Eating Out


We meet outside the restaurant and I kiss you on the cheek. Your body feels good against me and your scent fills my nostrils and drives me crazy already.

Your dress clings in all the best places, gripping your breasts and cupping your buttocks like I want to. What is it satin, silk? I don't know, who cares! It's a gorgeous powder blue, long enough to be decent but short enough to be interesting. It has a strap top that reveals your shoulders and the cleft of your breasts. By the look of things you can't be wearing a bra. Boy, am I a lucky man tonight!

All thoughts of eating a meal have gone and I want to ravish you right there and then no matter that we're stood in front of a plate glass window and people are already starting to stare at us. Well at you mainly because you are stunning. I shake my head to dispel the thoughts that are coursing through my brain.

One last piece of mischief though before we have to behave ourselves, "I'm not wearing boxers tonight!", I whisper in your ear. Your eyebrow arches,

"What then?" you reply, searching my face for a clue,

"Guess?", trying not to give the game away too quickly, but I can't help the look of devilment in my eyes as they lock on yours,

"Oh, you're not naked under there are you?" I don't need to reply because I'm still pressed against you and twitch against your thigh to give you your answer. "O My God, you are sooo naughty!"

We laugh and hold each other close as we go through the door. I don't know whether they have watched us and can guess what is on our minds but we're shown to a booth to one side. Far enough back not to be busy but not so far that the staff will be going past all the time with orders. I wait till you're seated on the leather-clad alcove, you grimace slightly as it grips the skin of your thighs as you move closer to the wall. I take an illicit look down the top of your dress as you jiggle along. Although it's obvious that the chilly air outside and our meeting have stiffened them as they dent the fabric of your dress.

The waiter gives us a menu each and asks if we want a drink, "Bottle of dry white please, oh and we're in no hurry to order" I tell him,

You look at me quizzically, "What if I'm hungry?" you say,

"Sorry, but I wanted to be left alone with you for a bit, because I don't see you very often. Selfish huh?" You just smile and look down at your menu. I carry on looking at you. I can't believe I'm sat with such an absolutely fabulous woman.

"Want do you want to eat?" you ask, innocently

"You", I reply without hesitation and slip my shoe off to rub the inside of your calf.

"Easy tiger, wait till we get back home!" And you look back at the menu. I move my foot up the inside of your leg and press against you,

"Don't be so naughty! We can't do anything here!" Your voice says but your eyes don't want to believe your own words. I circle my foot against the lace of your thong, pushing your pubic mound with my big toe and defining your crease. "Stop it! Someone will see!" Again, your eyes and your mouth are disagreeing with each other.

"Who? There's no-one watching. We're against the wall with a table and cloth between us and the rest of the restaurant." I'm enjoying myself now and your eyes are starting to lose their focus. "Give me your foot, please." It's my turn to plead now.

"Alright" and you slip out of your shoe and put your foot in my hands. Conversationally, I ask you if you've seen anything on the menu that you fancy as I put the sole of your naked foot inside my open fly against my swollen shaft. The look on your face as you touch the rigid flesh almost makes me climax there and then, and you start to jerk your foot away but I haven't let go and hold you in place.

"Well?" I ask,

"Well what?" you stammer.

"What do you want to eat? Have you seen what you want in the menu?" I'm enjoying the confusion on your face as you try to sort out two things at the same time.

"Er, I don't know, you order for me" My foot is really pressing hard against you now and I can feel the lace get wetter under my toes and I'm moving your foot up and down my length. You move closer and look down, "Can you stop please, it's really difficult to concentrate and if you carry on like this one or both of is going to get really uncomfortable and possibly draw too much attention"

"OK. I'm just trying to let you know how arousing I find you and how you make me feel. I didn't want you to think that I don't appreciate the way that you look and the effect that it has. I'm having the Soup to start with followed by Sea Bream. What do you want? Again!"

"O, I'll have the Salmon then Seafood pasta. It's really difficult to concentrate! You're very naughty you know"

The wine arrives and all looks normal above the table. We've both left our feet where they are resting against the other and we take down large mouthfuls of the wine as if it will cool us down.

We continue to talk though the starter and exchange mouthfuls of each with other. The soup is Asparagus and the bread with it is still warm. The Salmon is served with a small salad with dressing and deep fried cubes of soft cheese. All of it is excellent. After the waitress takes our empty plates away, I realise my napkin has fallen on the floor.

