Earth's Mightiest Sex Addicts


Tony groaned as her tongue darted out, scooping his cum off of her nipple. She licked as much as she could off of it and then opened her mouth to show him just how much she had collected. Her tongue was almost completely covered in his cum. Then she closed her mouth and slowly swallowed, allowing Tony to see it travel down her throat.

"Mmmmm," she said, licking her lips after she was done swallowing, "your cum tastes sooooo good, Tony. I might have to come back for seconds sometime." Iron Man could barely mumble a response as the Wasp stood up and turned towards the door. "I'll have to get cleaned up before we try out these swim suits. Meet you by the pool in 30?"

"Sure." Was all he could say as she opened the door to the rest of Avengers Mansion. Not bothering to cover up or wipe the still wet cum off of her tits and stomach, Janet made her way towards the room her and her husband, Ant Man, shared. "I wonder if Hank's in our room? Sure would be interesting to see his reaction to.....this," she thought as she scooped some cum off her stomach with her finger, bringing it to her mouth she savored the distinct, salty flavor once again.


The heavily armored car came to a halt outside the front gates of Avengers Mansion. The incredible weight of the load it carried caused the entire car to sink on its axels, its body nearly scraping the asphalt. The large back doors opened up and the Mighty Thor stepped out of the back. His tremendous muscles flexed with the weight of his enchanted hammer, his red cape flowing in the wind behind him.

"Out, thy vile villains," he commanded in a booming voice that could belong only to a god. "Out and make thy way to the prison that awaits thee."

Out of the cab of the armored car stepped the Enchantress, every bit as beautiful as the Norse legends foretold. Her long, blonde hair cascading down her shoulders as she stepped out of the car. Her features were delicate, yet toughened by centuries. Her breasts were among the finest ever created, full and firm, jiggling ever so slightly with each step. With skin the faintest golden shade, smooth and soft, few men, god and mortal, could ever resist her. Her powers over magic allowed her to ensnare men in her charms, enabling her to control them completely. Even with her hands clasped in huge chains behind her back, the Enchantress held herself with an air of dignity.

The armored car groaned as its next prisoner stepped out onto the street. As his weight settled from the car to the asphalt, the frame of the car rose once again to its proper height. The Executioner stood a full head taller than Thor, and was almost twice as wide, his shoulders and arms bulging to inhuman proportions. His hands were also clasped in chains behind his back, much larger chains than those that held the Enchantress. Bald except for a two lines of black hair that lined his head, he was as menacing as the Enchantress was beautiful.

Behind the Executioner came Wonderman, another of the Avengers' strongmen. He carried the ridiculously large axe of the Executioner over his shoulder. His muscles were not as large as Thor's, but his strength rivaled that of the thunder god. Dark blue hair sat atop his handsome face, the one that had landed him a few gigs in Hollywood over the years. Try as he might to become an actor, his powers always seemed to draw him back to the life of an Avenger.

Wonderman shoved the Executioner hard in the back towards the mansion. "Get a move on," he commanded. Thor led the pair to the side of the mansion, down a hidden elevator and through a heavily armored door until they reached the team's holding cells deep beneath the mansion.

Iron Man had built a few holding cells that could hold any super powered criminals, which served as the team's temporary prison for super villains until permanent cells were available at the country's super villain prisons.

Once the two super villains were safely inside their cells, Thor clasped Wonderman on the shoulder. "T'was good thy will won out o'er the Enchantress's charms when it did, Wonderman. "She had thee fight against me 'til the point I was not certain I could beat thee."

"I'm sure you would've, Thor," Wonderman replied, rubbing his jaw in the spot Thor had hit him with his hammer a few hours earlier.

"Thy fist landed quite a blow on the Enchantress."

"Wish I could have landed a few more." Wonderman clenched his fists.

"T'is vengeance thee seeketh?" Thor questioned.

Wonderman glanced at Executioner out of the corner of his eye, not wanting to look at Thor. "When she had me under her control she......made me do things." The Executioner winked, blowing a kiss at Wonderman.

"I see," said Thor. He knew well the games the Enchantress liked to play with her enchanted slaves. Once again he clasped Wonderman on the shoulder, leading him back to stand in front of Enchantress's cell. He punched a number into the keypad and the cell opened before them.

"The Enchantress has wronged thee, perhaps stolen a piece of thy manhood." Thor explained. Wonderman nodded, not sure where Thor was going with this. Thor walked to where the Enchantress was sitting, grabbing her by the hair and forcing her off the bench she was sitting on. He threw her to her knees before him.

"Take thy revenge, Wonderman. Take it.....with that part that makes thee a man." Thor reached for his belt clasp, undoing it, letting his pants fall to a bunch around his feet. His cock, only just beginning to stiffen, was tremendously big and thick, the same tan as the rest of his skin with a thick shaft and thicker head. His golden pubes curled at the base of his cock. Thor grabbed his shaft in his free hand, the other still holding a fistful of the Enchantress's hair. He squeezed his cock, causing it to stiffen a little more, and then shoved it into the Enchantress's mouth. She gave no protest, but instead opened her mouth wide and took as much of Thor's cock into her mouth, working it with her tongue and lips.

