tagRomanceEating Out on Valentine's Day

Eating Out on Valentine's Day


I had been seeing David for a few months now and he was everything that I could ask for in a boyfriend: smart, funny and very sexy. He also had an imagination, life was never dull around him. So when he asked me out to dinner on Valentines Day with that naughty twinkle in his eye, I eagerly accepted, positive that my evening would be exciting.

I had never heard of the restaurant that he was taking me to, but he assured me that the fare was delicious so I dressed with care that night. Wanting to please him I wore my laciest bra and underwear set with the matching garter belt, black with red satin trim. I smoothed the garter belt over my hips and straightened the straps then I sat on my bed as I slowly rolled the stockings up my long legs, snapping them into place. The panties came next. I stepped into them and shimmied my hips a little as I pulled them on. My hands caressed my leg as I stepped into my black stilettos, vaguely hoping that we weren't walking too far. I couldn't resist brushing my palms over the stiff peaks of my nipples, sighing as I thought of the night to come. Giving my nipples a quick pinch , I put the bra on and turned to look in the mirror.

Smiling at my reflection I did a little spin and grabbed my dress. Little and black were the words that described it perfectly. It hugged my upper torso tightly, displaying my rounded breasts nicely and showing ample cleavage. My heart charm necklace nestled between my breasts, warm against my soft skin. The dresses skirt was loose by comparison, floating lightly around my hips and thighs. A quick spritz of my favorite scent and I was ready to go.

The sound of the doorbell made my heart flutter in anticipation. I hurried to open the door, the heated look in his eyes told me that I looked good. I smiled up at him and leaned in to kiss him hello.

"You look beautiful" he said, pulling me tightly to him and running his hands down my soft curves. "Happy Valentines Day baby."

His eyebrows going up as his wicked fingers felt the straps of my garters. I quickly stepped away from him, knowing that we would be late for our reservation if I stayed in his arms.

He helped me on with my coat, his fingers teasing the soft skin of my neck. He smiled at me and leaned in to kiss me right below my ear. I shivered as his teeth grazed my sensitive skin and my nipples tightened.

"Are you ready" he whispered against my ear, his breath softly tousling my hair.

I closed my eyes, wondering if we should just go upstairs and order take-out. But I shook my head and proceeded him out the door, looking over my shoulder at him and adding a little extra sashay to my walk. He was watching me, smiling and shaking his head. I knew he was teasing me on purpose, to see if he could drive me wild before we even got to the restaurant. Well, two could play that game.

Smiling sweetly at him as he helped me into the car. I let my dress ride up a bit, exposing the tops of my stockings and part of the satin strap.

His gaze strayed to the creamy skin exposed and I looked at him innocently and said "We are going to be late baby, is anything wrong?"

He grunted and quickly shut the door. I smiled to myself and watched him stalk around the car to the drivers side.

The drive to the restaurant didn't take long. Soon we were waiting to be seated, our coats checked. His arm wrapped around my hip and his thumb idly brushing back and forth over my garter strap. I leaned into him, pressing the side of my breast up against his chest.

He looked over at me and deliberately moved so that he brushed against my already aroused nipple. I sighed thinking we should have stayed at my place. We could be humping like bunnies by now. I dropped my purse in front of him and quickly bent down to pick it up. I made sure that I brushed against the front of his pants as I slowly stood up. I was glad to find that he was not entirely unaffected by my shameless flirting. His sharp intake of breath confirmed it as I grazed his cock.

"Dinner is going to be fun, isn't it?" I asked him.

"You have no idea" he replied as we followed the hostess to our table, his palm warm on my back.

Our table was in a secluded corner, dark and quiet.

"Very romantic!" I murmured. "Perfect for Valentines Day."

He grinned at me as he thanked the hostess. Placing my purse on the table I slid into the semicircular booth. He held the long white tablecloth for me to make it easier, then he sat down beside me, his hand going almost immediately to my thigh.

I turned towards him and combed my fingers through his hair pulling his head down to me. Our lips brushed softly against each other and my eyes fluttered closed. He cupped my cheek and increased the pressure, running his tongue across my lower lip until my mouth opened for him. I sighed into his open mouth, sinking into his kiss and tasting him. Our tongues twined lazily around each other until we were interrupted by a discreet cough.

Blushing fiercely, I pulled reluctantly away from David and looked at the waiter.

He was smiling as he welcomed us and asked what we would like to drink. David ordered wine for both of us and asked for a few minutes to look over the menu. The waiter nodded and scurried off to collect our drinks.

David stroked his finger down my cheek and said "Your beautiful when you blush. You know that?"

I smiled shyly up at him as he pulled me closer for another kiss.

We had just broken apart when the waiter returned with our drinks. I took a big sip in an attempt to cool my heated cheeks.

"Mmmm, this wine is really good."

David's eyes never left my wine moistened lips as he took a drink of his own, nodding his head in agreement.

