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Earthquake Girl


Kelly opened her eyes to the gray foam ceiling tiles of a college dorm room. Her head lulled to the side. There was her boyfriend lying naked next to her, ripped chest heaving, his limp penis still deflating into the neon green condom.

I'm really sleeping with a football player, she thought. How cliché.

Kelly elbowed herself up to a seated position, making a cushion of pillows for her back. With one hand she pulled her blonde hair behind her shoulder. She pulled the blanket of the twin size bed up to her waist below her naked breasts and settled into her makeshift nest. And now we wait for the football star to recover.

"Oh, god, Kell. God that was good."

"Mmm," she replied. He got up to clean up, kissing her briefly on his way to the bathroom he shared with two other suitemates. She briefly considered pleasuring herself while he was in there, but decided to wait until she got back to her apartment.

He returned and pulled on a pair of boxer-briefs. He really is good looking. Shame about the sex though. And she did like him, really. It wasn't like he was a dunce. He's a bio major, she reasoned, and funny too.

"Babe, I gotta study for this exam," he said, flopping down next to her on the tiny bed.

"I know, and then you have practice. I think I might head out to the open mic at the Commons tonight, to kill time." It was Friday, a day on which she had no classes. Three-day weekends for a whole semester. What more could a college senior want?

She grabbed her t-shirt from the desk next to the bed and pulled it snugly over her ample breasts. "Wait a minute, come here," he said, playfully smushing his face into her chest, munching her nipple through her shirt. "Nom, nom, nom, I want some of these!"

She pushed him away, laughingly. "You just had some. Now you need to study," she leaned over to kiss him. "And so I depart!" She hastily pulled on her jeans and slip-on shoes. "I'll call you later." They kissed. "Bye."

She was glad for the cool late-morning air outside the dorm. Boys' dorms are gross. Briefly she rummaged in her backpack for a large hair clip. She gathered up her hair loosely and clipped it into place. She set out on the 15 minutes walk to her shared campus apartment.

Climbing the stairs to her unit, she scanned the parking lot for her roommate's car. Looks like Chloe isn't home. The thought of what she would do with the empty apartment sent a low level current of arousal through her body. Once inside apartment 3-A she closed and locked the door, tossing her backpack on the couch. Out of habit she plugged in the white Christmas lights she always kept taped to the walls of her room and closed the door. Kicking off her shoes and jeans, she flopped herself onto her college insignia bedspread. She hadn't worn a bra to her boyfriend's dorm this morning, and her too-small t-shirt had chafed her nipples pleasurably on the walk home. Her hand moved to them now, touching one nipple, then the other over her shirt. Then, her favorite part, she lifted her t-shirt slowly upwards, holding it tight on her nipples. One after the other her breasts popped from under the fabric. She used both hands to cup and tease her breasts, thinking of her boyfriend, oh if only. The fingers of one hand moved down her body, slipping into her panties. She stayed like that for a while, rubbing her clit with one hand, pinching a nipple with the other. Then she flipped over onto her stomach on the bed so that she could lightly drag the bedspread over both nipples. She arched her back, lifting her ass to bring both hands under her clit. She imagined some unknown male figure taking her like this, spreading her ass cheeks to force himself into her from behind. Her body straightened as she moaned into her pillow. She humped her clit against her fingers as she came. After the first orgasm, she rolled onto her back, thinking of the shadowy man hovering over her, he stroking his cock in her face. Her fingers worked furiously, rubbing her clit up and down, up and down, while the shadow man worked his huge cock. She imagined his thumb rubbing over the huge head of his cock before shooting hot cum onto her face, her neck, her tits. She came again, arching her back and pressing evenly on the throbbing between her legs.

Now that's more like it, Kelly thought to herself, having thrown on a pair of sweat pants and a college sweatshirt. She heard her roommate Chloe coming in the front door as she exited her bedroom. "Hey Chloe, how was class?" she called.

"Hey girl, yeah, it was alright. I have to run back out though, I'm meeting a prof for lunch." Chloe threw her backpack through the open door of her own bedroom. "Just wanted to drop this stuff off."

"Are you going to open mic tonight?" Absent her boyfriend for the evening, Kelly imagined herself sitting alone at a table in the Commons, listening to some weed-head freshman reading shit poetry about one love. "Come with me?"

"Oh, Kel, I dunno. I think there's a Greek party off campus."

