tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEbenezer Screwed Ch. 02

Ebenezer Screwed Ch. 02


Author's Note The Story over all: I only I hope Dickens doesn't come and get me for this but the name came to me the moment I ready about the winter contest and I had to do it. Destined to be 5 chapter's total with one chapter devoted to each spirit of Christmas, this is not going to be short. (This charter alone is over 4,500 words.) So if you are looking for a short simple read to a quick and easy jerk, wrong story. Also the original tale is strongly non-consentual/voyeuristic in nature so I will be taking those things into the sexual realm, so faint of heart don't apply.


Author's Note on this Chapter: As I said above Chapter 2 is over 4,500 words, unlike chapter 1 the sex starts fairly early and takes up the meat of the entire chapter and is equal to half of the total content. As far as specific sexual content this Chapter is Ebenezer's visit to the past so it includes voyeurism of his first time having sex (while drunk), and there is a mild hint of mind-control. Also I apologize, time ran short and I was unable to get this edited in time, please forgive me my mistakes.

Ebenezer goes to bed and sleeps a restless fitful sleep, tossing and turning, waking periodically with his heart pounding in his ears, his breathing rapid and short, and in a cold sweat.

Finally he wakes to the distance chime of one o'clock from a bank's clock a couple blocks away.

Ebenezer rarely woke to the sound anymore except for this night when sleep seemed like an impossible prey to catch.

It is 1 am and there is no sign of any spirit. Ebenezer chuckles to himself softly, he was a fool to put so much fear and merit into what was obviously a bad nightmare. He closes his eyes, prepared to finally slip into a restful slumber.

" Wake-up you piece of filth!" A high screeching voice cries out.

Ebenezer starts as he sits bolt upright and opens his wide in shock, only to be blinded by bright light.

" What the hell?!" Ebenezer says as he closes his eyes tight and covers his face with his hands. Brightly colored spots dance before his eyes.

" Not surprising the light of truth is too bright for the likes of you." The voice sneers disdainfully. " I have dimmed myself for you comfort, you may open your eyes with limited fear."

Ebenezer slowly opens his eyes and finds that the light is sufficiently dimmed that it is not blinding.

Sitting cross-legged at the foot of his bed, is a fairy like creature, beautiful beyond belief her hair glows silvery. Her eyes are like diamonds, and her wings the many colors of the rainbow.

" I am the first spirit promised to you, The Spirit of Christmas Past."

" Pleased to meet, you." Ebenezer says sarcastically, " Perhaps you can run along and just tell Janice that I am properly humbled by my past and ready to move on."

" Consider lengths were gone to for your sake, you will see what I have to show you, like it or not." Christmas Past says as she leaps into the air, the flapping of her wings battering Ebenezer with great gusts of wind.

Ebenezer is knocked back into his headboard, banging his head, and making him see stars among the colored spots that were already swimming in front of his eyes.

" I yield, Spirit!" Ebenezer cries out holding his hands up in self-defense.

" Very well." Christmas past says with a satisfied nod. " Take my hand, there is much to see, and little time to see it."

Ebenezer reaches out his hand tentatively and takes the hand of Christmas Past. She flaps her wings with force lifting him out of the bed, but they do not fly far, before a wave of disorientation passes over him, and then they are no longer in his room.

" Where are we?" Ebenezer asks.

" You should recognize the place soon enough, more importantly you should ask when."

" Well then when?"

" You'll soon see." Christmas Past replies cryptically frustrating Ebenezer as she sets him on the ground.

Walking by is a boy with a pile of books in his arms, the snow on the ground crunched beneath his feet as he stepped. Ebenezer's heart stops as he recognizes the boy as himself in grade school.

He then notices boys in the background ready to pounce him.

" Run!" Ebenezer screamed, but his younger self doesn't respond.

" He can't hear you, this is only a shadow of the past, you can no more affect this than change what happens on Television by yelling at it. Where ever we go they will never be able to hear or see you." Christmas Past says softly.

The group of boys tackle young Scrooge, sending his pile of books flying through the air.

" What is the point, if I can't change anything?" Ebenezer asks, as he feels every punch and kick the boys delivered him, all over again.

" Your past is full of regrets, you need to come to terms with them so you can learn from them."