The waiter cleared his throat.

I vaguely heard David order for us and the waiter leaving as I felt his hand slip beneath my skirt and begin to caress my thigh. Tracing erotic patterns that seared my skin and left me wanting more. My legs parted a little more and I leaned back against the padded leather seat, my eyes half closed. I felt his warm breath on my neck a second before his lips started their sensual assault. A soft moan escaped my parted lips as I arched my neck allowing him better access.

His finger trailed down the edge of my dress, teasing the curve of my breast. My breathing increased and I felt myself thrust my chest out slightly, wanting his touch. I gasped as his finger circled my nipple, around and around before finally touching the aching tip. His lips trailed down my neck licking and kissing. I cried out softly when his mouth closed over my nipple and he scraped his teeth against it.

He leaned back smiling up at me wickedly and looking at the wet mark he made on the front of my dress, clearly outlining my engorged nipple.

"Are you turned on baby?" he asked me.

He chucked deeply when I nodded, suddenly mute.

"Good." he whispered, "This is only the beginning. I'm going to make you cum right here at this table."

My mouth grew suddenly dry and I took another sip of wine.

"Right here?" I asked nervously.

"Yes, right here." he replied as he took one last drink of his wine and lifted the tablecloth, disappearing beneath the table.

My heart was pounding in my chest while I waited for him to touch me. I was simultaneously uneasy and wildly excited. I would probably cum in under a minute I was so aroused.

"Oh my!" I muttered when I felt him lightly touch my knees.

I yelped when he spread them roughly apart and yanked my hips to the edge of the seat, his teeth sinking into my inner thigh.

I was about to voice my concerns when his finger started lightly caressing my lacy panties, right over my hot wet clit. I wanted him bad so I bit my lip and spread my wanton legs further apart.

I felt his hands as they brushed the soft skin of my hips and tugged on the lace of my panties. I lifted my ass off of the seat so he could slide them off. I moaned as I felt the wet lace pull away from my swollen clit.

He stroked the skin of my inner thighs, and I spread my thighs wide. I could feel his breath on my wet pussy and I squirmed a little, eager to have his mouth on me.

I waited, all of my muscles tense, every nerve on edge waiting for his touch. I didn't realize that I was holding my breathe until he slide one hard finger along my wet folds feeling me. I tried to gasp but my lungs were already full and I was starting to get dizzy. I let out a shaky breath and squirmed against his wicked finger, but he was firmly in control. He parted me with his fingers and blew gently on my wet pussy. I moaned and dug my fingers into the padded seat to keep from grabbing his head and pulling him to me. He dipped one long elegant finger inside of me and I groaned, my inner muscles gripping his finger tight.

"Oh, that feels so good baby" I said, my voice going husky with desire.

I cried out when his tongue darted out to trace around the edges of my aching clit. I wanted his tongue on it, licking and sucking wildly.

I must have made some kind of frustrated sound because I heard him chuckle under the table. However he must have felt merciful because the next swipe of his tongue firmly licked my swollen clit causing my hips to jerk.

I barely had time to recover before the real assault began and he started licking me, his finger sliding in and out of my wetness. I was lifting my hips to meet his finger and my head was thrashing about as I bit my lip to keep the sounds of ecstasy to a minimum. He added another finger to join the first one deep inside of me, my moist cavern stretching to accommodate them both. The muffled sounds of his fingers pistoning in and out of me was wildly arousing and I could feel my wetness dripping down my ass crack.

I nearly screamed out when his hot mouth latched on to me and started sucking, his tongue teasing me. My muscles spasmed around his fingers and I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. I draped one leg over his shoulder and thrust my hips up to meet his mouth, my movements now frantic with need. Moans spilled ceaselessly from my lips, becoming louder the closer I got to cumming.

I was beyond caring who heard me now, all I was concerned with was his mouth on my cunt. Gripping the tablecloth tightly in both hands I lifted it up and gazed down the length of my body. The sight of his head working between my thighs almost put me over the edge into an intense orgasm. He looked up at me, his face wet from my arousal, but he never stopped pleasuring me.

I felt his teeth graze me and my orgasm rippled through me. My body trembling as I continued to throw my hips at his mouth, wanting the orgasm to last forever. I bit into my own palm to keep from screaming out as the first orgasm ended only to be followed closely by another. My body spasmed helplessly until he placed one final kiss upon my quivering pussy and pulled his drenched fingers out of me. I whimpered weakly at the loss, panting after my release.

He emerged from under the table, straightening his clothing and wiping his face with a napkin. He smiled down at me and leaned in, capturing my lips with a kiss. I tasted myself on his mouth as I swept my tongue inside to stroke his.

"Thank you baby, that was wonderful" I whispered against his lips. "When do I get to return the favor?"

"Some other time." was his reply. "Our food should be here soon and I have worked up an appetite."

I smiled to myself and lay my head on his shoulder thinking that this would be a Valentines day I would never forget.

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