"Oh, ok." Kelly wanted nothing to do with the fraternity scene. She could barely bring herself to date her current boyfriend, as popular as he was. She wondered briefly if he actually had an exam to study for, or if it was an excuse to go out and party. She had persuaded him to exchange parties for trail hiking and indie rock concerts frequently enough.

"But have fun though, ok? I'll be in late," Chloe said, applying some Chapstick she had produced from her pocket.

"Ok, see you." Chloe blew her a glossy kiss as the front door closed behind her.

Kelly sat on the living room couch. She worked on building up a mood of quiet, satisfying contemplation to combat the imminent reality of being bored for the rest of the afternoon. All this produced though was the seeping knowledge that she would have to break up with her boyfriend soon. We're not compatible, and I'm not having fun anymore. She was sure he would take it well. He had football, and good looks, and Greek parties to attend. Her legs moved to occupy the length of the couch, she gathered up a squishy pillow under her and dozed until evening.


She was half way to the Commons when she realized that she had forgotten to put on underwear.

What the fuck? She stopped dead in her tracks, heels dragging a little on the sidewalk. She mentally searched herself, down in her tight jeans. No panties. Just her naked muff, clean from her recent shower. How the hell did I do that? After her nap she grabbed some dinner from the fridge, showered, and dressed for the evening, a simple black halter-top, jeans and heels. And no panties.

Do I go back? She turned around, considering. No, I'm almost there. Commando it is. She resumed her steady pace towards the commons. The sidewalk was well-lit on campus, but she knew better than to loiter alone anywhere at night. Better safe than sorry. The motion of her jeans against her pubic hair was slightly irritating, but she put it to the back of her mind.

The Commons was unusually packed with people. She joined the line to enter the campus café. Inside the lights had been adjusted low. Fifteen round tables were full nearest the stage. Kelly took her place standing near the back next to an emergency exit door. College kids chatted loudly, waiting for the first performer to take the stage.

A young woman in black, who Kelly recognized from the Pink Triangle Society posters, took the stage. Speaking into the microphone, she thanked the audience for coming and suggested that they all donate as they could to the campus activities fund in order to continue monthly open mic nights. She introduced the first act, bowed prettily, and left the stage. Kelly liked the look of her, thought she was beautiful, in a friendly way. Sexy.

The first act was an obviously nervous sophomore girl. She read a poem about marine biology featuring two blue whales in love. It was called "Sensual Cetaceans." Kelly paid polite attention to the first two acts, applauding dutifully with the rest of the audience. The third act was a skit by two freshmen depicting Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet as stoners. Kelly let her mind and her gaze wander from the stage. Some of the crowd laughed weakly, but most stared dully at the stage. Her eyes swept the corners of the room.

Her gaze was met, directly, sternly, by a man seated alone at a table on the edge of the stage. None of the other students seemed to notice that his back was almost turned towards the stage. He was seated with an uninterrupted view of the back of the room. Of where Kelly was standing.

Kelly flicked her eyes away from his steady gaze, then looked back to check if he indeed was watching her. He was. During the applause at the end of the skit, he rose, his table quickly filled by other young people. Kelly watched as the most attractive man she had ever seen walked through the crowd, directly towards her. His dark hazel eyes roamed her face as he made his way towards the back of the room. Kelly caught her breath when she saw the tightness of his black t-shirt reveal hints of his washboard abdomen, and faded black leather pants that left little to be imagined in the bulge. His black boots brought him steadily towards her.

Well, she thought bravely, I'm all for meeting new people. There was no question in her mind that he meant for them to meet, but what other intentions did this mysterious man have? He was close now. He squeezed in between two students, back against the wall, right next to her. His gaze now was on the stage, the first time it had not been on her face since Kelly had first noticed him. Kelly also pretended to watch the stage, which was occupied by a guitarist and a drummer. The band was actually decent. The crowd was into it, rocking their heads and shoulders with the beat. The man was close enough that she could feel the heat from his body. Some of the crowd around them began to dance. Getting up off of the wall, they paired off or just jumped in place. The band was rocking.

Suddenly the man in black turned to her, placed his hands on her hips, drew her away from the wall and she was rocking in time with the music, wrapping her arms around his neck. His dark eyes locked on hers as he pulled her hips close. She could smell his scent, faintly licorice sharp and coffee strong. She moved with him, tossing her blond hair and bringing her face close next to his ear.

