Earth Maiden



Copyright Oggbashan April 2014

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

This story is not eligible to win the 2014 Earth Day Story Contest because I am a recent winner of a themed contest.

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Our village has a problem. Earth Day is approaching, the due time for the annual fertility rite to ensure reasonable crops from our fields.

For hundreds of years we have sacrificed a twenty-one year old virgin on a freshly ploughed field. By sacrifice, I don't mean killing, but ending her maidenhood on the bare earth. To ensure that the maidenhood was adequately broken, three separate men had to couple with the Earth Maiden between dusk and dawn.

Last year had been a disaster. The Earth Maiden had assured us she was a virgin. We didn't enquire too deeply. Twenty-one year old virgins are rare in the twenty-first century. Not only wasn't the Earth Maiden a virgin, she was actually pregnant on Earth Day. Her pregnancy wasn't noticeable, but her baby born seven months later was obviously full term.

Our fields had suffered. Unseasonable rainstorms had ruined the crops and the yields had been low.

This year we had an even greater problem. There were no twenty-one year old women in our village, virgin or not.

The village council met to discuss our difficulty. Over the years we had improved the benefits given to the prospective Earth Maiden. We had protected her privacy by erecting a tent over that part of the field. We had provided for her comfort with a mattress lightly sprinkled with earth instead of the bare ploughed earth. After the successful breach of her maidenhood, for the next month the Earth Maiden could demand that any unmarried man should be available to pleasure her. She would also be given free food and drink at any house just by asking.

But all those benefits were useless if there were no candidates, virgin or not.

The village elders sat around the council table morosely drinking the local fiery spirit. What could we do? Someone suggested brainstorming to see if that would help. Some of the ideas were ridiculous such as importing a virgin from another village. They didn't have twenty-one year old virgins either.

After half a bottle of spirit each someone, I don't know who, whispered:

"What about Andreas?"

Several of the council choked on the drinks. The objections came thick and fast.

"He's a man!"

"He's an embarrassment!"

"Who would fuck him? We don't have any homosexuals left in the village. They all migrate to the towns where they have more opportunities."

I, as Mayor, calmed them down.

"Let's think about the suggestion rationally," I said. "Does anyone think Andreas is NOT a virgin?"

"Of course he is," Piotr said. "No girl would..."

"Is he twenty-one?" I asked. I knew the answer.

"Yes," several voices said reluctantly.

"Then all we have to do is find three women willing to ride Andreas," I said.

There was considerable hilarity at that suggestion. Andreas is a wimp, a nerd, a runt, a weakling. He is smaller than most of our women, who as farmers' wives and daughters are sturdy, strong and tall.

"Would three women consider fucking Andreas if they had the privileges previously available to the Earth Maiden?"

There was some agreement that the incentives might overcome their reluctance.

Someone asked:

"But what about Andreas? Will he have the benefits too?"

"If he is to be the Earth Maiden, and undergo the full procedure, I don't see why he shouldn't." I replied.

"The full procedure?" Piotr asked. "The dress, the headwear, the mask..."

"If he is the Earth Maiden, then yes, the whole ceremonial," I replied.

"And the ceremonial attire for the month?" Piotr insisted.

"If he wants the benefits of being the Earth Maiden, then he will have to wear the attire." I said bluntly.

There were no other suggestions. The meeting ended in laughter. We had solved our problem.

If Andreas agreed. Piotr, probably because he was the most drunk, agreed to ask Andreas and report back to the Village Council.

I had underestimated Piotr. He took a bottle of spirit with him when he went to ask Andreas. Andreas had drunk at least a third of that bottle before Piotr asked whether Andreas would be the Earth Maiden.

For most of us, a full bottle is enough to make us agreeably drunk. Andreas, small as he is, had never drunk as much as a third. He was beginning to slide under the table, but he agreed to be the Earth Maiden, in front of witnesses, before he slumped into a drunken stupor.

When he came to, Andreas was told that he had agreed to be the Earth Maiden. At first he was horrified. He was quickly told that he would be prepared and dressed for the ceremony by recent Earth Maidens, and that the women who would fuck him would be young and unmarried.

Andreas began to see the advantages. He had never had such attention from any woman, and now women were crowding around him to ensure that he didn't change his mind.