" I did come to term with this, I ruined all of those boys as men." Ebenezer growled with renewed hate and anger. " I hired them, I gave them housing, and then took it away, they could never find employment again, and they probably even now wander the streets homeless."

" How is that coming to terms? How is that any better than what they did? It is worse, since they were but children, hardly having the opportunity to know better, and you ruined them as a man, when you should have been able to see how wrong that was."

" An eye for an eye." Ebenezer says firmly.

" Yes, and a tooth for a tooth, in such a world all men would be blind and toothless and what would that accomplish?" Christmas Past counters back ruthlessly.

Ebenezer has nothing else to say and just watches as the boys run off laughing leaving his younger self laying face first in the snow.

A young girl with braided pig tails runs up to his younger self she bends over him, a worried expression on her face.

" Are you alright?" She asks.

" Leave me alone." The younger Ebenezer sniffles defiantly.

" No." The girl says with a smile and a laugh.

She gently turns him over onto his back, and begins examining his face. She tears a piece of her skirt and pinches it to Ebenezer's nose.

" Hold this." She instructs.

Ebenezer replaces her hand with his, and she takes some snow, packs it into a pancake and places it over his eye.

" That's cold!" Young Ebenezer says angrily.

" Don't be such a baby." The girl chides, " You want you eye swelling closed?"

Ebenezer relents and the girl begins touching his ribs, which makes him giggle as she finds one or two ticklish spots.

" Looks like you don't have any broken ribs." The girl pronounces, " I also don't think your nose is broken, just bloody. You'll have a fat lip, and a black eye, over all you came out all right. My name is Annie."

" Thanks Annie, my name is Ebenezer." Young Ebenezer says as he tries to smile a little.

" You're welcome, you lay here for a bit. I'll get your books."

Annie quickly collects Ebenezer's books from where they were scattered around the ground. She then returns with the stack wrapped in her arms.

" Thanks." Ebenezer says. " Can I get up now?"

" You tell me." Annie says with a smile.

Ebenezer slowly sits up with a grimace, there were definitely going to be bruises all over. He then gets to his feet with only a little help from Annie.

" She's cute." Christmas Past says softly into Ebenezer's ear.

" She certainly was." Ebenezer admits.

" I think she has a crush on you already."

" She did. Took me another five years before I realized I had one for her too." Ebenezer says as he watches the boy walk off into the distance.

Christmas Past places her hand on Ebenezer's shoulder and the scene seems to blur and swirl for a moment and then it was another time.

There is a party of high school aged people all around them.

" Is this my senior prom?" Ebenezer asks.

" My powers are to take us back in time for Christmas and Christmas Eve only." Christmas Past says simply.

" Oh yeah," Ebenezer says as he thinks about it a moment " Senior Winter formal... no the post formal party and there I am." He says finally, pointing at his younger self, now grown to a young man.

" Correct and who is that with you?" Christmas Past asks.

" Annie. We came together." Ebenezer says smiling in memory.

Annie had turned 18 only a week before, two months younger then Ebenezer, this was the first dance they had attended, both being to shy to be seen together in front of other people, but tonight's dance had seemed to be the right time to come to something as a couple.

" You want a drink Annie?" Young Ebenezer asks as Christmas Past brings them closer to the conversation.

" Sure. But I'll come with you, I don't want to leave your side."

" All night?" Young Ebenezer asks raising his brow.

" Ever." Annie states.

Young Ebenezer smiles shyly at her comment as he leads them through the crowd to a table with several beverages, a keg, soda, and a large bowl of punch were all available.

" Punch please." Annie says as Young Ebenezer turns to her with a questioning glance.

Young Ebenezer pours them each a glass of the punch. They sip down the punch quickly and Young Ebenezer gets them a couple of refills before they start feeling a little buzzed, only just realizing the punch was spiked and at this point not really caring.

" It's so hot in here." Annie says fanning herself, her face flushed.

" Want to go outside?" Young Ebenezer asks equally flushed.

Annie nods and they make their way outside into the much cooler outdoor air. There is a layer of snow on the ground and they walk through it together holding hands. They make their way to a pool house that was closed up for the winter.

" Let's go in!" Annie whispers excitedly.

Young Ebenezer smiles when he tries the handle and finds the door unlocked. They both squeeze into the darkness.

