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Ebenezer Screwed Ch. 05


Author's Note: The Story over all: I only I hope Dickens doesn't come and get me for this but the name came to me the moment I read about the winter contest and I had to do it. Destined to be 5 chapters total with one chapter devoted to each spirit of Christmas, this is not going to be short. (This charter alone is nearly 5,000 words.) So if you are looking for a short simple read to a quick and easy jerk, wrong story. Also, the original tale is strongly non-consentual/voyueristic in nature so I will be taking those things into the sexual realm, so faint of heart don't apply. I apologize for not completing the final two chapters in time for the Holiday Contest 2005.


Ebenezer Screwed Chapter 5(Christmas Day)

Author's Note on this Chapter: As I said above Chapter 5 is nearly 5,000 words. I have avoided one sex scene that was almost natural to create in favor of having just one good one of love. I apologize for the delay in this final chapter; I hope you find it worth it.

Suddenly Ebenezer finds himself tangled up in his own sheets, in his own bed. He leaps up with an unnatural energy and enthusiasm and runs to the window. He pulls the curtains open and light pours in from a bright cloudless sky and reflected off newly fallen snow.

" I'm back! I'm free! I can act, I can do, I can..." Ebenezer says excitedly, " but what day is it?"

Ebenezer sees a young boy of about twelve years of age walking along the street below his window.

His fingers clumsy with barely contained excitement Ebenezer scratches at the window latch until he can get the window open, he sticks his head out into the cold air that sends a shiver over his entire body.

" You there, boy!" Ebenezer calls out.

The boy stops in mid-stride and turns to look up with inquiring glance. " Yes sir?" The boy asks.

" Do you know what day it is?"

" Of course I do, it's Christmas day!" The boy calls back before turning to continue on his way.

" Christmas day?" Ebenezer asks himself quietly, " they did it all in one night! Of course they did they are powerful spirits. I will remember and keep their lessons well. You boy! Do you know the prize turkey at the shop down the way there?"

" The one as big as me? Of course I do sir!" The boy calls back turning again to look up at Ebenezer.

" What a bright boy! Do you know if it has been sold yet?"

" No, sir it has not."

" Go then, and buy it in my name!" Ebenezer says as he quickly fills an envelope with money. " Bring the delivery person right here to my door and I will give you its price in payment, bring them back in under ten minutes and I will double it!" Ebenezer drops the envelope out the window and the boy runs to quickly catch it before it hits the ground. " Good catch!" Ebenezer calls out as the boy runs off in the direction of the store.

Ebenezer hurriedly gets dressed and fills his pockets with money that he kept around his house. He exits the door of his building just as the boy and a deliveryman arrive; Ebenezer checks his watch with a keen eye and then smiles at the boy.

" Well done!" Ebenezer says and he gives the boy his promised payment of double the turkey's price. The boy runs off in the direction he had been going before with an excited shout.

" Thank-you sir!" The boy calls back. " Merry Christmas sir."

" Merry Christmas!" Ebenezer calls back.

" I want you to deliver that to the Cratchet residence..." Ebenezer pauses a moment then rattles off Bonnie's address from memory. " Tell them it's from... You know what? Just tell them that it is from someone, but don't tell them who."

" Yes sir." The man says with a bob of his head.

" And for your troubles... Tell them that your tip has been covered, they can not afford any additional costs." Ebenezer says as he hands several bills over to the man.

" Of course, sir." The man says with a smile and another bob of his head. " Merry Christmas to you." The man says as he gets into his delivery car and drives off.

"Merry Christmas." Ebenezer calls to the man with a smile and the man waves as he rounds the curve

" They'll be wondering who that is from, oh it is such a wonderful prank." Ebenezer says with a smile to himself. " Now off to... I believe a visit to the 'Rich for the Poor' foundation is called for."

Ebenezer sets off at a brisk walk now somehow recalling the way to his destination despite his only visit by 'spiritual appearance'. Ebenezer figures it to be the powers of the spirits to place the information into his mind.

Along the way Ebenezer finds a toyshop and quickly buys one of every item, charging it to his credit card, he also pays for delivery and sends it ahead of himself. He also finds a restaurant advertising Christmas dinner delivery and he goes in and orders food more than enough for every child at the 'Rich for the Poor' foundation and sends that along in delivery.