He was still suffering the after-effects of the spirit when an appointment was made for the fitting of his costume, but the seamstresses were considerate. They gave him forty-eight hours' notice.

I didn't expect the reaction of the village women to Andreas' role. They approved. They had seen the institution of the Earth Maiden as a relic of male domination. Now that a man, even if he was Andreas, was to be the sacrifice, they thought other male privileges could also change.

For example, there had been recent agitation for some women to be members of the Village Council. I pointed out that women HAD been members in the past, and there was no bar to them being elected. For the last couple of decades, no woman had wanted to be a candidate. Andreas' new role revived their ambitions.

The seamstresses hit a problem as soon as Andreas arrived. For the last thirty years at least the Earth Maiden had worn high heels. They tried a pair on Andreas. He had no idea of how to walk in them. They considered that managing to walk in the costume would be difficult enough for him, without adding unfamiliar high heels.

Andreas was much shorter than any recent Earth Maiden, even if she had been barefoot. The seamstresses set to, pin tucking the skirts, petticoats and apron with multiple rows, reducing their length by a third. That added to their bulk but the length just cleared the ground.

Andreas had only ever seen the Earth Maiden in full costume at a distance, from the back of a crowd of people all taller than him. He wasn't aware of the details. All he had seen was a woman dressed in brightly coloured clothing wearing a mask over her face. He hadn't appreciated that she had been restrained, gagged into silence, blindfolded and hooded under her mask. The idea was that the Earth Maiden would be fertilised by anonymous men and that she wouldn't know which three were her partners.

Andreas objected when the seamstresses tried the headwear for size. His objections were ignored and once the gag was firmly in place, were inaudible except as meaningless grunts. But the gag was too loose to stay in place. When it was removed he wanted to know all the details about the Earth Maiden's ceremonial dress before he agreed to continue.

He asked to see the full effect, on someone else, now -- or he would refuse to cooperate, and would not be the Earth Maiden. The women could have overpowered him, forcibly dressed him, and restrained him but that would nullify the whole ceremony. The Earth Maiden has to be a willing sacrifice, a volunteer, who freely offered herself, now himself, for the benefit of the village.

He pointed at me.

"He'll do," he said. "The Mayor. I want to see the whole dressing sequence on him."

My objections were overruled by the assembled women, including my wife Sonja. It is a tradition that whatever the Earth Maiden wants, she gets. Even if she is a he.

The women stripped my outer clothing. They produced a much larger version of the Earth Maiden's costume. My arms were fed into the narrow sleeves of a shift that was pulled down. It fitted snugly down to my waist and flared widely below. A whole series of petticoats were lowered over my head. Each was tied around my waist until they puffed out to a diameter larger than my height. Silk elbow-length gloves were pulled up and sewn to the sleeves of the shift. A white blouse went over the shift and gloves before being tightly buttoned around my wrists. The thick heavy skirt was wrapped over the petticoats and laced at the front.

My gloved hands were pushed into slits in the sides of the skirt before those slits were sewn shut around my arms. The flowered bodice was wrapped around my chest and laced in front. The pieces that would meet on the shoulders were left unfastened.

The long, wide, silk apron was tied around my waist, with the waistband constricting my arms. The upper edge of the waistband was tacked to the blouse sleeves.

I sat down on the chair vacated by Andreas. The gag went in my mouth and was tightened. A padded silk blindfold covered my eyes. A white silk hood enveloped my head and was laced up at the back. I couldn't see, nor could I speak. Even the most frantic movements of my head wouldn't displace the gag or blindfold.

I felt the hood being sewn to the padded shoulders of the blouse and covered by the bodice pieces on the shoulders. They were laced together.

I could feel the mask being fitted over my hooded head. I knew exactly what it looked like -- a bland smiling face with red lips and cheeks and blonde hair covering my head and falling down to my waist at the back.

The women stood me up and helped me to walk. The bulk of the petticoats impeded my stride and I could only take small steps -- until two of the women grasped the lower hems and flipped petticoats and skirt upwards. If I had been naked underneath, as the Earth Maiden would be, I would be completely exposed and my upper body would be hidden in a mass of frothy petticoats covering my head.

"That," said Sonja, "is how the Earth Maiden appears for the sacrifice. We will now show you how she is for the month that she reigns."

