Ebony and Ivory


"Place your hands on the floor and keep that tight ass high in the air, slave," I commanded.

Slowly leaning forward as not to pull on the nipple clamp chains, her palms rested on the floor and she raised her ass high. I saw her puffy pussy lips glistening as the flood of her wetness covered the clamps. Reaching down to her hot soaked pussy I could not resist running my finger tips up her hot slit, the moan I heard from her gagged mouth told me all I needed to hear. I shoved two fingers deep in her hot hole and curled them rubbing on her g-spot. She groaned in pleasure as I stroked her spot a few times. Her hips began to rock on my hand when I stopped and pulled them from her.

She tried to lean back and the wrist chains pulled harshly on her abused nipples. The muffled scream escaped from her as she quickly leaned forward to take the strain off her clamped nipples. Reaching down between her legs. I took both chains from the pussy clamps. Pushing her ankles closer to her ass, I attached the chains to each ankle cuff. She tried to straighten up her body but the chains pulled on the clamps and I heard her sobbing through her gag. Her head hung low as I walked up in front of her. My cock was straining to be released from my pants.

Standing with my hands on my hips, I told her, "Lift your head up, look at me! Keep that ass high, slave!" I saw her struggle to raise her ass as the chains pulled cruelly on her clamped pussy lips. The groan of pain in her throat as she raised her head up, her clamped nipples being stretched by the chains to her wrists. Hers eyes moistened with fresh tears. Slowly unbuttoning my shirt, her eyes following my fingers as I reached my belt buckle. I saw her eyes grow a little wider as she focused on the bulge in my pants. The fire in her eye's turned into a wanting lust full glare as I tugged on my zipper. A little drool escaped from her mouth as my cock sprang free from it confines and I saw her eyes focus on my hard cock.

Grasping my rigid cock in my hand, I slowly stroked it. I saw the tip of her tongue try to slide under the bit gag as I rubbed the tip across her lips. A small drop of pre cum fell on the tip of her tongue and I heard her moan of desperation as I stood back up.

Her eyes followed me as I picked up the cane from the table and her eyes closed tight.

"Open those eyes and look at me!" I purposely startled her as I smacked the cane in my palm.

Placing the tip of the cane between her breasts, I dragged the tip down the side of her breast so the tip was touching her clamped nipple and her involuntary flinch pulled harder on the clamp. A gasp escaped from her gagged mouth as I dragged the cane up her other breast. Lowering the tip halfway down between her breasts, I saw her bite down hard on the gag as I flicked the cane several times quickly on the sides of her breasts.

Her ass started to lower down as the pain radiated up her breasts.

"Keep that ass up, slave!" I growled as I suddenly swung the cane hard over her ass. The red stripe instantly appeared on her quivering ass. The cane landing again harder on her ass and I heard her muffled scream from the gag.

Resting the shaft of the cane on her lower back, I saw her tense her shoulder and back muscles. I started to lightly tap the cane up her back just hard enough to keep her muscles tense.

The swing of the cane striking between her shoulders made her collapse her arms and her head almost hit the floor.

What sounded like a muffled, "Oh Goddd," escaped from her mouth, as I swung the cane hard across her ass, crossing over the other two red stripes and she quickly raised her body up. Standing by the side of her body, I tapped the cane lightly up her thigh placing the tip right on that sweet spot just at the fold of her ass and upper thigh. I began to tap the cane lightly on the fold of skin slowly increasing the strike each time. The last strike struck hard and she arched her back pulling on all the chains. Quickly going to her other thigh, I began to strike just as the same before.

Her head shook from side to side from the sting of the cane as I worked it down the back of her thighs. Her muffled screams filled the room as a puddle began to form on the floor from her flowing pussy. Stopping for a brief moment so she could catch her breath, her chest heaved for air.

Just as she started to regain her breathing, I swung the cane hard on the sole of her foot. She jerked her leg so hard that it ripped the clamp off her pussy lip. The scream of pure pain echoed from behind the gag. Giving her no time to recover, I swung the cane on the sole of her other foot. Her leg ripped the other clamp from her pussy.

Quickly kneeling between her legs, I grasped her hips and pulled her hungry wet pussy up to my hard cock, shoving it deep and fast inside her hot tunnel.

I felt her muscles clamp tightly around my cock as I reached my hand up grabbing a fistful of her hair. Pulling her head and back up, the clamps on her nipples pulled off hitting the floor. Her scream of agony mixed with pleasure as she thrust her ass back on my cock. Thrusting hard and fast she matched the pace I was setting. Her groans became more pronounced as I slammed into her harder. Her juices covered my cock with each thrust. I felt the spasms of her pussy rippling down my cock and I knew she was close as she gasped for breath through the gag.

Her body was on the verge of orgasm and no matter how she tried to hold it back, it was starting to boil. Her stomach tightened and the sounds of her pleas for release came through her gagged mouth. I felt my balls tighten as the river of cum flowed up my shaft.

"Cum slave, cum now!" I ordered as the surge of my hot cum flowed through my cock. I felt her clamp on my cock as the river of cum blasted deep inside her, bathing her insides with white hot cum.

Her body went rigid as the wave washed over her and then she started to shake all over as the waves racked her harder. Wave after wave crashed through her and she could not support her self any longer and her arms let go as she collapsed onto the floor.Her quivering body lay on the floor as the tremors slowly subsided. My cock slid out of her soaking wet pussy. The flood of our combined juices flowed down to the floor.

As she lay there, I reached up and unbuckled her gag, pulling it from her mouth. I heard the sharp intake of air fill her lungs. Her back heaved with the deep breathes she was taking, her inner thighs coated in our cum. Rubbing her wetness of my cock on her ass, I stood back up. Looking down on her prone body I saw she had passed out. Leaving her there, I went to the bathroom for a towel.

Walking back in the room I saw her lift her head up, her eyes no longer had the defiant fire in them, now they were filled with a different gaze; a gaze that showed a new commitment to me as someone who totally owned her now. A Master that broke her defiance, but took her higher than anyone had before.

"Get on your knees, slave. Hands behind your back. Move!" I commanded adding, "You will remain here until your Master arrives."

Picking up my clothes off the floor, I turned to walk out. I saw in the mirror her eyes follow me out of the room. After I dressed, I had to call her Master to come over and pick her up.

While I waited for him to arrive, I went back into the play room, she was still in her position as ordered.

"Your Master will be here soon, slave," I told her.

"Yes, Master," she said just above a whisper.

Walking back out to the living room, I waited for his arrival.

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