Easy Pickings


We rode in silence, with Oscar's beefy hand on my thigh, and after I directed him to an area near my house he took a piece of paper out and wrote on it.

"My number," Oscar said. "In case you ever - you know."


"We can go do a motel or something. My place maybe? You don't have to, you know."

"I know," I said while wondering how many days would it take for me to heal enough to want him again. "I will though."

"Did you like it?" he asked.

"That part where we rubbed our dicks together?" I said sheepishly. "I liked that a lot."

"We could do that again next time," Oscar assured me. "As long as you want because I loved the way it felt too. You could do whatever you wanted to me next time too. Anything."


"Sure. How about the other?" Oscar asked. "When I was inside of you?"

"Not at first - but after a while..." I said, nodding and drawing a smile from the man.

"You're quite the little stud," Oscar said, rustling my hair playfully. "I remember how much fun it was to be young, dumb and full of cum. Now I'm just dumb. Do me a favor though?" he asked as I started to open the door.


"What you did today - in the bathroom and then going with me?" Oscar asked. "Not everybody is like me, you know? Some guys aren't all that nice. Hell, sometimes I'm not nice myself, and you're easy pickings for the wrong guy. So, be careful."

"Thanks," I replied before leaving. "I will."

Three days, I figured as I went inside, looking forward to a warm shower. I figured in three days I would be ready for another try. I didn't know about a motel or anything like that though. There was something about being taken into the desolation and savaged by my gentle giant that made it special.

I managed to make it upstairs without being noticed, and under the soothing spray I cleaned myself throughly. My own fingers inside there didn't feel nearly as good, and I was relieved to find the tiny orifice was still like it always had been.

By the end of the shower I was stroking my cock with my eyes closed, fantasizing about being with Oscar again. In my mind I wasn't in my house but I was with Oscar in the lean-to and we were squeezing our cocks together tight while I chewed on his nipples, and then he was taking me to the table.

This time I was taking it like a man, letting him fully impale me with that incredible cock, and in my mind we were coming together as I went to my knees and shot my load all over the shower.


The sound of my mother knocking frantically brought me to my senses, and after I asked her what she wanted I figured that I must not have been very quiet.

"I - uh - smacked my funny bone and dropped the soap," I yelled, and I guess my bullshit explanation of the noise I assumed I had made worked because she just muttured something about her crazy kids and went on about her business.

"Not in the woods any more," I reminded myself as I stepped out of the shower.

Three days? Maybe two, I decided as I dried off. Maybe - well - I decided I would wait to see how I felt in the morning. It was supposed to be a nice day tomorrow. A good day to take another stroll in the woods.


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Stranger Danger

Andy was a little too naive, and took a big risk by allowing Oscar to give him a lift, and then taking him into the woods. But I suppose he was spurred on by curiosity, and found the experience wasn'tmore...

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