tagIncest/TabooEchoes of the Storm

Echoes of the Storm

byLost Boy©

Tell me what you think; I would like feedback on this story to see if it is worth continuing. Thanks.

I heard the sound of a car door slamming and my daughter's voice raised in anger. The fact that I could hear her over the rolling thunder was a testament to how upset she was. I counted to ten before the door flew open and my teenage daughter stood there in all her sopping glory. Her cornflower hair was plastered to her skull, as was her t-shirt to her chest and it was obvious even from here she hadn't worn a bra out of the house again. I got up without a word and fetched a couple of towels, one for her head one for the rest of her and lastly one for the floor.

"I take it Dennis and you had another fight?" Her only response was to throw her drenched body against me as her arms went around my neck as she sobbed. She was incoherent for a long time until she lifted her face to mine it was impossible to distinguish her tears from the rain water freely flowing from her head and pooling at her feet.

"I am so sorry sweetie, but if only you could see what a worthless piece of shit he is." I don't believe I could have chosen the worst words to say just then. Her body became frenetic trying to get away from me.

"Daddy! You don't understand…" it always started with the same words. "I mean you are old and just don't get it." Those were the worst words she could have said my anger rose up to meet hers head on. I mean I love my daughter but she is so thick headed at times.

"Oh I'm old am I?" She saw her mistake and tried to back peddle but failed miserably.

"It's just…" My eyes narrowed as she continued and saw that her position was hopeless and left the fight before it escalated and soon there came the sound of her bedroom door slamming shut. I sighed walked over and closed the front door and then sunk back down into my chair my eye fixing on the towel where she had stood not a minute before. When did my baby girl become a woman? Granted she was a college freshman but tonight feeling her very adult form pressed against me reminded me of my dead wife and how much I missed her. I never remarried and dated little; it upset my daughter too much. All that sexual energy needed release and I guess it was back to tried and true friend, my hand. I rose to my feet grabbed the towel, made a pit stop in the kitchen for a beer then it was up the stairs to check on her to see if she was okay. I paused before the door and could hear her sobbing still.

"Steph, are you ok?" I got no response so I opened the door and there she lay on her bed her head at the far end her body wrapped in a towel. My mouth hung open and I was grateful she was facing away from me. Her ass, so much like her mother's, was barely covered and I could just make out the lips of her sex. I bent down to collect her wet clothes lying on the floor, as my angle changed I could clearly see her young sex and it looked so appetizing, I immediately chastised myself for such thoughts. But hell six years of celibacy weighs on a guy. I licked my lips and stood up again.

"Honey, I'm sor-" I never even finished.

"Just go away will you?" She didn't even look at me. The rage and something else took over. I snatched the towel from her and that got her attention.

"Daddy!" She spun around and I got a good eyeful of her well-formed young body. Her body so like her mother's and well I 'll be damned she shaved her pussy. I pointed in mock shock.

"When did you start doing that?" Her eyes looked down at the damning evidence.

"Well…" now it was my time to cut her off.

"You've been fucking that loser?" She rose up indignant and ready to throw down with her old man.

"He is not a loser," and in one motion damned him, she absently as was her habit flicked some hair away from the side of her head and there was the bruise. I lost it I stepped closer and peered at it.

"I'll fucking kill him." I was turning to leave when I felt her hand on my arm.

"Please Daddy it wasn't his fault I made him…" I spun on her and with word and gesture made her fall silent.

"Don't, don't ever say you deserve to be hit. Never ever say that again." I calmed a bit and gently touched the bruise. She threw herself against me once again and it took every ounce of control not to tip her head up and kiss her. She was my daughter after all and deserved better. I held her while she sobbed feeling her firm breasts press against my chest. I pulled her even closer as the emotional wound was lanced. In a voice that barely reached my ears I heard my daughter.

"Daddy?" I felt her hand trace my erection. Now it was my time to be upset.

"I'm so sorry baby, but it has been so long since I've felt a woman next to me." I broke our contact and left her there to deal with her emotions. I had crossed the line and needed space to catch my breath. I opened the back door and let the pouring rain wash away my guilt and pain. What kind of man was I that lusted after his own daughter? But the memory of her touch lingered still as the wind and rain buffeted me uncaring, as my cock grew harder still. I looked at the privacy fence and was grateful for it wooden protection at this moment. I peeled off my clothes and stood there as the elements of the storm manifested and tore at my exposed skin. The lightning was brilliant in its white fury leaving me to see spots at its departure.

Then she was there standing before me in all her pale glory shouting over the fury of wind and rain. Her eyes moving to my erection as she shouted, "Daddy it's ok, I understand…" she moved closer her nipples hard from the wind's embrace. "…it's my fault not letting you date, please come in we can talk this over." I have no excuse for what happened next but I took a step forward and brought her into my arms kissing her lips fiercely and to my horror she kissed me back. My cock slid under her sex rubbing it as we held each other our hands hungry and exploring. My large hands found her ass and began to massage it as her arms went around my back her nail raking me with a lover's touch. I lifted her up by the waist and in a single ravenous thrust impaled my only child on my massive erection. She cried out but it was drowned out by the cacophony of the wind. I moved her up and down my length fucking her without any thought of tenderness or love. This was an act of primal lust and soon she was crying out in release.

