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Ebony's Tattoo


Ebony looked in the mirror that morning admiring her choclet skin trying to find the perfect spot for her Daddy's mark. Of course it was his decision where it went. But she enjoyed wondering where it would go. She admired the symbol and name she already wore that bore the name he gave her. His voice quickly brought her back to reality and into the tattoo parlor where they now sat. Ebony stood and walked behind her Daddy and into the backroom. She nervously looked around as her Daddy explained to the tattoo artist what his baby would be getting and where.

Her Daddy told the man he wanted two tattoos so they would need a second artist. He said they could both be done at the same time. Her Daddy gave the man a paper that spelled out specifically want he wanted both tattoos to say and where he wanted each placed. The man couldn't help but think this must be some kind of joke. Surely this tall dark man did not want these words tattooed where he said he did. Ebony couldn't help but notice the look on the man's face. It dawned on her at that moment that her Daddy didn't go into specifics when he told her she'd be getting another tattoo. He didn't need to it was enough that he said she would be getting one. The man left the room and returned with a second tattoo artist.

After the two men entered the room Ebony couldn't help but see the looks on their faces. Ebony listened as her Daddy told the man he could show her the paper. The man let out a small sigh of relief as he saw the look on Ebony's face. By the look on her face the man knew this must be a joke on him and her she appeared to have no idea what the paper said. That relief quickly faded as Ebony began to make her way to the table. She first removed her shirt and bra for the placement of the first tattoo and then pulled off her skirt. She revealed the tattoo artist's clean shaven canvas, the spot for the second tattoo. She made her way to the table where she laid on her back to spread her legs to reveal his entire canvas.

The second tattoo artist made his way to the top of the table to start the second tattoo around Ebony's right nipple. He couldn't help but think the other guy had the better job today. The first artist at the end of the table looked over to Ebony's Daddy and asked if he could start the tattoo. With a nod from her Daddy the man looked up from between Ebony's legs to tell her what to expect. There would be stinging like needles or tiny bee stings but he she had to lay completely still. She couldn't help but think that because of the location of the tattoo this man's hands were going to be on and all over her pussy.

With the first lingering stinging sensation she felt her pussy jump. She had to handle that and the sensation around her nipple. She wasn't sure if she could sit there for the entire phrase to be tattooed on the hood of her pussy or not. But her Daddy was looking on and she knew she had better not move one muscle. Ebony hoped the tattoo artist didn't notice how wet she was getting, or that the towel beneath her ass was also getting wet. Ebony tried as hard as she could to sit still through the tingling and pressure. His hand at times rested squarely on her clit to steady his tattooing. The motor from his instrument caused his hand to silently vibrate as it rested on her clit. She hoped no one heard the small moans that escaped her.

Her Daddy sat in the corner quietly watching his little choclet toy try not to squirm. She looked over and saw her Daddy's sadistic grin as he took delight in knowing that every motion brought her closer to the edge. Out of the corner of her eye Ebony could see the man at the top of the table periodically peer between her legs. Looking more at that canvas then the one he was working on. The man at the top of the table was finished but couldn't tear himself away from the table. Her Daddy instructed Ebony to tell the nice gentlemen what the other phrase was he toyed with having tattooed on her pussy.

Ebony looked up at the first artist and smiled "For whatever and whoever my Daddy wants to put in it". The look on the first artist face was priceless at that moment. The second artist was finished with his tattoo and now the look on his face was one of surprise. His surprise was now not so much at the tattoo but the fact that the tattoo made his dick hard. It was harder than it had been in a long time. Ebony's Daddy looked down at his little one's pussy and smiled. He asked the first artist if he understood what it meant. He could only look trying to hide the hardness that was growing in his jeans.

He couldn't imagine who would have something like that tattooed on the pussy of something as choclet as this. But what was even more shocking was that she laid there and let him tattoo that on her pussy without as much as a word. Ebony smiled as her Daddy instructed her to thank both tattoo artists for doing such a wonderful job. Ebony was still very wet and very naked. Her pussy still throbbed from the tattooing and the hand that played over it.

Neither one spoke as Ebony began to thank them in her own special way. She reached behind her head and unfastened the jeans of the tattoo artist standing at her head. She could feel his dick stiffen under her touch and through his jeans. She took her other leg and wrapped it around the waist of the tattoo artist standing between them. Quietly inviting him to test the words her Daddy had tattooed on her pussy. Ebony took the first one's dick deep in her mouth. His moans let her know that he greatly appreciated her thanks. The one between her thighs quickly fumbled with his own jeans as he saw Ebony completely engulf the man at her head between her lips and down her throat.

Ebony fiercely sucked as she felt the other man at her wet throbbing pussy pushing his way deep inside. She could feel it both places in her throat and faster and deeper between her thighs. Both were working in unison trying to get as much thanks as her Daddy would allow. She could feel his hands tighten on her waist as he rammed faster and harder with each stroke. Her moans could go no further than her throat as she was being completely filled in that hole As well.

Ebony stroked his balls while licking and sucking the head. Playing with him and enjoying each moan that escaped him. She started sucking first the tip licking up and down the shaft then quickly swallowing him until she could feel the base of his dick on her lips. She could feel him weaken each time she took him deeper in. She could feel the man between her legs grow weaker as if every thrust between her choclet thighs sucked his energy from him. Ebony moved her hips to match his thrust as she grabbed the other one closer silently begging him to use her mouth as deeply as the other was using her pussy.

She could feel the juices inside reaching the brim and feel that need to release. She dare not spill anything without the permission of the silent voyeur in the room. She quickly released the dick in her mouth to beg for release. With permission granted she took him deep inside again as she worked him to that point. He pulled out of her mouth just in time to release his juices over her face. At that same time the one between her legs released his juices over her thigh being careful not to cover his own new handy work.

Ebony's own juices flowed out as she silently squirted. It squirted across the room, as it often did. She was releasing it down her ass, between her cheeks and through the towels beneath her. She was finished thanking them and both men wanted to have one last look at the tattoo that started it all. Ebony proudly and boldly displayed it knowing full well only she and her Daddy knew its full meaning. "For white dick only".

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