Ebenezer approaches the building, and recognizes it immediately. He walks up a short couple of steps and enters the open door and is immediately greeted with the sounds of children's joy. He enters the main room and sees the children all playing with various toys while Tami and Erica look at the spread of food with complete disbelief.

" I hope this is a suitable apology." Ebenezer says quietly and both women turn to him in shocked surprise.

" Apology? You sent us tumbling into the street!" Erica says with a menacing tone.

" I know, and I apologize, I have been a rotten evil man for many years, but let me now pledge my support to the 'Rich for the Poor' foundation and these are only my beginning gifts. Please come by my office, day after tomorrow and we will discuss a more permanent plan and program."

" Are you serious?" Tami asks, " Yesterday you wanted nothing to do with us."

" Yesterday I was an asshole and a moron. Today I am trying to be a little less of both, and hopefully with everyday I will have a little more success."

Tears seem to come to both women's eyes and then Tami leaps forward and wraps her arms around Ebenezer's neck and gives him a squeeze and kiss on the cheek.

" Thank-you so much, the joy you've given these children today alone would make me forgive you." Tami says as she steps back.

" While with the bruises I received yesterday I can not share her enthusiasm... I forgive you." Erica says as she reaches out her hand to shake Ebenezer's.

" That is more than I have the right to ask."

" Would you like to come up stairs with us for a moment?" Tami asks giving her roommate a meaningful glance and Erica slowly smiles.

Ebenezer smiles as he realizes the suggestion they were making, but a thought of someone else makes him shake his head.

" I wish I could, but... I have been an asshole to many people and I have many errands to run." Ebenezer says.

The girls nod with smiles that didn't show too much disappointment, " We understand."

" I have to go, my nephew is next on my list." Ebenezer says with a smile. " Merry Christmas, ladies."

" Merry Christmas Ebenezer." The two say as one as Ebenezer strolls back out onto the street.

Ebenezer whistles tunelessly through several carols as he makes his way across town to his nephew's house.

Ebenezer approaches his nephew's door with a lively spring in his step and knocks with his cane. It is his nephew's boy friend Frank that answers the door with a shocked expression on his face.

" Mr. Scrooge?" Frank asks.

" Merry Christmas, Frank." Ebenezer says with a smile, " and call me Ebenezer."

" Merry Christmas Mr... Ebenezer." Frank gets out after a moment's shocked pause.

" Who is it?" John's voice calls out from inside the house.

" It, it... it's your uncle." Frank finally gets out. " Won't you come in?"

" If I may." Ebenezer says with a gracious smile.

" Uncle Ebenezer?" John asks in disbelief as he comes to the doorway to what was quickly becoming a very full entryway.

" Nephew." Ebenezer says with a smile. " Can you forgive a stupid old man?"

" You are neither stupid, nor old, and of course I can forgive you uncle." John says with a smile as he wraps his arms around Ebenezer and gives him a powerful hug.

" I have been stupid, and ignorant. I finally see that now." Ebenezer says as he looks at both young men. " I am sorry I have been so insulting towards both of you and your relationship. Who am I to judge? Me? A man who has driven away all who would love him."

" My mother loved you." John says softly.

" She loved me before I became the man you've known. I hope I can become that brother she loved again."

" Uncle, won't you join us, the party will begin shortly."

" Nephew, I would love to but... I have one more errand to run today." John's face falls a moment in disappointment. " May I join the two of you for an after Christmas dinner tomorrow? I just have one more person I really have to see today."

" Tomorrow... our house will still be a shambles from this party..."

" I will take the two of you out to dinner with me. I would not impose on your hospitality, you can have me over on some other day, never mind the occasion." Ebenezer says with a smile.

" You... treating us out to dinner?" Frank asks in complete disbelief.

" It is the least I can do. Won't you please accept?"

" Of course uncle!" John says with a smile and another hug. " I do wish you could join us now..."

" I do too, but I really must go see this one other person before the day is done."

" I understand uncle." John says finally with a smile. " Merry Christmas, Uncle."

" Merry Christmas to you, nephew, and you Frank."

" Merry Christmas Ebenezer." Franks says, his face, still, a blank shocked expression.

" Enjoy your party." Ebenezer says with a smile as he turns to go.

" We will." John says with a smile.

Ebenezer practically skips down the street on his way to the Cratchet residence as he continues to whistle Christmas carols tunelessly to himself. He pauses a moment at the Cratchet door to regain is composure and his usually sour demeanor before he knocks with the butt of his cane against the door.

