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Ebenezer Screwed Ch. 04


Author's Note The Story over all: I only I hope Dickens doesn't come and get me for this but the name came to me the moment I ready about the winter contest and I had to do it. Destined to be 5 chapters total with one chapter devoted to each spirit of Christmas, this is not going to be short. So if you are looking for a short simple read to a quick and easy jerk, wrong story. Also, the original tale is strongly non-consentual/voyueristic in nature so I will be taking those things into the sexual realm, so faint of heart don't apply. I apologize for not completing the final two chapters in time for the Holiday Contest 2005.

Ebenezer Screwed Chapter 4 (Christmas Future) Author's Note on this Chapter: Chapter 4 is only 3,000 words. The "Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come" is the darkest spirit to visit Ebenezer and similarly this is the darkest chapter of the five, personally I find the images in my own mind as I write somewhat disturbing and hopefully I have been able to convey that. The sex themes are besides the voyeurism, non-consent/mind-control, gay, rape, gang rape, non-human, and anal so if any of these things bother you, be prepared and don't read further. Also I apologize for any editing errors, with time constraints I have chosen to forego having this edited by anymore than my own eyes.

Ebenezer wakes in his own bed and fear grips him as realizes that it all must be more than only a bad dream, and not the result of the bad cheese.

Fear squeezes the breath from Ebenezer and he closes his eyes trying to regain control of himself. The next spirit expected to come would be due any minute now and that was the one that he knew would be most feared. The bank's clock begins to chime the hour and Ebenezer's eyes shoot open, his skin pales, and sweats breaks out over his forehead.

In the corner of his room Ebenezer sees a dark looming figure seeming to rise up from the floorboards as it approached his bed with eerie silence. The figure wore a dark robe complete with hood; his outline was cast with a red-orange light that glowed ominously.

" Are, are you the third and final spirit foretold me, the spirit of Christmas Future?" Ebenezer asks as he tries to hide under the cover of his bed sheets.

The spirit nods and then extends its bony arm with its finger-crooked beckoning Ebenezer to come.

Slowly Ebenezer rises from his bed and comes to stand beside the dark spirit. The spirit raises its arm in front of Ebenezer and Ebenezer takes that as a signal that he should take the sleeve of the robe. As soon as Ebenezer grabs hold of the sleeve the room darkens and shifts, the lighting only improves slightly as the scene re-solidified.

" Where are we?" Ebenezer asks only to be greeted by grim silence. " Great conversationalist." Ebenezer grumbles.

A group of three people bustle into the cramp quarters of the shabby room the spirit had brought Ebenezer, apparently from the door coming off the street. A fourth person enters the room from the opposite door.

" What have I here? A cop, a housekeeper, and an undertaker come to me at once? One would expect conspiracy." The forth person a man bent over and hunched but with eyes that glittered with greed.

" If there is conspiracy it is not amongst us." The housekeeper states as she throws a bundle on the floor.

" The former owner was the sourest creature to walk the earth and investigation into his untimely demise is unlikely." The cop says, with a grim smile, " I think the coroner has already ruled it heart-attack."

" Bloodiest damned 'heart-attack' I've seen in years." The bent over man says with a smile as he notes blood on the bundle the housekeeper presented. " Well what have you got?"

" I'll go first." The third person, the undertaker says.

The undertaker holds out several pieces of jewelry, a ring, several buttons, and cuff links.

" Hmmm... none of them are particularly special, or of particularly high quality... I'll give you $25 for the lot of them."

" Done." The undertaker says without expression.

That transaction complete the fence turns to the cop.

" Things from the evidence locker..." The cop says with a smile as he holds out several items.

" A silver letter opener, with blood, perhaps the cause of the 'heart-attack', a brass statuette, also with blood, and a pair of reading glasses, amazingly undamaged... $30."

" $30?!? They are worth twice that!"

" They need to be cleaned, they can't go on the market immediately as they are from 'evidence' and they are not that valuable, take them to someone else if you think you can do better."

" Fine." The cop grumbles and completes the transaction grumbling and stalks out back into the streets.

" Now madam..." The fence says turning to the housekeeper.

The housekeeper unwraps the bloody linens to reveal several items in good clean shape.

" I knows what you need and can sale." The housekeeper states proudly.

" You are very crafty, and hiding the good stuff among worthless stuff so the cop didn't try to lay claim to more evidence. These will sale easily and quickly... $120 for the lot."

" Pleasure doing business with you Joe." The housekeeper says with a crooked toothless smile as they complete their transaction.