"I'm Kelly," she said as they danced tightly. She felt both of his hands, one above the other on her back, like a lover. He turned his head and she could feel his lips just brush her temple.

"I'm Thaddeus." His hands pressed her body against his leather pants, and there was no hiding his excitement. Kelly could barely believe herself as she dropped her hand to his obviously erect cock and stroked it, squeezing the back of his neck simultaneously. He gritted his teeth and rolled his head back as the band played. Abruptly he grabbed her hand away from his giant leather-clad member and walked through the crowd to the emergency back door. Pulled by the hand, she breathlessly followed him.

The black door closed behind them. Thaddeus kissed her mouth savagely, his tongue penetrating her wetness. She returned the kiss with urgency. His hands gently pushed her away, turning her to face the painted steel door. As he slowly moved her so that her head and breasts pressed against the door Kelly reached around to grasp his hard cock. He growled with pleasure, holding her there against the door. Then his hand was in her jeans, finding a growing wetness instead of panties. She felt his cock flex in her hand, his breathing quick in her ear as he stroked her clit. His other hand was in her hair, pushing it, pressing her face to the edge of pain against the door. This only heightened her need, and she tried in vain to stifle her moan of pleasure. He moved his hand from her hair to her rock hard nipple. He pressed her hard against the door, simultaneously pinching her nipple and slipping a finger into her pussy. She contracted hard around his finger, cumming. To her, the earth seemed to shake.


The door and brick walls of the commons were quaking, vibrating against Kelly as she came. Thaddeus removed his hands from her, eyes opening with something like panic. Kelly turned, dropping to her knees on the moving pavement. She quickly found the zipper to Thaddeus' leather pants. Despite himself she could see that he was still as hard and throbbing as ever. Quickly she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, which was almost too large to take into her mouth. Two roof tiles crashed down around them. Thaddeus placed his hand against the wall, unable to stop himself, pumped twice in Kelly's softness, and came into her mouth. Kelly tasted him sweet, and swallowed his goodness. The shaking of the ground faded away until it was only Thaddeus, trembling with ecstasy.


The next day the school paper as well as local and even national news outlets ran the story of the earthquake whose epicenter geologists had placed at a university campus 300 miles from the nearest fault line. It had been a 4.5 on the Richter scale. No one was harmed thankfully, though the aftershocks had been felt two states away. Some structural damage to two campus buildings was reported.

Kelly was less concerned with the earthquake than she was with her boyfriend. I just cheated on him! Thaddeus had held her close against him as they walked away from the Commons. The crowd inside had spilled out, and everyone was talking about the earthquake, what had caused it, was it a bomb or some other kind of explosion? Kelly had her own theories, which she kept to herself. Don't be crazy, she thought.

Thaddeus suggested that they go get some pizza and talk. Kelly was relieved that he seemed genuinely interested in her and wanted more than a back-alley cum-fest. He drove her to the local pizza place. Although it was still early on a Friday night, the place was closed. They could see the owner inside, picking broken dishes up off of the floor.

"I guess it was worse than we thought," Thaddeus said. He drove her back home. They talked on the way. Thaddeus was a grad student, pursuing a master's in archaeology. Kelly wasn't surprised that she had never seen him before. In a school of 30,000 students, you might never see the same person twice. Thaddeus was well-read, and quite shy, considering what they already knew about each other. At her apartment, he ran around to open her car door with a flourish. She laughed.

"Let me give you my number." She pulled out her cell phone.

He moved in close to her. "Why don't I just come by tomorrow night? Seven sound good?" She replaced her phone in her pocket. In the dome light of her front door, she could compare him to a cross between Charlie Chaplain, Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon, and Jack White of the White Stripes.

"Um, ok, that would be good," she met his gaze, intense and he moved in to kiss her passionately. His tongue was unforgiving, breaking the barrier of her teeth and relentlessly seeking her own. She gasped with pleasure and surprise as she felt him pinch her right nipple between his thumb and index finger. He broke the kiss.

"Good night. Good night, Kelly. You are so beautiful, do you know that? I can't wait until tomorrow." He touched her hair, bringing his lips tenderly to her cheek. He watched her go inside, then turned and left.

