Easy Rider


This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

How I came to have Katy Perry on the back of my motorbike is an unlikely story, and as the machine throbbed enticingly beneath us I still contemplated quite how it happened. The bike in question was my custom built Triumph Bonneville, born of all my favourite parts from different bikes and finished in a striking black and orange paint job. But without a doubt the best thing about it was the Californian singer; clad in tight black leather, riding pillion, pulled close to me with her grasp comfortably around my waist, her toned thighs holding me as she squeezed her knees lightly at my hips.

Her raven hair fluttered from beneath her helmet, creating dancing shadows on the tarmac beside us as the sinking late afternoon sun silhouetted us onto the ground. As I twisted the throttle just a little more to take us over a rise, the distinctive parallel-twin engine burbling between our legs, I thought back over the previous 48 hours, to how this almost surreal adventure had begun.

It started in a bar; Unlike most stories that start in a bar, this wasn't some huge drinking session that ended with ridiculous antics spoken of for all time amongst those that could remember them. No, this was almost the opposite, as I'd been in a bar quietly keeping to myself on a break from the road. Standing at the bar, drowning in the cacophonous noise of the place, I waited as I got a quite unadventurous coke. A dark-haired girl stood beside me, currency clutched in her hand as she waited for a chance to order, turning to look as the soft drink was slid onto the bar before me.

"Coke? Why not a real drink?" she said flippantly, looking round at me with her big eyes. She was clearly a little tipsy, messing around and meaning no offence.

"I've got my bike, so I can't drink," I replied as I took my change, taking in the striking girl and realising moments later who it was.

"Ooh a bike, I love bikes," she drawled, smiling widely, "what bike have you got?"

"Triumph," I replied after a pause, not really sure she actually cared, "I didn't know you liked bikes."

"How would you know?" she said with a smile.

"Well I never heard Katy Perry was into motorbikes is all," I said with a quick flick of my eyebrows, alluding to the fact I knew who she was.

"You could have asked me, not everything you read is true," she said, just the slightest hint of a smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.

"I didn't need to this time, you told me. Anyway, what are you doing out in bar like this?" I asked, since the place was hardly a high-class nightspot and she was, after all, a musical superstar.

"Just a night out with a few friends, keeping a low profile. I like a good night at a bar like anyone else," she said, looking round as the bartender finally got around to her, seeming to barely recognise her.

"Of course. Well nice to meet you," I said as she turned to make her order, getting a swift reciprocation off her before she raised her voice to get her drinks, taking my coke and working my way back from the crowded bar to a quieter corner where I could tune out a little. The next few minutes were spent people watching, enjoying relaxing out of the saddle with my drink and just generally tuning out from the world as I idly thought of where I might ride on to next, what exciting roads might lay ahead to be explored.

My small corner of the world was abruptly interrupted however as Katy Perry emerged from the crowds, giving me a chance to take her in. Wearing tight jeans and a simple black top, a jacket over the top to complete a casual look with minimal make-up and hair she was somehow so much more attainable as I took in the fantastic curves of her body, the full chest, tapering waist and curvy hips.

"Hey," she said with a smile as she reached my table, looking down at me sat in the corner, her eyes glancing towards my motorcycle helmet.

"Hey," I replied, waiting for her to strike things up. She didn't hesitate, sliding onto the seat beside me.

"All on your own?" she asked, glancing idly back into the bar.

"Yeah, just a quick stop," I said, deciding to look her straight in the eye. She held my gaze, then looked a little shyly away.

"Quick stop?" she enquired.

"Yeah I'm doing some touring, just on my way through you know," I said, wondering quite why she'd come to find me.

"Sounds cool. Can I see your bike?" she asked after a pause, looking me in the eye with a mischievous smile.

"Sure," I said, "right now?"

"Yeah," she said, giving a wider smile. I could only return it as I grabbed my helmet and stood up, sliding out from behind the table as she joined me, following me through the bar, a little less crowded than it had been. Stepping in beside me, I looked to her and could see she seemed genuinely enthusiastic, not merely humouring me, not that there would be any need for her to bother.