" Spirit, of who do these people speak?" Ebenezer asks.

Future says nothing and the scene changes to one of the Cratchet home.

" Spirit, what of Tim? Is he..?" Ebenezer asks.

The spirit raises a finger and points at the fireplace, leaning against the mantel were Tim's crutches, next to that his picture, and a single flower.

" Spirit, no, I can fix this, I know doctors, and I have the funds..."

The door opens and Bonnie Cratchet stumbles in, her face bruised and battered.

" Mary?" Bonnie cries out, and suddenly you hear Mary come running into the room.

" Bonnie? What happened?"

" Another beater." Bonnie says quietly as Mary helps her to a chair.

" I wish you would quit, we'll get by some other way."

" Ever since.... Well you can't afford to have me hanging on for free, and I can't get any other job. It doesn't matter."

" At least tell your man that you need some protection from such types."

" I think they pay extra to get to 'play' with the merchandise." Bonnie says with a grimace. " I'm only glad Tim didn't have to see me like this."

" Spirit, this can be prevented, right? I mean I can do something about this, if not what is the point of all this?!"

The scene changes again and now it's of a brothel, sure enough its Bonnie's as Ebenezer watches Bonnie lead a disgusting looking man upstairs.

The man leaves cash with a man at the front before following Bonnie up the stairs.

Ebenezer is suddenly in Bonnie's room and in an instant she has stripped naked for the man. The man quickly removes his clothes and approaches her with a hungry/lustful look.

The man paws Bonnie's breasts with thick calloused hands and she allows him with no complaint. He then begins to rub her cunt with his fat fingers, he shoves them deep into her and Bonnie simply lets him despite obvious pain and discomfort.

" I didn't pay for a whore to stand there like a cold fish."

" Perhaps if you took your time, and weren't so rough. Kind of hard to be responsive when what you are doing hurts." Bonnie says, but immediately realizes the mistake as a dark look crosses the man's face.

" I heard you liked it rough, bitch, perhaps I'm not being rough enough?"

" No, I'm sorry, I'll be better, I swear." Bonnie pleads.

The man ignores her plea and throws her onto the bed and quickly follows pinning her down. Her mouth opens into a scream as he pinches and twists her right nipple cruelly. The man then rams three fingers deeply into her pussy causing her back to arch and her eyes to well up with tears.

" Please, no." Bonnie pleads.

" I think you like it whore." The man says with a savage twist to her nipple and cruel smile.

The man shoves his fingers into her with more force despite Bonnie's screams and his cock noticeably hardens watching her pained expression. He continues to twist her nipples with one hand alternating breasts, and cramming the fingers of his other hand into her pussy with ever increasing force clearly amused by her tortured screams.

He shoves a fourth finger into her with a laugh, and after only a few thrusts forces his entire hand into her and begins to fuck her with it. His doesn't seem to notice or care the thin layer of blood from her pussy coating his hand, virtually her only lubrication.

" Please Spirit, it is enough." Ebenezer cries in despair.

" Your fucking pussy is useless." The man finally says looking down at her torn vagina with a mixture of amusement and disgust. " To get any pleasure out of you I think I'm going to have to cram my cock into your ass."

" No please, don't!" Bonnie pleas weakly.

" Oh your such a cheap whore you'll fucking like it just as you loved that fisting I'm giving you. You are so fucking wet you can't get enough!"

With that said the man pushes Bonnie's legs high in the air and after spitting a couple of globs of yellowish saliva on her asshole he lines his cock up with it and begins to shove it into her.

As he pushes his cock into her, her mouth opens again into a scream, but now her voice is hoarse already abused with the screaming she'd so far done, and weakened by malnutrition and the pained torture already suffered. Tears streamed down her face, and blood dripped from her torn vagina.

The man laughs more as he begins to stroke his cock in her ass with his hand buried in her pussy. " This is the best! All the pleasure possible of masturbating mixed with fucking a filthy whore in the ass. But I'm not ready to cum yet."

The man pulls his hand from her pussy with savage forcing causing still more damage to her torn and bleeding vagina. He then wraps both his arms around Bonnie's legs forcing them higher as he places his hands around her neck.

As he begins to ram his cock into her ass with greater force he slowly starts to squeeze Bonnie's neck in his thick hands. Her eyes bulge as her mouth tries to open in a soundless scream. Bonnie's hands reach for her assailant, flailing and scratching against his arms weakly as the breath and life left her.