As if in a dream, Kelly undressed. She cleaned herself where she hadn't worn panties, feeling completely horny once again. Before bed she checked her phone. There was a text message from Chloe. Was Kelly OK, and at the Greek party she ran into a bedroom during the quake and saw Kelly's boyfriend fucking another girl, some cheerleader. Well, that's fair I suppose. She sent her now ex-boyfriend a text message: We're done.


That night she dreamed she was naked, swimming in a vast sea. She swam and swam until she thought her arms might give out. Then the sea became milky white, and buoyant. She floated easily on her back. In her dream she looked down the length of her body. Her breasts were poking through the surface of the thick white sea. She suddenly felt intense arousal. She realized that the sea had been produced by a gigantic cock, at least as large as a stadium. A steady stream of semen surged from the resplendent cock, covering her. Her orgasm in the night was silent.

Chloe had hot coffee prepared the next morning. "Good morning, lady! You want some breakfast? I got in a few hours ago. I was gonna make some eggs."

She's gauging me to see if I'm going to go off about him. "I got your message. Don't worry about me Chloe, it was over with him anyway. In fact," she managed to look slyly at her roommate despite the early hour, "I was a little bad myself last night."

Chloe set down her coffee. "You slut! Do tell!" Kelly poured herself some coffee and joined her friend, explaining the events of the previous night in great detail, as best friends are wont to do. By the time she had finished, Chloe looked concerned. "Kelly, you met this guy, all you really know about him is his name and what he's studying, and you showed him where you live? Not to mention, uh, hello—you sucked him off without speaking so much as five words to the guy!"

Yeah, it was the best I've ever had and we didn't even do it. "Don't worry Chloe. Sure, he was...intense. But the way he knew my body, knew what I would like, and held me after the earthquake. I've never felt anything like that." She didn't mention that by some freakish coincidence she had forgotten to put on panties before the sudden sexual tryst.

Chloe smiled as she headed towards the kitchen. "Well alright, and I'm guessing you want me outta here by seven tonight so you and mystery man can get it on!"

"Shut up! I mean, if that's ok, Chloe—I'm really into this guy. Gimmie a pack of those pop tarts?" Kelly went to the couch and flicked on the tv. Chloe tossed her the tarts and joined her on the couch. The anchor on CNN Headline News was talking about the earthquake.

"Oh my god, yeah, did you feel the aftershock last night?" Chloe asked.

Aftershock? Kelly thought about her erotic dream, about swimming in all that cum, and cumming herself. "Uh, no, I must have slept right through it."

The news anchor went on: ...registered a 4.5 on the Richter scale. Emergency Rescue Crews mobilized across the state. Authorities report that there is no record of any previous earthquake of this magnitude in the history of the state. Governor Francis Richardson issued a statement early this morning commending state and local agencies for their quick response to several minor fires resulting from the quake. Nationally, geologists are theorizing on possible causes of the quake...

"I think I'm going to go shopping, get some stuff for dinner." Kelly rose from the couch. "I'm taking the bus, so...I might not see you."

"Don't worry girl, mystery man is free to come her and fuck you. I won't stand in your way. I'm going out for Indian food with my psych prof anyway."

Kelly whipped her head around towards Chloe. "Uh, your psych prof is taking you to dinner? Are you crazy?" The girls talked on that subject for another hour, Kelly finally telling Chloe to take it easy, he was a married man. Then Kelly caught the next bus into town. She shopped for fresh greens for a salad, picked out the makings for sushi, then thought better of it and packed two frozen pizzas into her basket.

We meant to get pizza last night anyway, she reasoned as she made her way towards the check-out counters. The televisions between every two registers played the same channel, Local News7. From where she stood in line she could just read the scrolling headline, "Mystery Quake Stumps Scientists." Wow, this is a big deal. Images from the night before scrolled through Kelly's mind like a banner. Thaddeus, lewdly staring at her from across the room. Thaddeus, those strong hands on the dance floor. Thaddeus, in her mouth while it seemed the world came down around them both. Thaddeus, holding her tight as they walked from the alley as if from the scene of a crime. But that was silly. We couldn't have had anything to do with that earthquake. People don't cause earthquakes. But hadn't she heard of intense psychological energy causing things to happen? The dollar tabloids her mom used to read always ran headlines like, "Child Moves Car with Mind," and "Ex-husband Causes Wife to Spontaneously Combust." What if something like that was happening between her and Thaddeus?

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