My mind wouldn't rest after the first time I watched you perform for me on cam and after I slipped between the sheets into my bed, the cool cotton was brushing against my fully naked body setting every inch glowing and tingling. The feeling was both exhilarating and electrifying, I felt energised not sleepy.

Still damp from your show, I could hear echoes of your orgasm resonating in my mind and flashbacks ignited my aching anew – setting off a contraction inside me and sending a gush of hot fluid flowing down my inner thighs....

My hands swept the sheets feeling the silky cool fabric brush against me and my hand came across my toy that was tucked under the corner of the thick duvet.

I couldn't resist...

My eyes closed and I relived the moments of you peaking over and over whilst my fingers fumbled with the end of the toy twisting it on till I could hear the insistent buzzing and feel the rapid vibration in my hand...

Your hips arched upwards, your hand stroking the head of your cock rapidly as spurts of thick creamy cum shoot through the gaps between your fingers, splashes hitting your naked chest offset by your drawn out climaxing cry.

I imagined that you were in the bed with me, crawling up from the end of the bed through the duvet dressed in your shirt and your makeshift collar around your neck. Skimming the surface of my skin with your mouth on your way up from my calves, breathing in my scent before moving up to part my thighs,

I set the toy against the outer edges, lips that were still slightly swollen from desire - careful, in case I sent myself over the edge too quickly. I shivered against the touch of the cold, hard latex imagining it was your cool fingers and then as the latex heated up - imagining it was your tongue, toying with the hot and sticky wetness.

Moving the buzzing till it was at the opening, at my inner lips - I visualised it was you teasing me, dipping your tongue in and out, further and further till I had enveloped about 2 inches of the rigid hardness inside me.

All the while, I imagined that I could feel your hair in between my fingers, my fingers gently gripping a handful pulling your face against me and then loosening my grip - letting soft, downy locks fall through my fingers.

The buzzing was intense and my ache was building up from the tantalising urgency and I was struggling to fight against the mounting sensations.

I could see you in my minds' eye - I was pulling you up over me to face me, pulling you up by the string tied to your rigid shaft and I could hear you moaning deeply as I sucked and bit at your exposed, vulnerable throat...

I slipped the toy in fully imagining it was you filling me whilst I tugged on the string every time a wave of pleasure flooded over me. My free hand slipped down and the forefinger sought my swollen clit, swirling in circles, endlessly teasing and denying myself...

I sank the toy in fully and withdrew repeatedly and was moaning with satisfaction at the feeling of completeness - envisioning it was you doing this to me.

You were still fully clothed wearing casual smart shirt, still wearing your suit pants in fact, with only just the zipper undone so that I could get at what I wanted, what was mine. The heat emanating from you was phenomenal, so hot like you were ablaze and wrapping me into the incandescence, burning up for me, murmuring my name like it was a devotion and interspersing it with telling me how good it felt, how scalding hot it was inside me ...

Finally my desperation was too much and I pushed myself over the edge - whispering your name fervently in my muffled cries, I climaxed so very, very hard.

I could feel every spasm pulse against the rigid hardness of the latex, gripping the sides as though I was contracting against your shaft, gripping and pumping you. I could feel the wet fluid flow and wind its way down my inner thighs.... the waves were intense and drawn out...

My hips arched up as though I was pushing myself against you, trying to meet as much of you as possible, so you were in as deep as possible.

Finally, my waves subsided, climbing down and ebbing away in intensity and the muscles in my body began to relax, still reacting a little to the echoes of the climax, my limbs brushing against the sheets languorously in slow sweeping motions.

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