tagErotic CouplingsEarth Day Up Up and Away

Earth Day Up Up and Away


There are times when you just hate the phone. This was one of them! My friend Carol had come over to help me celebrate hump day. After demolishing a delivery Pizza, we had just settled down to watch a nice porn tape with the promise that whatever we saw in the movie, we'd do while watching it.

It was Carol who insisted that we watch nude. I raised no objections. The opening scene featured a girl giving a lucky man a blow job. Just as Carol's lips approached my throbbing penis.... Ring-a-ding-ding.

Damn Phone! I wanted to rip it out of the wall and throw it out the window. I might have done just that, but I was too distracted watching Carol's lips approaching the tip of my dick. Two ringie dingie. God Damn thing!

Carol's lips stopped an inch short of my cock. "Well, aren't you going to get the phone?"

I'm not quite sure what I said, but it wasn't printable!

I got up and walked the several steps to the phone and scooped it out of the cradle as it rang for the fourth time. Damn it! If Carol had let me ignore the damn thing, the answering machine would have taken over on the next ring. Instead I was going to be having a discussion, instead of a blow job!


"Gary, this is Helen Schwartz., someone gave me your name. They said, you fly balloons?"

"Well, I'm only a private pilot. I take it you want a ride?."

Carol rose from the sofa, naked, and walked over to me. She gave me a bright smile with twinkling eyes and then knelt on the floor before me and sucked my whole throbbing cock into her mouth in one gulp. I had to work to stifle a gasp.

"Sort of, I'm with the city park department and we're working on our earth day plans. We thought that the sight of a balloon flying would really help with the interest in our events. I heard that you might be interested if we provided the fuel."

I looked down and watched as Carol's lips slid back to the tip of my cock and then slid more than half way up the shaft. Her lips made it hard to think.

"Are you still there, Gary?"

"Oh, uhhh, yeah. I might be willing to do it. It would all depend on the weather. Balloons are kind of particular about what weather we can fly in. Do you have people I would have to fly?"

Carol's lips slid back to the tip of my cock and down again. I couldn't take my eyes off the way her lips looked around my cock. It was getting increasingly difficult to think about what Helen was saying.

"I was thinking that, I might get a ride. Maybe the mayor?"

"Well, I'd be happy to take you. I can take two passengers. I just want to warn you about the weather again. Not only does it have to be a nice day, but the winds have to be low. And when I fly might not work out either." I couldn't help gasping as Carol slid her mouth up and down once more. "Because of the atmosphere we usually only fly first thing in the morning or just before dark. That's when... oooooo... Ummm... there aren't too many up and down drafts." Damn! Carol was providing her fair share of up and down drafts right then!

"Am I calling at a bad time?" I could just picture Helen on the other end. She was picking up on the extraneous noises I was making and I think identifying them correctly.

"No, it's just fine." I lied.

"What would you charge us? The park doesn't have a very big budget."

"Like I said, I'm only a private pilot. I can't really charge you. But if you bought the propane that would be fine." I worked hard to suppress the moan that was rising to my throat. "On a one hour flight, I usually burn about 25 gallons of propane. I wouldn't charge you at all but I'd fly for the cost of the propane. I'd rather you just had my tanks filled when I was done, and not give me any money at all."

"Sounds like we might be able to work that out easily enough. We'd love to have you there. Can I put a balloon flight in the brochure?"

As Carol sucked in my cock, I had to suck in my breath. I tried to do it silently. "I won't promise to fly, but I will promise to be there and if the weather works I'd be happy to fly."

"Thank you, Gary. I'll put you down and get back to you."

"Wait a minute. Where do I need to be and when?" I knew I'd made a big mistake at that point. I hadn't considered the possibility of conflicts and I didn't have my calendar and I wasn't hot to get it. I was much more hot to see an excellent blow job finished!

"The whole earth day thing, is not going to be a big deal. We're planning to do it in the evening of Earth Day, Friday April 22. It won't start till after work, so even the timing works out."

I was hoping I would remember that and write it down. At that moment, I was a bit distracted. Carol's lips slid up and down one more time and my mind was mush.

"Thanks, Gary. I'll call you again, when you're not so busy." She giggled and I knew she knew what was going on. I'm glad she couldn't see my blush.