As I reach down to get it, I can see the flesh of your thighs and the moistness where my foot has rested. I'm still feeling naughty, so I run my hand along your thigh and push my thumb under the fabric and stroke the length of your swollen lips, feeling them moisten under my touch. At first, your legs clamp shut, then relax as I carry on but you hold my wrist.

I'm stroking the fabric that covers your sex, I can feel the muscles of your thighs clench. "What do you think you're doing?" You hiss under your breath at me.

"I'm enjoying myself, are you enjoying this?" I try to reply so that you can hear but that my voice doesn't carry beyond the cocoon of our booth.

"That's not the point, we're supposed to be having a romantic meal together" You sound annoyed but your legs part further and you push yourself against my probing fingers.

"Is that a complaint? Do you want me to stop?" So that my voice is muffled I move closer to you and as I speak, I breathe hot breath on your thighs and savour the smell of your most secret of places.

"Ngh!" You gasp as my thumb presses the flesh above your clitoris and rubs round it in a circle and my forefinger pushes past your panties to stroke the length of swollen dripping lips.

"Pardon? Did you say something?" I press my mouth against you now and lick the lace that covers you, pressing you with my tongue and rubbing you with my thumb and fingers.

"You're a git and you know it so if we're going to be stupid, I might as well be bloody stupid and enjoy it properly!" with that you rise slightly out of your seat and push your thong down your thighs over your knees and onto the floor. You press your back against the seat and push your groin in my face. "You wanted to eat me, now's your chance. Are you up to it?"

I'm dizzy with lust. I can smell you and it drives me crazy. I can see your pussy swollen and wet and my exposed penis throbs and twitches, dribbling pre cum from it's head.

"I'll always rise to a challenge! And believe me, I've certainly risen! Hold tight and enjoy the ride!"

"Do your worst! I'm ready for you!" And you grip the sides of the seat and push harder against me. I kiss the flesh beside your knee then lick it and the skin along your inner thigh. At the same time, I push my palms under your bottom and my thumbs between your pussy lips. I hover above you, taking in your scent and breathing on you. I push up your dress and kiss you below the knicker line and with small, gentle kisses.

Then I get to the sweet spot. I settle my upper lip above your clitoris and lap underneath and over it with my tongue and lower lip.

"O God, I can't believe we're doing this!" you look around the restaurant then grip my head and push it against you. At the same time, you squeeze me with your thighs. As you go to put your legs over my shoulders, I pull away. I give you a farewell kiss and rub you and come out from under the table.

"Ooooo, you can't do that! You can't start the engine and then leave it parked in the garage!"

I retake my seat and just stare at you in your discomfort. "Mind if I keep these?" and with that I hold up your thong like a trophy.

"Don't wave them around like that you idiot! What do you think you're doing?"

"You're right of course, I'll put them somewhere safe" and put them inside my trousers against the engorged shaft of my penis. "If only my prick could be where these have been!"

"Or where they've been over where they are now!" You reply. We both look up as a waitress brings our food. We both try to cover ourselves with the tablecloth and hope she hasn't seen anything.

"Mmmm, looks good, very tasty"

"Yes it does" You reply "It's ages since I had salmon and this looks really well done."

"I was talking about your breasts, I can see them from here!"

"Stop that you, the food's here, you don't want it to get cold do you?" and you start eating, forking small lumps of pink flesh and pasta into your sensuously exquisite mouth.

"We wouldn't want anything to get cold now would we? And there's me thinking that's why your nipples were erect" As I talk, I run my naked foot up the inside of your left leg and rest it over you.

"Oooo, that's not fair. Please move it away." You have an uncommon gift for saying one thing with your eyes and another with your lips.

"OK hun, just teasing. I can't help it. I am so turned on by you." And put my foot back in my shoe.

We chat over the food and swap tasters with each other again. The food is excellent but we're not thinking about it only each other.

I finish first and sit back to relax and drink in your beauty as last of the salmon is speared and slipped in your mouth. I'm staring at you without trying to conceal it and you look half-embarrassed and half-excited by the attention.

Unfortunately, because you're not concentrating, your spoon tinkles to the floor. You dip under the table to retrieve it and stop.

