naked, disappointment washed over him. He thought for sure that he was getting laid tonight. He was certain that he'd be having some hot sex with his girlfriend. He never expected this.

Her mother, Sharon, sat across from him naked in a Queen Anne chair smiling and making idle conversation. Her naked father, Tom, scurried about the living room with his half erect penis bouncing to and fro and up and down while walking to and from the kitchen attending to everyone's drink order and setting out appetizers. He was more uncomfortable seeing her naked father than seeing her mother naked, of course, but then to see her sister naked as well was a bit much to take for a young testosterone filled man who has not had sex since he had regularly been dating Lisa.

Overwhelming was the word when seeing his girlfriend naked for the first time. The only thing that surpassed his girlfriend opening the front door naked was seeing her entire family naked. Erotically shocking were the words he thought when seeing his girlfriend's mother and sister naked, too. To say that he was horny was an understatement. To say that he had inappropriate thoughts about all three women was saying that a starving man wasn't salivating over the banquet of food just put out in front of him and asked not to touch any of it.

Sharon was a good looking woman. No way did she look her age. She looked young enough to be Lisa's older sister, okay way older sister, but certainly not old enough to be her mother. These Indians must get married very young.

He could see where her daughters got their beauty. Seeing her sitting there across from him naked with her big, full tits, her hard erect nipples, and her full bush of dark blue-black pubic hair was surreal. This just wasn't happening. This was an erotic dream.

Smiling, laughing, and having a good time, they all were so very casual about their nakedness. He couldn't believe that they all paraded around the room as if they were fully dressed. He quietly sat there out of his mind with lust and passion for not only his girlfriend, Lisa, but also her sister, Ellen, and her mother, Sharon. He couldn't help himself from checking out their asses, tits, and pussies.

'Ass, tits, and pussies...' was all that ran through his mind like a runaway train.

He was afraid to look at his girlfriend who sat naked on the couch between her naked brother and naked sister for fear that he would leer at them. An uneasy, sickening feeling consumed him in the way their brother leered at his two sisters and then looked up at him smiling broadly. Definitely, this guy was a first rate pervert.

He tried not to stare at their nakedness. He didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or naked for fear that they would get dressed. This naked review show was better than any X rated porn video that he had ever watched. Here he was suddenly thrown in an interactive porn video of his own with his girlfriend, her family, and him for that matter, as the stars of the show.

Besides he tried his best not to stare at them because he didn't want them to think that he was some kind of sexual pervert, even though he was. Actually, all men his age are. Actually, all men every age are. Yet, he couldn't help himself from staring. His eyes furtively darted from Lisa to Ellen to Sharon and back again. 'Lisa, Ellen, Sharon, Lisa, Ellen, Sharon, Lisa, Ellen, Sharon... Ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy...'

Mark had a huge erection and he did nothing to conceal it. Proudly and unabashedly, he sat there with one arm around Lisa and the other arm around Ellen while his cock stood stiffly pointing straight up. Every now and then, he'd make it pulsate and both women would look down at it. Lisa looked at him and at his cock with disgust while Ellen looked at him and at his cock approvingly. Although, Freddie felt more than a little jealous every time Mark fondled his sisters' tits, he felt excited by the fact that their brother was stealing feels of their tits.

Slowly, ever so gradually, Mark would drop his hand down inch by inch to feel the side Lisa's tit or Ellen's tit. Ellen allowed his hand liberties and he watched as Mark fingers crept over and toyed with her nipple with his fingertips, but Lisa continually shrugged his inappropriate touches off. He watched Mark grabbing a big handful of Ellen's tit while Ellen did nothing to stop him.

The action of watching a brother touch his sister made him wildly horny with sexual excitement. Ellen just continued talking while smiling over at Freddie. Their parents were too busy hosting and talking to witness the perversions of their son molesting their daughters on the couch.

Apparently, Mark enjoyed being naked in front of his naked sisters and who could blame him. Being naked in front of your sisters and mother is every deviant 18-year-old guy's fantasy. All that he could make of this was that they were nudists. Of course, yeah, that had to be it. They were practicing nudists. How foolish of him to think otherwise. Although that wouldn't explain Mark's inappropriate actions, it would explain their comfortableness with parading around the room as if they were fully dressed.

There's nothing sexual about being nudists. Admittedly, they just like being naked, it's their lifestyle. It's just that with him not being a nudist, his mind was full of sexual thoughts and not with thoughts of living life without clothes. Never could he understand that lifestyle. He'd be more like Mark walking through a nudist colony with a permanent erection. For now, he needed to think about baseball. He needed to think about anything other than ass, tits, and pussies.

'Ass, tits, and pussy... Stop it!'