I put the phone back in the cradle and sighed. Carol did the most unwelcome thing. She pulled her mouth off my stiff, needy cock, and burst out laughing.

I fixed her though... before she could say a word, I stuffed her mouth full of horny cock. She could not answer. After all, it is impolite to talk with your mouth full!

Carol and I have a strange relationship. At least most people would think so. I was introduced to her by a swinging friend of mine. We are both relatively freshly divorced and both gun shy of relationships. I think of her as my best friend and hope she thinks of me the same way.

Carol is one who's first marriage was destroyed by swinging. Her husband dragged her into it and when Carol discovered that she really liked it. He couldn't take her enthusiasm. Now, she will never give it up.

She is the friend I always wanted. Cute and extremely horny, I don't have to be afraid to pick up the phone and call her. Sometimes we talk for hours like star crossed teenagers. Sometimes I just ask her if she'd like a good fuck tonight. What I like the most is that she feels just as free to call me and ask for a good romp in the hay.

O.K., what I really like is that she isn't jealous! She hasn't just called me and asked if I'd like to fuck, she's called me and asked me if I'd like to fuck one of her friends. She's taken me places I never even knew existed.

I put the earth day balloon flight out of my mind. It is easy to let such information flitter away when a beautiful woman has a lip lock on your tender part. They do say that a man has all his brains in the head of his dick. If anyone ever needed proof of that, this was it.

Carol's distraction was a causative factor in my forgetting to write the date in my calendar. In fact, I almost completely forgot the conversation! It was rather a good thing that Helen called me the next day.

I didn't curse the phone so much the next time. Carol wasn't there to distract me.


"Gary, It's Helen. This is a better time than the last time I called, isn't it?"

For a second, my mind whirled. Who was Helen? Oh, Oh, I remembered and I knew I'd been busted before! "It's just fine now, Helen." Charade time. "It was just fine the last time you called."

"I'm just making sure you have the earth day flight scheduled. There aren't any problems are there?"

My mind whirled a mile a minute! Oops! I hadn't put the date in the book, but I hadn't any others added either. Only problems were crew and weather.

"No problems, Helen. I've got the flight down. I haven't gone looking for crew yet, but that shouldn't be a problem. Only reason not to fly would be the weather."

"I was thinking that perhaps you and I should get together and discuss your part in the earth day celebration. Perhaps we could have lunch?"

The first time I talked to Helen, my mind had not been on the conversation. This time I listened to her voice. She had a soft sultry voice that got my attention.

"Sounds like a good idea to me. When would you like to do it?"

"We could do it anytime. In fact, it's a lousy TV night and I wouldn't mind doing drinks right now. If you're not busy that is."

I had no plans, except maybe a hot chat room. It almost sounded like Helen was asking me for a date and that flattered me. I don't think I had ever had a woman ask me out before. "Sure. Right now would be just fine. Just tell me where and when."

It sounded like Helen was single. My only commitment was to Carol, and her only objection would be if I didn't tell her all about it. Why not!

"How about the Brass Lamp Post in about half an hour?" She suggested.

"I'll be there with bells on. I'll be the ugly guy hanging around the front door."

She giggled. "I've heard that you are far from ugly. I'll be the beautiful voluptuous brunet girl in the jeans and T shirt accosting every single male that comes in."

"Sounds like we won't have much trouble meeting, then. I'll see you in half an hour."

"See you then." Her soft voice faded and she hung up the phone.

The Brass Lamp Post was an upscale restraint/bar and it was only a mile or less from my home. I decided to use the time to primp. A fresh shave and a quick change of clothes and I was out the door. I was ten minutes early as I hung out by the front door, only drawing a few strange looks.

Helen was right on time. In fact, I think she drove around the block once to either check out the available parking places or me. I choose to think it was the parking situation. Either way, she was a knockout.

She stood about 5 foot 4 and had long chestnut brown hair that hung straight to the middle of her back. Her button nose set off two shimmering brown eyes. She had a trim waist, and large breasts, both of which were set off by the tight T shirt that she wore, which also outlined the bra underneath. She was about 10 years younger than I.