A smiling, laughing Bonnie Cratchet opens the door, but upon seeing Ebenezer's stern expression her laughing stops and the smile drops from her face.

" Mr., Mr., Mr. ... Scrooge. I, I, I... didn't expect to see you. Will you come in?"

" I am not pleased to have had to trudge all the way across town to find you." Ebenezer begins, " I had thought we had discussed your coming into work today."

" I'm so sorry sir, we did, you agreed to giving me the day off, for Christmas." Bonnie says her eyes wide with fear.

" That doesn't sound like something I would agree to." Ebenezer says quietly with menace, " I would not have needed to trudge down here, and could have waited to speak with you when you came in tomorrow if you hadn't misplaced some very important accounts. As it is, there is no need for you to come into the office tomorrow at all." Ebenezer says.

" No job?!" Bonnie asks in disbelief, " But sir! I haven't lost any accounts."

" You listen here you swine!" Mary says as she approaches Ebenezer brandishing a wooden spoon in defense of her nearly speechless sister. " You heartless, good for nothing."

Ebenezer cuts her off, " I do not have the Cratchet accounts, and those are the most important to me. The office will not be open tomorrow, and even if it were I have no desire for you to be the clerk any more!" Ebenezer's expression softens instantly. " I'm hoping you will become a full partner, both in the office and in my life."

" Why you no good...." Mary starts but stops in mid-stride as if struck dumb.

" Sir?" Bonnie asks.

" Please just call me Ebenezer." Ebenezer says with a smile.

" But you..."

" I have been a sour, black hearted... What was your word?" Ebenezer asks as he looks over at the still speechless Mary, " Oh yes, swine."

Mary's facial expression shows complete and absolute shock and Bonnie's is quite similar except another expression seemed to warring within it.

" I have never once taken note of the welfare of others, and most importantly I have never taken proper notice of you. I had... an experience last night that brought to light many things that I had allowed myself to see as darkness. You are a beautiful woman Bonnie Cratchet and what's more I have seen the care you've shown for me without any reward, except for gruffness and unkind treatment. I want to take care of you for the rest of our lives."

" Mr. Scrooge, I..." Bonnie starts; there is a glimmer in her eyes as if tears were fighting to escape.

" I know about Tim, and I will do everything in my power for him, and your entire family. If you love me then just say yes, if you don't then you will still have your job, and all of the other things I just promised you. I don't want you to feel forced, but..."

It is Ebenezer's turn to be cut-off as the warring of emotions within Bonnie comes to a shattering end and she leaps into him locking her lips to his. Ebenezer is pressed against the door as he feels her press her body up against him.

" Children..." Mary says with a motherly like tone.

Regretfully Bonnie breaks off the kiss. " Won't you join us for dinner? We normally wouldn't have anything to spare, but some one made a mistake and sent us a huge turkey... YOU!" Bonnie says suddenly turning on Ebenezer.

" What?" Ebenezer tries to ask innocently, but a small grin pulling at his lips gives him away.

" I ought to skin you for than alone." Mary says with a halfhearted growl. " I nearly had the goose ready to go in the oven when that showed up, and I had to start the preparations all over again, besides how much longer a turkey of that size would take to cook..." Mary says but a smile wins out. " A small price to pay for plenty to eat on Christmas."

" I had hoped so." Ebenezer says, " And I would love to join you."

Tim comes into the room with his cousins chattering excitedly about a package of toys that been delivered directly to them.

" You too?" Bonnie asks as Ebenezer only shrugs and smiles.

" Children, I want you to meet Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge. He will be joining us for dinner tonight."

" Really?" Tim asks looking up at Ebenezer with a curious eye. " You're Mr. Scrooge? My mother thinks you're handsome."

Bonnie blushes, a moment. " He's my only company frequently so I tell him a lot of things..."

" Tim, I think your mother is a beautiful woman." Ebenezer says with a smile.

" Of course, you do!" Tim says matter-of-factly.

" It is still awhile before dinner if you two want to be alone the children and I can stay here..." Mary says letting her eyes point towards the upstairs where the bedrooms were.

" I uh..." Ebenezer seems a little lost and confused, but Bonnie smiles gently as she pulls on his hand dragging him up the stairs. To the bedroom she and Tim frequently stayed in when they spend the night.

The room was sparse, there were two mattress's laying on the floor, one smaller one obviously Tim's and one slightly larger that Bonnie continued to pull Ebenezer towards.

