tagBDSMEaster Saturday

Easter Saturday


It is a gorgeous spring Saturday, as I open my bedroom window just before Easter. The morning air is very crisp and drizzled with the scent of dew. The sound of the mourning doves echoes in the hallway leading to the front door. Today, I will feed my inner beast and demons

My Empress and our close friend, Kitten, are heading to the shopping mall this morning. I'll have plenty of time to get every surprise ready for when they return, but first a shower with My Empress. She likes it when I do such little things like wash her hair and growl on her neck. This morning, She is in a naughty mood. And you know something; I love it when She's in a naughty mood.

As soon as I step into the shower, She immediately presses me against the back wall and kisses passionately. My hands slowly slide across her wet body, caressing every curve. She moans in my mouth hungrily, and I can't help but to respond equally: our tongues wrestling roughly; our lungs taking each other's breath. Her hands brush down my sides in a ticklish way. She knows just what it takes to make my phallus hard as a rock and thick as a cucumber.

I push Her back under the water and reach for the cushie and body wash. She allows me to lather the cushie and glide over Her body, taking extra care on her breasts and pussy. She grasps my head and plunges it between Her thighs. I growl and moan heavily on Her clit and pussy while washing Her legs and feet. She moans loudly with happiness. She isn't the only one with erotic knowledge. Through the aroma of the body wash, I can smell Her sex. She is very wet and hot.

She steals the cushie from me and reciprocates what I've done for Her. Feeling Her hands on my body fills me with a sense of being safe and contentment. I grab the shampoo and work Her hair. She kneels before me and takes my phallus in Her mouth. With Her lips pursed, She slides back and forth on my cock, sucking it hard and slow. It's hard for me to wash Her hair, yet I tug and scrub while She drives me crazy. She pushes me to the edge of firing white magma down Her throat before relinquishing my cock.

We rinse off, dry one another and help each other get dressed. A teasing shower is all we needed to get the day going. She kisses me goodbye and tells me Kitten is coming over today. I smile and wish her happy bargain hunting. My mind rolls and plots of additions to my plans for the day and night. I do my own shopping: rose petals, daiquiri mix, pasta, fresh cut meat, fresh ingredients for pasta sauce, suntan lotion.

I beat them home and get to work on my plan. I start the sauce and daiquiris, do some cleaning, and start mowing the lawn in a tank top and swim trunks, as they pull in. I get cat-calls from both my Empress and Kitten as they carry their new wares in the house. They come back out in swimwear and brandishing lawn chairs. More cat-calls and giggles as I work the mower then tend the hedges. I take quick breaks to check my sauce, adding more ingredients and letting them meld together. As I come back outside, I'm beckoned to the women and asked to rub them down with suntan lotion. A pleasant smile appears on my face while an evil grin shadows in my mind.

I slowly stroll toward them, getting my hands loosened up to handle two beautiful women. True, they may be voluptuous in all ways, yet they have total beauty – beautiful on the inside as well as out. I start on my Empress, caressing Her form with lotion, stealing kisses on Her neck and slipping under her clothing to tease Her nipples and grope her ass. She lightly moans and reaches for my cock. She rubs it through my trunks, getting me hard again. I notice Kitten looking on in curiosity as I finish and move toward her. I begin gliding over her skin and lightly growl in her neck. I politely ask if I could give her the same treatment as I gave my Empress. She gives me permission, and I tease her as well. She reaches for my head and kisses me deeply while I handle her breasts. She maneuvers her hand into my trunks and strokes my phallus for a moment. She releases me, and I finish putting lotion on her. I resume my chores.

The afternoon is quite warm, and the women are sipping daiquiris. My pasta and sauce are nearly complete. They are intentionally keeping me hard all day. They come inside, one at a time, and tease me sexually. My Empress will bite my neck and rake my chest; I quickly position Her on the counter and poke Her deep, hard and fast in her ass. She squeals with excitement. I tease Her evilly when I rapidly stop like I started. I tell Her more is to come. Kitten will caress me sweetly and place light kisses on my heart; I pin her to the refrigerator and finger fuck her while suckling her nipples. She gasps for ecstatic air and grips me tight. I let her go and mention that when she's ready for me that I will be happy to serve her.

I feed them dinner, which is one of my passions, say my farewells to Kitten. I know she's had a fun day. The wish races through my thoughts of one day truly playing with her. I now focus my attention to my Empress. She has to get ready for work. It will give me time to take care of the finishing touches, a trail of rose petals. She gives me a prelude to what we'll do later by pressing Her body next to mine and grinding roughly against my cock. I smile and wish Her safe travel.