I have to admit to being smitten with her on first sight, especially with the smile that lit up her face and flashed in her eyes. An initial feeling that only got stronger as the night progressed.

We did talk about Earth Day and my part in the park department's festivities, but more than that we talked about .... Things... all kind of things. We talked and talked and then talked some more. We talked till closing time and then agreed to do it again some other time.

What we didn't talk about were the things that could be important between us. We didn't talk about me not being ready for another serious relationship. We didn't talk about how she felt about relationships. We didn't talk about where this could be going. I didn't tell her that I was smitten with her. We didn't talk about sex.

I told her about Carol. I didn't quite tell her the whole story, but I did tell her that we were sexually involved friends. She laughed and told me that she knew that part, since she knew that something was going on the first time we talked. The idea didn't seem to bother her at all. I guess I should have pursued that conversation, but I let it drop. I wasn't real comfortable talking about Carol.

The next morning Carol called and told me she couldn't meet me for our every Friday date. My immediate reaction was to call Helen. Helen surprised me by being available for dinner.

Except for starting the evening with dinner, and ending it with dancing, it was a repeat of the night before with lots of talking till closing time. There was one other difference, we ended the evening with a kiss.

If one knew of the wanton life I'd led lately with Carol and my new friends, one might think that I would be sexually aggressive. The truth, however, is quite different. I'm really quite reserved sexually. I should have asked Helen that time honored question, her place or mine.. but ... I was chicken.

Carol came over very early the next morning. The weather was perfect and we were flying the balloon. She really fit in with the group that was my crew. We flew a couple from town and then I took everyone out for breakfast.

Then Carol came over to my house. Before I let her rape me, I told her about Helen and the last two nights. Carol got a twinkle in her eye and came into my arms.

"Is she as good in bed as I am?" She asked it with a laugh in her voice and her eyes.

"I wouldn't know. I didn't take her to bed."

She looked at me seriously. "You know I wouldn't care in the least don't you?"

"I know"

"Well, next time. Sleep with her."

"You know me. I never sleep with a girl. I keep her busy till morning."

Carol giggled. "Oh yes you do. You are going to sleep with me, this morning. I'm gonna wear you out and you will have no choice but to take a short nap!"

My hands pulled her shirt over her head. "Is that a promise?"

Carol didn't answer. She was too busy for the next couple hours demonstrating. She won. By noon I was exhausted from the late night, the early morning and two hours of sex. We both fell asleep.

That night, we had another flight. A beautiful one. Another happy couple. Two flights in one day left the crew and me tired. Carol was fitting right into the crew. They accepted her happily and she did her share of the work.

After dinner Carol was feeling playful. First, she reminded me I owed her a balloon ride. Then, She wanted to know if there was any possible way for a balloon pilot to have sex with his female passenger.

We started talking seriously about having sex in a balloon. It got to be fun. Of course the pilot had to see at all times, so one was limited in the number of possible positions one could employ.

Before we started trying those positions in the bedroom, I called the crew and asked if they would be willing to do a little more work tomorrow. We planned an evening flight.

Carol then insisted that we practice the proper technique for screwing in a balloon basket. She then proved once again, that I can sleep with a woman. We were both exhausted.

Sunday was a beautiful day, with one exception. The winds picked up. It was just too windy to fly. Damn!. Sex flight canceled. But not the sex.

Carol decided to leave in the early afternoon, a visit to sneak up on her adult son and see if she could catch him with his girlfriend. She scooped me in her arms and kissed me.

"Why don't you call Helen and see if you can get into her panties since I'm not going to be keeping you company tonight?"

This girl never ceased to amaze me. "Not tonight, dear, I have a headache."

Carol giggled. "I wore you out did I?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"I hope you recover by Wednesday. Because I intend to wear you out again!"

I just kissed Carol and let her go.

I didn't feel like sex or any other physically demanding activity, but suddenly I did feel lonely.

I called Helen, but there was no answer and I left a message. I was planning to ask her to dinner.

An hour later I tried to call again, but her phone was busy. Fifteen minutes later, I tried again, but again it was busy.

I put in a microwaveable TV dinner and had just begun to dine on the fine cuisine when the phone rang

"Hello." I knew right away it was Helen.

