tagBDSMEasy Street Ch. 02

Easy Street Ch. 02

bybelted and teased©

Squirming not just because I was attempting to gain some comfort for my own manhood, but also because I was very uncomfortable listening to their racy talk. Finally one of the ladies, a brunette from Dallas, bumped the tease up a notch. In her heavy southern drawl she asked, "So, Bryan, is it true men hate to go down on women? I've never had one that really seemed to get into it."

"I, uh, ah, well.." I blushed crimson, as Liz couldn't prevent herself from giggling. "Come on, Bryan. We're all friends here, fess up."

Although I tried to look off into the distance and not make eye contact, I could tell from my peripheral vision that they were all looking at me with amused expressions.

"I, um, ah hell. I love going down on women. I love the feel of their sex on my face. I could go down on women for hours. I love to feel them when they have orgasms."

To my surprise the conversation took on a more serious tone. A blonde from somewhere in Indiana spoke, "I can't take more than one orgasm that way. It must drive you nuts then."

I still couldn't bring myself to look directly at them, but I answered quietly, "Then you just haven't had someone love you that way that really was into it. Sure you're sensitive after an orgasm. But if the guy is gentle with you and lets you come down a little bit first, you can handle?." I hesitated for a moment; "I've given my wife as many as six or seven orgasms that way before."


I was ready to run. It was bad enough baring my secrets to these strange women without being told I was a liar. Then Liz spoke up, "No, dear, its not B. S. He gave me five just last night!"

Now I got more looks. Ranging from surprised to amused. And I got a little "turnabout is fair play" as I saw at least a couple of the ladies squirming in their seats.

A mildly heavyset woman in her thirties from Boston asked, "That could take over an hour. Don't you like to, you know?"

"Of course I do. But I feel a little differently about it, even when I'm not locked up." They all looked at Liz with 'I swear we didn't tell looks'. It was my turn to laugh; "I saw you all talking. Anyway, even with normal sexual relations, I know that I will get mine. Us guys get there easily. And I love the watching and feeling women cum. It is so satisfying."

One of them asked me how I could stand to be locked up.

"Well, that part of it I guess you could call a perversion. I love to be teased and tormented. And to give up control. I mean, don't get me wrong. It drives me absolutely crazy. It makes me want sex a thousand times more when I'm locked up."

"Does it hurt?"

"Sometimes it does. The constant pressure can drive me mad sometimes. I know I'm weird, but I love it. You know how foreplay is as important as the act itself? The build up that you experience?"

There were several nods with knowing looks and a couple of sarcastic looks with comments like, "If you say so", or "I wouldn't know."

It was difficult for me to talk about this, and I hesitated a little before continuing, "Well, the entire time I'm locked up, not being able to cum, is like that. I'm on a constant sexual high. Its not that I don't want sex at all-I want it so badly it hurts, but the constant sexual tension is beyond description."

The women all looked at me intently, waiting to hear if I had anything else to say.

"This is new to me, as I'm sure Liz has told you. And I discovered a definite drawback today." I paused, shook my head in a "never mind" gesture and blushed.

Audra, a rather well endowed girl from Tuscon, looked at me sympathetically, "Come on, its ok. We want to hear it. Its not everyday we get to hear what a man really thinks."

I worked up my courage and finally continued.

"I know you'll think I'm a pig, but hear me out please. We men always notice women, we are very visually oriented?"

I got several "no kidding" looks.

"But I am so wound up, I doubt if I actually took in a tenth of what was said today in the seminar. But my senses are definitely heightened. I gestured toward the blonde from Indiana, "I noticed that you twirl that beautiful hair habitually, and it is very sexy." I looked at the advocate from Dallas, "And Mary, every time I hear your southern accent it makes me throb, it is so hot." I looked downwards for a moment, then looked at a woman from Denver, "That mini skirt you're wearing has been driving me nuts. Every time you cross your legs I can see the muscles in your thighs and picture them wrapped around me. And of course I can't look at Liz without it bringing her scent and taste to mind."

Several of them looked from me to Liz with an envious look in their eyes. It made me feel so good to know they all wanted what I had been able to give her.