He wished his girlfriend had warned him about her family being nudists so that he would have known what next to expect and so that he was given a conscious choice of attending this naked Earth Day celebration or not, instead of having her naked family surprise him naked, too. Only, had she, he never would have attended this naked family Earth Day celebration. Even though it was erotically exciting and sexually stimulating to see all the female members of her family naked, he felt more than a bit self-conscious being naked in front of her whole family and her family being naked in front of him.

This may be the woman that he'd ask to marry him. How could he look them in the eyes after this? How could he continue a relationship without being self-conscious that his future mother-in-law and his future sister-in-law had seen his erect cock and he had seen their asses, tits, and pussies? There he goes again, 'Asses, tits, and pussies...' How could he have a conversation with them later in life over coffee and cake while fully dressed without thinking of them totally naked?

Fuck! Who cares! Oh, baby! This is outrageous. He wished he had brought his camera with him to take some candid shots.

'Say ass, I mean, tits, I mean, pussy, I mean, cheese.'

Had she told him ahead of time that her family was nudists, he'd have judged her and her family as weird and would have made an excuse declining her invitation, probably. No doubt, although his curiosity may have gotten the better of him had she told him and had he known they were nudists, in hindsight, with thoughts of seeing her sister and mother naked, too, he probably would have accepted her invitation anyway. What the Hell, he didn't want to appear rude.

'Asses, tits, and pussies...

Only, he assumed they were going to plant a tree or recycle plastics or paint fences while spending the day cleaning up and beautifying downtown like all the other residents who had planned Earth Day activities. Glad that they didn't have him help them plant a tree, recycle plastics, and/or paint fences, this naked way to celebrate Earth Day was better by far. Only, now, he had a tall tree, a woody, a giant redwood in his lap. He lusted over the woman's red painted lips wanting to have them paint his cock red with their lipstick on his dipstick.

'Take turns ladies. I have enough for everyone,' he imagined saying as they each took turns sucking his cock.

"Would you care for a brownie," said his girlfriend's mother standing, picking up the plate of homemade brownies, walking towards him, and leaning over him with the dish. She broke his lewd thoughts. "I made them especially for the occasion myself," she said smiling and making eye contact.

'Bearded clam...bearded clam...bearded clam... Stop it!' It took all the control he had not to stare at her beard clam, er, bushy pussy that was there at eye level.

He found it difficult to maintain eye contact with her. With her nakedness in his peripheral vision, he couldn't help but stare at her big tits, erect nipples, and her bushy blue-black pussy, as she leaned over him. She was so close and yet so far away. He took her all in with a continual lustful stare and a nervous smile, as he felt his penis grow and stiffen.

It was difficult not to notice her big tits hanging down and her big, brown, erect nipples begging to be fingered and suckled as she leaned toward him offering him a brownie. That was one of the things that he loved to do, fondle a woman's tits while she sucked his cock and, now, that was all he could think of. He thought of her sucking his cock while he fondled her hanging tits.

He imagined putting a hand around her neck, pulling her forward, and inserting his erection in her mouth. He imagined her blowing him. He imagined taking those freaking brownies and mashing them all over her naked body as he consumed her and them while rolling naked over the carpet.

She had nicely shaped C cup tits. By her erect nipples, he figured she was cold. Only, he felt a bit warm now that he was flushed with embarrassment and excited lust from seeing his girlfriend, his girlfriend's mother, and his girlfriend's sister naked. Matter of fact, it wasn't cold down their cellar at all. It was quite comfortable. The thought that she may be sexual aroused excited him.

It should be a rule, a custom, a tradition, and/or a law that all serious suitors should ogle their girlfriend's mother before continuing a serious relationship with her daughter, as it should be a rule, a custom, a tradition, and/or a law that all serious suitors should ogle their girlfriend's sister before continuing a serious relationship with her sister. How else could you see the gene pool up close and personal? Only in California could such a rule, a custom, a tradition, and/or a law flourish before sweeping enthusiastically across the country. It must have been a rule, a custom, a tradition, and/or a law somewhere in a land far away and long ago.

He imagined boyfriends everywhere asking their potential mother-in-law and sister(s)-in-law to disrobe and pose naked for them before they got down on one knee and promised their intentions of marriage to their daughter and sister. What a great idea. Please, there is no need for all you horny guys who love incest as much as I do to thank me, the nude photos that you e-mail me of your future mothers-in-laws and future sisters-in-law are sufficient thanks.

He imagined a conversation a young lady might have with her mother.

"Mom, my boyfriend is coming over tonight and I think he's going to pop the question. I was wondering if—"

"Yes, of course, there's no need to beat around the bush. Your sisters and I don't mind getting naked for him to take a gander at your gene pool."

"Thanks Mom."

