tagBDSMEastern Traditions Ch. 2

Eastern Traditions Ch. 2


She suffered the indignity of walking silently, on a leash, behind Omal as he led her out of Tahal's chambers. She wasn't sure which was worse, the fact that he didn't speak to her or knowing that she wanted him to. Despite what had just happened, or maybe because of it, she longed to hear a work of comfort, some reassurance that everything would be ok. It didn't matter that she knew, deep down inside, that it was a lie and that nothing would ever be ok again. She still wanted the words.

Vivian followed Omal down the hall, her bare feet silent on the thick carpet and the only sound of her passing the chain that led from the collar around her neck and ended wrapped around Omal's oversized hand. She'd known the moment her collar was welded on that there would be no escape, no going home. At the time she had refused to let panic intrude and even still her mind was somewhat dazed with the shock of her situation. Her mind knew and her body still showed the signs of her new found existence but in reality she had yet to learn just what her circumstances entailed.

Omal had led them through the main part of the house and down a series of hallways until Vivian no longer knew where they were. She had no doubt it was intentional. With nothing more than a look and a quick jerk of her chain Omal had made it clear what he thought of her. Tahal had made a point to tell her about the servant's hatred of women and she had no doubt that she would suffer at his hands. Then again Tahal had also made it clear that where one received pain, or pleasure so would the other.

As their path led them further into the depths of the house their surroundings became sparse. Gone was the expensive artwork that adorned the walls of the main house. The walls here were a crisp, clear, utilitarian white. The carpet, while still thick and obviously expensive, no longer possessed the intricate patterns she had seen in Tahal's chambers. And while the furniture was of the highest quality there was nothing here that suggested one sit and make one's self comfortable.

They passed room after room, some their doors closed while others stood open but none felt inviting. Vivian glanced into the open rooms and was surprised to see several men and women each housed in their individual chambers. Some where stretched out on the bed or laying comfortable on the floor surrounded by pillows while others sat at small desks with their heads bent over leather bound books.

It wasn't until they had passed the sixth or seventh room that Vivian realized that there was no common area. No one was socializing and everyone kept to themselves. Vivian was surprised to see the women as well as the men staying to their own rooms, there appeared to be no intermingling with members of the same or opposite sex.

The other thing Vivian noticed was that everyone was naked. Their bodies, all well toned and tanned, were adorned at the neck, wrists, and ankles with bands of steel but otherwise everyone went about without clothes. Vivian wanted to curl up into herself in an attempt to hide her nakedness and she couldn't understand how anyone could walk around without clothes so casually.

She wasn't a prude nor was she virginal but the sight of so much uncovered flesh caused her to blush. It wasn't so much the bodies themselves but what they represented. Tahal was obviously a man that appreciated pleasure and the open display of sexuality was something she had never before experienced.

Caught up in her thoughts Vivian was unaware that Omal had stopped in front of one of the closed doors and ended up walking right into him. "Humph." Vivian took a quick step back at the malicious look he sent her and quickly regained her balance. "Sorry."

Omal glared at her before turning back to the door. He slipped a ring of keys from his belt and unlooked the door. Pushing it open he reached in and flipped the light on. Pulling her into the room he quickly went through to make sure everything was in order. Despite his immense dislike for the woman or maybe because of it he wanted to make sure that the room was perfect. His pride wouldn't allow for anything less.

Vivian looked around and took in her new surroundings. To her left was the bed; it was narrow and covered with a royal purple comforter as well as a multitude of pillows, all done in the dark color of jewels. There was a small bedside table and matching chest, which she assumed would house whatever personal items she was permitted to keep. Across from the bed a door led to a private bath surprisingly equipped with a large tub in addition to the toilet and sink. Like the bedroom the bathroom was done in jeweled tones of royal purpose and emerald green.

Having seen that everything was in order Omal gave a hard yank on her chain and started pulling her towards the bed.

Vivian dug in her heels; she wasn't sure what was happening but what ever it was it couldn't be good.

Omal smiled at her pitiful struggles. He outweighed her by at least fifty pounds and on him it was all muscle. He was well over six feet tall and broad through the chest and shoulders. His arms and legs were in direct proportion to the rest of his body being long and muscular. All of this was encased in flawless skin colored a chocolate brown and topped off with a perfectly bald head.