She? Sonja should have said 'he'. I couldn't correct her. I was gagged into silence. The skirt and petticoats fell back to cover my legs.

The women removed the mask and cut the threads holding the hood in place. They lifted the hood off, unfastened the blindfold and gag and took them away. I could breathe freely, see and speak.

The other mask was produced. It covered the upper part of the face including the nose and had shorter blonde hair, only down to the shoulders.

"The Earth Maiden's mouth and nose are clear," Sonja said, "but... Hold still, husband!"

She applied bright red lipstick to my mouth.

"She is made up to match the other mask." Sonja concluded.

"Her hands and arms?" Andreas asked.

"As you see them during the day, between dawn and dusk. She has to be fed like a baby because her arms are immobile. But she has her attendants to meet her every need. All she has to do is ask, and they will do everything for her. The costume is removed after dusk and she can wear whatever she likes until dawn when she will be dressed like this again."

"What about going to the toilet?" Andreas asked.

"The Maiden's attendants help," I answered.

"Can I remove the costume now?" I added.

"Wait Mayor," some woman said. "We want Andreas to agree first. Anyway, you can't remove it, can you? You are helpless, aren't you?"

I was. My hands were encased in silk gloves and those gloves were sewn into my skirt. My arms were strapped to my body by my apron's waistband and even that was sewn in place. I had to wait until the women released me. We waited for Andreas.

"Yes," he said slowly. "I'll do it. For the village."

"Thank you, Andreas," I said.

"You can go now, Andreas," Sonja said. "We'll do some adjustments to the costume. Come back tomorrow evening and we'll finish it."

Andreas left.

"Now husband," Sonja said, "I want you, as the Mayor, to understand some of the unwelcome traditions of the Earth Maiden. Although she reigns, she is unable to resist the attentions of the other sex, unless her attendants help her. We'll show you."

She took the mask off my head and pointed at a woman behind me.

I was spun around and kissed. My hands and arms flapped helplessly inside the costume as the women grabbed my head and kissed me hard. A hand went up inside my shift and petticoats and cradled my erection. I looked down. I could see Sonja's backside protruding from underneath my skirt. I would have gasped as she unfastened my trousers and let them fall. I couldn't. another woman had fastened her mouth on my lips. Her tongue was forcing its way between my teeth.

Sonja's tongue and lips caressed my erection before she took its tip into her mouth. My skirt was bulging as Sonja's head moved. Hands pulled me backwards on to a settee. I was gently lowered.

A soft hand covered my eyes. When it was removed a cleavage was poised above my face. The body lowered itself across me and my head sank between the breasts. Sonja's attentions became more insistent until I came into her mouth.

Sonja slowly extricated herself from inside the skirt and petticoats. Her face replaced the breasts that had been smothering me.

"You see what we mean?" she asked. "The Earth Maiden cannot prevent any indignity -- unless her attendant friends protect her. I don't think that will be necessary for Andreas. He isn't any woman's dream partner. Some will take advantage just because a male as the Earth Maiden is such an innovation, but Andreas' attendants should deter anything unpleasant."

"I hope so," I said. "Andreas may be a runt, but he is doing this for the village. He should be treated with compassion even if we can't manage respect."

"He will be. But have you realised the consequences of the change? There will be no twenty-one year old girl next year either. The only person who will be twenty-one is Georgi."


Georgi is tall, handsome and flirts outrageously with all the younger women.

"He's a virgin," Sonja continued, "and we'll make sure he stays one until next year. But when he is Earth Maiden..."

I could see what she meant. Georgi would be prey to all the younger women of the village. He might enjoy that. He might not. He considers himself the potential macho stud that will rule. If he is the women's victim?

Next year's male Earth Maiden will really need protecting. But who will protect him from his female protectors?

The village will have changed and the roles of men and women in the twenty-first century will have changed too. Is that a good thing? I don't know. All I know is that I want to be released from the bondage of being dressed as the Earth Maiden as quickly as possible.

Sonja and her friends relented after another hour...

Andreas was a success as the Earth Maiden. His virginity was sacrificed successfully. His status improved so much once the women knew that their derided runt was not small where it mattered. He was even persuaded into marriage before the autumn. The crops were good.

Next year, Georgi will be the sacrifice. The crops should be even better.

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