Two hours pass when She walks into the kitchen. Her puppies are glad to see Her, as am I. She wraps Her arms around me and plants a heavy kiss upon me. I lead her to the living room so She can unwind. I place her feet in my lap and massage deeply. Slowly, I massage up Her legs, being careful and tender in regards to her ankle and knee which have been giving Her issues. She removes Her capris and bra, presenting Herself in all red, a color which entices me. It's the color of passion, fire, lust, blood and hungry eyes. I've treated Her so well this day and ask how I would be rewarded. She starts to go upstairs when she sees the rose petal trail. She looks at me and smiles; she motions me to follow. I do without hesitation.

I watch as She moves up the stairs. I love the way Her muscles tense and relax when She walks; the way Her hips swing subtly side to side. I want to feel Her from the inside out. When She reaches the bedroom, She sighs in awe upon seeing the bed ladened with rose petals. She crawls onto the bed, and I tell Her how to be positioned – slightly leaning against the headboard. I show her my tail of leather straps before I crawl from the foot of the bed over top of Her. I pause at Her pussy to kiss it deeply, and then continue upward. I pause to go under Her shirt and lick Her nipples. When I reach Her lips, I smash mine to Hers. I then straddle Her chest and reach for my tail. With the first strap, I bind Her left hand to the headboard. I bind Her right hand to the headboard with the second strap. I fold the third to resemble a scourge.

I offer my hard cock to Her mouth. She takes it hungrily, and I strike her lightly on the left hip. Her head rocks back and forth on my phallus when I strike Her again on the left thigh. I move in response to Her motions. I pull out for a moment to reach into the 'toy box". I pull out her remote controlled bullet and insert it deep into Her hot blossom. She takes my cock again, and I respond by giving her 10 seconds of vibrations and a strike on Her right thigh. She moans heavily, making me roll my eyes back in my head. Striking Her right thigh once more, I fuck her mouth. She tells me that She wants my cock everywhere. I deliver.

I maneuver down, straddling Her tummy and move Her shirt to behind Her head. I rest my thumbs on Her nipples and press Her breasts together. I slide my phallus up Her cleavage, and She catches the tip in Her mouth. I grind Her breasts sweetly while giving Her more moments of vibration by biting down on the remote.

I reach behind myself and remove the bullet. I then shimmy down Her body and remove Her panties. I bury my head between Her thighs and consume Her pussy ravenously. I hear Her moan in ecstasy and I make it more intense by roughly playing with Her nipples. She tells me that She has been naughty over the past week. I release Her from the bindings and tell Her to get on Her knees and to hold the headboard. She follows the instructions and gets into position.

I have Her stroke my cock to keep me hard while I tease her pussy and ass with light penetration. I slide to get behind Her and grind the shaft of my cock against Her vagina, clit and ass. She repeats about being a bad girl. I place the head of my phallus at her ass and grab Her hair, and in one motion, I push in and pull Her on. I ask what She has done. She describes masturbating and cumming without waiting for Her beast. I strike Her ass with the straps and fuck Her hard. She yelps in enjoyment and tells me more about her naughtiness. She talks about dreaming of me while having sex with someone else. As She tries to describe Her naughtiness, She loses control and has an extreme orgasm.

I pull out of Her ass, wrap the straps underneath Her and easily penetrate Her pussy. I hoist Her off the bed and fuck Her sweetly. She calls for my seed. I set Her down on the bed, pull out of Her pussy and crawl underneath Her between Her thighs. I issue my last command and relinquish control to Her. I tell Her to take Her beast.

We kiss passionately as She greedily wraps my cock with Her vagina. She grinds and bounces hard; Her breasts bound heavily. We gaze at each other with lust-filled eyes. She pushes my head to the side, bites and sucks my neck, scratches down my chest. My Empress knows how to invoke Her Beast. My cock thickens as I get closer to fertilizing Her garden. I so want to water Her soil, and I'm so close. I beg Her to go crazy on me as I play with Her breasts.

I tell Her how I've been naughty; about how I've had dreams and daydreams of Her in the most intimate of situations and taking handle of such excitement alone; not giving her the chance to hear me growl and call her name. She fucks me hard and fast and wildly. I match Her movements and we go fuck-wild. We both breathe heavy, and She pulls my chest hairs. I dig my fingers into Her hips as I feel the eruption ready to explode inside my Empress.

I howl and call Her name out. I know my ejaculate is pretty thick by the sensation in my knot. She continues to fuck me to get all the seed out. I pull Her down to kiss and hold Her. She runs fingers through my hair. We whisper sweet nothings to one another. She tells me that She loves me; I tell Her I love Her. We fall asleep connected.

She makes me feel alive every time I talk to her. She's my inspiration, my support, my heart. I hope she likes this story. She'll recognize the nicknames and what's actual from fantastical. To my Empress, I love you so very much.

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