Wonderman watched in awe as Thor's cock grew inside the Enchantress's mouth. She moved her head back and forth on it, reaching up to cup his balls. Soon it was rock hard, a full 10 inches long and almost too thick to fit inside Enchantress's mouth at all. She wrapped her hand around the base of it and began to stroke it. Thor controlled her head motions with his handful of her hair, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth as she stroked it. Wonderman's pants began to feel quite restricting, and he realized his cock had grown to full hardness in his pants.

"Come, friend Wonderman," Thor smiled at him, "The Enchantress hath many more holes to fill." Without taking his cock from her mouth, Thor reached down and tore the Enchantress's emerald body armor from her body, revealing her naked form. If her breasts looked amazing while clothed, they were beyond perfection in their naked glory. Heaving on her chest as she sucked at Thor's cock, her tits were full and perfectly round. Her nipples were barely a shade darker than her skin, with silver dollar sized areolas and hard nipples.

She moaned as Thor tore her clothes from her, and then turned her body so that her ass was towards Wonderman. Her ass was a firm bubble of flesh that begged to be slapped, licked and humped. Wonderman could see her pussy glistening between her legs, could smell the sweet, sweet honey that leaked from it. As she worked Thor's cock one of her hands crept around her body to dip a finger into the folds of her pussy. Her middle finger parted her succulent pussy lips, sliding up and down the length of her inner folds. Then she slowly inserted it inside her pussy up to the knuckle, fucking herself with it.

"Wonderman," Thor moaned between gasps for air, "thy cock belongs where her finger doth be."

"Might as well teach her a lesson for earlier," Wonderman said as a huge, mischievous grin crept across his face. He walked into the cell, stripping his own clothes off as he approached Thor and the Enchantress. While not as impressive as Thor's monstrous cock, Wonderman's member stood at a good 8 inches and thicker than any normal man's. Enchantress groaned sexily as she turned her head to see Wonderman standing behind her naked. His bulging chest narrowed down in a V to his chiseled abs.

The Enchantress held her pussy open with her hand, waiting for Wonderman to thrust his cock inside her. "Go ahead," encouraged Thor, "Thy cock aches for the feel of Amora's pussy."

"Amora?" thought Wonderman. He had never heard her called anything but Enchantress before. That, plus the way she seemed to worship his cock with an air of familiarity, caused Wonderman to assume this wasn't the first time the two had experienced each other in the biblical sense.

"Put my cock in her pussy?" mused Wonderman, "No, that wouldn't be fair. I'm here to take revenge, an eye for an eye." Wonderman spit on his hand, rubbing it on his cock to slicken it up. "Or more accurately, a brown eye for a brown eye." With that he lined his 8 inch cock up with the Enchantress's tight brown asshole and in one wonderful, powerful thrust sent it balls deep into Enchantress's ass.

Thor's cock popped out of the Enchantress's mouth for the first time since he had thrust into it as she screamed at the shock of having her ass penetrated so harshly. "Oh fuck! Oh my god! Ahhhhhh!" she continuously yelled with each thrust of Wonderman's cock. He showed her no mercy as he banged her butt.

Thor smiled. "Thou art receiving thy just rewards, Amora. T'would be well to just enjoy it."

Wonderman continued to pound her ass, slamming his cock in to the hilt, his stomach slapping against the round meat of the Enchantress's ass. She reached down and played with her clit, trying to increase her pleasure. Her pussy was dripping, soaking wet with her sticky honey. Her finger danced against her clit furiously. She moaned in pleasure with each thrust of Wonderman's cock.

Thor knelt down and began playing with her tits, pinching and squeezing her nipples, slapping her tits as they jiggled on her chest. He wrapped his hand around the Enchantress's neck, squeezing it and cutting off the Enchantress's air. "Thou art a villain, Amora, and deserve to be fucked as such!"

Gasping for air caused the sensations of Wonderman's cock filling her ass to intensify. Her finger's worked furiously on her clit as she neared orgasm. Thor released her throat and slapped her across the face. Her moans increased, building up to a fever pitch. Seeing this, Thor grabbed the hand that was attending her clit and tore it away from her pussy.

"T'is not your turn for pleasure, Enchantress." Thor took her hand which had been playing with her pussy and brought it to her mouth. "Clean it for me, witch." The Enchantress went to work on her own fingers with the same vigor she had Thor's cock, licking and sucking and slurping for all she was worth. Her pussy was the tastiest in all of creation; even she could not deny reveling in its golden sweetness.