Despite the fact that she knew it was useless Vivian continued to use her weight to keep from moving forward. It didn't take long for Omal to grow tired of her antics and simply over power her. Feeding her chain through an eyebolt secured to the head of the bed Omal forced her to move forward. Within seconds she was forced to lie flat on her stomach, her head forced back and her chin resting on top of the mattress.

Next Omal attached thick bands of steel to her wrists and ankles. Like her collar once these were attached there was no way to remove them short of cutting them off. Unlike her collar they weren't welded on but instead had a locking mechanism that once engaged couldn't be undone, even with a key.

Using short lengths of chain he secured her wrists to the posts of her bed. The chain allowed for some movement making sure that the circulation wasn't interrupted. Moving towards the end of the bed Omal opened the chest and took out the last of the equipment used to secure her for sleep. The thick metal bar was slipped beneath her waist and then raised to lock into the wall effectively forcing her ass into the air. Finally Omal grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide before securing them to the foot of the bed.

Stepping back Omal had to admit that the position was an effective way of putting the Master's possession on display. From anywhere in the room Omal was able to see both her portals of pleasure and were he a man that enjoyed women he would surely be tempted to taste what she had to offer. As he watched Vivian tried tugging on her restraints, testing the amount of movement she was allowed. She struggled, her hips and ass moving in the air as she yanked and pulled. With a silent smile he turned the light off, closed the door and went to finish his duties.

Omal was the Master's most trusted servant and it was his honor and duty to manage Tahal's estate. Omal was in charge of seeing that his Master's every want, wish and desire was fulfilled. He managed the household servants that saw to the main part of the house as well as the slaves that existed for the Master and his guests' pleasure. Having seen to the newest member of the household Omal wanted to make sure that everything was ready for tomorrow before finally retiring. He had no doubt that the Master would not be requiring his personal services for the rest of the evening as he had already seen that two slaves, a man and a woman, waited him in his bedchamber.

Omal frowned as he thought back over tonight's events and their outcome. He did not like his fate being tied to that of a woman, an untrained slave at that. There was bound to be trouble and he knew that he would end up paying the price for her ignorance. Well, he would make it his mission in life to see that she was trained properly and quickly. Sighing silently Omal turned and made his way to his personal quarter, which were housed in another wing and separate from those of the other slaves.

Vivian had given up struggling. It was obvious that there would be no getting up until someone, most likely Omal, released her. While her position wasn't painful it wasn't exactly comfortable either. Her head was held high but without the need of supporting itself; the steel bar dug into her abdomen but she was able to shift her weight to her knees there by relieving someone the pressure on her stomach. Testing out each of the few alternatives available to her she finally settled on a position she was sure she could rest in.

Vivian woke with a start; she wasn't sure what had waken her but instinctively she knew she wasn't alone. She tried moving her head to the side but had to settle for searching what little of the room she could see with only her eyes. From her position, spread eagle in the center of the bed she couldn't see much.

"She's awake." The man's voice came from behind and to her right.

"Good, we wouldn't want her to miss out on any of the fun." The second voice belonged to a woman and came from directly behind her. It was only then that she realized she could feel the woman's breath along the back side of her thighs and buttocks, the warm breeze sending shivers coursing through her body.

A moment later she felt the warm, wet presence of a mouth closing over her clit. The first almost violent sensations were unexpected and caused her to cry out. Her body wasn't prepared for the onslaught of stimuli and it bordered on pain. After a moment the mouth let go of her clit and began licking and stroking the lips of her pussy. A deep sigh of pleasure escaped her as the tongue buried itself deep inside of her, caressing the inner walls of her body. She tried spreading her thighs and pressed her pussy back against the source of her pleasure.

The woman let out a low laugh that was purely sensual female satisfaction. "She's a fast learner and quick to take advantage. She isn't one to pass up free pleasure being offered."

The man beside her answered in a low whisper. "It seems that what they are saying about her is true, she will make a wonderful addition to the stables." Somewhat absentmindedly he reached over and started stroking Vivian's breasts. He enjoyed watching Nina with other women and had been stroking himself while she worked on the new girl's pussy. Nina had a massive oral fixation, she loved to put anything in her mouth being it cock or pussy and Daniel was often the willing receipient of her attention.