Our lunch arrived so the conversation stopped for a little while. Then it turned back to business issues for a few minutes.

After we'd all finished eating, Liz looked at me with a gleam in her eye. I thought "uh-oh", apprehensive about what was about to happen next.

She feigned sweetness as she asked if she could borrow my cellular phone. Against my better judgement I handed it over. She hit the dial back button and waited.

"Hi, Donna? This is Liz. Oh, well it turns out that Bryan and I are attending the same seminar! Yeah, it is isn't it?" She listened for a moment, got a mischievous look on her face, then continued, "Well, we are having lunch at the moment. And well, I have to admit, I was so taken with your husband's talents last night, I couldn't keep it to myself. I've got about a dozen very jealous ladies sitting with me right now. And they are all very amused about our male associate's predicament." She laughed for a bit, and it was obvious that Donna was doing the same from the other side of the conversation. I couldn't help but think that at this point women from all over the country that I may have to deal with in the future know about my particular "kink" now. Not exactly what I'd had in mind when I ordered my little torture device.

"So anyway, I was wondering just how liberal you might be willing to be with the use of his services?" I about fell out of my chair. Oh, shit!

There was a pause as Liz listened to Donna.

"Oh, of course not. I'll make sure they all know that he is not allowed to cum. I gotta tell you, after I told them about last night, it's his magic tongue they are interested in anyway!" She listened again, then looked at me as if I'd just been sentenced to a horrible fate, "Aww, are you sure you want us to do that? Well, ok, I'm sure we'll all enjoy it! It's just that he is such a nice guy. But we can pretend he's one of the assholes we've all had to deal with before, and I'm sure we'll do fine. Hold on a sec, ok?"

She covered the phone and addressed the other ladies, whose attention she had certainly secured, "Bryan's wife has graciously agreed to allow all of us to use him as much as we want during our stay, isn't that great?!" They all looked at their new toy, who was currently crimson. Then they looked back at Liz, "The only rules are that we can't leave any marks where they can be seen above his clothing; we can't make his circumstances common knowledge; and we have to tease and torment him as much as possible." She listened to the phone for a moment and added, "She says that we should whip him daily, or any time we need to vent our frustrations. We can do anything we want to do to or with him; he just can't be allowed to cum."

She listened for a moment, then handed me the phone. "She wants to talk to you. Boy are you going to have a rough week!"

I took the phone and put it up to my ear. If it was possible, I turned even redder as I realized that Liz had managed to conceal the fact that Donna was getting fucked as they talked. Liz saw the look on my face and laughed uproariously. She then motioned them all to lean closer to her as she explained while I talked on the phone. There were more laughs and a couple of "Oh my Gods".

Donna's breathing was ragged and she spoke haltingly, "Are you there?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Oh, God this is so fucking hot. I want you to make me proud, ugh, ugh, oh fuck?." There was a pause as she apparently reached a lengthy climax. I shifted in my chair as my cock tried to expand in vain.

She made a mewling sound, and spoke again between pants, "In case you are wondering, Terry is laying on our bed and I am straddling him, riding his cock, ugh, umm, ohh??he wants you to know that he appreciates your little perversion. Its made me so hot that he has gotten laid repeatedly since you've been gone, oh, oh, fuck yes?" I could tell she was pounding onto his cock relentlessly as she had ridden me so often in the past. Then she slowed down for a moment, grinding herself onto his cock so she could talk, "I have told Liz that you are to do anything they ask. It turns me on to think of you giving all of those women the orgasms you are so good at giving, and not getting anything for yourself! Don't you wish it were you that I was riding? Are you suffering, lover?"

I hesitated. Did she want to hear that I couldn't take this anymore? Did she want an excuse to stop the games? Or was she really enjoying my torment? I finally decided that I should just tell her the truth and whatever happened, happened.

"Yes on both counts, ma'am. I really wish it were me. I'm going nuts."

"Good! Do you still have that earpiece for your cel phone? Great. Put in on, since we have free long distance, you can listen to Terry getting what you can't have while you go about your business! I'm going to put the phone on the bed. I'll just hang up when I'm done teasing you. Bye, now!"