"I can take you for a ride if you like," I said as I pushed the door open for her.

"Really?" she said, looking round with a bright-eyed smile.

"Sure, if you want to," I said as we stepped out into the warm summer evening. She followed me a little way down the street to where my bike was parked up, standing back to admire it as I stood the helmet down on the seat.

"Nice. So how come you're only here tonight?" she asked, taking in the bike with glances to me.

"I'm touring down the west coast, just have nights here and there. I stay some places and camp out others, just nice to be free," I said as she approached the bike and ran her fingers over the grip, letting her other stray to the seat.

"Really? That sounds awesome, just getting away from it," she said, looking the bike over. I couldn't help but check out her ass as she leant over a little, the skin-tight denim clinging to her sexy curves.

"Yeah it's great, I love doing it when I can, just pure escapism," I replied as Katy stepped over the bike and planted her fine booty down on the leather seat.

"I bet, the open road, free to do what you want. I wish I could do that," she said with a sigh, sitting back on the seat. I paused, taking in the hint of desire and disappointment in her voice, running her hands over the bike.

"You could come with me," I said simply, feeling my heart surge as I posed the suggestion, even though I had nothing to lose by doing so. She visibly paused, then looked round at me, brushing her hair aside to look at me.

"What? Go with you?" she questioned, looking at me somewhat incredulously.

"Yeah, just do it; escape from your day-to-day, just disappear for a couple of days," I said, keeping the rush of hopeful excitement from my voice.

"I can't just do that, I have things to do. Appointments, promotions..." she said, the edge to her voice suggesting she wasn't entirely looking forward to it as she trailed off.

"And wouldn't you love to just get away from them all for a couple of days?" I countered immediately. Katy didn't answer, just staring back at me as she thought it over, a part of her clearly lusting for the freedom.

"Well, what's stopping you?" I said with a smile, seeing her wrestling with it as she sat on the bike in her tight jeans.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Anywhere I want to, that's the beautiful thing, besides you," I added, giving a smile as she giggled, breaking the tension. She gazed at me for a second, then turned back to the bike, looking over it, lifting her foot to kick back at the foot peg a bit, running her hands over the fuel tank and then picking my helmet up, contemplating it.

"Ok," she said softly as she glanced back at me over her shoulder, "an adventure with a handsome stranger," sounds like quite the experience she smiled. I couldn't help but grin, glad she couldn't see me blush at all in the half-light of the street, a surge of excitement coursing through me as the luscious American singer accepted my invitation.

"Yeah?" I asked, having to confirm it to be sure, knowing the enthusiasm tinged my voice.

"Yeah. So where are we going?" she said, looking round at me as she let the excitement get to her a little.

"Right now, back to your place," I said simply, looking her in the eye and giving a sly smile.

"My place?" she said, raising an eyebrow and turning to face me more.

"Well I said I'd give you a ride, so I'll take you home," I said, since she had wanted a ride.

"Where are you staying?" she said, not giving away anything.

"I hadn't figured that out yet, I was just gonna grab a cheap motel for the night or something," I said, giving a shrug.

"Ok. Let me go and tell my friends," she said, hopping back off the bike. Walking past me, we locked eyes, holding it for a moment before I let my gaze fall to her shapely arse as she walked by and back into the bar. Sitting onto the bike, I pulled my helmet on and zipped my jacket up, slotting the keys into the ignition with a satisfying click.

I waited a couple of minutes for her, taking in the street outside the bar, the parked cars bathed in street light beneath a clear sky. The weather had been perfect for touring so far, and I only hoped it would last. I caught a glimpse in the mirror as Katy came back out of the bar, eagerly heading for the bike as I kicked the stand and stood the bike up, pressing the starter and letting it rumble into life. The gorgeous musician came up beside me, looking at me and the bike.

"Hey, ready?" I asked, hoping she hadn't changed her mind.

"I don't have a helmet or anything," she said, biting her lip.

"Is it far?" I said, feeling the bike throbbing insistently beneath me.

"Not really, a couple of miles," Katy replied.