"Oh Daddy I'm coming!" Still I thrust into her but when my arms grew weak I lowered her to the flooded ground and stabbed at her pussy with my cock like a mindless animal. I pulled out and she sensed my need and got onto her knees and I reentered her with a vengeance. I grabbed her hips and pounded in and out until I felt my own orgasm building. I grunted and groaned as I neared my climax, thrusting and violating her pussy time and time again. I felt her body convulse around me once again and that is what threw me over the edge. It is also the last thing I remember before the bolt of lightning struck and I lost consciousness.


I awoke slowly from the depths of slumber; it was like a diver that rises careful to avoid the bends. I groaned as the surface neared and I ached all over. I opened my eyes and found myself in my bed and under the covers. I sat up and rose to my feet, shakily and staggered into the bathroom. My eyes were half open when I lifted the seat and lid to take a much-needed piss. However when I reached for my cock, it wasn't there. That's when I looked down and shortly thereafter came the blood-curdling scream high pitched so like a banshee's.

"What the fuck is going on?" I screamed and then I heard the heavy footsteps came rushing in to the bathroom and I turned to see myself standing there. I screamed again as my body came over and pulled me into a bear hug trying to comfort me.

"Shhhh it's ok. I will try to explain. We were both struck by lightning last night and somehow our mind's switched bodies." I broke away and looked into the mirror and there Steph's face hovered a look of pain and horror etched there. I touched my face and the dreamlike quality never surfaced, no this was reality.

"I'm a girl?" I put the toilet's seat down, sat down and let go a comforting stream of piss into the bowl. "This is just too fucked up."

"Tell me about it, bright side it's Saturday and we have a few days to adjust and possibly fix this." She always had a level head. "Besides think of it like this, you always wondered how the other half lived." I turned to face my 'old' face and saw the look of lust there.

"I take it you've been trying out the new part?" She only nodded and smiled wickedly. I sighed and sat there wondering what we were going to do. "We need to talk after I get dressed and adjusted." The look vanished to be replaced by one of concern. I had to look down to wipe and what a mix of sensations that was. Maybe there was time to enjoy this problem. I rose and walked passed my body and into Steph's room. I rummaged thru her drawers until I found a pair of shorts that looked comfortable and I took out a bra but quickly gave up that notion right away, no wonder she never wore one. I found a shirt that wasn't too feminine and barefoot walked down to the kitchen. Coffee and breakfast was waiting for me. I drank and ate all the while struggling to keep my hands off my tits and pussy. I forgot what teenage hormones were like but was going to enjoy at least part of this.

"We need to swap lives until we find out to reverse this." My new voice was husky and had a power to it. Yes, I was going to like this on some deeper level. "I'll start." And I began to tell her how I did my job and who to avoid and who wouldn't have a clue. When I was done she nodded and reciprocated, I had to go to school Monday, oh dear god! "Did you do your homework?" I asked and she simply smiled. "It's not my homework anymore, but I will help you with it." I shot her a look but she was correct, I had to get used to her life, for now. "Give me my wallet, I am taking the credit cards, I am still the parent here." She didn't argue apparently she understood the wisdom of this decision. I grabbed a pack of cigarettes and out of habit began to place one in my mouth she stopped me cold.

"I don't smoke." I looked in horror when she tossed them into the trash, "so you don't smoke." I sighed and nodded without argument. "Oh by the way you have a date this afternoon with Dennis. Don't fuck things up between us." I smiled and rose to pick out an outfit.

"I better get ready then. I'm gonna take a shower, ok?" She nodded and sat there sipping her cup of coffee.

The hot water cascaded over my new body and my hands roamed over the sensitive nipples and clit. Damn but this was nice, I always wondered and now I know. I wet my hair and put shampoo in it, I let my slender fingers work up a good lather when I felt a breeze I turned around quickly getting soap in my eyes. Ouch! I turned back and leaned into the stream to wash out the shampoo when something hard and stiff slid against my pussy. I moaned as Steph grabbed my hips and slid the entire length inside of me. What a deliciously alien sensation to have a cock inside of you. I tried to protest but it felt so good I lost the battle of wills and began pushing back against it.

"Steph…oh god it feels so good!"

"Not Steph came my old voice, Daddy." She began sliding it in awkwardly in and out but quickly adjusted.

"Ohhhh Daddy fuck my tight little pussy!" The words felt so right and the pleasure flooding my teenage body so intense. The wet slapping sound of our bodies mingled with the falling water to form a chorus of lust.

"Play with your clit Daughter." She commanded and I obeyed, my fingers explored my bald pussy and found that button of love. I teased it as her cock invaded my fiery depths. "Damn I feel good," I heard her say, "and damn what a fine ass you have." Swish crack! Her hand landed on my ass with a resounding echo in the confines of the shower. The pain and pleasure blended into an alloy of pure lust.

"Spank me Daddy! I've been so bad." So quickly we slid into our new roles. I was lost in the pleasure of being filled that when I felt her swell inside of me my body reacted and a pressure too big for my body washed over me and I was suddenly screaming incoherently. When the spell left me weak in the knees and shaking I heard Steph say, "So that's what I've been faking all these years." She helped me finish my shower get dressed and put on make up. "You have to look your best for Dennis." I nodded and wondered what would be expected of me. There was a honk outside and I looked over at my daughter.

"Does he really expect me to come racing out to him?" She nodded sadly. "Fuck that he can wait." I took my time and walked gracefully and at a leisurely pace out to the late model camaro. This was going to be interesting little did he know what he was getting himself into. I smiled and slid into the passenger's seat.

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