The man's hand on her breasts became more insistent as the woman went back to work on her pussy. Vivian was in a state of intense arousal; her body tightened and tensed and she ached to find some release. The woman was doing wonderful things to her pussy. She alternated between licking along the length of her pussy lips and suckling at her clit. Vivian could smell the scent of arousal in the air, her familiar scent mixed with that of the woman behind her and hung heavy in the air. Her juices were dripping from her pussy on to the mattress beneath her as well as coating the inside of her thighs.

Vivian let out a low whimper of frustration; she was so close, her body tight with anticipation. "Please." Having begged Vivian bit down on her lower lip and closed her eyes.

Nina gave a low chuckle and pressed her face deeper into the other woman's pussy, working her tongue back and forth against her clit making sure to apply enough pressure ensuring complete release. She was rewarded for her efforts when Vivian's body tightened once more before shattering. Immediately, her face was covered with even more of her juices. Nina took her time licking Vivian clean and it was only when she had collapsed into her restraints that Nina moved the lay down beside her.

Vivian opened her eyes at the woman's soft touch. She was beautiful; obviously of some southwest decent with black hair and dark brown eyes. Like everyone else in this place she looked exotic in their lush surroundings. Even to Vivian's eyes the young woman looked as if she had been made for pleasure.

"Welcome to the family."

Vivian smiled. "What are you, the welcoming committee?"

"Something like that." Daniel slowly sat up; he was hard and aching and he couldn't wait any longer. He had no desire to fuck Nina, having done so before but the new arrival was something he looked forward to sampling. Running his hands up and over her hip he caressed her buttocks as he positioned himself between her thighs.

Nina's attention to cleaning up after herself had left Vivian wet and well lubricated. Daniel rubbed the head of his cock between the swollen lips of her pussy closing his eyes at the wet heat.

Vivian felt her body clenching as if it could pull his cock deep inside of her pussy. Despite having just come she could feel the need deep within her belly coiling tight. Her fists clenched and her entire body stilled, waiting for his entrance. She need it, needed him to fuck her and she didn't want it to be gentle.

Daniel seemed to sense just what she needed. With one quick thrust he buried himself deep inside of her. Without waiting for her to adjust he started stroking the length of his cock in and out of her pussy. Gripping her hips he held her still while he pounded her. It was quick, it was hard and it was exactly what she needed.

Nina watched for a minute before moving to the head of the bed. Repositioning herself she pressed her pussy into Vivian's face and waited. She didn't have to wait long.

Vivian knew what was expected of her and more than that she wanted to give back for all the pleasure she had and still was receiving. Daniel was giving her what had to be one of the best fuckings of her life while she lay spread eagle and bound to a bed. He continued to pound her pussy while shifting his position to allow for deeper penetration. At times the head of his cock slammed up against her cervics bringing a mixture of pain and pleasure and all she could do was beg for more.

Trying to communicate the pleasure she was receiving Vivian pressed her face into Nina's pussy, licking and suckling at her lips and clit before shoving her tongue deep inside. Nina responded by grabbing her hair and pulling her closer while at the same time thrusting her hips back and forth. In this way Vivian was literally be fucked in both front and back.

She didn't know how long things went on like that but some time later she felt her body release once again in one long powerful orgasm. The feel of her walls clenching around him triggered Daniel's release and he continued thrusting forward as he came deep within her pussy. A minute later Nina let out a low, chest deep moan and came all over Vivian's face.

For several minutes the three of them sat still the only sound was their heavy breathing as it filled the room. Vivian wondered how long it would take for the air to stop smelling like sex and somewhere in the back of her mind she worried that Omal would know what had happened here tonight.

At some point Daniel finally gathered enough energy to walk to the bathroom and bring back a damp towel. Gently he cleaned his come from between her legs, careful to remove all evidence of their presence including Nina's juices from her face. She gave him a tired smile and thanked him quietly before her eyes closed.

Nina once again brushed the hair back from her eyes and smiled. "Just remember, there's no need to mention this particular visit to anyone." Nina covered her with a blanket and followed Daniel from the room.

To Be Continued...

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