The man only smiles and grunts with effort and pleasure. His eyes show a cruel fire of joy at the pain and suffering he was causing, and it seemed to only heighten his sexual excitement.

The man gives a final thrust and grunts as he shoots his cum into her ass, his hands tighten further in reflex around her throat and a wet crack is heard as he slams into her one last time. Bonnie's arms fall limply, her eyes wide with fear glaze over, lifeless.

" No Spirit! No! I can prevent this, give me some comfort Spirit." Ebenezer wails at the silent dark form.

The scene blurs and they are in a graveyard. The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come points at a particular stone.

" I can not bear to see her tomb." Ebenezer says softly.

The Spirit points again.

" Fine, but just tell me that this can be prevented, that what I do can change these dark shadows."

The Spirit simply stands there silently.

Ebenezer slowly walks up to the grave, but the words on it had been chipped away and scratched away as if by vandals.

" Whose grave is this Spirit that people would disturb it so?"

Suddenly the ground seems to open up over the tomb, and Ebenezer sees the casket, the wood rotted with time. The top begins to open and a skeletal face greets Ebenezer.

" Speak to me Spirit. Whose tomb is it?"

The Spirit throws back it's hood revealing a face that could be Ebenezer's own, the face has a sneer of disgust as dark hollow eyes glare at him with an angry glare.

" Why it's yours Ebenezer!" The Spirit laughs revealing teeth that were more fang like. " Try it on!"

The Spirit gives Ebenezer a shove and he falls into the pit into the pile of bones that were his own decaying body.

" Please stop!" Ebenezer cries out as the ground begins to refill around Ebenezer. " I have learned my lessons! I will keep the spirit of Christmas in my heart, I will..."

Suddenly the bottom of the grave drops out beneath him and Ebenezer feels himself falling into a fiery pit. Shackles of gold quickly bind his wrists and ankles, his clothes are ripped from his body and he is quickly surrounded by grinning demons.

A ring of fire is shoved around his cock and Ebenezer screams as fiery pain erupts along his cock shaft. His cock is immediately hard despite the pain and he is bent over as if over a solid object.

Before he knows what is happening a shaft of fire is rammed up his ass and as he opens his mouth to scream another demon shoves its fiery cock into Ebenezer's mouth ramming it deep into Ebenezer's throat.

Ebenezer feels his lips instantly crack and blister as if scorched by the sun. The demon with the cock in Ebenezer's mouth grabs hold of Ebenezer's head and begins to fuck Ebenezer's face with reckless abandon as Ebenezer tried to scream out around the cock.

Ebenezer feels claws grip his hip tightly and feels the claws sliced into his flesh as the demon behind him begins to thrust its cock in and out of Ebenezer's ass.

Ebenezer feels as if he would cry, he was nearly completely immobilized, being used on both ends, his eyes are dry though as if his body could not waste the water to shed a tear. His ass was on fire, scorched deep into his bowels with every thrust. Despite the pain with every thrust his cock leaps with excitement, and he can feel pressure build in his balls.

Ebenezer feels cock in his mouth begin to twitch and swell and then with a spurt it shoots demonic semen into his throat. Unlike the sweet soothing flavor of Christmas Present this fluid scalds like boiling water and tastes like bile mixed with sulfur. Ebenezer tries to pull his mouth off the offending member, to cry out his pain and disgust, but the demon holding his head keeps him firmly in place. Ebenezer tries to bite down on the cock in his mouth, the result is a similar sensation to putting one's tongue against battery terminals, as electric fire leaps across his teeth causing him to scream more around the cock, and seemingly to bring more pleasure to his abuser.

As that demon starts to withdrawal Ebenezer feels the cock in his ass begin to jerk and pulse, with a roar, the demon behind him pulls his hips driving his cock even deeper into his ass. The lava that erupted from that cock causes Ebenezer to scream and writhe in pain.

As another demon shoves its waiting cock into Ebenezer's open screaming mouth the demon behind him withdrawals to be replaced by yet another that unceremoniously rams its cock up Ebenezer's already abused ass.

The thrusting in his ass continues to cause pressure to build in his balls and cock, and Ebenezer knows he is way past the point where he should be cumming. It felt like his balls and shaft are about to burst from the pressure but release eludes him even as yet more cum pours into him from his rapist demons and they are replaced by yet more. Ebenezer feels the total helplessness of his situation and wishes he could do things better to prevent this from being his fate. His chest burns with the need to cry out his frustration and fear.

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