tagExhibitionist & VoyeurÉcole Militaire

École Militaire


She was on her way home from work going to night school just around the corner from her destination stop, École Militaire. And after months of riding the same line, seeing almost the same people, she had decided today would be the day.

Her heart raced as the doors opened and she stepped onto the train and sat in her usual seat at the back. She could see the whole train from here and they could all see her. She took a deep breath smelling the muggy uncirculated air, then she stealthily slid her hand over her soft skin already damp with sweat and down her pants. She looked around at all the people. Reading, listening to their iPods, and slowly started rubbing her moist, hard clit. She untucked her shirt and let it fall down to cover her crotch, though she didn't think she would need it. Few people ever looked up from what they were doing to care about what she was doing.

As the train pulled into the next station, more people got on, one sitting right beside her reading a newspaper. He was hot. Nice older man in his forties probably but damn good looking. He was in a suit and tie bent over reading his newspaper not noticing her. As she smelled his cologne and rushed against him, she caressed herself even harder. She imagined being caught by him but it just made her hornier. After a few minutes of watching all the people her nipples were completely erect, and visible through her white louse, and her pussy juice had drenched her white cotton panties.

Now, She slid her fingers into her pussy and started fingering herself. Slow at first but faster and faster. Then when they were slick with her juices she took them out and slipped them into her asshole. Listening to the conversations of those on the train, and feeling the car get hotter and hotter as more people crammed on drove her crazy. The more people that touched her or that she heard or smelled, the more she shook from pleasure.

Her legs bounced and her face was right red. She brought her trembling fingers out of her pants only to slip them onto her eager tongue to taste.

Then she brought them back down, leaving behind a small pool of cum in her mouth for her to play with. She fucked herself harder and harder as she heard someone walking close to her. Another one to sit down? She thought. But then he stopped.

She looked down the aisle of the train car to see a policeman staring at her. She reached down with her other hand and started rubbing her tits through her thin nylon shirt. She was gripped with fear yet she could not stop herself she had to keep going. She rubbed herself harder and faster as she stared him in the eyes. Then her head drifted down and noticed the bulge in his pants. He knew exactly what she was doing. He smiled at her and she smiled back and licked her lips.

He walked over to her and pulled out his cock in front of the entire car. No one said anything, no one even noticed. He stroked it as he walked watching her eyes begging him to give it to her. He held it in front of her face and she whimpered begging him to put it in her already watering mouth. He wrapped his hand around her head as she eagerly took his cock into her mouth.

She felt so dirty doing this, but she wanted to taste his cum. she vigorously she sucked, swirling her tongue around the head, licking the shaft, savoring every drop of sweat and precum onto her tongue.

She kept looking at the people. Some were still reading and talking, and all were jostling around in the car, but then when she looked at the man sitting beside her he gave her a dirty smile... Her body seized, her legs shook, she sucked harder and pulled the cock into her throat as she came... she was caught.

Oblivious to her orgasm, the cop held her head tighter and slowly started to fuck her face. She realized that to him she was just a cum dumpster and she wanted to, eagerly. It felt so dirty that she drove three fingers into her cunt fucking herself in the same rhythm. He pushed his cock down her throat almost making her gag. He groaned as she stared up at him with willing and eager eyes.

He took his cock out of her mouth and held it up. She immediatly dove down and began licking his balls sucking them into her mouth one at a time. She didn't care if anyone else had seen her. She was so far gone that all she could think about was how dirty she could be. About what a dirty slut she was right then sucking a stranger's cum out of his cock in the middle of a subway car.

She fucked herself harder as he put his dick into her mouth one more time. He was close, she could tell. He fucked her faster and faster as she slammed her fingers into herself. She heard him pant and groan as she took the tip of his cock in her mouth and jerked the cum out of it onto her tongue right in front of all the passengers. As soon as the white globs hit her tongue, she came again harder that the last time. Her body shook as she tried hard to take all of his cum in her mouth and stared him in the eyes. Some got on her face but most in her mouth. She enjoyed the taste and played with it on her tongue for all the train to see before she swallowed it all.

He zipped back up and she tucked her shirt back in. He smiled at her and got off at the next stop as she leaned back in her seat almost exhausted. But then she turned to see the man sitting beside her smiling as the train pulled into the platform at École Militaire. They both smiled got off the train and went somewhere a little more private...


To the readers of "Châtelet"

Thank you for all the feedback on it. It was really amazing and very helpful.

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