"You can be a little rebel then, we'll go slow," I said, giving her a wink through my open visor. Katy couldn't help but grin and then step up to the bike, throwing her leg over the seat behind me and settling in place. Putting her hands at my waist a little tentatively, she lifted her feet onto the rear foot pegs and readied herself. Kicking it into gear, I eased away from the curb, getting the feel for her weight on the back of the bike as I felt her tense momentarily, grasping me tighter as she got used to the motion. She patted me and pointed as we approached a junction, indicating which way I should go, holding on tightly as we peeled off to the left. Accelerating gently up to road speed, Katy buried her face in my shoulders to shield herself from the cool night air, hair blowing energetically behind her. Even at low speed the wind could get quite intense on a bike.

One way or another we found the way to her impressive home, sprawling on the Californian hills. Having the curvy singer snuggled up closely behind me was a treat in itself, feeling her holding me so trustingly as we rode my Triumph up her driveway and pulled up in front of her home. Easing to a halt, I shut off the engine and pushed the stand down, letting Katy hop off first before I leaned the bike down onto it. Undoing my lid, I pulled it off and stepped off beside her, watching her brush her long hair back for a moment before she spoke.

"We'll get going in the morning, set off in the sunshine," I said, loosening my jacket with a smile, waving a hand towards the darkened horizon around us.

"Sounds good, gives me a chance to get ready," she said, glancing to the bike.

"Sure. I'd best go and find a place to sleep for the night," I said, since I had to seek out somewhere to rest my head and figured the Hollywood hills likely had few affordable digs.

"The other half of my bed is free," she blurted out, then immediately looked away, hiding her blush behind a curtain of dark hair. The rush of adrenaline made my heart skip a beat, the cold burst surging through my chest as I controlled my breathing, taking a slow, quiet but deep inhale before speaking, amazed at how calm I was able to sound.

"I'll take it, thanks," I replied, feeling my heart pumping harder now. She glanced back to me with a smile and then quickly looked away, knowing what she'd implied as she stepped towards her huge, luxurious home. I checked the bike was all settled and freed my bag from the back before I followed her inside, helmet in hand and eyes taking in the sweet curves of her ass through her tight jeans as she went up the steps and opened the front door.

Closing the door behind me, I took in the expensive Californian pad, the success of her huge music career evident all around us as we walked across the hard floor, through the house and to the stairs. My boots thumped on the stairs as I followed Katy up them, letting myself drop a step or two behind so that I could continue to enjoy the view, something she surely noticed as she gave the slightest glance back to me following her. She led me to the huge bedroom, a king-size bed adorned with silk sheets awaiting us.

"Better than a cheap motel?" she asked with a smile as she turned round to see me taking it all in, dropping my bag to the floor.

"Most definitely," I said, my gaze settling onto her once more.

"Good, make yourself comfortable," she said, turning to walk over to her drawers, pulling her shoes off and leaving me to it. Undoing my jacket fully, I slid it off and dropped it down with my bag, taking my boots off to go with it. Katy had dropped her jacket down, standing the other side of the bed in her jeans and top, capturing my attentions as I contemplated where I was, in the bedroom of the musical superstar. The moment was broken as she turned to me, her hands resting in the waistband of her tight denim as she took me in, spurring me to continue and swiftly reach down to pull my shirt off over my head, looking back up to see her still watching me, her eyes roaming now to take me in.

I wasn't hugely muscled but athletic and toned, having worked on definition at the gym rather than adding mass, which she seemed to take interest in. She took me in, then her eyes flicked up to hold my gaze for a moment; a suggestive want seemed to be there, a little smile creeping onto her lips before she gave a very definitive glance down to my trousers, then back up to me, smiling just a little more as she let her hands slide to the button of her jeans, popping it undone and then turning away from me again.

Even though it was clear what she wanted me to do, my hands were frozen as I took in the spectacle of Katy Perry turning away from me and undoing her jeans, pushing the snug denim from her curvy arse to reveal her simple black panties, just pulled a little up her toned booty. She pushed her bum out toward me a little as she urged them down to the floor, standing back up to push them off her feet as I got myself into action and undid my own, quickly sending them to the pile of other items on the floor, leaving me in just my snug black Calvin Klein shorts as I stood to watch her.

