tagBDSMEastern Traditions Ch. 1

Eastern Traditions Ch. 1


This is the first part of what I hope will be a rather enjoyable story. As a submissive I have often wondered what it would be like to find myself in such a position as Vivian is about to find herself. I hope you enjoy it, if not…well…it isn't for everyone. If you do enjoy it please remember that this story is the sole property of the owner and all rights are reserved. Any reproduction or copying of any kind must be with the permission of the author.

* * * * *

"Bring her in." At his master's command Omal bowed and backed out of the room. A moment later he returned, a dark haired woman following behind him. Despite her undressed state and the heavy metal collar welded around her neck she walked with her head held high, pride emanating from her every graceful move.

With a simple nod Tahal ordered the young woman to be brought forward. Quickly, she was bound, her wrists and ankles locked to a tall, wooden rack that stood bolted to the floor in the center of the room.

Tahal circled her slowly, his hands running over the soft skin, lightly colored from the sun. He took his time examining his latest acquisition. It was not so easy in these times and in this place to acquire women but with his wealth and power he was able to do what so many men only dreamed of.

Born in the East, Tahal had strict traditional notions on how things were done. Those notions had earned him both wealth and power and he used both to get what he wanted. And what he wanted right now was standing spread eagle before him.

Tahal had met Vivian during one of his many business transitions. After a year of extensive research into her past he was able to ascertain that he could, for a very hefty price, see her instilled into his home. To everyone else she would simply disappear, without a trace. How long she would remain with him would depend on how well she served.

There had been others before her. Some still remained within his home, serving him and his guests while others had been disposed of, sold to various entities and private parties all over the world.

A small moan brought his attention back to the present. His hand had moved across her stomach, skimming the smooth skin until he reached the sensitive underside of her breast. The nipple, a dark rose color, was already hard, from either fear or exposure he wasn't sure, but he knew that in time it would harden for him.

He felt his excitement growing at the prospects. There wasn't any part of the training that he didn't enjoy. From the first moment of introduction to the use of a highly skilled slave he relished every moment. He felt his cock throb within his slacks, felt his body tighten and move towards release. Willing himself back in control he moved his hand up over her breast, letting his fingers flick her nipple back and forth.

Vivian bit back another moan and ordered her body still. She had awaken to find herself in an unfamiliar room. Stripped of her clothes she had waited silently, calmly until someone explained what was expected of her. But no explanation came and it wasn't until she was brought before Tahal that she began to understand what was happening.

In truth she still didn't understand the depths of her situation but she knew that she was in no position to demand an explanation. She was naked, displayed before him and vulnerable. It was the last that bothered, and excited, her the most.

Tahal could see her struggle, knew that she was attempting to comprehend her situation and knew that this was an important moment. It was now that he would establish her position in his home.

"My most trusted servant, Omal." Tahal indicated the dark skinned man waiting quietly. "He knows everything there is to know about me. His father gave him to me as a gift when I was a child. We grew up together and became closer than brothers."

Vivian remembered the silent man from her business dealings with Tahal. He frightened her. His silent obediance was almost fanatical in nature and she often wondered just how far he would go for his employer. She was about to find out.

"Omal, see to her."

Vivian gave a startled yelp as Omal moved to kneel before her. Without pause he pressed his face into her pussy and began working her towards an orgasm. Unbelievingly she struggled to hold on to control of her body. It went beyond rape, to have this man touching her, more intimately than any form of intercourse, stripped her. The fact that her body betrayed her and responded to his minstrations brought on a wave of humiliation.

Omal licked the lips of her pussy and tasted her response. He went about his task in a detached, impersonal way; his only goal was following his Master's orders. Keeping that in mind he worked his tongue deep into her pussy and pressing his nose against her clit. His hands moved up to cup her breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples. He could feel her body tightening against him and knew that she was close.

Tahal watched as his trusted servant worked Vivian towards an orgasm. Enjoying the sight he pulled out his cock and started stroking himself. His eyes wandered over the two of them, appreciating the difference in coloring and knowing that neither one wanted to enjoy the task but both responding nonetheless.

"You see, Omal is a good servant. Despite his hatred of women he does as he is ordered without hesitation. Eventually, you will serve me in the same way. Your only thought will be to please me."

Vivian gripped at the bindings holding her still. Her body felt raw, every nerves exposed and excited until she no longer cared that she was still on display, that her pleasure was only important so long as the man in front of her derived enjoyment from it. She watched him stroking himself and longed to feel that thick cock pounding deep inside of her. She wanted to be filled by him, to feel him ramming against her cervics in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Tahal laughed as if he could read her thoughts and moved to stand behind Omal. "You have not yet earned the honor of having my cock inside that hungry little pussy of yours. But Omal has shown himself to be a worthy recipient."

His own excitement having built to the point of pain, Tahal brushed Omal's robe aside, exposing his naked ass. With one violent thrust he penetrated the other man, burying himself deep inside.

Omal remained silent but his body shook with both pain and pleasure, as he had been unprepared for his Master's entry. Forcing himself to relax he welcomed the pain as Tahal rammed into him. His own cock was hard and throbbing, pointing towards the floor he could feel his orgasm building in his balls. Precum gathered at the head of his cock and dripped onto the floor. He knew better than to come without permission and before his master but today it was a struggle. He gloried in being used. He hated women yet reveled in the fact that his master chose to use him as an instrument of her humiliation.

Vivian watched in open fascination as Tahal took his servant from behind. The sight so excited her that she felt the orgasm she had struggled to suppress preparing to burst forth. "No."

Tahal smiled. "Not only is he worthy of my cock but also of my seed." With one final thrust Tahal emptied himself deep into his servants ass. As he did so he reached around and gasped the other man's cock in his hand and stroked him, violently bringing him to orgasm.

Vivian watched as the two men shuddered and shivered, the sight brining on her own orgasm as Omal continued to work her pussy. He had removed his tongue from inside her and was vigerously sucking on her clit. That and the sound of the two men taking their release was enough. Her head rolled back and her body bowed as the orgasm ripped through her.

Tahal continued to slowly move himself inside of Omal, stroking the other man all the while until he and Vivian both collapsed in exhaustion. The only thing holding Vivian up were her restriants, which despite their padding and worn red marks into her skin.

Removing himself from his servant Tahal stood. Omal turned and as was expected cleaned his master's cock before lovingly sliding it back into his pants. Only when his master was properly put back together did Omal rise. Tying his robe back into place he began to release the woman from her bindings. He refused to look at her, his jealously already well on its way, and he refrained from thinking of her as anything but an object. To him she had no name, no personality, and no soul.

Tahal knew his childhood friend better than Omal cared to admit. He could still feel the thrill of coming deep inside of him while using the other man to humiliate Vivian. The sight of the two of them together, neither one wanting to enjoy the encounter and brought him more pleasure than he had anticipated. He decided then and there that that was something he would have to explore and exploit more often, and he said as much.

"From now on your pleasure is tied to each other." Tahal laughed at the outrage he saw on his two servants' faces. "If one of you is to receive pleasure so is the other; if pain is in store for one so shall the other suffer. That should give you both incentive to see that you behave yourselves."

Tahal turned and walked out of the room. He knew that his next encounter would be just as enjoyable as this one. He was looking forward to seeing how the two decided to deal with each other. It should make for some very entertaining evenings.

To be continued...

As always, comments are welcome.

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