I attached the earpiece to the phone and the phone to my belt. So for the next hour, whether I was talking to the ladies or some male contemporaries, or sitting in class, I was listening to the erotic sounds of my wife and one of best friends fucking wildly. Every once and awhile one of them would tell me what sexual position they were in, laughing at my torment. Donna is very vocal during sex and I listened to her experience numerous orgasms. I listened to Terry going down on her and her swallowing his sizable cock as only she can. And at least twice I had to listen to Terry groaning and moaning, "Oh, fuck" as he came inside my wife. I could envision his cock buried balls deep in her sex as he exploded into her. I had to go to the bathroom and wrap tissue around my cock cage; terrified that the copious amounts of precum my tortured cock was constantly dripping would stain my trousers.

The ladies in the class didn't help any either. They positioned themselves around my seat as if securing their property. And now that I had made the mistake of sharing with them how in tune I was to every sensuous movement they made, they made those moves often. And they each seemed to revel in sharing knowing glances with me. I can't possibly convey to you how long that afternoon was.

Finally, after screaming through a remarkably intense orgasm (the ladies around me in class looked over because they heard it) Donna disconnected the phone without comment or ceremony, leaving me to wonder if they had finished or not. I put my phone away, almost thankful. I didn't think I could take much more.

I actually managed to focus on the subject matter in the class for the last couple of hours. Sort of. The ladies were having a great deal of fun at my expense.

It dawned on me that each of these women planned to make use of me. It was an incredible ego boost, and at the same time disconcerting. How was I going to manage them? Or was I just being silly? I decided that I was. I would probably end up sitting in my room alone watching TV. They were just pulling my chain. I don't think I'm that special.

Liz was sitting at the same table I was sitting at, about three ladies to my left. The seminar was to end at five. At about four-thirty I noticed that the ladies were passing a note to me which Liz had written. I opened it and read.

After class go back to your room. I will try to manage your time for you. Take a shower and relax. I'll try to buy you an hour. But at six-thirty you need to be ready. Don't get dressed and have a seat at the table by the window. Leave the key card in the card reader on the door. You wouldn't want to explain to the front desk why you were asking for a dozen extra key cards would you? Trust me, sweetheart. -Liz

I had to dart past everyone to get back to my room. As I rounded the corner towards the elevators after leaving the lobby, I glanced back to see Liz motioning for all the ladies to come over to her, then talking to them quietly.

I took my clothes off, thankful to be able to relax. The tissue and my underwear were soaked with precum. I couldn't believe that I could produce that much without cumming. My cock was as hard as it could get, straining against the clear plastic of the CB 3000. My balls were swollen, filled to capacity with no hope for relief. I enjoyed the shower, letting the water cascade over my body, trying to take my mind off of my penis. I toweled off and picked up the room since I expected company. Finally I seated myself by the window and waited. My imagination began to work overtime. The key card was in the reader outside. Anybody could come in. What if a thief decided to make use of the opportunity? Or what if security saw it and came in to tell me about it? Or another member of the hotel staff? Which of the women would come in first? Would any of them? Or was this just a joke they were playing on me? Did any of them have friends with my company; and would they make a phone call to "out" me?

At six-thirty-five the door opened. I couldn't see it from where I sat, so the apprehension and tension went up markedly. I asked myself what kind of freak I was as my cock attempted to rise also. Liz walked into my view. Since she had already seen my chastity tube, I stood, as a gentleman should. She laughed gently, impressed by my southern courtesy. She motioned for me to sit, then sat on the bed near me, reaching out to take my hand.

"So, how are you doing?"

I relaxed a little bit. I explained that I still had apprehensions about them thinking I was just a disgusting pervert. That I had been trying to figure out if this was all a realization of my wildest fantasies or if they were all playing a big joke on the pathetic sicko.

"If you are a pervert, then so are we. I've spoken with the other girls. They all want to find out what you can do with that tongue of yours. I hope you meant what you said about being able to go down on women for hours, cause you are going to be one busy little boy. I think you can depend on them to be discreet. All but a couple of them have husbands or boyfriends."