"Hello, stranger. You been keeping busy over the weekend?" I heard a giggle in her voice.

"Yep. I sure have. Flew the balloon a couple times yesterday."

"I saw a balloon last night and wondered if it was you."

We didn't get around to going out that night. We did, however, spend two hours on the phone. I was starting to feel like a teenager.

A few minutes after I hung up with Helen, Carol called and we talked for another hour. As the evening was ending, I was cursing the phone again but for different reasons. My hand was cramped and my neck kinked from holding the phone!

The week was a busy one. The weather was good again on Tuesday and I flew the balloon. Carol came over Wednesday and we flew again, by now she was an accepted member of the crew She had no trouble inflating either the balloon or me!

Thursday, I had dinner with Helen and again we parted with a passionate kiss, and no more. I was wondering what would happen if I asked her to come over, but I was still too chicken to ask her for any sexual favors. I thought I felt her interest, but I was unsure and wanted a friend. I was afraid that to proposition her would mess that up.

Friday, earth day, dawned and I got up with some sense of foreboding. I knew that Carol would be over to help fly and Helen would be there. I wondered what sparks would fly, and if those sparks would be of anger or lust.

I was really worried, about the meeting of the two women. It made it hard to work that Friday. I wound up leaving work two hours early and going home to start getting ready. I checked out the equipment and then took out the power washer and had a go at the van and the balloon trailer.

I drove to the park right at the appointed hour and was greeted at the entrance by a dazzling looking Helen. It was a casual celebration and Helen was having a jeans and T shirt day. The white of that shirt set off the dazzling sparkling brown eyes and hair. I wish I could say I saw those features first, but the truth is, it was her dazzling chest that first caught my eye.

Helen was busy directing the activities for the park department but she gave me a dazzling smile and good directions to where she wanted me to set up. She had either planned it perfectly or luck was on my side. The spot was perfect.

The day wasn't quite perfect. There were some high gray clouds and the wind was marginal. I could easily fly. I would even be happy to take one of my more experienced crew members, but I was afraid of a passenger who didn't know about drag outs.

The wind was "whipping" at about 8 or 9 knots (about 10 ½ mph). Not really hard but fast enough that the landing would be about a 10 MPH crash. The balloon would not land straight up but pull the basket over on it's side and then take us for a ride on the side of the basket. Not dangerous if you knew what was coming, but very much so if you did not realize what would happen. The bodies had to be properly positioned so that the pilot and passengers did not crash into each other.

Not to mention that 77,000 cubic feet of hot air would be blowing in the breeze while the crew had to hold it in place while I inflated it and heated the air. It made for a lot of work and strained muscles. The good thing was that the spot was perfect with trees screening the breeze from the launch spot, hopefully making the crew's job easier.

I decided to do the leg work and I had the basket pulled out of the trailer and the canvas bag with the envelope laid out. I let the trailer do the work and just drug the stuff out then moved the van.

Jim, was the first crew member to get there and with his help I got the burner extensions on the basket and lifted the burner onto them. Chuck got there in time to help us put the cables from the basket to the burner bracket with the four carbiners. Will got there just in time to help lay the basket on it's side.

Jim and Chuck opened the bag and tipped it on its side as I reached inside to find the scoop and the mass of apparently tangled support and control cables. They were less tangled than they appeared. As the first two cables attached to the burner bracket with their carbiners the other two fell into place. Will was just dragging the gasoline powered fan into position when Carol got there.

Jim and Chuck picked up the bag and began the long walk, trailing the envelope behind them as they pulled the bag along. The bag, containing the 250 pounds of envelope, getting lighter with each step. Finally the whole 60 plus feet of envelope was laid out on the ground along with another 65 or 70 feet of crown line.

When it was all laid out, I began to check all the connections, all the fittings. The balloon was ready to inflate. The question was, would we fly? It was time to start that favorite time of all balloonists. Waiting, deciding, debating.

We just abandoned the balloon and gathered together to talk about it. I filled a toy balloon with helium and let it loose. The trees cut the wind as it began to rise straight up but as it hit the burble of air at the top of the trees, it tumbled and then took off quickly to the west as it rose gently but driven quickly to the west.

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