Ebenezer is surprised he can still see everything, some how the darkness of the room as he remembered it was less, and although it was still dark he could see both himself and Annie clearly. He could feel his penis harden in anticipation of what was to come.

Ebenezer watches fascinated as Annie presses herself up against his younger self, pushing her lips against his in sudden sexual need. Absently Ebenezer reaches for his hardening cock and begins to rub it through his pants.

The two youngsters remain lip locked for several long moments, their tongues wrestling with each other as their breathing and heart rates quicken.

Young Ebenezer's hand slowly, timidly rests on Annie's right breast.

Annie moans encouragement, and Ebenezer begins to massage it through her dress as they continue to kiss.

Annie slides her finger nails around the back of Young Ebenezer's neck causing goose bumps to rise and his whole body shiver. The tingling sensation gets stronger as she runs her fingers up the back of his neck, into his hair.

Her other hand tentatively reaches for his crotch and they moan together as she finally comes in contact with the hard bulge in his pants. She begins to rub his cock through the material of his pants as he continued to massage her breast.

Ebenezer has completely forgotten about Christmas Past, he was so turned on watching himself have his first time he couldn't really control himself. He pulls his pants down enough that he can wrap his fist around the shaft as he continued to watch the show.

Annie begins to open Young Ebenezer's pants and he breaks the kiss in surprise.

" You wanted to wait." Ebenezer says softly.

" Not tonight." Annie says as she falls to her knees taking Ebenezer's pants with her.

Any further discouragement from Young Ebenezer falls silent on his lips as he feels Annie wrap hers around the head of his cock. He moans excitedly as she gently tongue kisses the head of his cock.

Ebenezer is excitedly rubbing his cock, watching the show, when he suddenly feels soft cool lips slide around his cock. He looks down in shock to see the ghost of Christmas Past taking his cock into her mouth.

Christmas Past smiles enjoying his look of shock as she suddenly takes the entire length of his shaft into her mouth.

Ebenezer drops his hands to the his slide and leans back against the wall of the pool house as he watches his younger self do similarly, both feeling their legs go weak with the excitement.

Annie slowly slides her mouth down the shaft of Young Ebenezer's cock taking as much of it into her mouth as she can before sliding her lips back up to the head where she pauses to swirl her tongue around the ridge of his head causing his cock to twitch and his whole body to shake with excitement.

Annie slowly begins to increase speed bobbing her head faster and faster on Ebenezer's cock bringing him to orgasm quickly with a loud groan he shoots his load into her mouth. Annie swallows his cum as quickly as she can, allowing only a little bit drip out of the side of her mouth.

Christmas Past takes a slower pace on Ebenezer's cock, slowly moving her lips along the entire length of his cock, using her hands to delicately fondle his balls, and her tongue to apply pressure to the underside of his shaft.

Ebenezer half closes his eyes with the intensity of the pleasure the spirit was eliciting in him, but he keeps his eyes on the sight of his younger self having his first sexual experience.

Annie stands and steps in close to Young Ebenezer kissing him deeply. He returns the kiss with enthusiasm before Annie breaks the kiss and steps back.

Annie reaches behind herself and unzips the back of her dress before allowing it to fall to the floor at her feet. She then steps back close to Young Ebenezer, presses her breasts against his chest, and rubbing her crotch against his still hard, saliva slick penis.

Young Ebenezer pulls her soft, warm body closer to his as he pushes his tongue into her mouth. Annie moans softly as he grabs her ass and pulls her vagina tight against his cock.

Young Ebenezer reaches behind Annie and unclasps her bra pulling it off pulling his head back so he can admire her soft white globes in the minute light coming in through a window from a quarter moon.

He slowly bends down and with his hand lifts her left breast to his lips. He gentle kisses her nipple, before taking more of her breast into his mouth to suck it gently.

Annie tips her head back, here eyes half closed, her lips parted slightly as she moans softly.

Young Ebenezer reaches between her legs with his left hand and lightly strokes her panty-clad vagina as he began to tickle her nipple with his tongue.

Annie's hips rock forward into the light stroking, and her back arches slightly as she whimpers, feeling a building pressure deep within her.

Young Ebenezer slowly increases the pressure of his rubbing on her vagina, brushing her clit through her panties as Annie's hips rocked harder and harder against his hand.