My fly is still open and my penis is semi-rigid. Without thinking about the consequences, you shuffle off the seat and under the table to get closer. I flinch as your fingers curl round my shaft as you pull it free.

"Mmm, you're leaking. Best clear that up before you make a mark on the tablecloth!" And with that, your lips slide over the head and your tongue licks the underside, tasting the pre cum that has dribbled.

"Hngh!!" is the best I can manage as my eyes search the room to see if anyone has noticed you disappear.

You start to rub the shaft and move your mouth back and forth along the length. At the same time swirling your tongue around it. My penis has stiffened quickly and the veins stand out along it and it starts to twitch in your hand.

"Mmmmm, is this good for you honey?" your mouth leaves momentarily to ask the question but I can't hear it because I'm not listening. Every part of me is concentrating on the inches that are buried in your mouth. Before I know what's happening, I grip the seat and clench my teeth as I pump semen into your mouth. I can't believe this is happening. Here I am in a restaurant with a fantastic woman who is swallowing my cum under the table that's in full view of everyone!

"Mmm, mmm, mmm," you sound like you're enjoying yourself and as I can't feel you move away, you must be swallowing it, "wow, you really cum a lot! I thought I was gonna have to waste some but I kept it all and now it's inside me! Do you feel better for that?"

I can't answer as my eyes haven't focussed on the room again and the blood is still pounding in my ears. "Sorry, did you say something?"

You come out from under the table and your lipstick is smudged and your face is red but there's a look in your eye that almost makes me climax again. "Never mind, I'll take that as a yes" and you rearrange yourself on the seat.

"Well, you've had some dessert but do you want anything else?" I ask when the room returns from orbit and lands in front of me again.

"I want you inside my pussy, right here, right now!" You stare directly at me without blinking

"Jesus, you don't mess about do you?!" As I speak, I'm wiping the left over dribble off my cock onto the tablecloth. "All in good time, your place isn't far and we'll be there soon enough, there's nothing wrong with a little healthy anticipation."

"OK, if they come back order me something fattening and creamy will you? I'm off to the restroom to straighten my make up, it's got a bit messed up somehow!" With that you stand and head for the ladies room.

A waiter appears quickly and recites the list of desserts, I order a sorbet and some profiteroles with cream.

As I sit there, I think about what you've said and wonder about the restorooms, how many are there? How big are they? Only one way to find out.

You're just coming out as I get there, "Wait there a second" I ask you and head into the mens room, it's a single cubicle with two doors that lock. I re-emerge from the door and grab your hand. "Come on, no time like the present!" And pull you inside, lock the door and back you up against the wall.

"Now then, where was I?" and kneel before you and push your dress up your thighs to reveal your swollen, dripping sex. "Mmmm, I love that smell." and inhale deeply.

"Stop pissing about and get in there you bastard, you've had your fun, now it's my turn" and grab my hair and force my head into your pussy.

"If you insist" And I work my lips and tongue over your throbbing clit, work my nose into the fold of flesh at the top of your vagina and grip your buttocks, kneading them and pulling them apart. "Mmhpg!"

"What did you say?" you gasp as your legs start to tremble under the assault on your most sacred of places.

I pull away "Nothing important, you enjoying this?"

As I speak I make darting movements with my tongue and breathe and kiss around your mound and nuzzle in your short and curlies.

"Stop asking stupid bloody questions and make me come you git" And force my head back against you. I continue kissing and licking and rubbing you, then push my thumb inside you from underneath and a finger from in front of you.

Now I start rubbing inside you, searching for your g-spot and stroking the soaking, swollen flesh. "Oh yeah, that's right, I'm nearly there now, keep going, keep going, oh yeah, just there, that's right, keep going, oh,oh,oh,oh, o my God, that's soo good, God I'm cumming!"

Your body shakes and trembles and your womb grips my fingers and thumb as you shudder and release your climax. "There, we're even now. Do you want some dessert?" And I stand and let your dress slide down. "Give us a kiss you horny bitch!" And I grab your head and clamp my mouth on yours.

You must be able to smell and taste yourself on me. don't know what that does for you but it turns me on and your tongue nudges past my lips and lashes mine and runs round my teeth.

I've got both hands buried in your hair now and my leg between yours, pressing against you. You pull away "You've got to stop, I'm just too aroused at the moment! Let's get back."

"OK, you first, I'll follow later."

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