What were the odds of seeing all the women of her family naked for such a prolonged period as was this Earth Day celebration? This was every perverts' dream come true, especially those who are into incestuous relationships. He wondered, no he hoped, but didn't dare ask, if any more relatives were expected to attend this sordid Earth Day celebration. It'd be nice to leer at a few more naked female cousins and naked aunts. Hey, why not see the whole tribe, I mean, clan, er family.

When he looked down at the plate and reached out his hand for a brownie, her mother's pussy was again in his peripheral vision. Her pussy was so close to his extended hand...so near and yet so far. He imagined her pubic hair brushing the back of his hand. Boy, talk about homemade brownies, oh, yeah, these chocolate pastry confections may have a few hairy surprises in them.

Suddenly, he was hungry for a clam, albeit a hairy clam, and a bearded clam at that. With her pubic hair only inches away from his knuckles, he had the urge to upturn his hand and cup her pussy. He wondered if it excited her to see his cock. He wondered if it excited her for him to see her naked. He wondered how she'd respond to his fingers fingering her while he probed her deeper and deeper with his stiff, long fingers.

The sudden image of slowly running his finger along her slit and teasing her clit with his index finger while penetrating her with his middle finger, consumed his lust for her naked body. He wondered if she was wet just a little bit from seeing his cock. He imagined her dropping the plate of brownies and allowing him to masturbate her before falling on top of him in a wet, passionate French kiss. The image of her sliding down to the carpet, falling to her knees between his legs, and taking him in her mouth before they fucked like dogs in heat played a pornographic fast forward movie of lustful desire through his head.

'Ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy...'

What was he thinking? This was his girlfriend's mother he was suddenly lusting over. How dare he cheapen their custom and ruin their Earth Day holiday with sexual thoughts. For God's sake obviously they were nudists and not sexual deviants, as he certainly was by his lustful thoughts, wanton desires, and rude behavior by having the audacity to have an erection while they celebrated their sacred Earth Day holiday. Still, she had a remarkable body for a woman in her mid forties. She was a definite MILF.

Now, he realized with his own eyes the benefit of his girlfriend's gene pool. No way did she look forty-something, especially with that hot body. Definitely, she looked ten years younger. She looked thirty-something. And because she was his girlfriend's mother, that made is oh so much more sensually erotic and wickedly forbidden to lust over her naked body. He'd never kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

The odd thing, now that he saw his girlfriend's mother and sister naked, he wondered what they looked like in a bikini. Suddenly, he wondered what they looked like in their panties and bras. Suddenly, he wondered what they looked like fully dressed. It was a reverse phenomenon to think of her mother and sister fully clothe instead of thinking of them naked. Typically we all wonder what fully dressed women look like naked.

He was thinking crazy thoughts. Without doubt and without shame, he was wicked with his thoughts of all the things that he would love to do to his girlfriend's mother and 20-year-old sister. Only, he was sure that not only would his girlfriend's mother reject him but also his girlfriend would dump him, too, no doubt.

'You're just like every white man taking advantage of my naked Mom on Earth Day,' he imagined his girlfriend saying as she kicked his ass out the door. He imagined her naked mother standing behind her daughter with her hand raised to her mouth, as if she had a cell phone while mouthing the words, 'Call me.'

In the meantime, he couldn't wait to hug Sharon again when he was ready to leave. Maybe, he'd be brave enough to reach down and feel her ass while positioning his erect cock between her legs, as he inadvertently did with Ellen. He couldn't imagine the pool parties that this family must have. Matter of fact, if he's still around next year, he'll insist that they celebrate next Earth Day with a backyard barbeque of buffalo and corn or whatever the Hell Native American Indians eat. He imagined getting his girlfriend's mother and sister drunk and alone while the three of them frolicked naked in the deep end of the pool.

'Oh, I'm so sorry, Sharon, I didn't mean to hump you and penetrate you. I slipped on the slippery bottom of the pool. I'll just be a minute more before I'm done,' he imagined himself saying to his girlfriend's mother at next year's Earth Day celebration.

'Oh, I'm so sorry, Ellen, I didn't mean to stick my cock in your mouth. I was just, uhm, leaning over you to get another one of these delicious brownies,' he imagined himself saying to his girlfriend's naked sister at next year's Earth Day celebration.

'Thank you for having me,' he imagined saying as he hugged his girlfriend's sister while reaching down a hand to cup and squeeze her ass before saying good-bye with a long, wet, French kiss good-bye. He imagined his cock finding the slit in her pussy lips and parting them with a quick hump. He imagined her wet with lust for him, as she returned his hump. He imagined her shaking his cock good-bye instead of his shaking his hand.

'Thank you for your hospitality,' he imagined saying to her Mom, as he gave her a deep, wet French kiss good-bye. He imagined his erect cock slipping between her legs and with a quick hump parting her wet pussy lips as it did with her daughter Ellen. The thoughts of her kissing him back and returning his hump maintained his erection.

To be continued...

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