Annie reaches for Young Ebenezer's head and tangles her fingers in his hair as she pulls him tight to her breast as the pressure and warmth continued to build inside of her.

Young Ebenezer takes Annie's nipple between his teeth and applies a slight amount of pressure as he slides his hand inside of her panties. He slides his finger down her moist slit, brushing her clit with the length of his index finger as he flicked her nipple with his tongue.

Ebenezer begins to feel building pressure in his balls, Annie looked so hot, and the spirit of Christmas Past was very good with her mouth. He begins to feel is cock twitch and swell as pleasure envelopes him in time to Angel's excitement he explodes in Christmas Past's mouth.

Annie's eyes open wide and her mouth opens as she pulls his head tighter to her and her hips grind forward into his finger as a dam bursts inside of her. She is bathed in warmth and pleasure as she moans ever louder, as wave after wave of pleasure washes over her.

Slowly the waves of pleasure subside and Annie releases Ebenezer's head even as he continued to rub her sensitive womanhood. Annie hooks her fingers into her waistband and pushes her panties down her legs and then steps backward and out of them.

Young Ebenezer stands, and again admires the beautiful naked woman before him, his cock rock hard jutting out towards her.

Annie steps forward and unbuttons Young Ebenezer's jacket tossing it aside before starting on his shirt buttons.

" Lick me." Christmas Past demands of Ebenezer.

Ebenezer didn't know whether it was due to the pleasure he had just received, how incredibly turned on he still was, or whether the Spirit was using some form of coercion on him but he felt compelled to comply.

Christmas Past lays on her back leaned over a lounger letting her head hang over the edge so she could continue to watch the show, albeit upside down.

Ebenezer kneels before Christmas Past, her softly glowing vagina already bare before him. He didn't know whether he had simply not noticed her nudity before or whether her garments had simply disappeared, but then at this point he didn't really care.

Tentatively he reached his tongue out for her vagina, another than the forced licking he had given Janice this evening it had been more years than he could count since he had last been face to cunt with a pussy, never mind this was a Spirit's vagina, it was almost like his first time all over again.

He watched as Annie removed his younger self's shirt tossing it into the same corner she had already tossed his jacket. Then she hooked her fingers in his waistband and pulled down, removing his pants and underwear all at once.

Young Ebenezer kicked out of his shoes, and stepped out of his pants and underwear stepping closer to Annie, the head of his cock just brushing the lips of her vagina making them both gasp.

Ebenezer slid his tongue along the bare pussy lips of Christmas Past, and she cooed softly as his saliva coated her. He slowly pushed his tongue deeper into her with every pass of his tongue. She was already damp, and her juices her succulent, soft and soothing, so delicious after the dry bitterness of Janice's ghostly cunt.

Ebenezer keeps his eyes glued on the show even as he uses his tongue to gently tease the cunt in front of him. He traces her lips with his tongue before sliding his tongue deep between them; circling around her clit, then diving deep into her hole, then figure eighting back up around and then over her clit.

Christmas Past's hips are soon bucking and squirming trying to get consistent contact on her clit, but Ebenezer denies her, teasing her as she moans and whimpers.

Young Ebenezer slowly pushes Annie back on another lounger across from where Ebenezer and Christmas Past watch the show, unbeknownst to the young couple.

Annie keeps her hand on Young Ebenezer's shaft pulling him even as he pushes her back. She lightly strokes his shaft as she leans back into the embrace of the chair, spreading her legs, encouraging him to take her.

Young Ebenezer starts to approach her but with a smile pulls back. He kisses his way down her chest licking and teasing her breasts causing Annie to gasp and tilt her head back again.

Young Ebenezer slowly works his way down her stomach, and then to her already wet pussy lips. He sticks out his tongue and slides it between her lips and then down to her hole. Annie arches her back lifting her hips up to his questing tongue as her breathing quickens.

Ebenezer's tongue circles Christmas Past's clit even as Young Ebenezer is tasting pussy for the first time. They both have soft, succulent cunts squirming and dancing before their tongues.

Christmas Past's and Annie's moans increase in volume as their backs arch, their hips humping the tongues with fervor trying to reach the crest before them with a need that could not be denied.

Young Ebenezer sucks on Annie's clit as he pushes a finger deep into her cunt causing her to scream and with both of her hands she pulls his head tight to her vagina.

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