Thor pulled her fingers from her mouth and slapped her again across the face, harder this time. All the while Wonderman pumped his thick cock in and out of her tender asshole. His cock was throbbing inside her ass, which gripped his cock with each thrust, seeming to pull it deeper and deeper inside her. His balls tightened as he neared his breaking point. Sensing Wonderman was nearing his end, Thor once again choked the Enchantress's throat, squeezing it just under her chin. Her mouth opened as she struggled for air, she moaned as her face began to turn red. Thor gathered saliva in his mouth and spit it into the Enchantress's open mouth. She swallowed it greedily and opened her mouth, begging for more.

"Ohhhh fuck I'm gonna....." Wonderman's cock pulsed as the cum that was stored in his balls began to shoot up into the shaft of his cock. He buried his cock as deep as it would go into her ass and pumped his load into the depths of her ass. Spurt after spurt of cum left his cock, filling her up.

The Enchantress could feel the warm load shooting from Wonderman's cock deep inside her. With Thor's hand still wrapped around her throat and the taste of his spit in her mouth, she could no longer hold back the force of her own pleasure. Without even touching her clit her orgasm exploded through her body. She went limp, not even able to hold herself up right as she spasmed and squirmed. She fell to the floor, writhing. Wonderman's cock popped out of her ass, cum bubbling up from inside her as it did.

The Enchantress lay on the floor in total ecstasy, a pool of cum forming on the floor beneath her ass. Wonderman's cock went limp, cum drying upon it. Thor smiled at the beautiful figure lying before him. His cock was still rock hard. She looked up at it dreamily. "Come for me, Thor," she begged, "cum for me as only a thunder god can." She squeezed her luscious tits and licked her lips.

Dipping her finger into the pool of cum on the floor that had flown out of her ass, the Enchantress brought it to her lips and sucked the cum off her finger. Thor lay down behind her and lifted her leg. He pressed the head of his cock against her pussy, sliding it against her clit and lips, slickening the head with her still flowing juices. He eased the head of his 10 inch cock into the folds of her pussy, causing her to groan with pleasure. Holding her thigh, Thor began to pump his cock into her, just the tip and first, then going a little deeper with each thrust. Soon he was hammering away at her pussy with all 10 inches, slamming in all the way to his balls.

The Enchantress was in pure ecstasy. Her eyes rolled back as her pussy was filled to capacity by Thor's massive pole. He continued to fuck her faster and faster, until his movements were a blur of pounding and slamming, his cock wet with her juices which dripped down and coated his balls. Sweat coated her body, glistening in the light of the holding cell. Wonderman watched her body writhe upon Thor's cock, his own member starting to once again grow solid.

Kneeling in front of the Enchantress, Wonderman presented his rapidly stiffening cock to her. She took it in her lips and swirled her tongue along the head, not able to commit totally to it as Thor's massively powerful thrusts shook her entire body. Still, her masterful tongue soon had Wonderman's cock as thick as ever, coated in her spit. Her hand reached up and grabbed the base of his shaft, steadying his cock so that she may have better access to it. She lathered the cock in as much saliva as possible until the head was dripping spit. All the while Thor hammered his cock in and out of her pussy, pulling all the way out until the head barely parted her full pussy lips, then slamming back in as far as he could go.

The Enchantress stroked Wonderman's cock with a spit covered hand, greedily sucking the head as much as she could. Her expertise soon had Wonderman once again on the brink of a tremendous cum, and likewise Thor's balls began to swell with his impending load.

Thor pulled his cock out of the Enchantress's wet pussy with a slick pop. He stood, grabbing the goddess by her golden hair and jerking her roughly up to her knees in front of the two men. They each grabbed their cocks in earnest, jacking themselves off as the Enchantress knelt before them, licking her lips.

With a mighty roar both heroes began to cum. Thick jets of cum erupted from both cocks, covering the Enchantress's face and tits in gooey mounds of semen. She moved her head, trying to get as much in her mouth as possible, but while being sprayed from two cocks at once, cocks that came as hard and as much as these two did, it was no easy task. Her mouth was full with a mixture of salty cum and still the two heroes sprayed her. Thor came the most, but Wonderman also blasted her with an inhuman amount of his load. From her eyes to her chin was a mask of solid white, cum dripping off her chin to land on her large tits.

The Enchantress fell back against the wall, using her fingers to scoop as much cum as she could off her face and into her mouth. Greedily she ate it all, staring at Thor and Wonderman with a look of pure lust.

Her skin still shone with dry cum as the two men pulled their clothes back on. Sitting on the floor, against the wall, still naked, perfect breasts heaving with each breadth, the Enchantress was happier than she had been in a long time. Thor picked up her emerald armor and tossed it to her. Then he and Wonderman exited the holding cell, programming the door to shut behind them.

"T'was a good time indeed, friend Wonderman," said Thor as they walked back into the elevator that would take them back up to the rest of the mansion. "T'would be fun to share with thee again sometime." Wonderman only smiled as they rode the elevator. At least some of his manhood had been restored this day.

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