My breath paused as she reached round her sides for the bottom of her top, taking hold and then peeling it slowly up her body, crossing her arms and stretching high over her head, revealing the smooth curve of her back and the tense, enticing strap of her matching black bra. My eyes locked on her, I watched her drop it casually aside, and then reach back to slip her fingers underneath the strap, pausing as I silently urged her to take it off, rewarded by her grasping it and pushing together to free it, the ends sweeping so delightfully aside as it came undone, where she immediately shrugged it off and down her arms to join her other clothes on the floor.

She turned her head ever so slightly to see if I was looking, perhaps to make sure, before leaning forward a little to pick up a simple grey top, pulling it over her raven hair and giving me just a little glimpse of her fantastic chest from the side as she pulled herself into it and then ran it down over her body, just past the top of her panties. Turning back, I noticed how it was somehow tight but loose at the same time, fitting the curves of her breasts and letting her nipples show slightly, tucking into her body beneath but then being a little loose to flick above her underwear, where I was now taking in the lovely bulge of her pussy as the black cotton hugged it closely and her smooth, toned legs. Casually shaking her long hair out with her hands, she stepped over to the bed and pulled the covers back, smiling at me, letting her own eyes wander to take me in again as she slid a knee onto the mattress. As she gazed me in the eye again, she gave me a look that made a tingle run through me.

"Come to bed," she said softly, but with the slightest drawling purr to her voice. I couldn't help but return her smile and move to join her as she slid herself silkily into the bed, taking a calming breath before I slipped in beside her, gliding down easily into the comforts to rest my head on the pillows. It was a far cry from the cheap motel I'd been expecting, and with a scantily clad Katy Perry beside me that only got further and somewhat surreal. The American singer slid close to me, just a little gap between us in the centre of the bed, her hand just reaching out to brush mine beneath the covers. I was half lying on my back, turned towards her naturally, with her on her back, staring at the ceiling before glancing over to me with a smile. Reaching out, she snapped off the lights, enveloping us in enclosing darkness that somehow seemed to bring a renewed quiet with it, our breaths all that broke the air.

After a few stretching moments, she rolled onto her side away from me, but slunk back closer to me in the process so her warm, toned body was enticingly near, tempting my hands. I let a testing hand just move up her back as I shifted behind her, feeling her warm body through the thin grey top. Katy gave a little tingling shiver, arching her back and just firmly squeezing her thighs together, settling on the pillows a little more.

"Snuggle up if you like," she murmured, as much a suggestion as a request it seemed. I didn't question her, as getting close to the delicious form beside me was hardly something to refuse. Rolling towards her completely, I leaned up to slide my arm carefully under her neck as she lifted her head and then laid my other across her body as I slowly slipped back down into the bed behind her, feeling Katy's slim fingers interlock warmly with mine moments later as I settled back down. I hardly had time to take in the delectable warmth of her in my arms before she pushed herself back toward me, pulling my arm fully over her and snuggling back against me with a satisfied mumble, giving a definitive push of her firm arse into my crotch, her soft panties rubbing over the front of my shorts and already stiffening cock.

Responding to her clear wants made me bold enough to pull my arm across her chest, resisting a squeeze but feeling her lovely breasts beneath our arms as I held her close to me, nuzzling through her long, soft hair to plant a soft kiss on the back of her neck, managing to keep my breath steady even as my heart raced and cock stiffened fully as it pushed against her ass. I felt her shiver a little and heard her breath catch lightly as I did, giving her another one and then just lying behind her, feeling her push back gently on me with her ass, teasing me but trying not to be noticed.

Not wanting to push it too far, in case she was just going to tease me all night, I didn't push it further, just holding her close and letting her enjoy snuggling up, waiting to see if anything changed. A few minutes passed in the darkness, the warmth of Katy beside me tempting me for every second of it and urging me into a couple of pushes with my hips that spurred her to return it, grinding back a little firmer than she had been. She suddenly stirred, easing away from me a little and rolling onto her back, making me think she'd decided to put an end to things for the night.

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