She stood and moved behind me, massaging my shoulders and caressing my back as she continued, "We're going to let each other know when we are done with you, so that everybody isn't here at once. And that way the rest of us can be going and doing other things too. I've already got to use you, so we all decided that I would go last. I just came over to tell you what was going on. We also decided that your curfew is two in the morning, so that you can get enough sleep to go to classes." She couldn't help herself. She reached down and lifted my caged member, studying it as she spoke to me softly, "So, do you still like being chaste? I don't think he does."

I put my arm around her. "I know its weird, because I am fighting the temptation to throw you on the bed and fuck you for all I'm worth, even though I know I can't. I want to cum so bad I can't stand it. But at the same time I'm loving every minute of this."

She mussed my hair playfully. Then she silently stood and walked from the room.

I heard the door open and heard her laugh, then heard her say, "Have fun!" I guess the first of the ladies had been waiting outside. My heart rate seemed to double. I felt as if my temperature went up five degrees in a second.

Mary walked in and stopped as soon as I came into her view. We looked at each other momentarily taking each other in. Her southern drawl was barely detectable as she softly said, "Stand up."

I stood, causing my imprisoned cock to become visible to her. I waited to see if she was going to double over in laughter or run from the room. She did laugh, but it was a gentle, amused chuckle that was obviously not malicious. There was a gleam in her eyes as she told me to come to her. Then she told me to turn around. When I did so she made my cock throb as her Texas accent proclaimed, "Nice ass." Then she reached out and caressed by butt. Donna had always told me that my ass was what first made her notice me and commented often on how much she liked it. So now something else had been reaffirmed.

Mary turned me around and held me close, then kissed me. I returned the kiss with fervor, caressing her bare arms as I did so. She commented that I was a good kisser, then backed up a step and took hold of my caged manhood, examining it. She turned it this way and that curiously, then dropped it and began to remove her clothing. She had a beautiful body and I told her so.

After she had removed all of her clothing she asked, "Ok, you're supposed to be the expert. So what do we do now?"

I gently lay her down on the bed on her back, placing a pillow beneath her head and another beneath her buttocks. I forced myself to concentrate on her, trying to ignore the incessant call to arms from my groin. "What I do now is worship your beautiful body. What you do now is relax and focus only on yourself and your sensations. The only other thing for you to do is tell me when you want more of something or when something is right.."

With that I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips, caressing her lips with mine, slowly fucking her mouth with my tongue. She moaned and returned my passion in her kiss and her caresses. I moved to her neck and shoulders, taking my time. Then I moved to her breasts as I caressed her arms and sides with my fingers lightly. I kissed, sucked and tongued her breasts, teasing her nipples but not neglecting the tender flesh surrounding them. I worked my way slowly down her abdomen until I reached her nether regions. I found that she was shaved, which I love. A bare pussy is a thrill because of the way it feels on my lips and because it lays the flesh open to more sensations from my ministrations. I could feel her tense up a little bit. I don't know why so many women are self conscious about their sex, feeling as if it should repulse their lover. Are there that many men out there that do feel that way? I caressed her thighs with my fingertips as I told her how beautiful her sex was, and how her scent was so sweet. It worked. She relaxed, and moved her hands down to entwine her fingers in my hair. I softly caressed her mons with my tongue, then covered it with my mouth and caressed it with my lips. I parted her lips with my tongue, then buried my face within them. Oh, my God I love this!

Her moans made her pleasure obvious as I fucked her with my tongue, then I bathed her with it until I found her clit. I gently massaged her clit and she bucked up against me. It was time to dart my tongue across and back and forth, alternating my movements until she grasped my hair and literally screamed through the intensity of her orgasm. I covered her entire sex with my mouth and let her fuck my face until she had worked through it. Then I tenderly made love to her thighs, ass and nether lips until she again pushed against my face. She was ready for another so I again began my loving assault on her clit.

After her second orgasm I guess Mary had enough focus that she decided it was time to tease me while I went about my task. She obviously recalled what I had said about her Texas accent. As worked her through several more orgasms she talked dirty to me in that southern drawl, telling me to fuck her with my tongue, letting me know how much she loved my ministrations. Already aroused beyond reason by going down on her, I thought her voice was going to make my cock burst right out of its cage.

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