Eat Me

byLikes Watching©

When I was young, all the other guys seemed to be getting pussy. Not me. I don’t know what it was, but I went without.

I was invited to a party where there was a lot of beer, wine, booze, and some grass. I showed up by myself, had a rum and coke, and wandered around. There were a lot of interesting things to see, and as the evening wore on, it got even better. Eventually people were not just disappearing then coming back later, but actually groping one another on the living room floor. One guy was actually fingering a girl on the couch. She had a dress on, so there was nothing to see except the reaction on her face, but that was plenty.

I went down a hall looking for the bathroom. I found and used it. When I came out I could hear sex sounds just further down the hall coming from a room where they had obviously not gotten the door closed completely. I could not resist the urge to move in the direction of the noise and get a good earful. I was right, the door had not been fully closed and I could see a woman on the bed covered up by the guy on top of her who was obviously just finishing, emptying his load into her. I was totally enthralled by the sight, and did not even consider closing the door and moving away.

After a moment or two, the guy got off her and was replaced by a black guy that I had not noticed earlier. It was obvious that there was no lovemaking going on here. These guys were just fucking her and she seemed to like it just fine. He pumped away on her for some time, and then finally came himself.

With little fanfare, the two guys dressed and brushed past me as they left, leaving the door wide open. She lay there, totally used, legs open and cum showing from her cunt. It was a sight that would stay with me for the rest of my life. I wanted to run in the room and fuck her like the white and black guy had just done. Some guys may have done just that, but my fear of rebuke was too strong. Remember, I was the guy who couldn’t get laid no matter what I did. My dick was so hard that I would have been happy just to jack off to the sight.

At some point she had taken notice of me standing there. She looked me in the eye and said, “Eat me.” Wow, was my luck was about to change? This was an invitation I was not about to question or turn down. It did not matter to me that this girl had just had two other guys before me, maybe more. I did not know or care. The only thing I knew was that her legs were open and she had said, “Eat me.”

I scuttled into the room, shut the door, and advanced on her open cunt. She watched me with an odd smile on her face. I dove in and immediately started eating my first pussy. I seemed a natural at it because she very quickly started reacting to my tongue. I seemed to know by her movements what she wanted and took action accordingly. In what seemed a very short time she had two orgasms, locking her thighs on my ears and pulling the back of my head into her. It was great. I overlooked the fact that I was obviously licking cum out of her, tasting and swallowing sperm of other guys who did not seem to have any problems getting laid. But if that was the price I had to pay, then lick cum is what I would do.

“You can fuck me now,” were the next words out of her. Again, no hesitation… off with the clothes and into her. She was loose, not much friction. The men before me were either much larger than I or had really stretched and used her hard. I found out later that she did have a thing for big dicks and would seldom turn one down. But it was enough ecstasy for me, and within moments I was shooting my wad into her also.

“Take me out to breakfast and I’ll let you do me again,” she said. Wow, this was the jackpot!

At the all night restaurant I found out her name was Maria, 22, and a clerk for a real estate agent. I figured her to be about 115 pounds and already knew that she had small breasts with large long nipples. I was looking forward to getting a hold of them later. We talked about all sorts of things and seemed to get along well. I actually was starting to like her, but was still keen on getting some more of her. After much talking she seemed relaxed and comfortable with me too. Then she made a comment.

“Hey, I’m sorry,” she said. This came right out of the blue, especially since things were going so well. Well, I had already gotten a lot out of the deal for the small price of some midnight bacon and eggs. I figured she was about to back out of the sex offer she had made.

“Sorry about what?” I said.

“Saying eat me.”

“I like it,” I retorted.

“Yea, I got that impression,” she said, “but still it was mean of me. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Okay, when I saw you watching those other guys use me, then standing there after they left, cum oozing out of me, I figured you were leering at me, looking down on me. So when I said eat me, it was supposed to be an insult, like saying fuck you. It never occurred to me that you would actually do it.”

I thought about this for a moment then said, “I liked going down on you. It was worth it. I would do it again.”

She looked at me very closely, “You would eat cum out of me if I told you to?”

I slowly nodded, kind of embarrassed, but being honest.

“Hmmm, you might be a keeper,” she said, “but let me tell you a little bit about myself. Just listen. When I am finished if you don’t like what you hear you can leave. If you are still interested, we could have some fun together.”

I looked at her, smiled, then listened.

“I like sex. I like it a lot. I especially like guys who have big dicks. Black ones are the best. I get laid as often as I can. I accept invitations to parties where I think there is a chance of getting two or three guys in one night. I also like going to the military base club. It is very easy to get taken out to the parking lot there a couple of times a night and jump in the back seat. I also go to the airport hotel bars and get picked up by businessmen. But what I really like is getting eaten after I have been fucked. Gawd, that is so good. The problem is that guys don’t seem to like it. I have never had a guy go down on me after another guy has come in me. You are the first guy to do that. It was very good. You made me cum really hard. And on top of that, you liked it?”

I nodded.

She was quiet and thoughtful for a time. I did not know what to say and was scared to open my mouth for fear of saying the wrong thing and not getting anymore out of her.

Finally she spoke, “Have I scarred you off yet?”

I shook my head no.

“Maybe we should hookup for awhile. I can’t and won’t promise to be faithful, but if you want, I can probably give you as much sex as you want. You would have to realize that you would be getting seconds most of the time. You would always have to eat me first.”

That was 12 years ago. Linda and I are still together. We kept separate places for a while, but when it became apparent that it was a good relationship for both of us, we ended up getting a place together.

At first she would go out, come home used, then sit on my face while she told me how naughty she had been. After awhile, I would take her places and either be her lookout in the parking lot while she got laid in his backseat, or drive her and some strange guy around while they got it on in our backseat.

I eventually got used to the taste of cum. Guys would have all sorts of reactions to my being a cuckold. Some were friendly. Some obviously looked down on me. I got smacked around a couple of times, but they were bigger than I. My dick is only average, maybe on the small side. So these guys, these really hung guys, were better men, and gave her better dick than I could. I just gave her better tongue.

I noticed after a time that the more impersonal a guy was with her, the more he used her, the hard he humped her, the more she liked it. I tried it, and it only made her laugh. So I would continue my accepted role, eat her to orgasm, swallow his cum, then get myself off in her used pussy. Funny, but it has actually worked for both of us.

I have grown accustomed to being a cuckold.

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by Anonymous06/21/18

Remember her name from one ¶ to the next

First she was Maria, then Linda. Jolts one out of the fantasy. I want to eat women out, but not after after guys have come in them.

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by Anonymous07/20/17


another cocksucking wimp posting dumb cuck SHIT.

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