Slowly Ebenezer regains use of his feet and he steps into her, holding her small body tight to his as his lips met hers in their second kiss. Their tongues dance with each other delicately caressing in a slow loving kiss.

Ebenezer feels Bonnie's fingers unbuttoning his shirt and then pulling it from being tucked into his pants. She pushes the shirt off of his shoulders and then she tosses it on the floor, all without breaking the kiss. Then she pulls away from and looks at Ebenezer with bright open eyes.

" I haven't done this since Tim's father..."

" Then we'll go slow."

" What I'm saying is I want to do anything but go slow." Bonnie say with a smile, " I need you." She then presses her body back into Ebenezer's and begins to bite and nibble at his neck as she glides her hands over his bare chest.

Ebenezer slides his hands underneath Bonnie's shirt and pushes it off over her head. As Bonnie resumes using her lips and teeth on his bare skin he reaches behind her and unclasps her bra.

Bonnie slips out of the straps of the bra and then slowly backs onto her mattress, dragging Ebenezer down with her.

Ebenezer begins kissing Bonnie again as he grinds his hardness against Bonnie's crotch causing her to moan softly into the kiss. Ebenezer takes her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and applies gentle pressure pinching it as he continues to push his cock against her causing her to arch her back against the pressure and moan a little more.

Bonnie raises her hips up to further push herself against Ebenezer's meat trying to get more pleasure, each grind exciting her more than the one before it. Ebenezer breaks the kiss to lets his lips work their way down to her right nipple still maintaining the pressure of his hard-on against her.

As he takes her nipple between his lips she pushes up into him with greater force and a louder moan. She could feel the pleasure building quickly; it had been so long since it had been anyone but her giving her pleasure.

Through their clothes she could feel his rock hard manhood pressing into her, making her want him more bring her closer and closer to the edge. When Ebenezer bites down on her right nipple she pushes up into him once more and with a loud moan she feels the floodgates open and her orgasm rushes over her as she writhes beneath Ebenezer.

Once she has calmed slightly Ebenezer gently pulls her skirt down taking her now soak panties with it revealing her very wet woman hood. He smiles as he slides a finger along her slit grazing her clit causing another shivering wave of pleasure to course through her.

He then lowers his mouth to her, and uses his tongues along the same path his finger had just taken causing her hips to buck again as he reaches her love button.

Ebenezer's tongue and mouth hungrily devour her licking at all of her juices and causing her to moan with pleasure. Bonnie closes her eyes and runs her fingers into Ebenezer's hair holding his face against her as she rides wave after wave of pleasure as yet another orgasm builds in her.

Ebenezer takes her clit between his lips and sucks on it gently and the orgasm breaks over her she pulls him tightly to her cunt as she screams in pleasure. Ebenezer eagerly laps up her out pouring of juices enjoying her flavor as she squirms beneath his questing tongue.

Ebenezer continues to use his tongue on her several long minutes as Bonnie coasts on the after glow of pleasure. Then she gently pushes him away and rolls over on top of him straddling his pant clad crotch as she bends down to kiss his lips. She tastes herself on his tongue and lips and grinds herself against his still hard cock as she moans with excitement.

Bonnie breaks off the kiss and begins to remove Ebenezer's pants as she drags them off of him allowing his hardness to spring free. She lightly caresses his shaft with her fingers causing him to now moan. She lets her fingers glide along his shaft to his balls lightly brushing and cupping them. She then lowers her lips to head of his cock gently engulfing it.

Bonnie swirls her tongue around the head his manhood causing his hips to lift up with need, and she lets a small amount of his shaft to glide between her lips and back out as his hips return to the bed. Then as she takes his balls in one hand and then grips the base of his meat in the other she slides his entire length into her mouth.

Ebenezer moans appreciatively as he feels her take him fully between her lips. Then slides her lips back up shaft as she slowly strokes his balls with her right hand and applies pressure to the base of his shaft with her left. Ebenezer feels like his cock is about to explode and he can only close his eyes as Bonnie controls him with her talented mouth.

Bonnie slides her mouth back down his shaft applying steady pressure to the thick vein along the underside of his cock with her tongue. She slowly bobs her head up and down on his cock making Ebenezer's toes curl as the pressure begins to build in his balls. Bonnie straddles Ebenezer's left leg and begins to slide her still wet cunt along his leg as she slowly increased the tempo of her bobbing.

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